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Steam & Electric Trains
(B.A.D. = Becky And Dave's)
(Our Private 15" Gauge Live Steam & Electric Railroad)

Update 6-14-08!
Finally delivery of our new Forney 0-4-4
Now for us to finish!

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Many thanks to Norm & Curtis, the engineer & brakeman
on the Disney Steam train for letting me ride in the cab last
Friday 11/3/06.

All Non-commercial, Private, at our home, large 15" gauge, Grand Scale Steam and Electric Railroad .... Everything was and is built locally from scratch. Becky and I have done and do as much as possible ourselves. and as of 4/17/05 our "Little Engine that Could" ... "Davey Boy" .... electric switcher engine was delivered ..... And in Nov 05 our all steel Warren Truss bridge that Dave Moeller and I built was placed with a 100 ton crane. .... And in May - August, 2006 we built and added another new switch, laid all the new rail to, over the new bridge and finishing loop #3. See photo below and a link to those new pages,

Our layout also features a 14' high functioning water tower, 50' train station, 65' tunnel, and a new Railroad Bridge, including a 68.5 foot long free span Warren Truss all steel section. David Moeller (engineer, neighbor) and I built it ... Melvin Harris gave us the indea of steel instead of wood and drew a sketch of one on his kitchen table ... Dave & I took it from there. I welded it all ... Becky says we should call the new railroad bridge (B&B) .... Brains and Brawn! .... Meet Brawny Hemp!... 09 I added a center support ... Not needed from an engineering standpoint, but just one more safety feature.


10/28/07 .... See our 0-4-4 Large Forney Steam Engine being built

5/27/07 .... Our Grandkids, Grandparents Train Party

5/25/07 .... Here also it a photo of the hand pump car speeder that I had Melvin build for us ..... the genius he is ...he designed and built this hand car with a 50's Ford 4 speed gear box. Dave Moeller and I picked it up 5/25/07

Our new "Draisine" (German for Hand Car Speeder)

5/19/07 .... finished another switch ... a #8 size this time and finished tying our #2 loop back into our main #3 loop.

8/6/06 ...... We placed our gold splice bar and bolts today finishing our 4 year phase 3 project by tying our new phase 3 loop into our main line!!!!!! I still have about 130' of deep fill and 1" crushed granite to place under the last section of track .. But it is now connected!

...Finishing our phase #3 loop out over the bridge and back across our land fill bridge and into our tunnel.

8/12/06 ... Dave & I finished with all the road bed this morning ... Dave & I worked till noon yesterday and then I went out again from 5 - 10 pm ... worked in the dark with my head mounted LED spot light. Dave, Becky & I took our Maiden Voyage this morning ... It is wonderful!!! Smooth and it takes about 6 minutes non stop and that is loop 3 without any repeat track. We will usually stop with our passengers on our bridge, at our view point if Mt. Shasta is visible, and at 3 road crossings making the loop about 10 minutes long. We then still have loop one and loop 2 we can switch onto if we wish. Prolly won't do that unless we have 2 or more engines running at once.

7/22/2006 .... We now have almost 3/4 mile of total track laid.
Yesterday Dave Moeller and I set up with level and lasser, welded, placed and blocked 90' of straight rail and today we did another 30'. ,,,, We only have about another 120 feet of track to lay to finish our summer project

6/17/06 ... I started at 6 am and reinforced an old curve, Dave Moeller came by shortly after and we worked straight thru till 2:30 pm ... 100 degrees in the shade but a nice breeze and no humidity ... We poured the concrete for and placed our full sized switch stand.
We also finished restoring our work flat car. (The beginning of our Phase #3 track here also) It is the same car Melvin loaned us 8 years ago to use with his little speeder when we put in all the ballast during phase #1 ...See photos there. I bought it from him and we replaced all the bearings and all the wood with wood cut at Melvin's steam powered saw mill. We can now use this to move rail and the welder on across the bridge along with all our tools.
Also be sure and visit our Phase #2 Track addition. tunnel and train barn. ..... Also today we moved our entire train minus the flat car (which makes it about 80' long) onto the bridge while we were testing the switch with all our rolling stock ... See the photos here of our trains on the bridge..... See the 30' Wingard Windmill I am building

