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3/22/01 to ?

Subject: I FINALLY rode on a bike ~
From: "Ann Smith"
Date: Fri, February 20, 2004 8:29 am

Dear Doc & Becky,
I wrote you a long time ago stating that I would love to ride on a motorcycle & you suggested that I ask one of the bikers at a rally at our mall in Houston.
Well, I never did, then a few weeks ago I met a biker at a birthday party for a friend. He sat with me when we were eating, and I asked him about the logos on his jacket (Bikers for Christ) & (Jesus Loves Bikers Too). He offered to take me for a ride ~ I declined, but he kept offering, so I did it (photo attached). This biker group is at (a motto of theirs "Jesus Would Have Rode A Harley").
I am 78 years old, and think that I would love to have a Harley ~ but probably never will.
I continue to go back to your web sites to see what you & your family have been doing ~ I really enjoy keeping up with your adventures. By the way, by coincidence I went on a cruise to Alaska with a friend in August of 2001 and loved it (so was really pleased to see the photos, etc. on your trip there). The friend took me as a sort of rest from the care of my husband (Alzheimer's for many years) ~ My husband died last May 7th, 2003.
I enjoy the humor on your web sites.
Early last year, I began helping a young dentist with his bank statement (using the Quicken program, which I have helped to teach at our computer club ~ I had neglected my teeth for years due to medical expenses for my husband, so finally late last year my dentist (employer) "fixed" my teeth. I have 8 new crowns, a new partial (which looks great) ~ I'll send you a photo of that, too.
I give your web site address to others who might be interested, either for your professional info or for your hobbies that they might be interested in.
Best Wishes to you both & thank you for some interesting "surfing" on your web sites.

Sincerely, Ann Smith

Subject: Looking for Kiwis Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 02:53:01 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time) From: "Bob De Santi" To:

Web Site Doc. If this site is still active could use some info. Navy Vet. from the Nam days. Ex NY cop and now transplanted to New Zealand this year with Kiwi wife Annie. Currently new members of the Ulysses Club. I'm sure the club was brought up during one of your conversations with the Kiwis.

Proud owner of a '92 Electra Glide Ultra. Seeking other Harley riders with same. Been riding with Cafe Racers and the likes that buzz miles ahead and are able to lean into the many turns here. Would enjoy riding with the big bikes and be able to converse on the road from time to time. I have tried on line web sites and haven't come up with any help. We're 1 1/2 hours from Auckland . If you could e mail this to another Kiwi Harley rider I would appreciate it.
Regards and ride safe

Subject: HI ' Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 05:25:06 -0500 (EST) From: (Badwater Bill) To:

If you have internet Exploiter ( no pun intended ) you will hear music.......anyway that is me down here ...

Really like your site !!

74 years old in July 2003 and still lean and mean and riding a Harley !!

Don't try to keep up with me !!

Remember: " Speed Kills " !!

Doc: The picture was taken at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH two years ago !!

I have gotten uglier since then !!



Subject: Re; How's it going? Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 10:12:35 -0800 From: "Sailor" To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

HAHAHAHA.....I did that same thing once, failed to get the kick stand down all the way, but I didn't have crash bars and got a hell of dent in the left tank. I have had roll bars ever since.
I am thinking Randy retired in September. The first weekend after, she went to South Carolina for a trade show, and has been gone a lot since then. I have seen her in Woody's a few times and she says she is having a ball. Kenny is....well Kenny.
Hall rode a Buell Blue Flame to a HOG meeting at the Outpost, and since he didn't have bags on it, he tied a strap to his brief case and slung it around his neck and over his shoulder. (You how he is) after the meeting he takes off like a shot. Now remember he has ridden that road hundreds of time, and damn well knows that at the top of the pass is a (near) 90 degree left turn. Well, he hits that corner at about mach 4 and the Buell doesn't turn near as well as the ads say it does. He goes straight over the bank, the brief case hangs up on the bike and he can't get free, the bike lands on him with his leg under the pipes. He couldn't get the bike off of him. Melody, says, "...Sailor he got bar-b-qued to the bone..."
The Hog members, being the fools that they mostly are, go charging up the hill in hopes of catching Ron and can't hear his cries for help as they go roaring by.
Luckily (for Ron) and RN was following the pack in her car and heard him. She called for help on her cell phone and got things happening. He did get a helo ride to Enloe.
He spend several days in the hospital: broken collar bone, some ribs hurt pretty good, bruised from asshole to appetite, road rash every where and of course, the bar-b-qued leg.
We had a good laugh when he went back to work, but he was still hurting. He is again, riding like the hounds of hell are after him: saying, "...I've been down before..." to which I reply, "...and you shall go down again!" And, before you ask, I don't remember what day it was, but it was still warm.
Hey, it is now just another "good biker story."

