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The Pierson Bros Coupe is one of the most celebrated lake (Bonneville) & dragster cars in the world! It was built in August of 1949. It holds many world, current and past, records. Class D/CC, Gasoline & Fuel. "D" = engine size, 304 CU IN. Chevy. "CC" = Body Class or Competition Coupe.

The previous owner, and my good friend, Tom Bryant ran this car from 1980 - 1991 and holds eight world records at Bonneville & El Mirage, the fastest of which are 221.898 mph average speed for 2 miles, 224.679 mph for the fastest mile, and 227.330 for terminal velocity! Check out his currently owned world record holding coupe on another of these pages.Tom sold the Pierson Bros coupe to the current owner, Bruce Meyer in January of 1992. It was restored to the original (1949) condition. The car is presently featured in the Petersen Museum at - 6060 Wiltshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (213) 930-2277. As of 6/15/96 the Coupe is now at the Behring Automotive museum at Blackhawk! I walked into it today, 6/29/96 and not knowing it was there, it was the 1st car I saw, and got to explain it to a tour group.


From left to right

1) Lilí John Burrera - Kneeling <> 2) Cary Agajanian <> 3) Harry Hibler <> 4) Boyd Coddington 5) Lou Senter <> 6) Bob Estes <> 7) Don Montgomery <> 8) Dick Pierson - designed the Coupe <> 9) Bud Meyer <> 10) Dan Gurney <> 11) Bob pierson - builder, driver of the Coupe <> 12) Tom Bryant - previous owner & world record holder! <> 13) Bruce Meyer - current owner - Click his name to see his garage<> 14) Bob Petersen <> 15) Carroll Shelby - who? <> 16) Pete Chapouris <> 17) Vic Edelbrock, Jr. <> 18) Bobby Meeks <> 19) Skip Hudson <> 20) Ed "Iron Man" Kretz <> 21) Wally Parks <> 22) Tom Sparks - Tom is into Studebakers I think <> 23) Skip Van Leeuwen <> 24) Greg Sharp <> 25) Ray Brown <> 26) Alex Xydias <> 27) Billy Gibbons <> 28) Don Waite <> 29) Gray Baskerville <> 30) Jim "jake" Jacobs

This is an e-mail I just received today about the Coupe!

Subject: Pierson coupe Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 23:21:48 -0800 From: Rex Burnett To:

Look for a cutaway of the coupe in the August issue of Street Rodder by Michael Dobrin. I had the pleasure of doing the cutaway almost fifty years ago. Some of the old cutaways are on display in the new NHRA museum in Pomona
Thanks for the email - please send one of your cutaway & I'd like to put it up here!
It will have it's own page, with a click up from this page.

Again, it is a pleasure & an honor hearing from the legends like you that helped shape & build this sport!
Doc Hemp

Subject:Pierson Bros. Coupe
Jim Evans wrote: 4/19/97
I was going thru the internet and came across this SCTA page about the coupe. My partner and I bought this coupe from the Pierson Bros. back in 1951. We ran it painted red and yellow with a small flathead engine. Turned 151.??? at El Mirage and 164.950 at Bonneville. I might add that this was the best handling car I ever drove on the lakes.
Jim Evans (Oakhurst,Ca.)

Jim Evans! It was drivers like you guys that MADE THIS COUPE FAMOUS!!!! It is really an honor to hear from you!
Doc Hemp.

Jim Evans wrote: 4/23/97

Hi Doc. Got your letter, many tks, Just a little more info re: the coupe. I was partners with Dawson Hadley and we ran the coupe in 1950 and 51. I bought Dawson out and ran it by myself for about a year. I ended up selling it to George Bentley. I don't know who he sold it to. I may get to see you at the Muroc reunion on Apr.27/28 if you plan on going.
Jim Evans

................... Jim,
Thanks again, will contact Tom Bryant & see who he bought it from = if not George Bently I will find out the history & post it in the page.
Doc Hemp wrote: 5/17/97

Hello Dr. Dave,

I got your message to call about my car. I don't know the best time to call and I don't want to interfer with your work. E-mail me at if you want to give me a schedule.

