Milo Academy's 50th Anniversary Reunion

David and I were sorry we could not be there this year but we had an illness in the family that required our immediate attention.
But ... Below here we have posted an update on the weekend we hope all will be able to enjoy by Harvey and Kathy Corwin.
Becky Casebeer Hemp (Class of 1962)

Milo's 50th Udate by Harvey and Kathy Corwin

Dear Milo Friends,

We just returned from Milo's 50th Alumni celebration and it was exciting to meet so many old friends!

On Sabbath there were two Sabbath Schools and two Church Services held in both the gym and church buildings because of so many people there. We attended the one in the church where Elder Charles Dart (former principal) presented an excellent sermon. He had us crying one second and laughing the next. Of course church ended with the entire alumni choir singing �Ride the Chariot (sounded good).

After church there was a huge potluck in the gym. It was so crowded that many of us went to eat in the cafeteria (it was actually tasty). Then at 2:30 p.m. all of the 50 graduating classes met separately all over the campus. Harvey (62) and I (64) met in the Music Bldg. with classes 1961-1964 and Duane Miner facilitated our group of about 35 classmates who told briefly about themselves. Then we went out to the oval for class group pictures. My sister, Jeannie, and Dan & Judy Corwin (our brother and sister-in-law) met with their 1965 class celebrating their 40 reunion. There were about 44 of that class in attendance. My young sister, Tami from Tucson, Arizona met with her class of 1980 and they were celebrating their 25th. Our daughter-in-law, Mendy Corwin, was there with her husband (our son) and her parents, Tom & Diane Eyserbeck, who were facility at Milo for 12 years. Mendy celebrated her 15th year. So as you can see we had many family members there which made it so much fun for all of us. There were so many individual reunions meeting all over the campus. It was a great day of fellowship!

Saturday night, we planned a reception and fellowship time in the Music Building for classes 1962-1965. We had a huge spread of delicious finger foods placed on beautifully decorated elegant tables and background music of the 60�s. There must have been from 70-80 people in attendance. I saw classmates there that I hadn't seen for 40 years! It was so much fun to get re-acquainted.

I want to personally thank all the people who helped make Saturday night such a big success. First a big thank you to class sponsors who organized 3 people out of their graduating class to help with the food: Kathie Dickey Yost (62), Skippy Hoover Fisher (63), Linda Marriott Lauren (64) and Karen Claridge Van Santen (65). Please give my appreciation to all of your classmates who helped. My personal appreciation also goes to my sister, Jeannie, my sister in-law, Judy Corwin, and friends Anne Hann, Muriel Bennett, Delbert Cline and Linda Marriott. Also I can't forget our two husbands that really helped Linda and I the most, Harvey Corwin and Ken Lauren. They told us that they were named the Harvey and Ken Catering Service because of their help with both this year�s reception and our last year's 40th. Linda and I always need muscle men around who we can boss. They were fantastic husbands and didn�t even complain one bit!

Since many of you who get this email wanted to come but for some reason was not able to, this message is to tell you that we really missed you being there! You are very much a part of our Milo memories and friendships. Going back to visit our school is not about what may have happened in either a bad or good way to us while we were there many years ago, but it's all about relationships! We are all Milo friends, and we want to see you! We don't care whether you are married, single, partner doesn�t want to come with you, fat or skinny, depressed or happy, look old or young, successful or moneyless, healthy or unhealthy - we just want to see you again! So plan to come next time and leave your excuses and inhibitions behind! We did and we certainly don't have it all perfectly together either, so you'll be in good company.

Hopefully this gives you somewhat of a picture of what went on this last weekend. For some weird reason, I always have low expectations of an event like this and contemplate not going but so far these visits back to Milo have always exceeded my expectations and I have had a really genuine good time. And that's because of friends like you!


Kathy Koenig Corwin (1964)

Attachment: Picture from Harvey and me

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