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APRIL 16-18, 2010

(Updated 8/22/10) Carolyn & Bill in Coeur d'Alene Idaho ... bottom of page

JoAnn Dean looking lovely (For the moment)

Jo's photo out of my annual

Some of you at the reunion sitting near JoAnn will have already heard about my dastardly deed I was involved in over 50 years ago .. Some how .. After one of our banquets (was over) .. And the above photo was already taken ... seems someone went over to the girls dorm and told JoAnn she had a phone call in the office at Zirkle hall ... seems that when she was outside entering the doorway some misfits dumped a full garbage can of (warm) water on her from the above center window and ...On that beautiful gown .. since there were several involved in this one ... I thought she had long ago found out all about it. (NOT!) .. And when Dastardly Dave (me) brought it up at the 50th I had to run for my life! ...Well .. Beckity said I was lower than a snakes belly!
And by now I was feeling mighty low and dastardly! So ..I decided to call our resident florist Joy at Marshal's on Monday .. Which I did. In 35 years Joy has never forgotten to send an order out, but this time she did! .. I called later that week to be sure they had been able to deliver it as we had no phone # for JoAnney .. Joy had forgotten totally, plus lost all the paper work!
I was pretty upset ..in the mean time I had come up with an old phone # .. Joy called later and said it had been disconnected and they couldn't deliver to that address as there were 2 locked gates to go through.
I sent Jo an email from Peppy's list and she gave me her current #. Following are our emails.

From "david hemp"
Subject Dear Joanne. ..what's your phone number?
To: bobalink42@aol.com
From: bobalink42@aol.com
Date: Apr 30, 2010 3:19 AM
Subject: Re: Dear Joanne. ..what's your phone number?
To: dochempdds@gmail.com

Hi- My telephone number is 540-742-1482. It was really great to see you!

Date: Apr 30, 2010 5:18 PM
Subject: Re: Dear Joanne. ..what's your phone number?
To: bobalink42@aol.com

Guess you finally received my long overdue apology?
You were hard to get a hold of ...but I finally tracked you down. ..I posted your photo up on our SVA site in your beautiful gown taken after the banquet just before you were doused. ..I thought you knew all about it way back then as there were several involved at the time and I truly can't remember the particulars (or who) . ...but apologize for all of us. ..Becky was mortified & would hardly talk to me for days (;>)
Kindest of regards

Dastardly Dave

From: bobalink42@aol.com
Date: May 1, 2010 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: Dear Joanne. ..what's your phone number?
To: dochempdds@gmail.com

Dear Dave

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and for fessing up! I knew in my heart Copenhaver was behind what happened. He wanted to date other girls after his parents made us break up because they thought we were getting too serious but did not want me to see anyone. Obviously, my date that night did not work out. In a way I should thank you for bringing me to my senses - I had gone out with Bob Whitely the weekend before Copenhaver had asked me to go steady and thought Bob was a really nice guy. After the incident I called Bob at Montgomery Blair High School in the middle of the day to ask him to come down to Shenandoah and escort me to the next big event. That was major for a girl in the 50's! He not only came but brought me gorgeous flowers and stayed in touch. We hiked up Old Rag when he came to visit again and went to Assateague Island right after graduation - that did it!! He had all the qualities I was looking for in a guy and we ended up getting married the year I graduated from college. As you probably know, Bob died last June and it has been so tough. I got no flowers on any holiday this year and wondered if I would ever receive a bouquet again. Bob always picked whatever was in bloom and left them in an old blue pint canning jar in the center of our oak table and would also send roses and bouquets like the one from you. I cannot thank you enough for the flowers. The florist thought the event was worthy of CNN!!

Please stay in touch. I hope we can all get together again soon.


From "Winnie Reedy"
Subject I Miss You Guys....
Date Sun, April 18, 2010 17:30
To cornforthd@aol.com,dochemp2@shasta.com,"Don Clark" ,rwoodruff19@comcast.net,slrose@cox.net,"WILLIAM Barney" ,"Mary White Luttrell" ,"Elmer Armstrong" ,"Nita Dornburg" ,"Joyce & Doug Ellington" ,"Bill Hooker" ,"Don Scully" ,"Jerry Winkle" ,"Dallas Hawkins" ,"Ann Lewis" ,"Gerald White" ,"Carolyn Burns" ,"Jim Sanderson" ,"Dale & Carolyn Adams"
Hi Everyone --

I had such a wonderful time seeing all of you this weekend. You all look so good! Thanks to all of you for being there and sharing so generously. I'm so proud of all of you -- and, to be a part of you.

I got home just a few hours ago and I'm lonely for you already.


