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Atrial Fibrillation Cure!
Understanding your ECG
Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter
The Wolf mini maze Procedure Cures A.F.
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Note that the rhythm is regular - each beat is an equal distance from the next beat, which means that the time between each beat is the same. The rhythm strip is the long tracing on the bottom of the ECG which shows several continuous seconds of the heart. This permits observation of the rhythm of the heart, and determination of the heart rate.

This ECG shows a heart in atrial fibrillation The most obvious difference is the absence of the P wave. Leads I, II, and III show the classical appearance of AF, the "undulating baseline". The tracing never really "sits still". The distance between each QRS complex in the rhythm strip illustrates that the heart rhythm is irregular. There is no pattern to the irregularity, so the rhythm of AF is called "irregularly irregular".

This ECG illustrated a heart in atrial flutter. This has very distinct appearance. The "flutter waves" that we expect to see in atrial flutter are noticeable throughout the ECG, but are very easy to see in the rhythm strip. The rhythm is still regular, although this is not always the case in AFL

This Info as per Dr. Randall K Wolf!

The first photo below is of an automatic electronic B.P. unit that shows when you are in A.F. or have irregular heart beats. Becky and I looked everywhere and found this Microlife one at Longs. Very few detect irregular heart beats ... I do 2 blood pressures every morning and evening and put them into a journal I have in (My Documents) in Microsoft Works.
The 2nd photo shows the proper way to take a Blood Pressure.

If you order ANYTHING from this Microlife USA site ... like large B.P. Cuffs ... watch them like a hawk!!!! They will take your money and not send your order!!!!! Took us 6 weeks to finally get ours sent out after paying for it in advance with our credit card.

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