Dundee, Florida
Ridge Live Steamers - 7.5" Gauge
Becky and Dave Visit This Club in Florida

RLS currently has over 4200 feet of 7" gauge mainline plus an additional 5100 in sidings and yards located at their track site near Dundee, Florida, USA.

While attending the 12 hr annual race at Sebring, Florida where 3 of our racing friends were driving, Becky and I stayed at a chalet in Lake Wales. While touring their soup factory there the discussion led to their large boiler .. and that led to the where a bouts of this great Live Steam Club only about 3 miles away in Dundee ... Trains and especially live steam are always a highlight of our trips anywhere since Becky and I have our own private Grand Scale Live Steam Railroad at our home in California. The members that were there for a work day were very friendly and tolerant of all my photo taking. See the photos here below.
I will follow up with names and more info if the club will furnish them for us. ... Enjoy the photos. We have a link to their official web site below. More on our whole Florida trip on another journal site soon.

My favorite shot on their layout ...
A great steel Warren truss bridge like ours
And a most fantastic tunnel I wish we had

Another great all steel Warren Truss bridge

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