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Shenandoah Valley Academy Alumni Reunion 2008

3:30 A.M. And All Is Well!
Another of Doc & Becky Hemp's
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(The photos on this page were taken with our Nikon 200D)

I am dedicating this page to our wonderful English teacher and MCC director Lowell Litten, here below is a photo sent to me by Nancy Mondics about 8 years ago.
I was the only senior in MCC to never make it past a Pvt 1st Class .. but .. I did make Captain in the U.S. Air Force in 1968 when I grew up some years later .. ( ; > ) .. Davey Boy .... The Hempster ...

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Thought I wasn't lookin Huh?

Yeah ... I did say I would pay for Dave & Becky Hemp ... but I didn't count on them eating 8 lbs of Bacon & Ham!

This is why Becky likes to come back to SVA ....
I Let Her Off The Tractor for a while!

Yeah!! ... Come to think about it ..... He Does Look Kinda ......

Rusty's Grandson


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