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Thank You Kay Dickey for your help with this weekend

(News Flash .... Rear Admiral Darold Bigger will speak at the Friday night services)

Some responses to this site here below

2/15/205 8:25 AM
Becky, I don't think you remember me, but my brother Leonard (AKA: Len) and I were at Milo Academy in 1961 and half of 1962 before going on to Lodi Academy and graduating with their Class of '62.

I was surfing the web and saw your site with the 1962 alums. Believe it or not, I recognize some of the names.

You may find out more about me if you go to: and type in KD3FB where it says "Get Call Sign."


Lawrence H Drayton
Repository Supervisor
DoD DNA Registry
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology


Background. First licensed in 1960 as WA6DRZ. During a 25 year U.S. Army career, operated in Japan (KA2AW), the Canal Zone (KZ5LD), Panama (HP1XLH) and Germany (DA1AR). Born and raised in California. Retired from the military in 1991. The QTH is now Maryland. Eventually plan to move to Ellicottville, NY. Currently employed as the Supervisor, Armed Forces Repository of Specimen Samples for the Identification of Remains within the Department of Defense DNA Registry, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Gaithersburg, MD.

Education. Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Nova University (FL). Master of Forensic Sciences degree from George Washington University (DC). FBI National Academy graduate (Session 131).

Association Memberships. American Radio Relay League; American Academy of Forensic Science; FBI National Academy Alumni Association; CID Agents Association; Fraternal Order of Eagles; Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW); American Legion; American Motorcyclist Association; Harley Owners Group.

Military Awards and Decorations. Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star medals and 17 other awards and service medals.

Station. ICOM 756 Pro II transceiver, Vibroplex Iambic and Straight keyer, and G5RV multi-band dipole antenna. Operate primarily 20 and 40 meter SSB and CW. Limited Echo-Link operation.

Hobbies. Amateur radio (of course), digital photography, computers, and riding my 2004 Harley Davidson FLSTFI (Fat Boy) motorcycle.


Hey Lawrence (didn't we call you Larry?)
It was great to hear from you! Also had fun reading about you, and seeing you upon that beautiful Fatboy! Both my husband and I have 2 Harleys each-----a lot of fun! Would you mind of we put your photo and Bio up on our Milo page? You should come out to a reunion sometime---------Milo is a very beautiful place-----try to tell that to a 16yr old! Where is your brother? You are twins, right? I think Ric Hufnagel also left Milo and graduated from Lodi. Sandy Anderson Smith lives in this area, as does Rudy Yost and his wife Ginny Garvin Yost-----Do you remember Dale Bernard? He also lives nearby.
Thanks for the email , and let me know about using your photo.

Becky Casebeer Hemp


Yep Becky, they call me Larry and my brother and I were twins. I do recall, now that you mentioned it, that Rick Hufnagel also graduated from Lodi. Yes, I remember Dale Bernard. Some apples never fall far from the tree, do they? :-)

The sight to which I referred you is actually an Amateur (ham) radio web directory, but you can use it if you wish. My brother is also a Harley rider and a Police Officer for Los Angeles. He and a friend shipped their bikes back here and we spent two weeks touring the North East.

I am forwarding this email on to Len. Perhaps, we can make it to a reunion one of these years.

Good hearing from you. It looks like you've had an active and interesting life.

Stay in touch.


Dear Becky.
I got your flyer the other day and I am sorry to say that I can�t attend due to the fact that my wife and I are in New York and are on our way to Texas for the winter. When we retired in the spring of 2003, my wife and I sold our home in Portland Or. And bought a Fifth wheel trailer, and started to travel all over the US. It is a 40 fool trailer with 3 slides and a lot if interior and storage space. We started out in North Dakota and then on to Michigan. We spent the fall and early winter in Pensylavania and New York visiting friends and then on to Florida and Texas for the winter. In the spring we traveled north to Alaska and back to the NW in the fall and then on to Nevada and wintered in Yuma Arizona. Spring of 2005 found us traveling on to Texas for a time and then to Hot Springs where I had had take care of some medical problems. I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and am currently function about 20%.We are going to keep traveling until we can�t and then settle somewhere in the west when the kidney fail�s.
Here are some pictures.
Jack (George) Young

Below are some of the pics Jack sent us .... the car is a 40 ford show car that Jack restored ... it has won many awards

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