From "Jerold Winkle"
Subject David Tinsley Date Sun, April 18, 2010 6:51
To "dochemp"
Some good news to share with the class, received a Facebook message from Maurice David Tinsley who is alive and well, see message from Dave,

Hey Jerry, thanks for your email. My family and I camped at "Hungry Mother" State Park in Southwest Virginia a few years ago, not too far from Wytheville. I always think of you Vis 'a vis Wytheville because I remember that is where you came to SVA from. It is good to hear from you as well. It is always amazing to me how false rumors get started, I am alive, by God's grace, and still kicking, though not as high as I used to. I still do workout some. I belong to a "One Life" fitness center and try to get over there a couple of times a week. However, I have just completed round one of cataract surgery on my right eye about two weeks ago and that has slowed me down a bit. I plan to have the other eye done in May, will be glad to get that behind me. Sounds like you are doing well. God is so incredible good to us. I will be 68 this November and in good health. I still work full-time for an outfit called QVC, the home shopping TV channel. I supervise a team of representatives who take inbound phone calls from customers placing orders from what they have seen on the program. Take care friend. I would like to keep in touch.

God Bless, David Tinsley

From "Facebook"
Subject Bill Hooker wrote on your Wall...
Date Sun, April 18, 2010 5:37
To "C David Hemp"

Bill posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"He Dave - thanks for a wonderful reunion weekend. You were a most pivotal part of the success. Having all that information about everyone ahead of time made the stories be easier as we were all more connected ahead of time. That is totally your doing and it is appreciated. Let's keep it going!"

From rwoodruff19@comcast.net
Subject Re: I Miss You Guys....
Date Sun, April 18, 2010 19:31
To "Winnie Reedy"

Winnie, I second your Joy and Loneliness, it was great fun to remember our days when life was a lot simpler. Less responsibilities and not thinking that time in our lives was short. Keep close to God and remember that He has wonderful plans for us for eternity. Hope to see you all soon.

Peace, Reggie/Joni

Subject RE: I Miss You Guys....
Date Mon, April 19, 2010 4:53 To rwoodruff19@comcast.net,winifredreedy@cox.net

The week-end exceeded my expectations. Thanks once again to Peppy, Donny, Connie and all those who worked so hard so that I could "play" and have such an enjoyable week-end. It was wonderful to share memories and see "old" - double pun intended - friends. Hard to believe it's been 50 years since we graduated. I am incredibly grateful for each day and the joys and opportunities in this season of our lives. We were always a close class and have much to offer one another. I hope we keep in touch.
I love all of you.
Carolyn Burns

From NiteNgale42@aol.com
Subject Re: I Miss You Guys....
Date Mon, April 19, 2010 9:13
To cw.burns@hotmail.com,rwoodruff19@comcast.net,winifredreedy@cox.net
CC hawk@netzero.net,gwhite@shentel.net,marjimsan@myactv.net,dadams@hawaii.rr.com

It meant so much to me!!! You made me feel like ME again. I kept thinking all week-end, "I sure do like these people. If I met them somewhere else I would want to be their friend." May God richly bless each. I pray that one of our future reunions will be in a beautiful garden in heaven. (We'll have potluck) A big thank you to all those that put so much effort into our good time together...Peppy, David, Connie,and others And for all the stories. I called Dianne Hartle when I got home and regaled her with many of the stories that were told. She said she felt almost like she had been there. She was sorry she couldn't come. Please keep in touch.

Love to all of you, Ann

rom "George Silver"
Subject RE: Post Reunion Comments
Date Tue, April 20, 2010 11:43

Hi, all I’m in withdrawal for a few days after such a good time it seems like the world is hard to face again. Did you notice that half of the worlds planes were grounded while were there in the peace of the valley. Remember how concerned we were when Sputnik was launched while we were at SVA? That seemed to wake us up wonder if the Lord is doing that again? Class of 60 may we live forever together.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen, Don Clark you rock, thanks. Ann, thanks for making the effort and gracing us with your presence.

Luv you all


Helen Newcome McCarson
Helen Newcome McCarsonApril 24, 2010 at 2:17pm
subject: (Your SVA Websites)

So nice to catch up with your life on FB. Connie Dalton sent me the pictures you did at this last alumni weekend and the links you had on there for the other pictures, they did take me down memory lane. I went to last years alumni as it was our 50th just couldn't make it this year too. I live in Venice Fl. and we had just been in Virginia Beach for Teds sisters funeral the weekend before. My daughter went to SVA she was in the class of 82 Dona McCarson Griffin she came by your party as she knows Connie, Joyce E. and she works for Doug Lord, her daughter is a freshman there this year and loves it. Look forward to staying in touch and maybe seeing you at another alumni.

