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Crusty Rusty, The Beeve, Tara, Tracy & Tristan
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Subject: Big Dam Tour Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 15:38:57 -0700 From: "Ted Selb" To:

"Doc" & Becky:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your "Big Dam Tour" travel log! What an outstanding job! You really captured it - it's a HOG's life!

Sheila and I shared some big dam stories with you two over some brewski's at the Hilton bar overlooking Santa Rosa on Thursday night. The attached photo is of us in Mendocino the next day. Cold and foggy... I'll send a couple of additional photos from the tour in the near future.

It's going to take me several hours to soak up your entire websites!

Ted and Sheila Selb

Subject: New Biker Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 03:12:42 -0700 From: Greg Grenville Reply-To: Organization: MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. To:

Hi there Dave & Becky!

I found your web site a few weeks ago when I was looking for some info. on the 3rd annual Palm Springs Bike Weekend. I think your web site is great, especially the music. I am on the web all day long, I work for an ISP (Mindspring). Me and my girlfriend got back into motorcycles over the past year and a half and since then have bought 1 used bike, sold that and recently bought a brand new Suzuki Marauder ( I know, I know don't laugh) I can't afford my Road King yet, one day. Any ways we attended the 49th & 50th Hollister run, it was great. We recently went down to Palm Springs for the 3rd annual bike weekend, which was not all that great in my opinion. I was reading your comments on some of the bike runs, that it looks like you use to go to and now have stopped because of commercialization and pure profit driven sponsors. I can see how some sponsors out there could see a market for this and take advantage of bikers and there generosity. I was wondering if you would be able to recommend any local clubs or organizations within the San Jose area that I might consider joining. I would love to join a club that is majority Harley riders and a few of us non-harley riders (hope to have one one day, ha ha). The reason I say this is because we enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood that you feel when you are around these individuals. My father who lives in Buffalo, NY has a couple of Harleys and we are always sharing stories about bikes etc... . Well Dave & Becky hope I did not bore you with this email, I look forward to hearing from you.

>>>>>>>>> Greg & Teresa .... you need to join the MMA ... the Modified Motorcyle association ... just the ticket! Good luck & be sure to take the Motorcyle Saftey Course you state gives.
Subject: Gary Delz Power Trio Updates ! Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:29:29 -0500 From: Delzhaus Productions Entertainment Agency To:

Hi Bad Chariot Kings !

Check out our latest and hottest review on our Press page at the web site:

That's right ! The biggest Blues music magazine in the World, over 1/2 million printed monthly, over 150K subscribers, has reviewed the newest Gary Delz Power Trio CD "Live At The Texas Music Cafe" and likes it !

We have heard from alot of fans since the review came out. Please forward this message to all your blues and rock music friends and Bad Chariot associates. Stop in at the website from time to time and visit the Guestbook and say hello to the band and leave your cool comments about the new recording. And now you can listen to our music, on MP2, and you can buy our music right there at the website ! You can hear the music of The Gary Delz Power Trio on The Texas Rebel Radio Network at: AND you can send the deejay your email requests for our music at: Help support Texas Music by sending in those email requests from wherever you are ! Tell your local area radio stations that play blues and rock music about The Gary Delz Power Trio and ask them why they aren't playing their music !

Peace to All....

Gary Delz
Subject: Harley Davidsons Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:15:09 -0700 From: warner53 To:

October 14, 1999, 5:15 PM CDT

Hi Doc Hemp and Becky,

You have a very entertaining web site. I was looking for information on the H.O.G. rally taking place somewhere in California this coming weekend (October 15 - 17) and fell into your web site. I find my Harley to be the best and cheapest therapy available. I enjoyed reading your "Why Doc and Becky Ride Harley Davidsons?" very much. I found it to be a rather emotional writing. On July 23 my dream of a lifetime came true. After riding many different non-Harleys for many many years I now have a Heritage Softail Classic. Yes, I too can sit and look at it, listen to it, get off of it after a long ride and wonder "isn't there somewhere else to go?" Before I overstay my welcome I will end with, yes, Harley Davidson is the ultimate. I did enclose a couple of photos.

Thanks from Garland, Texas
Don and Leslie Warner

Subject: Thanks for all the pics!!!! Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 21:58:33 EDT From: To:

Hey guys, I know Mike has written to you since we've been back but tonight has been the first I've had a chance to get into your journal and check my mail. (Welcome back to reality) Love the Hoover picture..especially since mine are blank :( Enjoyed very much reliving the trip on your pages. Keep up the great work..I'm sure it's enjoyed by all who read it. Wanted to write you also because I thought you might get a kick out of what we are doing tonight. We purchased some t-shirts on the tour for some friends of ours and we are delivering them tonight at midnight on the bike(by then it should be in the mid 20's here BRRRR...colder than Mammoth:0 We have the nickname of midnight riders by our friends as we do this once in a while. The kicker is...we play ding dong ditch with them. Mike drops me off a block down the road from them, I drop the package, ring the doorbell and run for the bike as Mike revs the bike to wake the neighborhood and then we're gone. I also wrote a poem to go with the shirts. Thought you might like that also....remember how lucky you are to be able to ride all year!!!( We actually got snow already last night YUK) is the poem

The riding season is fast coming to an end
For the open road memories, I thank you my friend.
The time will soon come when we put the bikes away
and be faced with the cold and shortness of day
With snow on the ground we'll be stuck inside
But we'll sit on our bikes, in our mind we will ride
We'll polish the chrome till it shines in the dark
and the thought of the open road will make our eyes spark
The memory of Harley thunder will be in our ear
and all that we'll wish for is spring to appear
There's only one thing that will help this depression,
and give us a fix on our Harley obsession.
Dial 1-800-CLUBHOG, but please don't wait
Call November first, in the morning at eight.
Sign up for the posse ride, coast to coast
Ride with the Daltons and HOG as your host
The anticipation of the trip will get you through
The "Can't ride the Harley" winter-time blues

Well...I sure aint no poet but maybe it will get some more people from our chapter to next years rallys. Hope you have a good time with your friends this week.We'll be thinking of you still riding in warm weather. Take care and keep your knees in the breeze!

Subject: Re: Dam Tour Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 23:36:46 -0700 From: "James W. Bailey" To:

Doc, I saw your page and you did a fantastic job of describing your trip to Boulder City. I have to concur with your judgment of the Las Vegas dealership except that the people were basically friendly. When I checked my purchases back at the motel, however, I found that I had been sold the wrong sunglasses AND they failed to give me the promised 10% discount! I was pissed but of course could not go back the next day as we were headed for Mammoth Lakes. When I was in their old store, last year, I liked them a lot but I guess something changed when they moved. Oh well...

=-===- Jim
Subject: big dam tour Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 21:52:20 EDT From: To:

hey doc & becky....... :)
well, we made it back to minnesota. returned the bike to great american, on sunday, pete wasnt there so we told his young handy helper about the troubles. and left the bills we accumulated for bike repairs, now we'll see what happens. had a great morning in guys are sooooo fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.
had a great birthday in san fransisco on sunday & monday also. spent alot of time down at the wharf.
we arrived home monday, well actually tuesday morning 1 am.... and we both had to be to work in 6 & 8 hours..... :o we quickly paged thru all the mail.....bills, junk, and more junk.....and then there it was "Hog Tales".....ya who!!! so we started paging thru it......and there it was...... the 2000 posse ride......we looked at each other and started laughing......"were there" !!!! how exciting.....well be one of the first calling on Nov. 1st to make reservations :)....... the only thing that could be better is if you guys could accomany us...... a dream come true!!!! coast to coast with HOG members and the Hemps & Daltons :) ......a real outlaw run.......:)
what'd ya think guys???? hopefully by then i'll have my dyna...... had some time tonight to jump online, checked out more of your websites..... AWESOME!!!!!!! i mean AWESOME.....its so much fun to see the train, after actually seeing the train.......and cars too :)
first time in your music room.... :) gotta tell ya i'm havin a hell of a time writtin..... feel more like just dancin around...the dog and cat think were crazy........:) and we are just giddy about your dam to dam journal..... picture is great.......we didnt get any of the dam, its funny how ya have to have film in those cameras to get pictures..........
i'll be at work early in the morning, tuning the rest or the Harley riders into your site, and the journal......well be checking often as it gets updated.....
i just dont know how you guys do gotta be alot of work.....or i guess alot of fun :)
so any way.......thanks again for the dam good time on the dam tour!!!!!!!!!!! hope all is going well with you guys!!!!!
we'll stay in touch........
take care......
mike & tammy......the "Dalton Gang" :)
Subject: Harley-Davidson Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 22:04:07 -0500 From: "Thomas E. Cook" Organization: AMVETS To:

Dave and Beckey, just surfed across your page and found it to be fun. My dog Storm (Irish Wolfhound) doesn't like your music but I do. She didn't like Janis Joplin either so even though I like her she does not have much taste for music. Just got my first Harley this last June, Had not ridden since the early 60's when it was BSA's. Got an FLHT Standard. Biggest thing I've ever been on but what a thrill. You have a neat page and I am glad I found your page and my Harley. Sincerely, thom cook
Subject: your wonderful we sites Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:46:43 -0500 From: "SUZANNE AMBRIZ" To:

this is great me and my husband own 2 harley's a 72 sportster and a 79 flh.we love our bikes. keep up th good work!!!!!!!

rumbling out of here
suzi q
from tex
Subject: What a Trip Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 17:02:54 EDT From: To:

Doc and Becky, you guys are going to have so much fun. Hopefully Rich & I can start doing trips with you one of these days. His poor Harley has been in the garage for most of the summer. Just to busy right now......Hopefully soon.
Talk to ya later........Vicki
Subject: Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 15:32:45 -0700 From: "KIM FANG, M.D., D.D.S., F.A.C.S." To: "DAVE HEMP"





Subject: web site Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 10:32:05 +0930 From: "Pearce Family" To:

Hi Dave and Becky,

Excellent site, just heaps to look and read, photo's are great quality. I will stick it on my Favourites so I can check it all out later. I'm living in South Australia, about 260km from the Capital called Adelaide. I'm the 46 year old dreamer, with a lovely wife (Vicki) and 2 teenage daughters. I would love to get a Harley someday. I was amused at the surprise Fat Boy story, the lady Vicky who bought her husband a FatBoy. Lucky bloke.