Subject: Re: How's it going? Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 09:00:11 -0800 From: "Sailor" To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" References: 1 , 2

David, my brother, good to hear from you.
Diane had a hysterectomy, but is doing very well. The doctor told me he was going to cure her 'female problem' so I assumed he was going to kill her since that is only cure I know of for the "female problem."
We have not been riding much either, between Diane's surgery and El Nino, my bike is growing barn mold. The rain has been so bad that Doc (Bush) brought his bike up here and left it. I told everyone that I caught him with an ugly fat girl on the back so I took it away from him. He thought that was funny.
We have not seen much of Randy since she retired from Hall's, she has been working the 'show circuit' around the country. We see Kenny now and then, but not much of Randy.
Did you know Ron Hall crashed up on Butte Meadows?
We must find a place to ride to, together.
see ya
Subject: harlying down under Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 18:17:47 +1100 From: "Dennis Coleman" To:

g'day doc and becky
got to tell you i sjust stumbled onto your web page via a dave barr link , and yes i love it , not many people can explain the reasons why we ride but you have done so very elequently. and i also enjoy an aturo fuente when i can get them here in melbourne australia or a nice davidoff,.
where in the us do you live?
i was in the states for the 95th with 11 other members of my hog chapter OZ- HOG maybe you came across us in milwaukee we flew our bikes to L A then ride up the pacific coast highway to spokane and from there to the rally and back to LA via route 66. i am coming again for the 100th and would love to catch up.
i have just had the pleasure of accompanying dave barr on part of his journey in oz what a man!
ok enough from the stranger from down under
keep the shiny side up
Subject: Ran into someone you know Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:57:58 -0700 From: "LCF" To:

Dave and Becky,

I just love your site... I come here often and surf for hours late at night. I sent you an email about 4 years ago and told you it was the best site on the internet for my tastes. My opinion hasn't changed. I especially like the Harley section and the steam locomotive section. I also own a Harley. I went out and bought a 2002 Dyna Wide Glide on my 50th birthday last august. I just love it.

In June my son and I took a vacation on our motorcycles. I live down south in Temecula. I met him in Santa Cruz and we rode all over the northern part of the state. We went "through" the Redwood run... We were heading east on Hwy 36 and this guy on a full dresser with his radio blaring stopped to talk to us. He mentioned he was from Redding and I said "Do you know Doc Hemp? He's got a great web site". He said "yes... He's my dentist!". Sorry but I didn't catch his name but was just thinking what a small world it is at times.

Here's a pic of my bike and a little extra. Enjoy and keep up the good work.

Leonard C. Fowler, PLS
LCF Surveying, Inc.

Subject: G'Day Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 15:45:26 +0930 From: "High on th Hog" Organization: High on th Hog To:

G'Day Dave and Becky!

My name is Alan Bartlett. I'm in Alice Springs (500 K Nth of Ayers Rock) Australia.

My cousin just sent me the link to your site cause he knows I'm into Hogs big time. I had 5 but sold one (1994 FLSTN) recently.

Just lookin through your site, I find you guys very interesting. You sound like very cool people with a philosophy similar to mine.

