Ramblin Motor Maid!

Bev Houser's Great Adventure!
8000 Miles by Herself Coast to Coast & Back

Bev Visits the AMA Womens National Conference in Athens, Ohio and the Motor Maids On Florida's Palm Coast

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This is Bev Houser .... a friend and a patient of ours. She rode with us on last years dam to dam run. She is pictured on her 99 Sportser 883 Hugger taken at the Motor Maid Convention in Palm Coast Florida this past July along with 126 other Motor Maids and then she also attended the AMA'S Women & Motorcycling National Conference 2000 in Athens Ohio July 13 - 16. She was one of 600 that attended. Nancy Ihasz has a great article on this in Cycle Scene Magazine's August issue.

California to Florida
by Beverly Houser

Going cross-county on my Harley Sportster motorcycle was the best 6-week adventure of my life. I covered approximately 8,000 miles from California to the shores of Florida where I attended the Motor Maids' 60th Annual Convention in Palm Coast, Florida-- then through the sultry south up to Athens, Ohio where I attended the 2nd Annual Women and Motorcycling Conference held by the American Motorcycle Association--then I headed home across the corn fields of the Midwest on the Lincoln Highway back to California--which looked pretty good even though it was 112 degrees when I arrived (even the Mojave desert wasn't that hot when I crossed it).
The best part of the trip was the reason I made it--and that was the Motor Maids, Inc. The Motor Maids are a group of 500+ women who were organized by Dot Robinson (an AMA Motorcycle hall of Fame Inductee) in 1940. Since then, the Motor Maids have been holding annual conventions at a different location each year.
127 women members rode their motorcycles to the Florida convention this year--some rode alone, some with other members, and some with their husbands or friends. It was such a joyful reunion when they all got together--renewing lifetime friendships. There were 5 golden life members attending (each with 50 consecutive years of active riding membership), 19 silver life members (each with 25 consecutive years), and 37 life members (each with 10 or more consecutive years). This is no "fly by night" outfit.
The requirements to join this group of women are simple: you must be a women who legally owns and rides your own motorcycle, or a motorcycle belonging to an immediate family member, or a dealer's wife and rides with dealer tags. Members must ride their bikes to conventions--no trailering.
Riding their bikes is a passion with these women who ride an average of 8,000 miles per year per member. Four members consistently average over 20,000 miles a year and many average over 15,000. The riding experience of the group ranges from under 1 year to 62 years of riding. The members range in age from 18 to 81 with the average age being 54.
This amazing bunch of women ride all kinds and brands of bikes. It is their enthusiasm for the sport of motorcycling that made my trip across the United States and back well worth it. The three-day convention was crammed with road runs, sight seeing, and of course shopping for antiques.
The most memorable part of the trip was when 127 women on their motorcycles, in uniform, double columns rode through the town of Palm Coast with the streets lined with waving people--a sight I will never forget and I look forward to repeating next year at the Motor Maids' convention in Rochester, Minnesota.

It's the Motor Maids ... not the Meter Maids of the 50's.
Motor Maids ride their motorcycles an average of 8,000 miles /yr. Motor Maids have over 500 American and Canadian women members who own their own motorcycles and who live to ride them. Their average age is 54 .. average years riding is 24. visit their website at www.motormaids.org

Bev Packed up and ready to head up to Athen's Ohio from the Palm Coast

This is Jan Barrett the President of the Motor Maids

This is another Motor Maid friend of Bev's, Ruth Kimble, who wrote a great article on the Motor Maids in Cycle Scene Aug 2000 magazine (click here). She is shown here on her New Road King.

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Great Site!

I thought I had a great dentist but a Harley riding dentist beats Dr. Mike!

I'm Bev's friend Ruth Kimball. Check out this site for my Motormaids article and better photo of me and my Harley as well as pictures of Bev and other MM's. http://dixiebiker.homestead.com/motormaid.html

There is also an article on the Dixie Biker website written by my husband Al, following his ride to the Wall in Washington over Memorial Day. Al has ridden since he was a teenager and loves antique bikes and planes. Both of us are pilots, in fact my Harley represents my 1950 Piper Pacer "Baby" that I sold to pay for it. "Baby" was a pristine antique who had flown continuously since she was purchased in March of 1950 by her owner who lived in Washington (State). We had fun together but once introduced to riding I was hooked. (The original idea was that I would ride on the back of my husband's bike) That didn't last long.

Keep up that great website. I am putting it in our next newsletter (The Motor Maids newsletter) Let me know if you would rather I didn't.

Ruth Kimball

Antiquers Glennadine Gouldman and Betty Fauls in Logan, Ohio

AMA National Conference ... A side trip to the Ohio River
By Antiquers Betty Fauls, Glennadine Gouldman, Deborah Walker & Loretta Parant.

About 15 Motor Maids rode up to Athens, Ohio and attended the
AMA'S National Conference 2000 Motorcyle Hall of Fame
in Pinkerington, Ohio.

Betty Fauls on her Mother's (Dot Robinson's) Harley & Sidecar
At the AMA Motorcyle Hall of Fame. Dot was the Founder of Motor Maids

Top - Good friend Angie Whipp on 1200 Sporty
Middle - Angie & Beverly
Bottom - Motor Maid Skeets Roche on her
award winning Yamaha with Lady Bugs.

Becky and I ( Doc Hemp) are happy to post this off our Harley Site for Bev and her Motor Maid friends ... it is a positive aspect of our open road, bikes are meant to be ridden philosophy! It is but another part of our big Biker Family.

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