Aug 14-17 1998

This year the races were sponsered by Chrysler. The first 2 photos are out of their 1998 race brochure. The featured car was Porsche for it's 50th Anniversary. The CEO & some of the Porsche family (still owners of Porsche) were there. They brought 22 cars over from their museum in Germany! The largest gathering of Porsches in the world ever! It was Becky's & my pleasure to be the guests of Russ & Ruth Duclos to this event & the Porsche Club of America party & dinner the evening before. Russ is the President of the Redding Bank of Commerce. We parked in the Porsche Corral on Saturday the 15th in Russ's new Carrera Cab. It is a beautiful Mid - Night Blue with a matching blue convertible top. He is pictured below standing in front of it.

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It will take a little while for these very fast for the size & quality of these large photos to download. Go out & adjust your clutch, when you come back it will be here for you to enjoy.
Thanks, Dave (Doc) & Becky Hemp.

These first 2 photos out of the Chrysler sponsered, Classic Automobile Register Brochure for the first 24 at the Monterey Historic Automobile Races. All the rest are mine (Doc Hemp) taken on August 15th, Saturday of this year 1998. If you recognize your car please email with info & background on it to add to the page. This site is hobby only & non-commercial.

Above we have Roy J. Mangnuson with his wonderful 1927 Bentley! And below him we have Ed Archer with his original 1915 Old Number 4 Ford Race Car! It has 50 H.P.

How about the Speedster Carrera on top!? And the Carrera 2 below it. In 1960 you couldn't give these away because there wasn't any USA mechanics that could keep them tuned. Now they are $200,000.

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