Sound copyrighted by Bob Belongie of
the McCloud's #25 last commercial run

May 02, 2009
Becky And Dave Ride the Famous
844 Great Northern Steam Engine
Through the Feather River Canyon
Celebrating the Routes 100th Anniversary!

Under Construction
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24 of us that donated to the Portola Railroad museum were invited to ride from Orland Ca at the Western Pacific's old station (& now a fantastic resaurant & brewery)to Portola up the Feather river canyon on the most famous and only continuous running steam engine in the USA. Old #844 .. a Huge Great Northern weighing in at 980,000 lbs. This trip was to re-enact placing of the gold spike that finished this route 100 years ago.
We had a great private car and dome car too.

The weather didn't cooporate much ... it was rainy and foggy all day ... I have posted a few photos here .. To really see the beauty of the Feather River Canyon in good weather .. google it under images.

Voluneers, Employees,suppliers, etc. car

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