Helen McCarson

From "Winnie Reedy"
Subject Reunion Follow-up
Date Sat, April 24, 2010 13:22
To dochemp2@shasta.com

Hi Dave & Beck,

Dave, I want to thank you for all the "actual" reunion updates. I'm enjoying them so much. I want you to know I, for one, so much appreciate your unique sense of humor about things. I love the "go for it" spirit you've always had -- it's so un-inhibiting. It's life-giving, inspiring and encouraging, and creates within me the enthusiasm I thirst for to keep doing the creative things that I want to do. Life can hand us a lot of bumps, but it's too wonderful and too short to take ourselves so seriously and live pretentiously. I'm afraid some of our background (i.e., the legalistic, judgementalism) has encouraged that and made us feel like we need to be "perfect" in order to be accepted and/or approved of. I want you to know you've sure got my approval.

We will never be together at SVA for another 50th, and some of us may not be together on this earth ever again, but our time together last weekend proved that we are all so absolutely comfortable with each other; we love, trust, and support each other ultimately. I like Anne's (Lewis) post-reunion comments so, along those lines, we know heaven will be joyous because we will all be there together. We'll join the others that have already gone before us and we'll never have to pack up and go back home. It won't simply be the words of a song or poem.

I also want to give you a big thanks for including the picture of your dad. How well I remember seeing him in the Junior tent at campmeetings way back then.... We were all spellbound as we watched him flex those muscles. You sure he doesn't have any (younger/single) brothers???? That look like that??? Whew!!! (...a little of the "real me" coming out *];)`-<[)

In all sincerity, thank you both for your incredible generousity.


From NiteNgale42@aol.com
Subject re; reunion pics from SVA
Date Mon, April 26, 2010 9:41
To dochemp2@shasta.com

Thank you for the reunion pictures. I will enjoy reliving that wonderful week-end over and over. I personally love your crazy sense of humor. I regret I didn't know and appreciate it when we were teenagers. I so enjoyed your stories. I have shared several with my family and they loved them! I have several in my family who have this same humor (The kind that really don't laugh unless there's a little blood) Take care,

Ann Lewis Wms

From "Robert & Carlene Baugher"
Subject SVA
Date Mon, April 26, 2010 17:03
To "Hemp David"

Thanks for the pictures you sent of the reunion. I would love to have talked with each person and learn what they are doing and have done. I checked out Nancy Mondics Hardy's Shutterfly. She also e- mailed me a really good class picture. I was glad that she identified each person, there were several I didn't recognize at first.

The idea of having a West Coast Reunion is a great idea. Would that be Memorial Weekend next year or this year? I would be glad to help if you need any extra help. (Doc Hemp Note ... Next Year 2011)

I didn't know that Les Chafen was in Northern CA. The other person I didn't recognize at first was Don Scully, but then I saw a picture of him smiling and I knew him right away. Really am sorry that our Hawaii vacation was scheduled at the same time.

From slrose@cox.net
Subject Re: I Miss You Guys....
Date Tue, April 27, 2010 13:17
To "Mary White Luttrell " ,"Don Scully " ,"Don Clark " ,"Bill Hooker " ,"Carolyn Burns " ,"Dallas Hawkins " , "Elmer Armstrong " ,"Dale & Carolyn Adams " ,"Gerald White " ,"Jerry Winkle " ,dochemp2@shasta.com,"Ann Lewis " ,"Jim Sanderson " ,"WILLIAM Barney " ,rwoodruff19@comcast.net,"Joyce & Doug Ellington " ,cornforthd@aol.com, "Nita Dornburg " ,"Winnie Reedy"

Got home last Thursday night after visiting some friends and my mother. Found out that although I felt 18 when we altogether, I knew without a doubt I really wasn't. LOL Anyway, been putting in plants into an expanded flower bed. Think I may have forgotten the planting side of things. In a four-year plan of re-designing the whole back yard. Ample enough to keep me busy (and happy) for many years to come!!

On the plane, I thought how great that we had the opportunity to be together, and how great the memories we shared. Made my New Year's resolution -- keep in touch with all of you. A few months late but I really mean it. Having said that I'll admit that I don't stay on the computer much, especially with the weather being so awesome. The first of storms were only noisy, but we get another chance at them at the end of the week. This is serious weather time out here so I've learned to plan around them.

Can't wait to see the pictures. Been waiting until I had nothing to do before settling down to walk down Memory Lane once more.


From "Hooker, William (LLU)"
Subject RE: I Miss You Guys....
Date Wed, April 28, 2010 12:04

To armstrong4493@comcast.net,"Winnie Reedy" CC cornforthd@aol.com,dochemp2@shasta.com,"Don Clark" ,rwoodruff19@comcast.net,slrose@cox.net, "WILLIAM Barney" ,"Mary White Luttrell" ,"Nita Dornburg" ,"Joyce & Doug Ellington" ,"Don Scully" ,"Jerry Winkle" ,"Dallas Hawkins" ,"Ann Lewis" ,"Gerald White" ,"Carolyn Burns" ,"Jim Sanderson" ,"Dale & Carolyn Adams"

Hi Ya'll from the Hookers - also,

We got home last night (Tuesday the 27th) and had a wonderful time at both the SVA and then the TA 50th reunions. It was so great seeing all of you and having such a fun and frolicking 2 days. You all are very special friends and the Shenandoah Valley was so beautiful that it surely makes me remember the most wonderful times.