Harleys are very popular in this part of the world, but are also expensive. 99 Softail, is about $24,000 over here. The town near where I live population 15000, there would be about 30 Harleys. The State HOG chapter had a meet here 2 years ago. The Harley shop in Adelaide are having an open ride day on the 25th Sept, and I will book in for a ride.

Regards Mark Pearce

PS. A FatBoy is probably my favourite
Subject: Late, but not forgotten Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 06:59:53 -0500 From: Goodwin & Lauren Heil Organization: GL Operations To:

Some time back, you suggested we send a picture of our bikes. at that time we didn't have a picture of Lauren's, as we had received it only three months ago. Neither did we have a current picture of mine, as I had a accident some time ago and, due to an inept and totally incompetent dealership, had not seen my bike in over a year. All is well now, We have taken many pictures of Lauren's and mine has finnally been returned to the bosom of it's family.

Coming back to your site after being away for awhile is like returning home. It is a good feeling and we thank you for provided such an enjoyable site.

Butch and Lauren

Subject: Re: Discovery Date: 8/22/99 ... an old email we missed buried in the past ... Sat, 5 Jun 1999 14:35:12 -0700 From: "shaver" To: "dochemp"

Hi from Paul and Sandy Shaver .....

Sorry we missed you in Redding. Yes we did enjoy the dam and beautiful spite of the rain! We took our dusters just in case and they came in very handy. We left Redding Sunday am and decided to come home via the beautiful Feather River Canyon. From there we took another detour and ended up in South Lake Tahoe (..poured rain from Truckee to South Shore). The other couple we were with own a cabin there so we decided to stay the night. A little casino time, a good nights sleep and we were on our way home the next morning. Nice weekend.

I have found some of the similarities between us amusing. When we read your web pages we laughed out loud at the comments regarding getting a HD during the 'middle aged years'... Paul has wanted a Harley since he was a kid. He had access to a bike in Viet Nam and wanted one of his own. However, then came 'me'...years of college....3 beautiful daughters...and way too many horses, many years of rodeo and working to support My goal was to buy Paul his first HD when I graduated from college as a way to thank him for all of his help getting me through...of course that never happened. In l996 we took a road trip to see family from Seattle (his family) to Oklahoma (my family). We ended up in So Dakota during bike week. I was blown away at how much fun everyone looked like they were having. I don't think I knew bikes were for couples too! A few months later Paul brought in a picture of THE BIKE of his dreams. The l997 Heritage Springer, white with red trim...just like yours. I decided it was time!! I went to the local HD shop and told them I wanted to buy a bike for my husband's birthday (2 mos). They all laughed....(gosh who new there was a 8-12 month waiting period...and of course 'his' bike was already sold out). After they realized I wasn't kidding they set out to help me make my surprise a success...I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. As luck would have it (meant to be???) I rec'd a call a couple weeks before his B-day and someone had cancelled their was "his" bike!! Needless to say the big day at the HD shop was a tear jerker for all. The bike was delivered on May 31, l997 (approx. 20,000 miles ago!) Our very first run was the Redwood run. Last year we "rode" to Sturgis, this year to Seattle and Victoria, next year back to Sturgis. Thirty years of marriage and every trip is like a honeymoon!!

Another similarity, Paul enjoyed the web pages of the train collectors and loves the old steam locomotives...he is a Trainmaster for Santa Fe RR (27 yrs). I was the finance director at a local hospital for 18 years, last year I retired (the week before Sturgis) and am now a Healthcare Reimbursement and Compliance Consultant.

Well I guess this is long enough. Hopefully we'll see you down the road (Redwood Run?). If your ever in our neck of the woods please stop by. We're just minutes from the gold country and some beautiful riding areas. We live on 12 acres, lots of room to park bikes, pitch tents or crash in our guest room. Also, if you ever get by Lodi...just a few miles from here..our friends that we ride with own a very nice night club there called Legends....stop by and have a drink.

See ya!

Dear Sandy & Paul .... sorry I missed this great email last June ..... found it in the archives after you just mentioned you sent it ... you will have to check out our new train site ... our trip for a day on a lumber train. Our Day in a Diesel Engine
Doc & Becky Hemp

Subject: Re: Web Sites Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:42:55 -0700 From: "shaver" To: "dochemp"

Good Morning! Wow you were up early (or stayed up late?). Paul was just leaving for work at 4am. I'm not sure if you read my July email (I guess your system was down). Paul is a Trainmaster for Burlington Northern Santa Fe (27 years). He's off Sun;Mon;Tues each week. What day do you think you'll be through this way? We live approx. 45 minutes from Sacramento toward the foothills (Ione/Jackson area). Herald is a little spot in the road...mostly grapes and horse country..we have the latter. If you are traveling down I-5 you'll go right by 'old' Sacramento which is a great stopping point for lunch or dinner. We would love to meet you there...or..if you need a place to crash you are welcome to stay here. We live about 10 miles off hiway 99. (Could cross over from I-5 to Hiway 99 - approx 5 to10 miles?
Let us know.
Subject: Web Sites Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:39:55 -0700 From: "shaver" To: "Dave & Becky Hemp"

Dave and Becky...........

So the class clown became a dentist with a garage bigger than my house (I have no garage), a "yard" larger than our ranch and, among all things owned, has his own railroad (Disney would be JELL-US!)!! I love it!!!

Sandy, my fox/pitbull and I just finished perusing the last (I think) of your sites and have had a blast. For the record, I'm half Kraut, quarter Irish/quarter Scotch with the "..bull" being Cajun/Cherokee/Muskogee with a sense of humor (a must to live with me...). Anyway, I was intrigued with your building of the loco and the use of gas in lieu of the more traditional fuels. As we live just down the road and have 3 days a week off I'd love to see your gem, maybe even jam with some of the constructors.

We looked for ya's at the state rally, got yer message (excuse) for not hanging around and will attempt to make contact when Scotty fixes the beam....

Keep the rubber side down,

Paul and Sandy Shaver
Herald, Calif
Subject: Brass Monkey Weather Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 19:58:12 +1200 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Gidday the handsome Dave and his gorgous and lovely wife, Becky.

Well it's cold enough down here to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, but we can take it like a man.(opps sorry Becky, like a woman too) Hey much has happened since the last up date. No Sally has not proposed to me and I have to keep reminding her that even after 11 plus years she is still on probation. (God I hope and pray that she at least gets a pay rise soon) Cupboards a bit skinny at the moment due to the new commitments on a new 1450 RK (Wink wink nod nod). Anyway the latest on our proposed visit to Sturgis next year is that at the current time I have 16 bikes booked already and I need just a further 5 to close a 40 ft container load. This has so far has been achieved only by word of mouth. I don't anticipate any difficulties to get the last ones in. I plan to arrive LA on or about the 18 or 19th July 2000 (approximatly 355 sleeps) and unpack the next day and possibily departing for San Fran on the Friday or Sat. I will arrange most of the guys and dolls accommodation up to Sturgis (about 33 people all up) in Best Western Hotels like we did last time. However 6 of us (my daughter and her husband Chris, Gavin and Su, and Sally an myself want to break away from the main group from time to time and do our own thing. We would love to include a visit to your place about the 24th July give or take a day or two and also catch up with Harry if possible. These details will have to be confirmed later during the year however. This is my largest consignment to date and it is a practice run for the main event, the 100th in 2003. Now I want to toss a new idea at you at this very early stage. Is it possible that you may know someone in the HOG group who perhaps lives in San Fran who would be prepared to give up there time on the day after we all arrive in San Fran and say between them, and I arrange a tour of the main spots of interest. What would be so neat is to have a guide that we could follow on our bikes where we didn't have to worry about navigation. We could perhaps include a lunch stop at a vineyard in that tour perhaps and endevour to change the local folks accents at the same time. Now this is just an idea at this stage and I will not be stressed out if it doesn't happen. The other thing is I still need to get an indication from our lot as to how many would be interested in doing this type of a tour. Last time I wrote to many HOG Chapters in LA, San Fran, and Denver advising them of our arrival and not one Chapter returned our letters. But no matter, we had a good time anyway. Give me your thoughts on the above. By the way Dave, I picked up a brand new rear axle for the Stude from a guy in MO who advertised in Hemmings. Paid $US100 plus $US31 for postage . It was a bargain. I had a local engineer here in NZ quote me $US1000 to make a copy. Yes a $US1000 bucks.
Hey I better get out of here.
see you both later on.
David & Sally.
Subject: Antique bikes. Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 14:42:27 +0400 From: mike To: Doc

