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May 27, 2007
Becky And Dave's
(B.A.D.) Great Northern Railways
Grandparents and Grandchildren's Family Day


The weather couldn't have been better! And we really had a blast doing this for everyone and are so glad we got to see so many of our old friends. Many from Becky's high school class at Milo Academy along with their children and grandchildren. We had about 160 that we served.
Becky had train whistles, engineer hats, and red scarfs for all the kids plus pony rides, balloons, etc.

Dave Moeller was the engineer running our electric Davey Boy which we ran on the inside loop whenever I would stop to water up Little Bubba our steam engine. Dave has helped us to no end with the design, engineering of our Warren Truss railroad bridge, track and switches we built.

This is our 70' free span Warren Truss all Steel railroad bridge.
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Dave Moeller

Exiting our 65' tunnel which is a replica of a Sierra Snow Shed.

Also many thanks to our son in law Rob, Mo Mo, and Todd .... The GREAT! "Grilled Cheese Band" that performed most of the day.

Most of the photos on this page were taken by Glenn Anderson, who we hired. Glenn does a fantastic job and has a great eye for capturing these kids. If you ever need a photographer he's your guy!

Page #2 photos were taken mostly by Kathy (Hemp) Delker our daughter and few myself with my 1000mm Sony Mavica digital camera.
You will need DSL or faster to view these in any timely fashion.

Becky and I would like to thank you all again for coming and help make this a special family Americana day for all our grand children.

This is "Little Bubba our steam engine exiting the tunnel.

This is Davey Boy our 36 volt electric engine with Becky sitting
On our new passenger car for the little tots and their folks

I just finished designing & building these removable seats on our work car. The bolted down fire truck was a big hit with the little ones!

These first Photos are ones that Glenn Anderson took with his Canon Rebel digital camera.

The Sausage Factory did a good job on the BBQ

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