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My good friend Dr. Terrance Rust,
A great Oral Surgeon,
and learning! when
it comes to computers,
and his clan
Bev, Tara, Tracy and Tristen

Terry & I have been best friends for over 26 years, we rip each other something terrible! But I have to tell you he is one of the finest Oral Surgeons in the world! There is no one better or faster at Horizontal & Vertical Osteotomies, a corner stone in my Cosmetic Dental Practice! He trained at the Kennedy Hospital Center in New York, etc. Has the intra-oral cameras as I do, and will be full Laser soon! I am definitely the bigger clown of the two of us, but when it comes to our dentistry, we both take it as seriously as anyone in the world! NOW BACK TO THE JOKES! He's the one who says I was so ugly my mother had to feed me with a sling shot!!! But I think I'm still better looking than he is with half my face tied behind my back!

A great dirt bag, I mean dirt bike rider,
riding in the aspens
during the Colorodo 500,
Will he invite me? No Way!
And I taught him to ride!
Will one of the big shots, please!
invite dochemp to,
the Harley part of it?

CRUSTY AT STURGIS 1996!! (He really doesn't look this good in person, he looks more like this!!!! )

Crusty Rusty Admiring Doc Hemp's new Heritage Springer which "Dandy Dave" beat him to! (ours are both blue)

Terry (Crusty Rusty) Started & still sponsers the SHASTA DAM GRAND PRIX MOTORCYCLE & MOUNTAIN BIKE RACES - One of the most difficult, rugged & prestigious mountain races on the World Pro & Amateur circuit!! Terry & I could have both been Pro's if his knees weren't so bad & I didn't always end up at a Joe Wong Burger King before the race was finished!! SEND CRUSTY RUSTY E-MAIL! PLEASE! KEEP HIM OFF MY BACK!! He'll buy you a cup of coffee at his truck stop!

  • Sacramento 49er Auto/Truck Plaza! - the BEST! - Great Animations & Very Funny!! = MUST SEE!!!!! THIS IS CRUSTY RUSTY'S TRUCK STOP (Yes - as scralled on bathroom walls across the world!)

    This E-mail goes directly to Crusty Rusty, not to Dandy Dave! Tell him Dandy Dave SENTCHA!

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