Hi Doc !
I'm Mike, from the town of Priluki, Ukraine. I've just made up my mind to drop some lines to you. I've found your address at http:// The fact is that I and my friend Vlad are interested in ancient motorbikes. We seek for old motorcycles (prewar, war, and postwar times), which are kept safe in our area (Chernigov region) and in the Ukraine, repair them and sell to those who collect old motorcycles. There're many old models in the Ukraine in small villages, towns, and some people, who participated in war, have old bikes. Well, it is possible to sell antique models to rather rich people, naturally. I've decided to address to you, as I have understood, that perhaps you can help us to find people of this sort, who are interested in purchasing old motorcycles. Of course if u find it necessary. We already have sold two motorcycles to Holland and Austria to such rich fans of ancient motorcycles. In this country we have not so many rich people who buy ancient motorcycles, and almost no clubs of the fans of ancient technics. That's why I'd like to ask you for your help. Do you mind helping us in this question ? I guess, if you move in motorfans circles - fans of ancient engineering,

it would be easier for you to help us to find the people of this kind or to advise such people to me, which are interested in purchasing of old models. If it is necessary, I'll send you some photos of models, which we had made and sold before. I'm so grateful to you beforehand. Waiting for your soon reply.
Yours faithfully,
Mike Baranov.
My address:
Subject: Website, Sturgis & "The Big Damn Tour" Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 00:27:12 -0400 From: "Peter W. Tomory" To:

Hi Dave and Becky,

Great Website! I listened to your music all the time I was writing this e-mail to you.

Our names are Pete and Rhoda and we're Harley bikers from Hainesville, NJ.

We are also going to HOG's "Big Damn Tour" this September - looking forward to seeing you both out there - it should be a great riding experience!

We've always met great friends at the HOG tours - we've done the "Country Cruisin Tour" in '95 and the "Blues Cruise" last year. We met John and Charmaine ( from Queensland, Australia during the "Country Cruisin Tour" and became such good friends that we went to Australia, I rode his Dynaglide while there, and they visited us and John rode my ElectraGlide while here and we all toured through the New England states.

We'll also be going to Sturgis this summer and be camping at the Hog Heaven campgrounds in Sturgis with some of our friends from the North Jersey Riders Motorcycle Club (Herb and Angelique) and biker friends from Iowa (Gary and Bev) and Florida (Pete and Norma). Hope we can hook up with you guys out there also - if you're going to Sturgis.

We belong to the North Jersey Riders Motorcycle Club. It's a great biker friendly riding club with about 60 members - mostly couples with Harleys.

Check out my North Jersey Riders Motorcycle Club Website, it' not as sophisticated as your website but I've added some photos of some of our recent trips and rides. I'd love to add some neat stuff like you have on your website, but I'm just starting out and learning this internet stuff. I'm using Netscape's Site Central free website page, but it doesn't seem to allow me much customization. I would love to be able to add a thumbnail photo album so my pictures don't take up so much room. I would appreciate any pointers you could offer on how to do it.

You can reach our North Jersey Riders Motorcycle Club Website at:

Check it out and enter your names and comments in the Website guest book.

You can reach me and Rhoda at our North Jersey Riders Motorcycle Club e-mail address at:

Or at my other e-mail address:

Send your e-mails to both addresses - this way I won't miss them if the internet is down. I can get attachments at both addresses.

You can also write to our friends (they'll all be at Sturgis) at the following e-mail addresses:

Herb & Angelique
Pete & Norma
Gary & Bev

I'll recommend your Website at to all my biker friends

Ride safe, ride free! Can't wait till Sturgis and the Big Dam Tour arrive!

Thanks! Hope we hear from you both soon!

Pete and Rhoda
Subject: Hey Doc how the hell are ya? Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 12:13:32 +0900 From: "Big Johnson" To:

Doc & Becky,
You may not remember me but I posted a letter or two to your fine site a few years ago (after purchasing my first Harley). Well the Toad (That's me) is back. I'm stationed in Korea now and I finally bought another computer. Just thought I'd check and see how the wild and wooly world of dentistry/orthodental/peridontal/maxio-fellatial surgery is going.

I sunk about $3000 into that 74 Sporty and finally got it running. Talk about a balls to the wall-kick-start-your-heart-hard-mounted-drag-pipe Harley experience! I had a lot of fun riding that beast. In the end the maintenance was more than I bargained for. I sold it and am buying a 99 FXD.

Well that's it for Korea (The Land Of The Not Quite Right).
Take care, Ride Safe
Subject: The Only Way to Go Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 19:08:29 -0400 From: "Lewis B. Clough" To:

Just returned from a 3266.5 mile journey to the HOG Rally in Greenvillel, SC Last year we went to the 95th in Milwaukee and continued on for a 10590.2 mile journey across the US. We have now ridden a Harley in 49 of the 50 states. All in the last 12 years. Been riding since 1946 got my first new Harley in 1948. $708 well spent. Have enjoyed your Harley site.

Yours Earlene & Lewis Clough
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Subject: Bridgeport,Ca. Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 19:49:17 -0700 From: "farrace" To:

This to those who helped me in Bridgeport,Ca. when I did something really dumb like hitting the front brake on dirt. I know better. Just goes show you have be thinking all the time for sure. I had the Black H.D. with flames and the Bushtech trailer I was pulling. My wife and I just a few scrapes and sore for about a week. Bike not to bad either dented front pipe besides the hose Jim & friends helped me replace. There must have been 25 or more riders there all ready to help and did. Thanks again to all Harley riders are the best.


Rod & Carol Farrace of Porterville,Ca.

P.S. I think Jim was from the Chico HOG chapter.
Subject: Back from Spain! Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 17:46:55 +0200 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Hey Beckster&Hempster!

After one car-driving week in Catalunya/Spain and another week renovating the office (in superb weather - sweat, sweat!) I got on my bike and rode to Leopoldsburg in Belgium, the largest Harley-event in our region (6000bikes!). Dancing and drinking and having a good time until 3 p.m., I fell asleep in my tent just to be waked up at 6 by the first Harleys leaving the place! Had a pretty good hangover yesterday, hee-hee! Old friend Wilfried (the engineer who works in a powerplant I told you about) called this morning and said he would accompany me to the States in october. ... this fits perfectly for me. We got Bikes in San Francisco from October 2nd until 13th and if you don´t mind I will show him where the Greatest Dentist On Earth lives, hee-hee!!! (Maybe we´ll stay in S.F. for one or two days, move up north via the coast or the Gold Country, then take the Redding exit and spend a weekend riding together with His Majesty the Hempster, Beckster, Bev and Crusty? Or we all meet in S.F. and do the 49 miles drive? Becky would love to do it, I know, hee-hee!!!) So what about your computer? Everything o.k.again? And the railroad? And the kids? And the office? Hope everything is going well!

Back to work tomorrow!

Old Cerec Mike

Subject: Team USA wins at Isle of Man TT races! Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 05:33:35 -0400 From: TTSC To: Doc Hemp

Hello Everyone,

Team USA won the ACU International Club Team award in the Junior / 600 Supersport class at the TT yesterday. Speedvision was there filming, and will be coming by today to do an interview. Stay tuned for more details. There has been plenty of published articles since we arrived. The riders were Dwight Mitchell, Garett King, and Stephen John.

Our detailed log is on the website with photos. More photos to come over the upcoming week. Wade Boyd, and Dwight Mitchell race in the Production class race Friday morning.

The on-line magazine Zine Zone has done an interview with Dwight Mitchell. Please review if you have the chance and let us know your feed back.

Team USA

Subject: Re: Discovery Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 14:35:12 -0700 From: "shaver" To: "dochemp"

Hi from Paul and Sandy Shaver .....

Sorry we missed you in Redding. Yes we did enjoy the dam and beautiful spite of the rain! We took our dusters just in case and they came in very handy. We left Redding Sunday am and decided to come home via the beautiful Feather River Canyon. From there we took another detour and ended up in South Lake Tahoe (..poured rain from Truckee to South Shore). The other couple we were with own a cabin there so we decided to stay the night. A little casino time, a good nights sleep and we were on our way home the next morning. Nice weekend.

I have found some of the similarities between us amusing. When we read your web pages we laughed out loud at the comments regarding getting a HD during the 'middle aged years'... Paul has wanted a Harley since he was a kid. He had access to a bike in Viet Nam and wanted one of his own. However, then came 'me'...years of college....3 beautiful daughters...and way too many horses, many years of rodeo and working to support My goal was to buy Paul his first HD when I graduated from college as a way to thank him for all of his help getting me through...of course that never happened. In l996 we took a road trip to see family from Seattle (his family) to Oklahoma (my family). We ended up in So Dakota during bike week. I was blown away at how much fun everyone looked like they were having. I don't think I knew bikes were for couples too! A few months later Paul brought in a picture of THE BIKE of his dreams. The l997 Heritage Springer, white with red trim...just like yours. I decided it was time!! I went to the local HD shop and told them I wanted to buy a bike for my husband's birthday (2 mos). They all laughed....(gosh who new there was a 8-12 month waiting period...and of course 'his' bike was already sold out). After they realized I wasn't kidding they set out to help me make my surprise a success...I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. As luck would have it (meant to be???) I rec'd a call a couple weeks before his B-day and someone had cancelled their was "his" bike!! Needless to say the big day at the HD shop was a tear jerker for all. The bike was delivered on May 31, l997 (approx. 20,000 miles ago!) Our very first run was the Redwood run. Last year we "rode" to Sturgis, this year to Seattle and Victoria, next year back to Sturgis. Thirty years of marriage and every trip is like a honeymoon!!

