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March 20th 2010
Salutes Our Verterans

Dal & Corina Neathamer manage Hilltop Estates. Dal is the gentle giant to his friends & the wrath of God to his enemies. He is a patriot, a veteran, a true American of the highest caliber! He and Corina are building a large veteran memorial wall outside to honor our veterans. Becky and I invite others to donate along with us to this worthy cause. They also have a great tribute wall inside too .. photos below.

I am an veteran, U.S. Air Force, Captain 1968 - 1970. Becky and I were stationed at Mt. Home AFB near Boise Idaho. It was an honor to serve .. and I think all American youth should at least go through basic military boot camps to learn about our country and be taught some discipline. Since the end of the draft the honor and respect in our society has dimished greatly.

Dal & I workout at the same gym together .. He knew we owned some original 1930's cars ... we brought our mid-year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster ..One of only 2 left in existance ..and the only original non modified one left .. Out of only about 3 built. The other modified one being owned by our good friends David & Sally Lane in New Zealand.

The residents here at Hilltop Estates did all the voting for the many cars here. Becky and I were honored that they chose our car for one of the 3 trophies awarded. And it was really a pleasure talking to them .. I especially enjoyed talking to Wil .. 90 yrs old and a wild man in his youth living in Burbank CA .. Drag racing cars, boats and motorcyles! Sounds just like me when I will here at 100!!

I also took a tour of the facilities .. and they are IMMACULATE! ... And .. Everyone I talked to is very happy there .. I would encourage anyone looking into something like this to be sure Hilltop Estates is one of the places to check out and compare. It is more of a retirement community ... not a care facility.

There will be updates and corrections to this page to follow .. also some more photos.

Becky and I are each life members of the 1199 (officer down) Foundation

This is Tom Lupo .. Starting Corner Back with the USC National Champions in the Rose Bowl 1962 & 63. Tom was also a stunt man and was Tom Sellack's double for most of his movies and T.V. shows.

Honors at Arlington Missing America Project ... please see photos and more info below at the end of this page and a link where to order the wonderful book ... Harley riders taking the remains of missing veterans to the Arlington Cemetary. Dal and Corina presented us with one of these Ultra Fine books .. The highest quality in content and finish!

Bob and Pat Reed with Corina and Dal .... Bob is probably the most successful highschool football coach there has ever been ... He led Anderson to many many titles. Dal was one of his best players ever too .. Bob took all three of our kids on summer trips after their highschool graduations ..He took Kevin and Wes to Europe and Kathy to Australia. It is a privilege to know guys like this .... and ... as we all know .. behind each great man is a greater woman! .... Right Becky?

  2. FOR ALL VETERANS Please Join the Marine Memorial Club in S.F.
    This is a nonprofit Veterans organization for all the services .. Becky and I have belonged for years!
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