Becky & I (Doc Hemp) left home at 7:08 am from Redding CA today to attend this one, 5/12/01, ... we arrived at 10:05 am ... 5 minutes late .. pretty good time for a Dually Crew Cab! ... We left immediately afterward and made it home in like fashion. I urge all automobile enthusiasts to attend these wonderful functions where you can meet one on one with some very special people! .. Here is the place to ask those questions and know what is expected of you .... not on the judging field when it's too late. If we can drive down from Redding you can certainly drive across town to support these things too.

The moderator was Jonathan Hart of Blackhawk who always does a fine job. See Jonathan's photo below.

Among the cast of stellar speakers was Ed Gilbertson (Chief Judge at Pebble Beach) who spoke on the judging procedures at Pebble Beach, etc. .. Answering many questions. He was asked to give his interesting history on judging .... culminating in his dream of Chief Judge at Pebble Beach. Ed started out setting up the judging procedures for the Ferrari Club of America among many others. Ed is now one of the most respected automotive judges and experts on judging in the world. His emphasis is on originality versus over restoration! .... See Ed's photo below.

Richard Adatto gave a very interesting slide show and talk on the 15 Talbot - LagoTear Drop Coup`es. Richard is also a huge part of the Pebble Beach Concours . He like Ed is very respected as a judge and is also an expert in the Delahaye and Talbot - Lago areas. His in depth book with all the photos of each and every one of the 14 known left in existence will be out in 2 more years. A special note ... one of these Talbot - Lago's was just stolen about 2 weeks ago ... please keep your eyes open for this one ... where they will ever try to sell it is beyond me! See Richard's photo below.

Jon Hart's good friend John Francis Marsh, member of the AFAS (Automotive Fine Art Society), which has big tent exhibition at Pebble Beach each year sponsored by Lincoln Division, gave a stimulating talk on the poster he did for the 50th Pebble Beach Poster and other posters he has done. Please visit his studio in Carmel when you are down there. Click on his name above to go to his website. Photo below

The featured speaker Jacques Harguindeguy started things off with a talk on the restoration of his car, the Best of Show winnerat Pebble Beach last year. A 1937 Delahaye Figoni Falaschi. He thanked most of those involved with this car ... Claude Figoni in France, Brian Hoyt, owner of Perfect Reflections and his restorers, Bill Gillio & Ken Lawrence. Restorers Ryan Pimentel, and Al Aguayo were not able to make it. See Frenchy's photos below

Also had 3 other first in class winners the same day ... this is one of the places you want to have your car restored folks if you want to win at Pebble Beach. (Plus picking a great car to start with of course). I also like Cruces Classic Cars, inc. in Chico CA. .... Joe Cruces does a great job too as do many (well known) others, but Joe doesn't often get the recognition he deserves or even Bryan Hoyt for that matter ... but that is changing very fast now.

Jonathan Hart of Blackhawk

Richard Adatto

Ed Gilbertson - Chief Judge - Pebble Beach Concours

Jacques Harguindeguy

Jacques Harguindeguy

Artist John Francis Marsh

Subject: RE: Frenchy coming to Blackhawk on May 12! Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 20:39:20 -0700 From: "Jonathan Hart" To:

Hey, thought you both should know that Jackie is going to be at the Blackhawk Museum on May 12 (Saturday) from 10 until noon for a little look back at the Pebble Beach 50th anniversary; see the Museum's site at, then go to "NEWS" button and then "CALENDAR" button. He brought FiFa over on his birthday and we had birthday lunch together. Hope to see you both there.

Thanks for your dedication to Lorin; my office was next to Lorin's at the Museum for several years. I'm pleased to have learned so much from him each day, and I miss all the lunchtime 'debates' on worldly issues we would have at the little French restaurant at the base of the waterfall near the Museum.

See you on May 12th???
Jon Hart
(also eMail me at
phone 925.736.2277 ext. 248
--- Jonathan Hart

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