My wife has a sister in L.A. & I'm looking forward to riding the 'States' sometime in the future. I have a few mates to visit over there....people I have met whilst conducting my tours around the Northern Territory, Aust. see:

Anyway just thought I'd say hi. If you both are ever in this area give me a call, could be a good excuse for a BBQ!

Regards, AL.

P.S. Judging by the do great Dentistry. I wouldn't mind you havin a go at my teeth!

Subject: Gday from downunder Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:16:39 +1100 From: "Ian & Rhonda" To:

Gday Dave and Becky,
Just checking out some Harley sites and came across you one. Its excellent. I have put a pic of my Fatboy ( and wife) as we are proud Harley owners. Keep up the good work.

Ian And Rhonda

Subject: Great ta meet'cha ! Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:09:20 -0800 From: "Jerry and Diana Ford" To:

Hey Guys,
Great site! I have spent the last hour on your site, alternating between laughing, drooling, and wiping more than one tear on the tribute page. Thanks for a great time!
Seems like ya'll have a great handle on the "Bikers Attitude". I've ridden bikes since I was 15, and am now looking to get my first "Real" one. ( That's the great thing about being a "Biker" I don't have to give a S--- about what anyone else thinks, but I'm looking for some advice here. Sounds like you own several, and use them, so how about some poop.
My wife and I love the road, weekend trips mostly, but we are about to really retire and are in our mid forties. I'm short and stocky and she's tall (37" inseam) and she prefers to let me do the steering while she looks around. I'm thinking about an FLSTC or an FLHR, FLHRC. Any ideas? Thoughts? Pointers? Thanks again for a providing a great site, hope to see you out there on the road one of these days!

Subject: Passing of a good friend and fellow HOG member Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 20:58:01 -0800 (PST)

From: robin sparks

> It is with great sadness that I am writing to you. >

> On January 23rd, our good friend and fellow HOG > member Doug Yott passed away at his home after a > short > battle with lung cancer. >

> Doug's good friends Mike & Connie Denham have asked > me > to pass the following information onto you: >

> Service for Doug Yott will be held on Saturday, > January 26th at 5:00 p.m at Allen & Dahl Funeral > Chapel in Palo Cedro. Doug's family has asked that > contributions be made to the Goodwill Rescue Mission > in Doug's name. Donations for the Goodwill Rescue > Mission can also be made at Redding Harley Davidson > or > at the next HOG meeting. >

members can meet Pug DeWitt at > RHD > at 4:15. Group to leave shop at 4:30 for the ride > to > Allen & Dahl. >
Subject: Wow, glad to see your still on the web (From Toad) Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 22:19:50 -0600 From: "Christopher Johnson" To:

Hey there!
Toad here, checking in again. With a Joya de Monterey in one hand and a Guinness in the other (making it mighty hard to type I might add...) I was perusing the web and I came across your site again ... warms my heart to see you representing us well still.

Uncle Sam has been keeping me busy as we answer our nation's call. I was lucky enough to meet Paul Revere and the Raiders recently as they made their way to The Wall a few months ago and I thought you'd appreciate the picture of me with them. That's me (the grinning idiot in the flight suit, and HEY that is my scoot (Betty) in front of me (with the gloves resting on the seat).

That's it for now. I hope the new year treats you well.

- Toad!

Subject: Really enjoyed your web site Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 20:17:09 -0500 From: "Raymond Kollmann" To:

Just have to ask . How did you end up at this site? I found it under CARBON MONOXIDE #62 Made for an interesting couple hours of enjoyment being a motorcyclist, old hillclimber . At age of 58 still enjoy off road motorcyling also street riding on my Harley Dyna Convertable. Will be putting on a hare scrambles this coming weekend in State of Maryland.