While at Muroc the end of last month, I ran into Jim Evans and had a good visit. I had not met him before. He was able to fill in a few holes in the history of the ownership of the coupe. I knew that Dawson Hadley had purchased it from Pierson, but I wasn't aware of Jim's involvement. (Jim said to say Hi to you for him)

At Muroc, Jeff (my eldest son) drove (our new coupe) to a new record of 219.816 MPH to gain entry into the Muroc 200 MPH Club (his fastest ride anywhere). Our goal is to place him in the El Mirage and the Bonneville clubs this year as well.

The succession of ownership of the Pierson Coupe according to my knowledge is: Pierson, Evans & Hadley, George Bently, Tom Cobb (the last person to run the car at Bonneville before I got it, {1958} 196+ one-way with a blown 331 cu in Chevy), Bob Joehnck (Bob ran the car at the Bakersfield 1st National Drag meet in 1959, in preparation for an assualt at Bonnevile, powered by a Chrysler. He had handling problems so he sold the car to one of his employees. The next owner found the car parked at the curb in Santa Barbara, inquired about it and bought it, bringing it to Redding where it remained in a barn on old 44 Hwy for several years until it was purchased by Dick Schell of Central Valley. Dick got a rule book from me and attempted to prepare the car for Bonneville, but, becoming discouraged sold it to me in June, 1980. We first ran the car at Bonneville in August 1980.

If there is other info you want, e-mail the best time to contact you and I will call.


BRUCE MEYER - Current Owner of the Coupe! Bruce is one of the founding fathers of the Peterson Museum! A great guy ( according to his mother anyway! hee-hee)

Subject: pierson bros. coupe Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 23:25:39 -0400 (EDT) From: To:

Dear Dochemp, Wrote recently asking anyone for info on a pierson bros. coupe cutaway illustration. Here's some corrected info: Illustration is by Eddie Wimble (think I had it wrong the first time) He's and artist from England, may now be in California. Was featured in Street Rodder Magazine's Street & Custom Rodding Illustrated, Winter 1996, Vol.2, No.1. If you think this is suitable for your mailroom, maybe someone will know a source for a poster or print of this cutaway. Thanks again. Row

Anybody out there know about this? E-mail me. Would like to put the pic up here.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Thanks Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 23:23:49 -0500 From: Joe Moore Organization: Jomo, Inc. To:

Thanks for the kind words about RACELINE. I visited your site and roamed around for about an hour. You must have a lot of time on your hands!

It was all quite entertaining. I'm listening to one of your tunes now.

My wife and I are in Washington visiting my daughter who attends college here. We head back to our home in Norfolk, Va. tomorrow and then go to Daytona Beach next Wednesday for the Rolex 24 and the start of Speedweeks.

Keep watching the show and keep up the good work with your pages.

Joe Moore,


Joe & Mrs. Moore,
Nice of you to respond,
It does take a lot of time - but it has been spaced out over 3 years now. If it were not for the fact that I am an addicted techno freak = 7 computers, 4 printers, etc. & we have friends now from all over the world we have met thru the internet, = it's hard to stop.

I will put a link up to raceline from our Cool Links Room - I don't think you have personal site links back - but that's okay. If you ever do - please think about us. Hemmings has us listed in 5 places & in their top 20 Old but still Cool Sites in the world. I am the webmaster for the Official Antique Studebaker Club Site (off BAD Chariots too) = may get 40,000 hits it's self this year.

I had gotten really involved with drag racing at Pamona - if you saw the IN - N - OUT site off our page.
I got to hang around with Mark Oswald & crew for 4 years in the pits - cleaned parts, etc.or so at the Winter Nationals & Winston Finals.
I guess Guy Snyder isn't going to sponser their Over the Hill Gang funny car this year, just the top fuel rail. They didn't do too well last year.

