Rob Delker, my son-in-law & a VERY GOOD SHOT!

Rob again.

One of my witnessed 100's off hand with my .22 Hi-Standard Super-Matic. I shot my last 10x precision target 9/21/96 with this gun, Rob witnessed that one

A pretty good practice 99 with 6X's, no witness I guess, just dug it out of the pile of my old stuff.

These two, above & below were the 2 best out of 12 consecutive rapid fire targets from 25yrds. 11 of the 12 were in the 90's & 9 of them were 94 or above. I am not consistant like this now because of not enough practice. But Rob & I are starting to hit it again!!

Mike Keefe, one of my buddies that did good on this hunt I took him on.
Mike has since been promoted to Vice President of Harley Davidson
He is the head of the world wide Harley Owners Group
Becky & I started the Redding H.O.G. in 1989

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