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11 - 99 Foundation
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The 11-99 Foundation was started by Bob Weinberg to whom we are dedicating this page too. 11-99 is code for an officer in dire need of help! Bob decided on the name ... CHP 11-99 Foundation because the Foundation provides invaluable services to CHP employees in time of distress or need. i.e. ... Including but not limited to scholarships for the children of officers killed on duty, etc. The Foundation gave out well over $1,000,000. in scholarships last year in 2002. 100% of all our member donations and incomes to the foundation, except for the salary of only one secretary, are used for this charity. All other management of this foundation is 100% donated.

This was our first visit to the Academy. WOW!!!!!!!! It was above and beyond anything we expected! First of all the beauty, cleanness, landscaping and functionality of the physical premises over powers you! And .. after spending a day with the staff and cadets, that feeling just grows and grows! Sgt. Omar Watson, our tour guide (who is also in charge of cadet physical training) was superb! Academy Commander Captain W.A Stanely is running a very tight ship!

The range masters supervised a few of us in a little target practice. Becky and I have our own target range .. Becky put all ten shots in a perfect line one inch apart right up the center of mass. She impressed the instructors more than anyone in the group! I told the others � that's why I never mess around! (grin).
The instructor then showed us what a professional can do! 36 rounds in 3 clips from one pistol in 12 seconds! And he said that shooting himself in the leg was just part of showing how tough an officer was and part of their First Aid Training � (just kidding - grin)

Being a semi-quasi race car driver myself ... The skill showed by the Academy's driving instructors is nothing less than AWESOME!! They have to train these cadets to handle and control stock suspension street cars at high speeds. The cadets have to learn to take these cars on their training track around corners sideways at over 120mph! .. And ... 360 degree spins at high speeds under complete control! Doing this in stock very fast street cars would be impossible for even the best race car drivers used to racing suspension only! .. But, in real life on real roads, all this is done with many different types of near stock street cars ... WOW!!!!!!

The highlight of the entire day was all the cadets marching onto the parade ground and a squad then polishing the brass plaques of all the officers ever killed on duty. This is done every Wednesday. What a wonderful representation these cadets and all the CHP officers are of the best of the best our society has to offer! The principles and standards that these cadets are held too is very impressive to say the least!

My opinion now is that the modern CHP officer is one of the most motivated, highly and widely trained of all law enforcement personnel. He has to cover wide areas without immediate backup, and is usually the first to contact a situation. And he has to be part doctor, drug enforcement, swat team, traffic cop, sheriff, investigator and race car driver!

So .. If you are a motivated, intelligent, young man or woman with good character, morals and physical ability, you should consider joining the CHP. You can access their official web site at the bottom of this page.

Becky and I, each as life members, are very proud to be just a small part of this Class Act and entire organization! I just wish we had had the opportunity to have met Bob Weinberg who started it all! His plaque (shown on this page) out in front of the Academy is a wonderful remembrance. Becky and I have dedicated this page to him.

The general public has no idea what it takes to become a CHP officer. Hopefully our sharing on this page will help a little .. give us all a lot more confidence in all our law enforcement personnel. All their jobs are soooo much more difficult and demanding during these terrible times of terrorism .. trying to decide who they have to protect and who to protect us from! Please let's give them their just due! And ... The next time we tend to loose our tempers .... Let's try and look at it from their situation and point of view too.

Becky and I would also like to thank Alan and Nancy Wolochuck for introducing us and many of our other friends to this wonderful charity. Alan also started a couple of the largest golf tournament fund raisers. He recently retired as Chief from the CHP.

One more observation ... the last thing we need right now is less officers on the road protecting all of us during the most dangerous times the USA has ever seen here at home! (I.E. .. Frequent Proposed Layoffs) ... Please write your CA state Senator, Governor, local new paper, etc. and voice your displeasure if you feel the same way Becky and I do.

Thank You,
C. David and Becky Hemp

P.S. .... Our whole family has been law enforcement oriented for about 35 yrs now .... i.e. .... Contra Costa Co. Sheriff Posse members, etc, etc.

"Dandy" Our 1930 Studebaker, Becky and I had the extreme pleasure of returning to the Academy this past Friday, June 27th with the Antique Studebaker Club on a tour of the grounds again during the 2003 International Studebaker Meet in Sacramento. All of us in the ASC would like to thank Commander Captain W.A. Stanley for allowing us this opportunity and especially to the two members in our ASC group (whose son is also a CHP Officer) that set this tour up for us! Their names have eluded me.

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