Huge Rare Mutated 23lb Grasshopper
Bagged in Reefton New Zealand!

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Farmer Barry Gisler shot this monster with his .22 rifle! Entomologists say it is the largest of these rare mutations they have seen yet! New Zealand is the only place this has been happening so far. This is not the biggest one on record anymore though! Read below!

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:35:58 +1300 From: David Lane To:

We have many types of grasshoppers in NZ. This particular record breaker one has been superceded for size many times since the Reefton one. The current record for a Calecus Grasshopper stands at 32.5 lbs found in Maungawhau. It was trapped alive in a goat trap and given to the local Zoo.
We have a famous competition here in NZ which is known world wide for the wealthy tourist during the summer months. It comprises of shooting a minimum ten pointer Stag, catching a deep sea Marlin (to be tagged and returned to the sea), catching a Brown Rainbow Trout, and shooting a Calecus Grasshopper. All this has to be achieved in just 24 hours. The rules of the competition allows any form of transport like helicopter, speed boat, amphibian plane etc. You are allowed all the personal assistance you can muster. Entry fee costs NZ$10,000. The winner takes all at the end of the competition. A full bag is only achieved about once each year.

Reverend David Lane

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