"The Hempster Blues"

"Mini Wavos"
Our 1970 911 Carrera Light Weight Full Clone, Street Licensed Race Car
A great vintage Race Car

7-1-2020 Now for Sale

$125,000 or Highest Offer above that.


"Mini Wavos" ... Our special Porsche 911T Carrera Light Weight Clone Race Car that is still licensened for the street. Wwe ran it mostly at the Thunder Hill road race track. We purchased this car years ago from one of my best friends Joe Wong .... who was one of the fastest amateur race car drivers around anywhere! .. I think Joe still holds his class track record at Thunder Hill's 3 mile section with his Porsche GT2 (800 Horse Power). 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Becky and I have been to Sebring, etc. as I documented his racing during the some of his GT3 racing seasons. We race only for fun ... Becky my wife pit crews much of the time. We do almost all club racing and open test days .... We have run with many great sports car clubs .... The Ferrari Club several times ... Laps Unlimited, Nor Cal Racing, Club Z, POC, PCA, etc. ... But the most fun is doing Open Test Days at Thunder Hill. Race Track in Willows Ca....

Our 911T Carrera Light Weight Clone weighs in at about 2,145 lbs .... Don Goodman, formerly with a Willow Springs racing group and Classic Car Imports, has built an amazing 250 H.P. 2.7L S Stroker racing motor with all the Carrera Ultra - Light engine parts .. I.E. ... Aluminum fly wheel , etc. Plus current upgrades ...(a much better motor than the orignal 190hp Carrea 2.7L engine) and he also rebuilt the 915 tranny with all racing grade parts and new syncros.

This car has full race suspension, etc. ... Red line is now near 9000 rpm. and pulls very hard through 8400 rpm ... (as far as I have taken it ... I have my shifting light set at 7900 rpm) ... leaves me a little room ... This car has the Carrera Ultra Lite IDS Weber carburetors (but Richard had us plug the secondary fuel line).... These Carbs are built to the max .. as per Richard who owns PMO carburetors ... formerly Weber Carburetor. Large jets, everything ported, polished, baffles by Chuck Reed .... decked, full race manifold with Super Trap mufflers. We have a large full Halon fire system to the fuel, driver and engine compartments. Custom almost invisible hand built roll bar by well known David Tayor at his racing groups garage. This car is still CA licensed for the street.
Eventually I want to run with one of the vintage (1973 and earlier) racing clubs out there if I don't sell it.

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