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Harley Davidson at the
Western H.O.G. Regional
10th Anniversary in Redding CA.

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Western Regional

Here is where all the photos are

Linda Peavy (Linda was then the executive for Harley Davidson in charge of all Rallys) on Dan Cook's 1946 Indian Motorcycle.
Taken at the Harley Hog roast at our place after the Western Regional Rally here in Redding CA 1993. Linda retired from H.D. many years ago ... ran & owned a restaurant the last we heard.

Udate 11/11/07 ....

Found your site today while trying to pass some time and noticed you have a blurp on Linda Peavy. Linda and I work together through our corporation and I have the honor of knowing her as a friend. To update your info on her she currently works for the Cogentrix Corporation in Charlotte North Carolina, she and her husband Mike live just across the border in South Carolina. She continues to ride and was honored this last summer by being inducted in the Sturgis Motorcycle hall of fame in recognition for her work organizing Rallies and organizing the Ladies of Harley group. I know of a lot of women who owe her for the path she laid down in the days when she and other women were kept of bikes by their significant others. I know what my wife would say if I told her she should just shut up and get on behind me, lol Unfortunately I dont get the opportunity to ride with Linda as we live in N. Idaho and Linda and I generally see each other with our time prescheduled around work. Maybe someday.

Anyway I just thought Id share this with you, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up, and be safe.


Richard Ihrig

Taken with Mike Keefe ( Vice President and executive director of world-wide H.O.G. for Harley Davidson) and Paul Raap another (Harley Davidson executive for the central USA) when I was the official HOG TALES photographer for the Western Regional Rally here at Redding CA.

Paul thanks for the xmas ornaments you have sent over the years!
May God continue to bless you and your family always!
Many Merry Christmas's and Happy New Years!
Your good friends Dave & Becky!

1994 .. Thank You Paul Rapp!

1996 ... Thank You Paul Rapp!

1997 .. Thank You Paul Rapp!

Front & Back ... 1999
Than you again Paul!

Paul Thank You again for Xmas 2000

Paul Thank You again for Xmas 2001

Paul Thank You again for Xmas 2003

Paul Thank You again for Xmas 2004 & 2005!

Thank You Paul for 2006!

Paul .. Thank You for remembering me and Becky once again for Christmas 2008 ... The best to all of you for 08! ..... We did have a blast at the H.O.G. 10th Anniversary at our place here and in town didin't we .. and Hello to Joe and Mike. We still have 4 harleys ... don't ride them as much ... and we still have our Harley stock from 20 yrs ago ... keep up the good work and keep re-inventing H.D.

Paul Raap with Elvis impersonator Steve Perry at the HOG roast.

JOE DOWD ( The Harley executive in charge of the Western Regional Rally in Redding) & TERRY STUBEFIELD WITH ELVIS IMPERSONATOR STEVE PERRY - I took a couple days off work & helped Joe get all the exhibitors spaces measured & chalked out on the ground & get the tents lined up. It was 114 degrees in the shade - but nice when the Rally finally started!


Taken with Rich Teerlink (CEO of Harley Davidson Corp.) taken at the Western Regional Rally also! (my half brother? - Not - hee - hee! We just share the same good looks?)
I was hired by H.D. to take all the photos of the event for HOG Tales Mag, etc.

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