Our Mid - 1930 Studebaker
President Roadster

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Featured in Hemmings Special Interest Auto Magazine

Pictured above a full classic mid-year 1930 Studebaker model FH President Roadster as it was featured on the front cover & in the Oct/90 issue of Special Interest Autos magazine. It is currently on the cover of Hemmings 12th addition & 1999 Vintage Auto Almanac, - photos by Dave Brown - test drive by Arch Brown ... (probably the best automotive journalist there ever was or will be!) Arch is quite ill right now .... if you know this fine man, please give him a call to talk cars. 9/99 - Note ... Arch Brown & Bud Juneau just teamed up for an article & photos on Blackie our 1933 Packard in the current Special Interest Autos

Becky & I purchased this Studebaker in 1973 from Wayne Schlothauer's automotive museum in Paradise CA.
We ran it in the Great American Race and placed first one day. We did get our finishing pin ... but .... won no wampum. You can go with us on our race by clicking on the highlighted text in this paragraph. We may purchase other cars .. but this Stude is part of the family.

This Studebaker was the first one ever accepted as a Full Classic into the CCCA in 1977. Tom Lester & I both petitioned the CCCA to accept these cars as classics. Tom's 1931 President Four Seasnons Roadster at the time was the 2nd one accepted as a classic into the club. The CCCA subsequently has allowed the current Years of Presidents as Classics without needing to be petitioned as before. It was also featured in the color section of Quentin Craft's Old Car Value Guide 4 times.

Becky & I also did the Official Antique Studebaker Club For several years ... It is now Becky And Dave's Antique Studebaker Site - we now get over 300,000 total visits to all the pages combined on that site each year. The internet has helped membership to our clubs we do a lot. We also do the Horseless Carriage Club of America as an official site for our Shasta Cascade Region, with over 20,000 total visits to it's pages/year (listed off this page too) Our total hits to all our BAD Chariots, Dental, & Music, pages (accessed by search engines) is now in the millions.

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