Another similarity, Paul enjoyed the web pages of the train collectors and loves the old steam locomotives...he is a Trainmaster for Santa Fe RR (27 yrs). I was the finance director at a local hospital for 18 years, last year I retired (the week before Sturgis) and am now a Healthcare Reimbursement and Compliance Consultant.

Well I guess this is long enough. Hopefully we'll see you down the road (Redwood Run?). If your ever in our neck of the woods please stop by. We're just minutes from the gold country and some beautiful riding areas. We live on 12 acres, lots of room to park bikes, pitch tents or crash in our guest room. Also, if you ever get by Lodi...just a few miles from here..our friends that we ride with own a very nice night club there called Legends....stop by and have a drink.

See ya!

Subject: Greenville,SC HOG Rally Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 17:38:31 -0700 From: "Tim Danielson" To:

Hi Doc:
Haven't written in a while...busy with patients, you know how that goes. Just a note to relay to anyone in your area who might be planning to attend the HOG rally in Greenville,SC...I have made a list of several wonderful rides through the western part of NC and Tenn (day trips from Greenville) that I would be happy to share. If anyone is interested I can mail the material to you to copy or post on your website( I would do it except I ain't that proficient with this here electrical tube of knowledge...ha) This should be a great rally. Many of the folks Denise and I ride with are attending and we're looking forward to seeing and talking with riders from all over this beautiful country. If you and Becky are planning to attend let me know and I'll buy you a cold one. Take care and ride safe!
Tim Danielson "Cactustim"
North Carolin
Subject: Charity Run Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 19:04:19 +0200 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Dear Beckster&Hempster,

just came back from our charity run we organized together with the local hardcore M.C. - hey, we raised more than 28000bucks for an orphanage in Düsseldorf!!! (Check out the Cactus homepage for pictures, Wolf should have them there this evening) Everything went well, about 1000 bikers were there... at we took all the money and brought it to the orphanage. There, we gave the children rides on our back seats for 1 1/2 hours. You should have seen the childrens eyes!!! When riding back to the Schadow-Arkaden (the local shopping mall where everything took place ) one of us put up a bet who would dare to ride right into the mall, do a circle, get a beer and ride back out of there. Guess who did!!! (not the hardcores, hee-hee!!!) Had to get out of there pretty fast, though... security was right behind me, hee-hee!!! Weather was great (hey, what´s going on here?!?), although we did have some thunderstorms in the evening.

Best wishes from Germany

Old inlay-scooping Mikey
Subject: Discovery Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 22:08:03 -0700 From: "shaver" To:

Dave and Becky; and anyone else reading B.A.D. Chariots disertations...............

For 28 years I tried to get my wife on a scooter (any scooter); tried to "explain" the feeling, and all to no avail. Gave up, reconciled myself to the 4 legged horsepower and went about continuing to build stalls, corrals and more fencing. I didn't mind the work, it's just the iron horse would require less work.......

Anyway, we just stumbled upon this web page, rolled thru some literary gems, laughed alot and decided to scribble a few words. Unfortunately this keyboard will not allow me to scribble.

Your mention of a 5k mile journey coming to an end was exactly what my wife and I felt when we returned from Sturgis last year. It took both of us to lean the bike south toward Sacramento..........Alas; woe is us. etc......

So how'd we go from the hay burner to the petrol burner???? Long story.

Anyway, the reason for this note is some information. We and a couple of friends have charted a course up 101 thru Cal, Ore, Wash to Victoria, B.C. and my wife was checking the tube for road info and some points of interest. Hence we stumbled upon your "B.A.D." stuff, enjoyed your humor and I just had to say hello......

We will be at the Cal State Rally this weekend and will try to meet ya's.....If you're there abouts....

Safe riding,

Paul/Sandy Shaver

Subject: big dam tour Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 23:29:28 EDT From: To:

hey Doc
wow, what a wonderful explanation of "why we ride" certainly have a way with words!!! i read that, and had to go for a ride right away :)

my wife ( and i are registered for the big dam tour. i think she mailed ya a week ago, we are really eager to see the beautiful scenery from a Harley vantage point, and also meet you!! However, we might not be able to make it :( i have checked on renting a bike for the trip through HOG travel, and there are no bikes available during that week. we checked Vegas,Reno,Frisco, San luck..... i don't think i want to attempt the trip on my little Sportster, looking for more of a tour ride. anyway, i was wondering if you know any places that rent Harley's in southern California???? like i said, all the places through HOG are booked, so it would have to be someplace else???? well, bye for now.......i hope you have a suggestion or 2..... if ya know of a place, drop me a line and i will call day time e-mail is, night time
Subject: greetings from berlin Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 13:00:26 +0200 From: (Dr. Engelhardt) To:

Hallo Dave and Becky,

Ihave red in a dentist journal about the wonderful trip from Dr.Birkhoff. I`m also a biker.Please give me more informations. My home-page:, my english is bad.

Dr. Ingo Engelhardt
Your English is just fine! .... Ride Proud Bro!
Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: Your Homepage Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 09:14:32 -0700 (PDT) From: suzanne geer To:


I just want to tell you and Becky what a GREAT page you have! Thank you for letting us share in your trips and really nice pictures.I had to add it to my links.Again,Great page !!Ride safe and Free. Spicy1_hot in Up-state N.Y.
Subject: Hello from Texas Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 12:13:47 -0500 From: Gary Delz Organization: Delzhaus Productions To:

Hi Doc and Becky...we surfed on in to yer sites...really cool stuff man. I have a most powerful Texas Roadhouse Blues Rock band that is looking to do some Southwest U.S. Harley Rally shows during August-December. Our tour schedule is filled in Texas thru that time .

We have CD's, web site, even video of the band if someone would like to listen and look at us. We would love to come play some Oklahoma, New Mexico, Lousiana, Arkansas and of course, Texas rallies if you can put us in touch with the right folks or just simply forward this message to them.

Thanks very much for any and all help you send our way...RIDE RIDE RIDE!

Gary Delz

USA Toll Free: 1-888-505-3350
Subject: cool web page Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 09:57:48 +0900 From: "Berg, Scott" To: "''"


Cool web page really enjoyed it. Nice rides you have, good to see your whole family involved. I am presently working in S. Korea for the next two years but I just bought a 95 softail classic and am enjoying it alot, my kids are only 5 and 6 but they love to ride!!. Again thanks for the cool page and take care.

Subject: New friends Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 09:17:06 -0700 From: "David Graham" To:

Dear Doc Hemp and Becky!

Dr. Mikey has turned me on to your web site. Awesome!!! and I am so familiar with your neck of the woods. I have friends living near Redway, in the hills. My name is David Graham and I am the G.M. of Coastline Motorcycle Tours on Vancouver Island. Our web site is We offer all-inclusive Harley tours of the Pacific North West and one of our trips takes us through the Rockies to the Calgary Stampede. Like you, we also have a lot of great touring pics on our web site and invite you to have a boo. I am in the throes of exchanging links with Doc. Mikes web page and wonder if you guys would also be interested. Anyhow, love this networking. I am also very familiar with Germany having been there several times. Love to hear from you.
David Graham
Subject: HOG ~ Schedule of Events Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 02:18:23 EDT From: To: CC:,,,,,

Mark your calendar and join the fun

Saturday May 1st Road Captain Pug DeWitt will lead the chapter ride to Eastern Shasta County with a stop for lunch at Big Wheels

Tuesday May 4th General Meeting

Sunday May 16th Chapter Ride ~ Memorial Ride in memory of Past Director Keith Richins to Gridley

Friday May 21st Special Olympics Benefit Dinner Ride 7PM leave from the HD shop ~ Chicken Enchiladas dinner for $6.00

May 28 29 30 Northern Ca State HOG Rally
Subject: Like your site Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 22:03:38 +1200 From: Nel Guild Organization: fatz To:

Hi Guys,
We are a charitable Trust who have over 50 kids with drug/alcohol problems live with us, we help them get back on the right path. we have developed a bracket which enables you to tow your Harley behind your car or pickup. all the proffits from sales go into our work with at-risk & problem youth. would appreciate it if you can help us to spread the word. our web site is its nothing like yours, im very impressed

regards Nel Guild
Subject: cool web page Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 09:57:48 +0900 From: "Berg, Scott" To: "''"


Cool web page really enjoyed it. Nice rides you have, good to see your whole family involved. I am presently working in S. Korea for the next two years but I just bought a 95 softail classic and am enjoying it alot, my kids are only 5 and 6 but they love to ride!!. Again thanks for the cool page and take care.

Subject: Pray for our Troops Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 07:10:32 EDT From: To: Doc Hemp

For over 2 year now I've sent out a short joke everyday to well over 600 people that have requested to be on the joke list. Well, today there's no joke. Instead, of a daily joke today here's a prayer for our troops that are being held.