Subject: Re: how's it going Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 13:16:58 EST From: To:

Hey, Doc, how are you? I've got a few more interviews before we wrap production. The film has taken us coast to coast from Hollister to Sturgis to Daytona to DC and six other states, interviews with everyone one from the HA to Senator Nighthorse Campbell to the head of the secret service to the Jackpine Gypsies, and every biker in between. Thank you again for all your help when I was cranking this project up. I'll let you know when the film is scheduled for an air date.

Have a great holiday.
Randal W
Subject: thankyou Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 06:07:02 -0500 From: To:

i recently was at your website trying to learn about the HD lifestyle. I am newly acquainted with an old boyfriend who is a biker We are both in our late 40's. I had a life of yuppie ville, while he was career army. Now, he owns his own business and i had a hard time trying to figure out why he liked the biker lifestyle. Your web site has shed much light on the HD lifestyle, and in a very positive light. Thank you. I appreciate it. I hope others appreciate it as well. I am gaining new insight as to why my new man loves to ride. I am starting to feel the urge myself.
Thank you again for such a positive light on the HD lifestyle

Subject: What I did this spring Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 10:11:52 -0700 From: "Sailor" To: "Doc Hemp" Hello Doc!
You know that I am not one to tear into a good running bike just because there are tools on the bench (not put away from the last time I tore into my motor.)

Well, I did, but I have reasons. They seemed shaky when I started, but now they were right on. Let me explain. Surfing the web I came across this site: Bubba, these guys have done their homework. They are into fast street bikes and provide the proof that they are right about their theories. Check it out.

After reading all their advice, information, tech sheets and looking at the pictures I came to the conclusion that I was not getting the maximum fun available at any given RPM. The rusty and slightly worn gears of my brain begun to churn. " Be reasonable, you and the 'ole lady are getting (a bit) older and middle age spread is noticeable. The little trailer is getting heavier with all the extra creature comforts that are now mandatory, the T-bag is packed tighter and the saddle bags are to small." The engine labors climbing Buckhorn summit, the pipes are so quiet that truckers don't flinch when we pass them any more and not every car alarm goes off when I start the engine. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. What I wanted, then, was midrange power. Where, in the engine speed range, do we ride? Highway speed and reasonable gas mileage dictate the mid range, probably between 3 and 5,000 RPM for the most part. I already had Crane lifters, adjustable push rods, roller rockers and a Ram Jet solid intake. I had junked the electronic ignition long ago in favor a Dyna 6 ohm points set up. I had suffered a "brain fart" on the road, and pulled the seat off, looked at the black box and thought, "I don't even know how this damn thing works, much less how to fix it." I know that with points, a finger nail file, the cellophane off a pack of smokes, I can limp us home, or, at least, to somewhere we can get Chevy ignition parts.

Keep in mind that was going to be a purpose built project. I wanted to pull the trailer harder and faster up hills and on the super slab. I want to roll it on at 50 mph in 5th gear, fully loaded, and pass a truck in his own length. If you have ever seen one of those truck tires blow out, I don't have to explain why I don't ride beside, or behind, trucks.

Just as all this taking place in my head, Rev Steve comes up with a brand new 42mm Rev-Tech Accelerator carb and wants to pay off a debt to me with it. "OK, " I says and it goes under my workbench. Shortly after that Chicago Bill tells me that he jacked his motor to 92 inches and has a new Andrews EV-27 cam on his bench because he went with an SS that has .510 lift. I didn't get "how much do you want for it" out of my mouth when he says, "It's yours..." Under my bench it goes. I talked Brother Alias out of his stock Wide Glide header pipes because I wanted the two into one mechanics of gas flow and dual mufflers (such as they turned out to be.... HD Screaming Eagle slash cuts.)

