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Page #2 - 2009
Mt. Shasta Ski Park
Doc & Becky Hemp's
Local Ski Area in Mt. Shasta, CA
March 6, 2009

At the bottom of this Mt Shasta Ski Park page where us common peoples have to ski and eat in the parking lot .. we did put one photo of the Rust's skiing at Ta-Who? they sent us today from their cell phone .. Grin

Uncle Joe couldn't sell our used tickets So we had to eat in the parking lot. (grin)

Beckity and Me

Uncle Joe and Holly behind us on the marmont lift

The Face on the Douglas lift
At least us common peoples don't have lift lines
Or Champaign stains .. beer washes out . grin

The Coyote lift

Beckity just looking cool

The Rust's at Tahoe Sat March 7th 2009
Terry,(Crusty Rusty) Bev, Tracy, John taking the photo

Uncle Joe and I are saving up and maybe one day this year
we will be able to afford a ticket at Ta-Who?

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