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LED Sign V2.7 March 22, 1996 Copyright 1995 Darrick Brown ( The main LEDSign directory contains the following directories: LED - contains all the .java source code and compiled .classes WWW - contains all the LED Sign HTMLs fonts - contains any font data files scripts - contains any scripts for LED Sign LED Sign V2.7 comes pre-compiled, you do NOT need to compile the source code to use it. You may want to make modifications to the source code. If you do, you will need to recompile the applet (instructions below). If you modify the source code, please do not redistribute the source code to others as I am trying to prevent multiple versions from being available. To compile LED Sign: cd LEDSign/LED (the source directory) javac -classpath .:<your java classes directory> Example: javac -classpath .:/src/java/classes Note: The "-classpath" option tells the compiler where to look for the ".class" files. All paths are separated my a ':'. Therefore, if you are compiling in MS-DOS, you will not be able to do "-classpath .:c:\java\classes" because it will try to look in the current directory, c, and \java\classes. You will need to make sure that you have the Java Development Kit installed correctly to compile
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