6/10/06 ... After 2 years of planning and building today is a milestone on our 8 year layout ... we now as of today have track thru our new stubb switch that Dave Moeller and I also built from scratch and custom made in place to fit our existing curve. The test trucks ran thru this switch as smooth as butter!!! We also extended our straight section to and over our new bridge! ... Here are some short movies I have also added to our movie page you can also access below on this page. These new movies show our first trip with "Davey Boy" our electric yard goat over the new Warren Truss all steel bridge we placed last November just before the winter rains. Plus see more photos our new Switch web site! ( Part of Phase #3 also)...... Also, be sure to check out Our New Forney Style Steam Engine Being Built

A note .... After building this switch, and granted it may be one of the only ones ever built directly into an existing straight and an existing curve and probably much harder than building one seperately that can replace any straight section. But, Dave & have only the greatest respect for anyone that builds these things! I used to think Hillcrest and Harmer Steel and others charged way to much. Not so! ... these things really take a lot of engineering, planning, time and the utmost care and patience! .... If we had to build these for someone else we'd charge a LOT MORE than they do!

Before starting these movies ... stop the music at the top of this page first and turn you volume way up to hear the great steel on steel sound.
  1. 8/13/06 - Steam Movie - Phase #3
  2. 6/10/06 - 1 Crossing New Bridge Movie
  3. 6/10/06 - 2 Crossing New Bridge Movie
  4. 6/10/06 - 3 Crossing New Bridge Movie
  5. 6/10/06 - 4 Crossing New Bridge Movie
  6. 7/13/06 - Crossing Bridge & Beyond Movie
  7. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
  8. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
  9. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
  10. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
  11. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
    I had only 15 seconds for this 5th movie and a lot of track to cover to show some of the latest track on the far side of the bridge ... I am really flying here and still couldn't get it all in .... the last section is passable but has only the wood and steel ties and no road bed yet. ... More to follow. Do have some stills I will put up on the phase #3 and flat car page.

    And on the still photo just below this we are now as of 7/13/06 all the way around to the telephone pole in the background.
    Update 7/16/06 ... We are now up to the far left side of the photo below.

    Switch almost finished ... Derailer guards placed and almost ready to add splice bars and weld into place. This is also where we will be building 2 more switches for our Y to turn our train around and run in the opposite direction. Before this though we have to build the one on the other side of our new tunnel back into our main line.

    David Moeller
    My very good friend, neighbor, engineer and train nut too ...
    Dave ... I'll have that bacon crispy & the eggs over medium ( ; >)

    Becky and myself ... Doc Hemp
    (6/30/06 - Is our 43rd Wedding Anniversary)
    If it weren't for my wonderful wife's support
    NONE of this could ever have happened!

    ZERO Deflection in the 3" crown we built into this all Steel Warren Truss Bridge. An electric, steam double header. With our long flat car attached we would have about an 80' train now.

5/17/06 - Dave Moeller and I have already started in designing and building our own multiple custom in place switches. We are building them into our existing curves and straights utilizing the already in place curved track without needing to pre build or bend hardly any additional track. We will be getting our load of new track, spilce bars and 3 new full sized and reconditioned switch stands any day now!
The huge loop of additional track will be going over the new Warren Truss bridge Dave & Built last summer and loop back across the land bridge on the other side .....I am also adding another switch, rail and stall to the train barn. ...... By the end of this summer we should have 3 main large loops we can take.

2/12/06 Udate .. Finally another perfect day today ... 80 degrees, Went to Gerlinger Steel and picked up 2 junk pieces of 10" wide X 1/8" Thick by 50" long flat bar .... Designed and built a whole new bracket and support system for the tables in our passenger cars. Welded the base plate of the table to the flat bar and cut 2" Channel to finish off the sides .... 6 screws hold the whole thing in solid as a rock now!

Also, be sure to visit our movie section .. links below

Click on the photo above of my mom & our grandson Bryan
To see how our caboose was built by Jay Snavely & Jerry Nash

Blowing down the cylinders on Xmas Eve 2004 before leaving the station ...
Thank You Ed Ruether for these photos

Night time Runnning
Fund raiser N. CA Cancer Society

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Or on photo to see more of our new electric switcher engine
"Davey Boy" - "The Little Engine That Could!'

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