Germany - Grevenbroich Village
Home of Bridgette & Mike Birkhoff Family!
Visited and photos by Dave & Becky Hemp ...
The Hempsters!

Grevenbroich is a small village about 20 miles South of Dusseldorf .... it is not a tourist area and thus a great place to visit ... especially this North end of the village. Not very many of the folks in town speak any English, but most of the teenagers do. There are farms all around it and huge tractors in courtyards in the middle of town. Below are a few photos of the village and Mike and Bridgettes home. This is even tidier and cleaner than Doc Mike's Office! .. The German way I guess ... wonder what happened to me? .. Grin .. must be my 1/4 Irish that Doc Mke gets mad at sometimes ... It certainly can't be my German majority!

Grevenbroich's Professional Shoppers
Although they are usually seen in
Dusseldorf at Kings Alley

This is the church Mike & Brigette were married in
and Mike Jr. and Mandy had their first holy communion

This stream runs right through the village

This is a pharmacy ... sure beats RIGHT AID!

Even Grevenbroich's Mc Donalds serves Beer! (Bier)
Pretty Cool!

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