Just a Closer Walk With Thee
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Friday 10/02/09
Kay Cambell's Memorial
Milo Adventist Academy
Rudy Yost's Vespers Friday Night

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We weren't able to stay for Saturdays Service
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Darold Bigger leading out at Kay's Memorial

Kay's daughter, Lisa Dickey Calahan
And Becky Casebeer Hemp

Friday evening dinner - From left to right
Wendall Bobst, Ginny & Rudy Yost

A Big Thank you to Chuck & Phylis Brainard
For planning this memorial in Kay's honor

Becky Casebeer Hemp & Darold Bigger

Thanks Lisa Callahan for this photo

Our Friend Kay
Ken McFarland

It's my honor this evening to share some thoughts and memories of my friend, our friend Kay.

Probably every Milo graduate thinks his or her class was the greatest one ever. But our class, the class of 1962, was surely one of the closest and most outstanding ever to live and learn here. We have stayed especially close in the years since. And no member of our special class will be missed more than Kay Campbell Dickey.

Back in those early 60s, when our class filled this campus with the unlimited energy of our late teen years, we lived every day to the max, with nothing held back. We learned and grew, yes, but the few dozen of us also had more fun and sometimes mischief than maybe anyone else in the State of Oregon.

And Kay steady, fun loving, talented, and quietly but elegantly beautiful inside and out was part of the glue that held our class together. She excelled in her class work, was active in such extracurricular activities as the school newspaper and Ski Club President, etc. And like Mary Tyler Moore, she turned the world on with her smile.

We, her fellow classmates, can not imagine our school years here without her. We can't imagine, for example, that our 1962 senior trip to the Seattle World's Fair could have been nearly as much fun without her being with us. And now, these many years later, we are having a hard time imagining the loss our Class of 1962 has experienced, now that she is not with us.

Kay fought bravely and with great courage against the enemy that finally overcame her. But where, as the Bible says, is the sting of this enemy? Where is its victory? Because the victory is only temporary.

No one so full of life and the joy of it can ever be truly gone forever. Where the enemy tries to put a period at the end of our lives, God puts a comma. Kay will most surely live and laugh and love again.

Until that time, we, her classmates who loved and treasured her, are placing here, on this campus we all love, a symbol of Kay a green and living reminder that her memory will live on till the day of reunion. The influence of her life has touched us all and made us so much better for it. And this tree says, to all who will see it in days to come, Kay was here. Her life mattered and made a great difference, not just while she lived here, but in all the years that followed.

Kay, we're going to miss you more than words can say. But thank you for what you meant to us and for what you mean to us still and always will.

This tree is not a goodbye. It's a stand in for you that will continue growing and living and blessing others, here in this place so dear to us, till we see you again.

May that time be soon.

Ken McFarland

A note from Marian Chrispens

I was so impressed with Kay's selfless involvement with others, her untiring work for the benefit of Milo Academy and the students there especially to help those who were financially challenged to afford to fees. Above all her devotion to her family and the love and energy she poured into all the "extra children" that became part of her family. She was an amazing person and I felt blessed to have known her! She was always involved with life around her to the fullest even back in academy days.

She will be so missed!

A note from Lynda Cook

When Kay was involved with the Alumni Association, I remember getting news about Milo fairly often (and guess what, I contributed more often, too!). She did a GREAT job in communicating about MAA to the alumni

A note from Mike Fellows

"Who would have thought, while we were all growing up together on this campus, that it would be Kay that would best demonstrate the loyalty, steadfastness and love that we seek. But who among us that had shared her generous heart could deny that in fact she has."

Thanks for offering to be my spokesman.

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