These pieces, new cam, pipes and carb, I had decided I needed to solve some of the problems I had, mentioned above. Now it was a matter of getting in the catalogs and finding the part numbers of the rest of the stuff to make them work right. The top end was freshened recently, so that would save some time. Z-man had done the heads when they off, so I knew they were good, he only does quality work. About three or four trips to Hall's Harley and seven days later when the big box arrived from J&P Cycles in Iowa via UPS I was ready to wrench. Of course, a scooter tramp never tackles an internal engine job by himself so I called brother BJ and politely said, "...get your ass up here!" For the next three days we pulled bearings, changed bushings, scraped gaskets, drank coffee, shot the shit, laughed, made fun of people less fortunate than ourselves, solved all the world's miseries and put a motor together. Doc Bush (remember him?) came over and made the mounts for the new, larger and improved saddle bags. I replaced all the hardware on the windshield, repacked all the wheel bearings, rebuilt the Performance Machine brakes (for which, I had a hell of time getting pads, now I have extra ones,) cleaned up the wiring in the headlight cowl, mounted passenger footboards (not hard until they have to be raised about 3-4 inches because the 'ole lady is only 5' tall) and did all the neglected routine work. I also put in the anti-rattle bushing for the Softail shifter. If yours rattles that baby stops it...right now, I highly recommend it . So what did I end up with? Not a new bike for sure, it still looks the same: same colors, Confederate Gray over Yankee Blue; like a Soft Tail Custom converted to a Heritage/Road King thingy; but it does say "SoftTail" on the front fender now (thanks to Doc Bush.)

The subtle differences, and some not so subtle are where it now shines. To understand how it sounds think about a 427 SS Chevy idling...with a blower drive whine. Under throttle it sounds to me like a 3350 Pratt-Whitney aircraft engine on a take off run from an aircraft carrier. And, at speed the truck drivers wince when we go by them rolling on at 50 mph in fifth gear, even pulling the trailer. Mountains have become mole hills and long straights and sweeping turns have become a playground. I can smell the speeding ticket waiting for me.

Stock Harley motors are good, real good, but are compromise with the Feds (and California) on emissions, we are not) under the same obligation once the warranty is finished. I have yet to get it on a dyno, but I know for certain that nothing runs as good as a motor you built with your own hands.

In eternal brotherhood
Subject: Fw: All American Poster Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 18:32:58 +0200 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Oooooops, I forgot:

together with the biggest GM dealer in our Area (Auto Becker - where I bought my Chevy) my friend Burkie and I are organizing an "All American Day" in 3 weeks... see poster! (attached as pdf file)

These guys found out that Harley riders might appreciate American cars, too... so they asked us to help them - which we will of course do! (guess who has to perform extra-good V.I.P. service on my old Caddy from then on, hee-hee!).

So in three weeks, Düsseldorf will rumble from the sound of V-Twins and V-8s!


Dr.Horst Michael Birkhoff
41516 Grevenbroich
... how about a second hand mill?
- we specialize in used Cerec machines!

Subject: I Finally Got One Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:01:39 -0700 From: "mr stack" To:

Hi Dave And Becky,
Just found your cite and it's a real nice one, you two look really happy and that's want counts in life. I was also married in June 1963 and we had are ups and downs, however we were also very happy with each other. I always wanted a "Harley," but my wife said that since I get a motorcycle (Kawasaki) free from the city (Motor Officer) that should be good enough. (Yeah sure)

Well my wife got lung cancer in 1998, so I retired (30yrs) to be a full time caregiver for her. I stayed as a reserve officer (they even let me keep the Kaw) I work in the Disneyland Resort Area. I tell people that John Wayne retired and officer friendly is here now.

My wife passed away on May 05, 2001. I'm happy for her that she is no longer in pain and is now with the LORD,but I miss her so much. My daughter has always known that I wanted a "Harley" so when I told her I was going to get one. She said "Go for it Dad" she knew Mom would now want me to get it. So I ordered a 2002 Softail Heritage Classic (black) At least now I have something to look forward to.

May you two continue to be "Happy" for many more years. Hug each other often and tell each other how much you love one another. We never know what tomorrow will bring.