Our doors are open for you... Come Home Safe

Southwestern Bell and Pacific Bell Internet services have created free e-mail addresses for families of the three American soldiers now held in Yugoslavia. Those who want to send messages of support can do so at the addresses below:

SSGT Christopher Stone: SPC Steven M. Gonzales: SSGT Andrew A. Ramirez:

POW's Prayer Father, Your own Son was a prisoner. Condemned, he died for us. Victorious, He returned to bring us the gift of life everlasting. Comfort us now in our longing for the return of the Prisoners Of War and those Missing In Action. Help Us Father; Inspire us to remove the obstacles. Give courage to those who know the truth to speak out. Grant wisdom to the negotiators, and compassion to the jailors. Inspire the media to speak out as loudly as they have in the past. Protect those who seek in secret and help them to succeed. Show us the tools to do Your will. Guard and bless those in captivity, their families, and those who work for their release. Let them come home soon.
Thank you Father.
Author Unknown

POW/MIA Freedom Fighters < < < < <


Philip Super Fine Shine "it"
We have been the leader of Custom Chrome Plating & Polishing in Central Ohio since 1990. We specialize in Die-cast (pot-metal), Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass & Silver.
Super Fine Shine of Columbus Phone ~ 614.836.1700 Fax ~ 614.836.7980
Subject: great site Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 14:41:04 -0400 From: "vivian ardanza" To:

HI there and Happy Easter great site just think you got the spirit, what is all about,i just got my #2 H-D, the first, a 1959 panhead back in Cuba (from the before Castro police dept.) this one a 1999 Electra Glide Classic many jap's in between but nothing can compare
Best of luck.
Eddie&Vivian Ardanza
Subject: THANKS Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 00:47:51 -0500 From: Wildbill To:


Subject: THANK YOU Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 02:27:41 -0500 From: Wildbill To:




Hopefully some of our readers can email Wild Bill & tell him of their adventures on these wonderful Harleys of ours & show him some friendship & allow him to escape his confiinment with us in cyberspace for a while.
Doc Hemp

Subject: Z-Man before Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:28:35 -0700 From: Lydia Eastman To:

Hi, I used to know the Z-Man at an early age, had a huge crush on him in my-our younger years. He was always honest and hard working then and as I see now. Beautiful Bike, a fantastic job. That has always been his mark in life-doing a job right. It was fun to see him after all these years and to see what he's up to.
L. Douglass
Subject: Great web site Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 14:33:11 -0600 From: "hdredhog" To:

Just exploring and ran across this. You guys are great! My boyfriend and I have 91 FLHS and I have a 97 FatBoy- been to Sturgis 5 years now and we love it. This year going to pass but going for the 60th. We have ridden every year but last year. This year is a 3500 mile trip in 12 days to 5 Natl parks. Its our kind of riding. Keep your knees in the breeze, the rubber side down, the shiny side up and all that other good stuff!
Lady J (the other half of Hdredhog)
Subject: Nice page Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 08:17:29 EST From: To:

Doc, I really enjoyed you site and will go over it many times to glean all the information. You and the lady make a fine looking couple in the Sturgis shot. I am sending our page so you can see some of your audience. John Carson BK WA IV's Home Page

3/26/99 .... We have dedicating our HOG PAGE to our good friend Keith Richens who just passed away last week .... Keith was also a director of the Redding HOG Chapter as I was. He was great to be around ... I never saw him raise his voice to anyone ever! Quite an accomplishment for an attorney! He is pictured here below in a photo Becky & I took while returning from Sturgis in 95. At 56 I have seen so many of our friends leave this theater called life! How have you lived it? To the fullest I hope! Remember, it is better to die living than live one's entire life dying.

Photo Becky & I took on the way back from Sturgis 1995, from rt to lft - Art Morgan, Keith Richens, and Jeff Hage.

Subject: Re Wino Willie and the Boozefighters Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 02:04:34 EST From: To:

Hey, Doc!

Really enjoyed your site. Especially the Boozefighter stuff. I recall their hangout in L.A., the All American cafe, a little hole -in-the wall place on Firestone. My uncle was Johnny Davis, a charter member.My buddy and I hung out with them once in a while on the week-ends. A great bunch of guys (and gals, the Boozettes)!

They had an old Lexington stretch sedan with a magnesium body.They used to cruise in it, carrying a very large wash tub full of ice and beer in the rear seat area. I heard later that someone had, unknowingly, left a lit cigarette in it and it had very quickly burned right down to the frame.They also had a club trailer that had a bunch of bunks in it.It was without a doubt, the ugliest trailer in the world, but it served many purposes. Anyway, thanks again for the site.

Subject: Re: gidday mate Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:22:33 +1200 From: David Lane To: dochemp References: 1

Dave and Becky Ltd

how are you guys getting on. We have just lost our day light savings last week end and for us it's closing in onto winter. We have had the most glorious summer in memory and even today our tempt is about 10 degs above average normal for this time of the year.

The bikes have done over 10000 kilometres over the summer months. I have made a startling discovery about my Stude. I had the current motor fully reconditioned 5years ago. (I told you about all the sealing work that was carried out to prevent water egress) Because the engine had done so few miles some things were not required to be reconditioned. Ok since I got it up and running I have never been 100% happy with the performance relating to pulling power on long hills. I had the carb reconditioned in Long Island NY but that didn’t make the difference. I had the 6 volt system changed to 12 volts and that didn't do it either. I pulled it down many times looking for the problem. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the valve timing was out. I dismantled, altered the valve timing and reassembled that "B.......y" engine about seven times over the last year and still I was unhappy. Then I gave up and just drove it. Well about 3 weeks ago Sally and I went down to the annual Art Deco Rally in Napier which is 500 miles away and I got so pissed off with the car hill climbing ability that I resolved to find it for once and for all when I got home. I hired an engineer and he came to my home and it took him 3 hrs to find the problem. The inlet lobe of the camshaft of #1 was 7 degrees out compared to the inlet lobe of #8.related to the fly wheel markings. Bingo!! He told me that the shaft had to have been twisted at some time. Possibly a rear bearing may have seized at some stage. Well out it came and it was not until we got it to the cam shaft people that reality of the problem became evident. It was not twisted at all as first thought rather it was ground originally at the factory incorrectly. As the grinding machine ran down the length of the shaft, the cutting tool was slowly rotating around the diameter of the shaft. Hence the discrepancy of 7 degs by the time it finished the last lobe. No wonder I could get half of the motor running well. But never the whole lot. This shaft had never been ground since original. Well I put it back last weekend and hells bells have I got a new motor car now. It's got more pulling power than a city full of prostitutes waiting for the American Army to hit town. I'm like a pig in shit at the moment. Got this real grunty 69 years old motor car that’s finally can show a clean pair of heals. Well that’s my story at the present time. Hey my new engine has just turned over 19000 miles.

Other than that, alls well here and we are still on target to come to the USA next July with our bikes. I will keep you up to date as progress develops. Must away now. Talk to you soon.

Love and best wishes to you both.

Another Dave and the one and only Sally.
David & Sally own the only other mid year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster & also ride Harleys like Becky & I do.
Subject: Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 13:47:03 -0600 From: "Osberg" To:

Doc & Becky........
Thanks so much for your wonderful site. I just found it and I'm having a ball, plus learning a lot. Telling everybody I know about ya'll. Knowing how much you put into this work , mere thanks just don't seem enough. Wife Mary and I (Bob) see ourselves in the near future when we can retire (I hate that word) riding off into the sunset on our Harleys as our kids are thinking ,"but what about our inheretence". This world needs a lot more fine people like you and Becky.

Thank you ever so much, may God prosper you, and keep 'er shining.
Bob & Mary
S. Beloit , Illinois
Subject: Neat Web-Site All my favoite things (Well Almost) Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 16:09:20 EST From: To:

Dear Dave & Becky Way Cool web-site. Harleys and Studebakers, what else is there. I have a 95 Dyna Low rider, and am a member of Three Rivers Hog Chapter in Fort Wayne Ind. Not doing any riding, due to the fact that we're up to our butts in snow. Can't wait for sping. I also am restoring a 63 Avanti and have several other studes in need of restoration. Well, I have to go shovel snow, Keep up the good work.

Randy Fryback
Subject: Harley 45's Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 14:39:05 -0500 From: "45 Restoration Co." Reply-To: Organization: 45 Restoration Co. To:

NEWS RELEASE....... "45" Restoration Companys Racing Team takes 2nd Place at Daytona.

On Monday, March 1st. Pierre Baril came in 2nd place in the hand shift class at the Daytona International Speedway. He was running one of our experimental Harley-Davidson 1948 WR motors. In the 20 mile race he was clocked at over a 100 MPH on the back straight a-way leading the race the last five laps when he ran out of gas about 80 yards from the finish line. (WR's hold only about 1-1/2 gallons of gas). Pierre and his father Norm Baril head up our R&D department at "45" Restoration Co., They are from Cornwall, Ont. Canada. Members of A.R.M.A

We would also like to thank Rob Kelly from Northern Thunder Classics for his engine building expertise and Paul Kosma on his abilty to understand and fine tune our Linkert MR-3 carb.