I hope your daughter got to see some of our site - the college kids really go for it too! We do have a lot of good dental info & use the funny stuff to pull them in.

I will make it a point to watch your show, especially now.

Watched the Indy 200 today = a lot of stupid wrecks!

T.A. Rust & Myself tried to get Rollex to sponser us on the Great American Race as we spent a fortune on their watchs for us & our wives, = they only sponser winners - hee-hee. When they wear out we will go to timex.

hope you guys had a nice flight back as I'm sure this is too late to catch you.

You will have a great career! You are very good, very relaxed, interested in what you do! It shows! Every thing flows!

Best wishes from us, Dave & Becky to You, your wife & daughter!

P.S. I went to high school in New Market VA for 4 years, ya'll!
Subject: Pierson Coupe Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 20:47:49 +0100 From: "Neil Power" To:

Sir, I have recently found my way to your site from the SCTA pages, as always following Pierson Coupe information. I first met Bob Pierson at Bonneville Speed Week in 1992. He had not been around for quite a while so I was lucky having travelled from England to meet him and Sandra. In the early 80's I saw my first picture of the coupe, in dark maroon numbered 216 D/CC. I vowed to build one just like it! My pals were all building 32 roadsters and we had a little club thing going called the Low Flyers. There were no old time Hot Rods being built in the Uk at the time. People hated us and our cars because they were built in the true tradition of Hot Rods of the 40s and 50s. Anyway I ended up buying a fibre glass 34 body and took 7 inches out of the roof. I hand built the chassis and the hood and the nose etc. I ended up with a pretty good replica, which Bob has lots of pictures of on his travelling motor home display. I sold the coupe after a few years and built some other stuff. I am now trying to get it back and build it again but better. I've been back to Bonneville for Speed Week 98. Met Bob and Dick again. I think I left another photo for his display. I hope to get to see the original coupe sometime. That would be great. I've lots of stories and info about my coupe and other Low Flyers cars but I have to rush now.

Neil Power. England, UK.
Subject: Pierson Bros. cutaway Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:05:15 -0800 From: "Rik" To:

Hi Dave and Becky,

A few years ago I was given a large cutaway poster, number 10 of 94 by Ed Wimble, of the Pierson Bros. car from a friend of mine, Linda Vaughn. She was very excited about this poster as she had it signed for me by both Dick and Bob Pierson. I was excited about the beautiful drawing and the signatures but I don't recall some of the details. Linda said something about Dick and Bob not signing things...she treated this poster as if it were made of solid gold. My wife had it professionally framed (very beautifully I might add) and my children, wife, and I are interested in the history of the car and, perhaps, the rarity of the poster. Do you have any information, or can you guide me to some web sites?

Thanks. Rik Wahlrab (

Subject: Hi from New Zealand Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 11:45:06 +1200 From: "Chris R Harris" To:

Hi Dave & Beckey,
found your great site while searching for info on the Pierson Bros coupe for an up and coming feature article in the New Zealand Hot Rod Magazine. Your site gave its line of owners, dates, speeds etc very well. Is there any possability you would know how I could contact Bruce Meyer, an e-mail address would be best if you can help.

Actually got to see the coupe in the Peterson Museum in August 98 when we were in the US racing at the 50th SCTA Speedweek at Bonneville where I also talked with one of the brothers in person.

Hope you can help with contacting Bruce Meyer or anyone else who could provide historical info. I am on a land speed discussion group that Tom Bryant is on so am going to contact him naturally.

Love your Pantera, I owned and rebuilt a 72 'L' a bunch of years ago and apart from a fairly cramped interior and slow shifting ZF was a great bit of gear.

Have attached a couple of photos of my two 32's.

Kind regards,
Chris Harris.
Hawke's Bay,
New Zealand.

Bruce Meyer - Current Owner of the P.B. Coupe
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