Doc Hemp, Dave Moeller & Mel Nethery
Run Sierra Pacific's Working Diesel
Locomotive to The Main Line at
The Ghost Town of Wendel CA.

9/05 Update ....Becky and I really appreciate Sierra Pacific's offer to give us one of their larger and fully operational diesel locomotives for our private steam, electric Grand Scale railroad park at our home. They co-sponser Cancer Society pig roast, steam train ride fund raisers at our home. We declined their magnanimous offer due to space limitations.

Engineer Lonnie & Curtis the Conductor

Our story begins with an American Cancer Society fund raiser Sierra Pacific put on at our place .... They roasted the pig & we gave train rides on our park sized steam locomotive. George of S.P. said .. "how would you like to ride on a real train .... I jumped at it ... set it uo to take several friends that have helped me on our locomotive.

8/6/99 Dave Moeller & Mel Nethery came by our house at 4:30 am .... we traveled to Susanville which is about 2 hrs away. Randy got us squared away with a cup of coffee as we waited for Lonnie the Engineer. When Lonnie arrived at 7 am he first called in back East for a couple blocks for the trip ... (like filling a flight plan) We went out to the engine house ... met Curtis the Conductor. Both these gentlemen are first class & put up with us like they actually enjoyed our company .... hee-hee! We got to watch & ride in a real engine and see a REAL railroad at work ... moving empties around, moving full flat cars into position ..... Curtis had a lot of switching to do.
Lonnie & Curtis make regular runs to Wendel with these very long & very tall freight cars with a big center support down the middle loaded with finished wood from the Susanville Mill that then connects with Union Pacific (I think) which takes it to the East Coast & world wide. Following is a bunch of pics I took along the way .... hope you enjoy them. Will be adding them one or two at a time as time permits
Doc Hemp

Here is a shot of me (doc Hemp) and Dave Moeller

a shot of Mel Nethery up front and Dave Moeller behind

Lonnie the Engineer

Dave and Curtis

Curtis pulling the cars apart with his bare hands!

Curtis waiting to make the switch

Mel Nethery at the window

A shot down the tracks .. above and below

An old abandoned oil tanker that was used for water storage

Extra cars stored for the main line to use

The ghost town of Wendel CA .. these 4 photos

Feed store along our route out of Susanville CA

Another shot of the water tower in Wendel

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