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The Ash Creek R.C. Air Field is one of the best in the U.S. ...Unlimited Room. Huge Aprons and an asphalt landing strip large enough for full sized airplanes. This is located near Balls Ferry off the Sacramento River near Anderson Ca. .... I will have some mpeg movies up here too shortly.

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Many, Many photos of Planes from Germany with Doc Mike DDS ... a very good friend of ours and also Thorne and James Stalling's (good friends also) R.C. planes ... some of these planes on this page are 1/3rd scale. Jim & James fly the real ones too .... Send Becky & I photos of your planes to put up here.

All of the above photos by my pal Mel Nethery, below are ones I (Doc Hemp) took with my digital camera ... the new Sony with the CD Rom disk, still and movie.

In my opinion the Zagi is far superior to a recently ordered razor brand wing which I think is a very poor and very expensive copy of the Zagi .... And as for the Razor's being "Ready to Fly" is even a bigger joke than the plane! And in my case we also had poor and delayed company support! Buy the Zagi folks .... for the beginner to the advanced flyer. I am not alone in this!
If you go to E Zone .. the Bible of Electric Flying .. and type Razor vs Zagi, this following is the very first response you will see in response to a posting of what is the difference is between a Zagi and the Razor.

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Run a search with "Zagi" and "Razor". You'll get lots of hits.
In a nutshell, I think you'll find that the opinions here (including mine) run about 70/30 in favor of the Zagi over the Razor.

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