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B.A.D. Chariots (Harleys) in the Bad Lands! Sturgis 1995! The 1996 Sturgis trip is Below this.

The Bad Lands are 100 miles East of Sturgis SD.

This picture above & 2 pictures below were loaned to me by Bud Krieger. His Grandfather "ZIP" Davis's road construction company built the first commercial road through the Bad Lands SD! Bud was born & raised in the area. These are out of the family album and seen here for the first time ever! Bud told me they used tractor drawn elevating graders that scraped the dirt & rocks up & through a chute into a horse drawn wagon running along side! Regular graders were steam tractor or "60" Catepillar hauled. Catepillar didn't come into being until 1925 - so he figures these pics are from around 1928 - 29. (the comment on the last one is Doc hemp's as if I had to tell anybody!)

This is another of the few pics we took in 95 - it is of a real cattle drive from texas over the old chisom trail to Dodge City or where ever they drove those doggies! This pic was taken by Jim Henderson or Hendrickson, a pal I made on the road & rode 3 days with to Sturgis that year. Jim looks like Willie Nelson - found out the last day he owns 1/2 of Alanta Georgia! Sold Elton John the top 2 floors in his building! That's what's so cool about riding Harleys - you take all Harley riders as they are. You are family on the road! See his photo below.


Well, we left on Tuesday July 30th at 11:30 AM. Started my beard.
We had a real shaky start when 2 teenagers in pickups came at us side by side down the road & intentionally forced us off the road just out of Alturas, CA. Reported it here on the internet & was published in the Alturas newspaper. One truck was a raised up white Toyota. CHP said no such trucks up there ........ but local hackers e-mailed me otherwise = "There are MANY trucks like that! & the chicken thing happens all the time. (sound familiar?)
1st night we stayed at a Best Western in Lakeview OR. Saw a really nice Pace Trailer there, nice people, on their way to a car show.
2nd night we stayed in Boise Idaho, at the downtown Red Lion - VERY HOT & WINDY - Becky says a motel never felt so good! The ride up across the desert was fantastic though - met another couple on their way to Sturgis, (rode to Boise with them) and a group from Canada on the road for a month with their bikes & trailers.
3rd night we stayed at Stanley ID. Our shortest day. We saw & helped at an accident up out of Boise - a pickup full of kids in the bace went over a gardrail & down into a deep ravine.
But the ride up to & into Stanely is one the most beautiful sites you will see!!!!
4th night 8/2 we stayed in Boesman Montana - hit hail coming into Boseman - no problem - didn't last long! We checked in & went downtown & checked everything out like we usually do! We like to leave at 6 - 7 AM & quit around 1 - 2 PM. & then explore the area after we take a shower etc.
5th, 6th, 7th nights we stayed in Rapid City Best Western - the Sun something? We hit a thunderstorm on the way in - the rain felt good! We toured Hill city, Keystone, Mt Rushmore, Sturgis of course, etc. 8th night we stayed in Riverton WY, hit lots of wind approaching Casper, followed by a couple state police for a while = just looking us over I guess. The beauty & weather for 95% of the trip was magnificent
9th night we stayed at these really cool cabins just as you come into town Jackson Hole - we went to a play "Paint Your Wagon" which was really well done ... but the coolest part was the guys we met - please read the story I have had up all year below this ( this recent part we put up was because Becky just ran across her notes from our trip today.

Well, this is a story! Meet our new friends we met in Jackson Hole on our way home. We all stayed at these cabins. After a few cigars & checking the bikes out one asked me what I did? I said, you won't believe this but I'm a dentist. They howled & it turns out the two most hard core are dentists too, in Portland! Skin art & the whole bit! We were all thinking we wouldn't want to run into one another on a dark night! They are also Portland HOG members! I'll bet they have fun with these guys around!

From left to right we have Thom Brown (corporate executive - he was just Tom before he became an executive hee-hee!) Doc Hag (Steve Hagler - dentist) Doc Hog (Kurt Delong - dentist) & Paul Nilson Inter-mountain AT&T executive.

This photo was after our trip to the famous Jackson Hole Cowboy Bar! (a short walk from the cabins) I doubt they even remember going to it! ..... But about an hour after this photo, Doc Hag (The Animal!) jogged & climbed to the top of the towns ski lift & back before dark to win a $90 bet! We (except Thom who had passed out cold under an oak tree) all sat in lawn chairs facing toward the mountain puffing on cigars, enjoying the warm sunny evening sunset ... trying to focus on Hag's progress .... wondering what we were going to tell his next of kin when they found him cold as a cucumber at the 11,000 foot mark! Heck ... we had already drawn straws for his ride after deciding thet dialing 911 would just be a waste of time! When he stumbled back into camp! (I still think he just went back to the Cowboy Bar & threatened to beat the S_ _ _ out of one of the yuppies there if'n they didn't jog to the top of the ski lift & back!) And as far a Thom goes ... he doesn't know this .. but we actually drug him into the driveway .... figuring we could draw straws for his bike too! So much for courteous drivers! They'd just drag him back onto the grass ... that's how he got that lil bald spot on the back of his head. Hee-hee! (now would doc hemp lie to you?). Actually - none of us drank more than one beer at a time!

Well back to the rest of our trip - we got up very early & left for Boise, stayed at the Shilo Inn - had a heck of a time finding it! Ate ate the Black Angus next door. Was very hot again - Boise was the only uncomfortable heat we had the whole way!
Left early as usual, stayed the last night in Lakeview again. Ate at the Eagles Nest Resturant = Gourmet!!! Headed home the next am. See picturs here below.

I told this lil guy we'd put him up on the internet!

This is Beck's next bike!

Yours truly at Keystone South Dakota!

Sturgis 1996! We rode all the way out & back to TRAILER WEEK! 4000 miles up thru Idaho, Stanely, Salmon, Montana, etc.! Becky rode the Heritage & I the Springer!

How bout this 454V8 with dual 4barrels for MORE POWER!

11 days without shaving, on our way home! Could have ridden for another month!

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