The work and experience that we perfected at the track has led us into a lot of new & improved products for forty-five's. Look for our NEW BARIL HIGH PERFORMANCE WLDR ALUMINUM HEADS, Racing frames, Mikuni carb kits, Racing early clutch set ups, 4-speed transmissions and narrow WR Gas-Oil tanks. Other products coming out soon as a direct result of our Racing efforts.. * * * Congratulations Pierre * * * . . P.O. BOX 12843 Albany, NY 12212 (518) 459-5012

Above .... please see Doc Mike & the Catus HOG Group & the Notorious Hard Core 1%er Bones M.C. in Dusseldorf finally working together for charity .... it is so important for all our various Harley groups to exist together & accentuate the positive. I have had good riding Bros. turn 1%ers .... and have never shunned them and vice versa ... our differences in lifestyle & philosophy need not ruin a great ride together on a wonderful day .... especially for charity .... toy runs ... etc.
Regards, to all bikers ... regardless of their mounts or affiliation.
Doc Hemp

Subject: senate-news(johannessen,press-releases): mojo introduces smog check bill Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Senate-News-Reply@SEN.CA.GOV To: Recipients, of, johannessen, press-releases, messages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: DEAN A. MCEWEN February 26, 1999 (916) 445-3353

SACRAMENTO: Senator Maurice Johannessen introduced legislation Friday which would eliminate some of the unnecessary smog testing of vehicles with after-market parts.

Currently, California requires vehicles to pass two types of smog check tests: functional as well as the tailpipe test. The bill, SB 1058, streamlines the "visual portion" of the smog inspection by limiting the equipment required to be inspected, thereby eliminating unnecessary inspection. Less time would be spent by motorists and inspectors, fewer burdens would be placed on referees, and less costs would be imposed on the state and consumers by the program.

A car enthusiast himself, Johannessen stated, "Motorists who upgrade their vehicles with after-market parts are often forced to see a referee even though their car may run more efficiently and cleanly. This is a complete waste of time, only benefiting those bureaucracies which this process creates."

Added Johannessen, "If tail-pipe emissions are coming out clean, it shouldn't matter at all what motor parts you have under the hood. This is a good consumer bill that does nothing to harm our air."

For a copy of Senate Bill 1058, contact either Cathy Evans (Legislative Aide) or Dean A. McEwen (Press Secretary) at (916) 445-3353.
Subject: Harley Heaven Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 08:42:56 EST From: To: wrote:

I have read your thoughts on the Harley experience, and if you wouldn't mind, I would like to share mine with you/ Last night, as I am preparing to go to Daytona, I am washing my Heritage, It all came to me like an explosion in my head. I found myself washing every inch of my bike, like a father washes his new born baby. As I loved every curve of the bike, I remembered how I used to love every feature of my child's body, very similar to others, yet uniquely their own, and both beautiful to no limits, because their both mine. I too, have rolled my bikes out to join me outdoors, when I couldn't be out there riding. As I contemplated why it was so hard for others to understand, I realized that we can no longer just dismiss those, by saying "If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand." We need to educate these people about why we ride... It isn't the end of the journey that matters, it is the journey, Life is the journey, and we are already there. Many are the times that I have ridden 8 hours to get off my bike, and wish for somewhere to go,

>>>>> This is a very important point I did miss .... about even finishing 11 days & 5000 miles & sorry I couldn't keep on going as we pulled into the driveway & back to work the next day. ... doc

or look forward to the next morning to get back on my bike and ride some more. I can only hope when life's journeys are over, and I am called to a greater reward, the sound of the angels singing comes close to 10,000 Harley's rumbling down the road. I can only hope that GOD'S voice, captures me, as much as a lone Harley at night.

>>>>>>> Another great moment we all have that I missed ..... I will add these 2 points later with your name to my reasons why we ride .... with your name as the source. .... will also post this entire email in our Harley Reading Room 4C. .... doc

That is my idea of a perfect heaven.

Yours always on the road,
James Westmoreland
Subject: WOW!!!! Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:21:34 EST From: To:

Doc & Becky

Hi again, this is John, the guy you met in Grandzells resturant. I sat next table over, Doc and i met in the mens yes I was wearing my Harley sweater and thats why we started talking. I had just finished instructing at ThunderHill race track. anyway, i have been on ur site for about two hours now and really enjoying it. I was wondering if u had a place for YOUR up-coming calendar...where and when are you going on your next trip... some of us readers would like to go and or meet you on the way. I also want to complement you on your choice of Bikes....i have a 97 White & Blue Herritage Springer. I have only had it four months and havent been too far away. Just love it. I used to have a GoldWing and trailer and went to Idaho and Wyoming alot. Just loved the Weiser Idaho fiddlers contest, third full week in June. Hope to go this year. good people and lots of Harleys.. Just for thought, I have a American Eagle(38ft) motor coach (sleeps 6) and a 24' trailer for car racing. can carry 5-6 bikes im sure. maybe more, havent really checked yet. Just for people who might want to fly in for events...some people have short time off work but want to go to events. I have heard its almost impossible to get rooms at some of the big runs also. Well please get back to me with ur schedual or the location on your site. hope to see you again soon. I'll be in Willows this weekend, instructing the SCCA school at ThunderHill again. If your in the area look me up. Big Blue and Grey American Eagle. most everybody knows me their. take care and happy trails to u...

John Thompson, RaceTree@aol
Subject: EVEL KNIEVEL IS HERE Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 23:07:13 -0500 From: "KARL \"BDR\" SMITH" Organization: RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS To: Doc Hemp




RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOW Sat. MARCH 6th 1999 All Day Location: World Famous ADVENTURE LANDING tm Familey Park 601 Earl St Food, Drinks, Miniture Golf, 100's of Arcade Video Games With each entrance ticket you have a chance to win a Motorcycle and other Door Prizes VENDOR TABLES $150.00 1 Table in a 10'x10' space.. No items that are risqué 16 Classes, Over 250 Custom Bikes... Email your Snail Address or Fax 727-327-0668 for your entry forms.. Register at The Rat's Hole at 608 Main Street Daytona Bch Fl 32118


MAY 1st 1999 in The Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Convention Center ..VENDOR BOOTHS CALL 954-327-1325 or Fax to 954-584-9490... Get your entry forms NOW
Subject: BoozeFighters overnighter Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:15:53 -0800 From: "Bucky Walker" Organization: BoozeFighters MC Charter 3 To:


June 12 and 13 the San Diego BoozeFighters Charter is having an overnighter. This is the first overnight run sponsored by San Diego after ten years in the area. We hope everyone can attend. There will be live bands, beer, food, merchandise vendors. We are giving away about 32 trophies including all your favorites and things like best campsite, best run truck...

This is going to be our annual giving something back to the biker community run. It's going to be located near the Jacumba hot springs about 70 miles east of San Diego. It's a great location, plenty of shade tree's, electrical and water, showers and restrooms. There's a club house with pool also.

Contact us via the web site or our P.O. Box (it's listed on the web site or talk to any San Diego club officer. The price is $20 per person and $35 per couple, this includes one free meal per person.

So come party with the Wild Ones and get a little wild yourself!

Bucky Walker,
BFMC San Diego
Subject: Photo credit Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 23:22:45 -0700 From: "Sally Hanson" To:

First photo in Hailey Idaho was taken at Roberta McKercher Gateway Park, named for a lady who was 'Ms Hailey', journalist, volunteer, one great person.

Very serious about a 'happening' in Hailey. Think on it. My hairdresser wants me to promote one; he's offered to help.

Drop me a line :>)
Subject: Hailey Idaho Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 23:18:29 -0700 From: "Sally Hanson" To:

Dear Doc & Becky ~
My head is still reeling from all the links visited and those yet to come! Found you while looking at different spots listing Hailey, Idaho. I'm the 'ChamberChick'. Have actually thought about promoting a 'ride' to and through Hailey. Must try to find my way back to see when you'd passed through.
Any ideas to make this idea a reality?
Would love to hear from you.
'ma' to some, to you, 'chamberchick
Subject: My new bike Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 01:36:04 EST From: To: wrote:

Hi Doc & Becky

I started cruising the Net some time back and somehow stumbled onto your site. I've got it marked in my catalog, and have gone back several times. Every time I visit, I come away more and more convinced of one thing -- you've either got way, way too much time on your hands,

>>>>>I never have enough time .... all this stuff is 4-5 years accumulated ... a few hours every day .... sleep about 5 hrs. I never watch t.v. except for Mystery & Red Green & Keeping up Appearances on public T.V.

or you're the kind of rider I could enjoy meeting one of these days.

>>>>>>You bet .... will meet you some day I'm sure ...

The sites you provide are great. They're fun, informative and a real nice way to unwind some days.

>>>>>>>Thanks for the kind words, that's what this site is all about! 4 or 5 years ago we tried to find something similar on the internet that was about trips & harleys & not financially motivated ..... couldn't find even one site .... so started our own ... have never taken one penny for all this stuff ... in fact we pay all the costs involved & always have.

Don't know if this will interest you, but I thought I'd share it. I just got my first Harley!! I've dreamed of getting one all of my life (age being irrelevant, but Harry Truman was still throwing his weight around in Washington, D.C. when I was born).

>>>>>>Of course we are interested!!! Me too .... I was born in 1943 .... how about you?

I got a '99 Low Rider, and this thing is beyond great. I live in NW Indiana, it's February, I'm freezing my tush and having the time of my life. You were right -- you can't explain it, but another rider can understand it. Life is very, very good.

That is great! We have no financial interest of course .... other than stock ownership in H.D. but we don't count that at all in developing a site like this .... please share your photo of you & yours & your bike with us and all our viewers here in the Harley reading room.

