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By Yours Truly
Doc Hemp (1996)

Robert E. Horseman D.D.S. is a wonderful humorist that has written the humor column in our California Dental Journal for the past 20 years. His column is always on the last page! At times it is the only thing worth reading - hee-hee! I have read it for years but only recently got to know him through our dental site. I would give anything to be able to write like Bob does!

He recently flew (at age 76) in a safer modern day dogfight (winning 4 of 7) with Air Combat USA a unique enterprise based at Fullerton Municipal Airport in Fullerton CA.

Bob was also a Marine fighter pilot during WWII attached to VMF 462 out of El Toro MCAS. He was carrier qualified flying the F4F Wildcat off the USS Guadalcanal. He resigned his dental commission and Lt.(jg) to become Naval aviation cadet two ranks lower, eventually being commissioned as a MARINE not Navy pilot!


3/10/08 Update (Recent email from Dr. Bob)

Dave --I visited your website today after an an absence of a couple years or so. It tickles me to see you have not lost any of your brio for any and everything! Didn't know you had a railroad, for example. I'm 88 now and the years have taken their toll, but I'm still working 3 days a week thanks to my son who does all the worrying. A full retirement would kill me within a couple of months, I think.

You must have good genes--your activity would have done me in years ago. How come I am still on your site? I would have deleted me years ago. Ha!

Best regards!



Dr. Bob is my Hero! ... A great sense of humor and still loving his work ... and still does the humor column for the Journal of the California Dental Journal! .... And ... A local dentist Dr. Kerec was recently retired by his wife at the age of 85 ... I want to continue just as these guys are and have ... Dentistry is one of my hobbies too and we have always worked 4 short days a week and have taken time off to smell the roses (Steam from my train in my case) ... As long as I am healthy and in good shape we will keep our doors open. Was great to hear from you again Dr. Bob. .. And .. Remember ... my goal is to work one day longer than you do .. so ... as I have said before .. be sure your son lets me know when you hang up your drill so I don't have to work one more day than I should ... (grin) ... Doc Hemp

(UPDATE) June 13th, 2010
Dr. Bob Finally Retires Jan 2010

Dave--I postponed writing to you because I...uh..actually RETIRED the first of the year. I figured 66 years at the chair were enough and while I still had a small portion of my faculties functioning, I might as well hang it up. It was easy because my son ran the place and all I had to do was not show up anymore. So with me gone, you can satisfy your vow to work at least one more day than I did and can now devote your full time to doing all the fun things you do. Love the train! And the bridge!

My farewell to the practice was enhanced by a gift of a ride in a B-17 called the "Aluminum Overcast." Not quite up to fighter plane maneuverability, but made a hell of lot more noise. I had to admire those WWII guys who rode in these things for 12 to 18 hours over Western Europe while being shot at by everybody and his brother. When I retired, I I really retired..no more CE credits, no more dues to CDA/ADA. There were enough articles written in advance for the Journal so that they (if they care to) can keep printing them for a least a year. I'm attaching a couple that may never see the light of print. Charlie, the cartoonist for the last 30 years, died last December and there's a new guy who has a different style who got stuck with the job. I miss ol' Charlie--he was the best part of the page!

Anyway, good to hear from you. I hope you're not still riding a bike.


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