May GOD Bless You Two As Much As He Did Us.
Brian Stack Anaheim, Ca.
Subject: joining a tradition Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 21:34:08 -0500 From: "James Speetzen" To:

I am writing this because I thoroughly enjoyed your site and to let you know that I appreciate the time you took to construct it for those of us who share a common bond. I have b riding motorcycles since the age of seven and have always had a passion for them as well as the outdoors, when I was nineteen, I happened upon a great deal on a '75 sporty basket case. I had always wanted a Harley but could never afford one until then,I just couldn't pass the deal up. The next seven months, and a couple paychecks of my life were spent pouring blood,sweat,tears, and more than one curse word, building, fabricating, painting and perfecting my creation. Towards the end I was getting a little fed up with my time involved, but that all disappeared instantly once I hit that button and she roared to life, a fresh motor with a little extra punch, brand new sparkling chrome, freshly buffed paint, and life was never the same again. Three years, and countless miles later, I met a beautiful woman, now my wife and mother of our children. She had also had the passion that we call Harley. At one time in our lives money was not as abundant as we would have liked and I was forced to part with my old friend. As you may know raising a family can keep you quite busy and not so wealthy at times ,but time has passed now and things are good. My point of this long possibly boring letter is that last winter, my wife said that she thought we should get another bike and that she would like to learn to ride! As soon as spring came around I began looking for a good bike, not an easy task. I did find a very nice customized '89 hugger, perfect for her to learn on. Well she just passed her test and is now an official Harley owner and very proud. Next year i'll get mine and we can ride together. Life can be perfect. your friend,

Subject: Harley forever Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:32:01 -0700 From: "Charles Sparks" To:

Hi Dave and Becky, I just read your love for the wonderful feeling a Harley gives to you. I have just ordered a brand new Hertiage softail classic. I havent been on a hog in 20 years. I am retirning next year. I will be 60 years young in Oct. My wife is 52. We live in a little town called Lower Lake. In Northern California. I have been buying our leather and stuff. I am so excitied about this. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of heart for cheering me on in your message.
Someday I hope Margie and I can meet you and Becky out there somewhere .
A friend in the wind
Charlie and Margie
Subject: A dream come true Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 21:27:16 -0000 From: "Peter Pollack" To:

My names Peter, I have just purchased a 1998 Dyna super glyde 1340cc. Something I have promised myself for many years. Unfortunately I have to take my bike test as I mistakenly thought I had passed it when I passed my driving test in 1967. You see I am 50 and single again, so I am going to catch up with a lost childhood !!!

I love the Web site.

All the best from the UK.


Subject: Your' online biker heaven is still online!??! Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 11:23:24 EST From: To:

!Hola Hempsters! It's cool to see that your website is still online and growing. I remember logging on years ago when I was stationed in Montana (struggling with my cantankerous Ironhead Sporty).
It is I, The Toad. I am back from Korea and now flying for Uncle Sam in an AWACS squadron out of Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma. Hopefully remember who I am and am not thinking, "who is this freak?"
Standby, I need to light up a fresh Montecristo #4 and refill my java ... ahhh .... much better.

(sorry, we lost the last part of this email) ... Welcome back Toad!
Subject: Chariots Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 23:40:58 -0800 From: "Ed & Marianne Cogswell" To: How you doing?
I'am a collector of Chariots, because I build them, and use my horses, to team them.
What a big surprise, to find my second likening, H.D. riding.
Since 1969 I always had a Harley. My receient one is a Road King 2000 fuel injected, leather bags and an inflated seat, i.e. for the candy ass. At this stagein life @ 62 years of age, I do my own thing, been to Sturgus in 1996.

By big move is the Rolling Thunder 2001 ride to Washington D.C. We are the first chapter from Maine to ride to D.C. what an owner to represent a great state like Maine, we are going to ride for those that can't. We are a polical action group , to reliece our P.O.W.s and bring back our M.I.A. at Nam. We should be around 400,000 strong in year 2001.

We have it toghter, thanks to all.

Ed "Klud" Cogswell