I'll let you go. Keep up the sites!

Paul Banik

>>>>>>Again, thanks for the great email, we will be posting it in our Harley Reading Room 4C for all to see & dream about their Harley they will get some day through out this cold cold winter.

Tailwinds & Sunshine,
Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: Music Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 19:54:56 -0600 From: Goodwin & Lauren Heil Organization: GL Operations To:

I can't tell you how much enjoyment the music from your site has brought me. Thank you.

My wife and I ride also, (mine is a '93' Bagger show bike w/ matching trailer and Lauren's is "98" Road Glide). We travel to Sturgis yearly and beyond from there. We usually stay out 3 - 4 weeks. We both have served as officers in our local ABATE chapter as President, Vice President, Membership Director, Secretary and many other hats as circumstances dictated.

Thanks again for he pleasure you have provided.

Butch and Lauren
McHenry, Illinois

Subject: Best Words Possible Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 14:27:03 -0800 From: "\"John \\\"Axeman\\\" Curtis\"" To: "Hemp, Dave & Becky"


I just finished reading your essay titled, "Why Doc & Becky Ride Harley Davidsons?". It is by far the best group of words ever put together regarding the love and experience of riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With your permission, I would like to add it to my web page, of course giving you & Becky full credit along with ecouragement to follow my link to your site. It goes to say that I will not change any of your wording, and I won't upload it without your approval.



Subject: A BIKER Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 01:09:30 -0500 (EST) From: (DEAN GODBY) To:





Subject: Your home page Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 13:13:35 -0500 From: "Support, Desk" To: "''"

Doc and Becky,

I loved reading your reasons for riding motorcycles and your whole page in general. I too have a love for Harley Davidson motorcycles. . especially mint 50's panheads, and current heritage springers. I'm 25 years old and someday hope to own a Harley. I currently have a Honda ACE 750 which is a nice 50's styled bike and it "gets me out there". Thank you for a great page. home e-mail

James Lonano
Subject: Important Notice!!! Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:02:00 -0800 From: Harry Biggins To: "Dave \"DOC\" & Becky Hemp"

This notice is for all bad ass Bikers, ASC, CCCA & Packard Club members that frequent the Rocky Mountains,

Montana Grizzly Bear warning!!!...........Be Aware, this is important!!!

In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts theMontana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, Hunters, and fisherman to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field.

We advise that outdoorsman wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle bears that aren't expecting them. We also advise outdoorsman to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.

It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorsman should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear shit. Black bear shit is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear shit is larger and has little bells & Harley parts in it and smells like pepper.

Have a nice hike!!!!!!

This notice, complements of Smoky Bear.
Subject: MOTORCYCLING DOCTORS ASSOCIATION Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 11:41:59 EST From: To:

While surfing the net, I came upon your site. I am a dentist (as is our treasurer) and just love your website and thought I give you a heads up about a meeting our group is holding this coming June in Corning, N.Y. Since members of our group hail from all over the US, I would like to talk to you further about getting the word out and possibly on developing our own website.

I would appreciate if you would e-mail me your telephone number (and convenient times to call you) so I can give you a call.

Thanks, and again GREAT JOB.

Stuart Fierman DDS
139-34 58th Ave
Flushing, NY 11355-5311

home tel 718-353-7558
office tel 718-441-4020
fax 718 441-8816

Thanks for the invite & the kind words .... but Becky & I already belong to about 30 organizations .... good luck with yours .... hopefully other docs reading this will contact you to join
Also ..... I'm pretty Gnarly for a Doc .... Good luck
Tailwinds & sunshine,
Doc Hemp
Subject: nice and enjoyable web page Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 11:20:01 -0800 From: "greg swanson" To:

being a harley owner, rider, fixer,restorer,and just plain havin fun type of person, along with my beautiful(inside and out lovely lady lynette), I had the urge to tell you that your web page is terrific, plus full of very interesting reading!! Thanks for taking the time to develop and produce something that many people can truly enjoy, plus the links!!

We live in Modesto, own and operate mobile-food concessions at approx.50% of the Fairs in Calif.Also work the Goodguys shows in Pleasanton,Calif.Lynettes cousin by marriage(former) owns and operates Rawlings Motor Maniacs in Fresno.Clyde Rawlings.They specialize in older Harleys, knuckles,pans, shovels, and of course, evos.If it was made, and you can't find it, look there!

For xmas, 1998, I was presented with a new( or should I say established) bike from Lynette.A completely restored, rebuilt,etc, 1965 FLH, 169 miles!! Red and White, none nicer.What a thrill to have a mate that gets just as excited as I when it comes to having the same perscription for headaches!We also are old car and truck collectors, as well.We currently have approx 15, from 1928 International six-speed specials, to little pregnant roller skates, Nash metropolitans.

Always looking to meet new people, especially those whom share similar interests.If you ever go to a local Fair, such as Ventura, Sacremento, Del Mar, etc, look us up, stop and have lunch on us!! Rawlings Concessions, and Event Food Services.I'm Greg Swanson, the lady is Lynette Rawlings.

Ride safe, and enjoy the view!!
Subject: Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 00:13:19 -0800 From: "Sunny Springer" To:

Doc and Becky,

Your Harley site (and the music site too!) ROCKS! I am sending you a link of me and my second Harley (the first one has found a good home, though...)

Keep up the great work--maybe we'll see you and Becky at Hollister! We rode up from San Diego last year--it was a blast.


Subject: state rally Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:24:44 EST From: To:

Hi Dave and Becky,
we are from the redwood chapter in Santa Rosa, and are interested in going to the state rally. Could you please send us information, where to stay, events ect.
Thank you, Kris & George
p.s. great web page!
Subject: Re: Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Show '99 Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 22:34:04 -0500 From: BIG DADDY RAT Organization: THE RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS World Wide To: dochemp References: 1 , 2

Doc... Just got back from getting the bikes off boat.. and was very lucky to get the park for my show... I never had a place and bike week is so close... I got that new compu 10 gigs and it went out on me the day before I went to Germany.. They gave me a new one and it's in the box yet and I got back around the 13th Dec...have to set up soon. Gal is still in love ha I think.. she calls alot and may come over again this March.. I will get on your site again later as I'm trying so hard to get this info out and a Ratty Rag done and etc etc.. Selling my Condo in Daytona on the Ocean, Selling my Lake house and maybe renting my factory for silkscreening.. I'm ready to buy a nice condo here in St. Pete and a Mobile RV... got one that is 3 years old 11,000 miles not even used much My friend John got it out in Calif called the INTRUDER 35 ft.. two gas tanks etc etc.paid $72,000.00 and will sell to me for $42,000. $10.000 down rest on mos. If you can spread the word I thank you... Karl
Big Daddy Rat is a class act & has the most prestigious Harley shows in the world!!! We have been helping each other out on the internet for many years now.. ... please go out of your way to attend or show your bike at one of his shows .... tell em Doc Hemp Sentcha!! ..... below you can see the itinerary he has this year .... also buy some of his cool T shirts ... some day we might even have some BAD Chariots T shirts you can buy?
Subject: Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Show '99 Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 16:13:27 -0500 From: BIG DADDY RAT Organization: THE RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS World Wide To: Doc Hemp

Send Snail Address by Email for Entry forms. or Fax 727-327-0668. BDR Notice..Vendor tables while they last 10'x10' spot $150.00
***Next Rat's Hole Show May 1st 1999 in Ft.Lauderdale, Fla Convention Center 3 Day Event April 30th thru May 2nd 1999 Call for Vendor space 954-327-1325

-- *************************************
The Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Shows
P.O. Box 11-111
St.Petersburg, Florida. 33733


Essen Germany Nov 28-Dec 7th '98
Daytona 27th year SAT. Mar.6th '99
Arizona Bike Week Mar. '99
Ft Lauderdale Indoor Show Apr 30 May 1-2'99
Sturgis S.D. Friday Aug.13th '99
Daytona Biketoberfest Oct '99

ORDER Rat's Hole Products here
Subject: Re: Letter Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 08:43:37 -0500 (EST) From: Stephen Kriss To: dochemp

Folks, this following email is from the fellow that saw we were looking for this Nov 20, 1943 Saturday Evening Post in which there was an article about my Uncle Herb (a B 25 Mitchell Bomber Pilot in the China theater during world war 2 - done just before he & crew were shot down & killed) as posted on our airplane pages out of BAD Chariots .... Steve saw our request for that magazine & contacted us ... he only wanted $10.00 including shipping for it ...... now that may be the going price for these ..... but not that one special date for us!!
We sent him more for finding our wants from the internet for this special magazine!! We do not collect magazines ...... only this special one! Uncle Herb was awarded 4 Purple Hearts, the Air Medal & the Flying Cross. I feel it is my responsibility to live his life for him too .... which he & other Veterans gave up to protect all of us. To enjoy the freedom of this wonderful country & what it has to offer.
Thank you again Stephen Kriss.
Dave Hemp

At 05:02 PM 1/14/99 -0800, you wrote: >Steve, >we really appreciated your contacting us on the magazine .... we felt >you didn't charge enough .... wanted to wait & see if you were for real >with your offer first though and that we actually got the magazine before we sent you some more money .... we are glad you are. We only had >copies of the front & the article before.
Do you have a website we can >link to? Do you do this commercially? If so we will give you a plug >with your address & phone # ... just email it to me again to post. >kindest regards, >Dave & Becky

> Hi Dave and Becky.