The TA reunion was also fun in another way. These are the kids I grew up with in grade school and in the first two years of high school - and this was my first time going back for a reunion with them. It also brought back many great memories there too.

I absolutely vote for another strong 55th time together with lots up updates via internet in between.

Love from Bill and Marie - (actually Marie is feeling closer to you guys than she does to her own class from Maplewood Academy in Minnesota). We will probably go back for her 50th next year.

From "Rusty Litten"
Subject WOW
Date Wed, May 5, 2010 6:51
To "David Hemp"

David you have put a lot of love and work into the different sites for SVA. I was looking at the picture of SVA from the air that Paul R. gave you. The Cafeteria was in the basement of Elliot hall and the bindrey was where you labled the Cafe. the other picture is the barn and the barn in the distance is the barn near where Si Still lived down toward the river. Hope to see you next year at SVA.

........Rusty Litten.........
Ex-Educator - Collector
Photographer - Observer

(Doc Hemp Note) .. Rusty ....Thanks for the kind words .. was great seeing you there a few years ago .. Becky and I have been back to SVA 3 out of the past 4 years ... And we will prolly never make it back again .. Maybe for our 55th if at all. But we do have a possible Reunion railroad winery weekend out here in CA next year Memorial Day weekend 2011 At our place "Shenandoah West" And at the "Dutch Henry Winery" Les and Maggie Chafen's fantastic winery in Calistoga Ca ... Also visit Maggie's upscale children's botique in San Francisco "Dottie Doolittle"

From: Dave Hempe,
Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2010 3:21 PM
To: George Akers
Subject: RE: video

Good afternoon Elder Akers ... Could you see our graduation videos? .. They were posted for all to see and not designated as private ...

we had a great time at the reunion .. There was not one person that doesn't respect the love you had for all of us ... and appreciates that you have dedicated your life for so many like us ...even us few black sheep (grin)

From: "George Akers"
Date: May 9, 2010 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: video

Dave, you are so gracious and generous--bless you! Yes, I, in looking back, realize that I had some good mentors in career prep, whose mantra was "love those kids!" But it wasn't ethical discipline at work there at SVA in the late Fifties, because you guys were so irresistibly lovable. (Sounds a bit smoltzy, I know, but we were so fond of you all). A grand bunch of kids--(who forgive easily!) I had the high honor of over a half century working in SDA Christian education, and I don't regret a day of it. I've had my share of the bumps in the road, but all in all, God has been very good to me in it.

You have done your Alma Mater proud, Dave, and I know your Dad and Mom (that world class couple...)were justifiably rewarded for all their faith in your genuineness.

Once I was able to get a quick snatch of the video, but then my computer rebelled somehow. I spent 2 hrs. this morning with my ISP troubleshooter, and I'm going to dig a little harder to find out why a routine import like this is not going right.


Carolyn & Bill in Coeur d'Alene Idaho - 8/22/10

Our first stop after leaving Missoula, MT on July 19 was Coeur d’Alene, ID where we stayed for 4 days. It is the most highly populated city in Idaho and a very beautiful city at the north end of the lake. We enjoyed taking a six-hour cruise on the Coeur d’Alene cruise boat, sailing the length of the Coeur d’Alene Lake to the St. Joe River, the world’s highest navigable river. People were very friendly and we enjoyed meeting a brother & sister twins, and their spouses, who were attending their 50-year HS reunion in Coeur d’Alene. Other favorite adventures were finding the local homemade candies store and visiting the local yacht club where we had temporary dreams of buying another boat and keeping it on the lake. We took a 29’ cruiser out for a 2 hour scenic tour of the north end of the lake.

Our last day in Coeur d’Alene was spent with Bob and Carlene Baugher. Carlene and Carolyn attended high school together at Shenandoah Valley Academy. Bob and Carlene also have a motorhome, and we had not seen them for a few years so it was fun catching up on family news and traveling adventures. They took us to visit Camp MiVedon on Hayden Lake which was holding a summer camp for the blind. We also met their beautiful granddaughter, Brooke, a sophomore in college who works summers at the camp. Next we had dinner at their daughter Tina’s home. We had not seen Tina for 25 years and it was great to visit with her. Soon after we left, Tina completed the Coeur d’Alene triathlon “Race on the River.” In 1 hour and 36 minutes, she completed a ½ mile swim, 11 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. You go girl!


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