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Our World Famous HOG Roast Crew! Lft-Rt= Bob & Della Martin, Bart & Rita Lovitt (cousin to Lyle), Dave & Becky Hemp, John Carr & Bob Weaver does the beef

Alternative way with pig not skinned .... simply suture all the garlic cloves, secret sauces, etc. in the body cavity & turn on spit ... no basting & not near as much work ... but must be watched carefully for correct roasting temp. .... meat is more of a poached nature but .... very good & moist also. This is the FAMOUS Sierra Pacific Industries Pig Roast Crew at their Cancer Society fund raiser at our place (Shenandoah West) .... Dr. Curtis Wong ... Stitch Master .... Ed Bond .... Seasoning & overall pig Master ..... George Emmerson .... Fire & Beer Master ... Doc Hemp .... Joke Master .... Hey, ... Even Cindy the Pig smiled at my jokes!) Doc Hemp is auditioning (prospecting to be a patch holder as us Bikers say) for this Sierra Pacific Industries Pig Roast Crew too. Hee-hee! George has promised to let me ride in the cab on one of their real lumber trains soon...... (CLICK HERE to go on George's train ride!)......we gave train rides pulled with our large park sized live Steam Locomotive up till almost midnight .... Along with this most enjoyable pork dinner all had a great & wonderful time, plus we all raised a lot of money for a very good cause.

5/14/05 update .... Our 2nd pig roast for the American Ca Society .... many more photos and a seperate full website of the event ... Same hilarious guys ... Different Pig! ..... stay tuned to a link to if from here .... 5/05 Pig Roast Click Here Cheers, Doc Hemp and Porky the pig ...

I am e-mailed a lot on how we do this "Crispy Critter" most of the time .... We 1st have the butcher skin the hog, leave all the fat, 4 of us will make a thousand or so small pockets in the fat with a very sharp knife & insert individual garlic cloves into the holes ( you can't put in to many) Be sure to buy them already cleaned & separated in a gallon jug at a wholesalers like Costco etc.

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