I have been selling vintage magazines and paper collectibles part time since 1980. I will be retiring in two years and then will probably have the time to "fool around" with a web site and update it on a routine and timely basis.

I am aware what dealers charge for various vintage magazines and the higher prices for searching and individual covers, etc., and that I can easily receive those prices for my inventory. However, I am not in a full time business with overhead to worry about, and enjoy attempting to find or sell an item at a price that makes one happy and gives me a small profit (which is at present being used to complete a set of Saturday Evening Posts from 1900-1949).

I can be contacted through the above email address or at 30 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003, should you wish to recommend me.

Once again, thanks for your generosity, concern and good thoughts.

All the best,
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being nominated with the ICA - Antiques Site of the Year Award.
Good Luck in the 1999 Internet Antiques Awards!

With Friendship,

Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame

Subject: Re: Happy Holidays Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 17:48:34 -0600 From: Joe Dowd - Harley Davidson Corp. To: Dave & Becky Hemp

Hi Doc,

Good to hear from you. I guess I'll see you this year with the Big Dam Tour. I am planning a site inspection Feb. or Mar. I will call you when my plans are more in place.
Subject: damn .. tour? Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:21:35 -0800 From: dochemp Organization: C. David Hemp DDS Inc. To: Joe Dowd References: 1

Joe my man,
Well, in Feb or March it should be a lot cooler than the first time we met & we laid out the tent stuff at 120degrees on the black asphalt .... seems I dragged you off just before you had a heat stroke. We haven't had as hot a day since! When is the damn tour anyway .... seems we saw it in the Tales. .... can't find that now either.

How's the married man doing ..... when are you gunna bring the misses by for us to meet?

Have a great 1999 .... say hello to those that still remember Dr. Strange Hemp!

..... maybe we could have another hog roast for the damn to dam posse members that end up here? .... In fact .... give me the dates .... we will go with you for sure if it's not at an impossible time. I know in June we are hosting 65 Early Brass cars at our place for steam engine rides, etc. ... March we are hosting the Rail Preservation Society here.

We will be showing a new car (if everything goes well) at Pebble Beach, Silverado, & the Hillsboro Concours this year too.

Well, don't forget ole doc ..... think of you & Paul Rapp & all the fun with the Rallies up here in the past ....

Best Regards to you & yours & all the others at H.D.
Tailwinds & Sunshine,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Your Site Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 12:37:43 -0600 From: To:

What I've seen of your site I have enjoyed, but how do you get anything else done!(dentistry) Just kiddin'...I'm sure Becky keeps on top it. Keep the rubber on the road and you face in the wind.


Byron Miller
Subject: page Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 16:48:56 -0000 From: "bobfarrar" To:

Hi there ,
Just a note to say that I enjoyed your page. I was at sturgis in 97 with my son.We left Kingston Ont. On july 28 and went over the hump to the Ontario Hog rally in Marathon at the top of Lake Superior. After that we figured that we were half way there (allmost) so after hearing about it for 30 years of my biking life figured what the hell lets do it. Man oh man we had a ball and now a group of us are planning an other ride there in 2000.
seeyal later i'll visit again
Bob Farrar (Canucky Bob)
Subject: motorcycles Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 20:37:56 -0600 From: To: Dave & Becky Hemp

I am sending a picture of a booth we set up at the Tennesse State fair in 1965.we had just got back from Jackson Miss. Shrine convention, where we won the International Champsonship.on the first day that we set the booth the building burnt to the ground that night.All of the equiptment was lost.AL Menah Temple replaced all of the Motors.

The fellows in the pic.from left to right are Archie(Little Hitler) Martin,
Buddy Shacklett,
Billy Boy Maddin,
ED Martin and
Daddy Warbucks Hessey he is the Scooter Man.

I listen to your music and scan your url's about every other day. I really enjoy them.
Archie and myself are 3rd genaration exiled from Germany.
Billy Boy

Subject: map slovenija Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 17:31:52 +0100 From: Bruno Sekulić To: Dave & Becky Hemp

Subject: doc Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:44:16 +0100 From: Bruno Sekulić To:

wanted to thank You for my bike on Your sites.

Great photo lf your bike & now your Beautiful oll lady! ..... You are about as ugly as I am though .... hee-hee!

Where are you from? And what type of dentistry do you practice?

Tailwinds & sunshine,
Dave Hemp
Subject: nice page Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 18:10:55 +0100 From: Bruno Sekulić To:

like Your way of life,
have the same bike


Subject: Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 07:28:52 -0800 From: "Terry and Bev Rust " To: "Dave Hemp"

Dandy: I am still alive and kicking.
Last night I was in the Hospital for 5 hours putting a face back together, the guy tried one of you large bore pistols to his face. What a friggen mess. Bone, Mandible and Maxilla everywhere, no palate teeth everywhere, no floor of the mouth left, this was one of the worst I have ever seen. He will be a nightmare reconstruction for the next two years so how can I quit. I don't know what I am going to do today with the girls. I have been trying to get them to Chico to try the BMW. Tara and I took the Harley on a ride Saturday. She did fine. I rode on the back and she handled the rest.

You get to work right now and keep me busy. Hee Hee
.... Geeeze, ..... I'm glad all I have to worry about is one half of a bridge loosening up ... or maybe an emergency call at 2 a.m. ...... help help doc! .... I chipped a tooth opening a beer bottle!!! What shall I do???? I juss tell em .... drink the damn beer, tape an asprin on it & go by the hospital & wait for Crusty Rusty to finish ..... he's there every night cuttin & sewen .... have him pull it ... put in an implant .... all before sun up .... call me in 6 months for the damn crown. Hee-hee ... back to ya.
Dandy Dave
Subject: First time viewer Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 07:49:38 -0800 From: "bbyu" To:

Hi Doc
Great pages, never seen better. I'll have to spend some time here while its to rainy to ride. Were planning to ride to the HOG ralley in S. Carolina next year. Hope we see you on the road some time. The music is stupendis thanks for the good times.
see you in the wind
Johnny G. from DesMoines Washinton State
Subject: Dave Barr Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 22:16:52 PST From: "Dave Barr" To:

My name is Keith Elfstrom and I created a website for my neighbor Dave Barr. He is rather famous in the biker world. He is the only man in the world to have ridded a Harley around the world. It took him 3 and a half years and more than 83,000 miles. He also set a Guiess record for riding a Harley from the Atlantic Coast of France, across Europe, Russia, and through Siberia in the middle of winter. These are amazing journeys for any rider but Dave did it years after losing both of his legs while in the army. He wrote books about both adventures and I created a website for him. I am not a money grubber and I do this out of friendship for my neighbor, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could help increase traffic at my site by listing this url among your links:
There are a lot of really great photos from his books and of course the books can be purchased at the site. I would of course reciprocate with a link to your site as well. Please send me the exact url you would like me to use if you agree. Dave is not much of a computer guy so he leaves this part to me but if you really are interested plese check out the site and then reply to this address and I will get your url on the site ASAP. I admit that I am not a biker and in fact have never ridden but I can tell that your site is exactly the type of place I want to link to and from. Thanks for your time. Sincerely,
Keith Elfstrom
I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Barr in (Sturgis Bike Week 1997) at the Civic Center in Rapid City. He was down stairs with his display ..... I took photos & we have had him up on our web site here as part of our 4 Sturgis Tours 1993 - 1997. His Page is The Area of Sturgis S.D. 1997 off our main page 1997 Sturgis Adventure Journal.

I will have you added shortly to our COOL LINKS ROOM.
Best of luck in the sale of your book Dave, you have earned it my man!!
Sunshine & Tailwinds from now on,
Doc & Becky Hemp

Subject: Web site Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 05:48:56 -0500 From: "Cycle" To:

Really enjoyed your site, no problem seeing you spent a lota road time setting it up. One of the best sites for sounds and Harley support I've found.
Keep up the GREAT work.
Thank you, (who ever in the hell you are - hee-hee)
But nothing cuts into my riding time ..... get up every morning at 3 or 4 AM .... work till 7 A.M. ..... and from 6 - 8 pm on work days .... all day on bad weather days sometimes when at home. Been at this 5 years now - it adds up. Glad you enjoy it ..... 5 yrs ago you couldn't find an entertaining site (all ads ... all wanting money) ..... no fun stuff on the internet about hobbies ..... H.D. didn't even have a site or had even planned on one back then. Now there are a lot of entertaining sites because of the many HOG Chapters, etc. on line. Book mark us ... lots more to come.
Who ever
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas!!! Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 22:40:39 +0100 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "dochemp"

To the Hempster & Crusty Rusty,
Merry Xmas!
It was such a pleasure to meet you two guys: two good friends who started their business together and still have a hell of a good time working and riding together! Hell, I think that´s the most important thing in life: good friends! (especially because Crusty´s wife wears a beautiful new BMW Atlantis suit from Germany, hee-hee! - and she really makes wonderful salmon!!!)

Your other good friend from Germany

Doc Mike
Subject: Merry Christmas!!! Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 12:44:25 +0100 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Dear Becky and Dave,

let me thank you again for being such wunderful guests and friends to me!

So have a wonderful christmas time and a happy new year!

Your old inlay scooper from Germany

Doc Mike