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This Page & the music .. MUSTANG SALLY Dedicated to our great friends David & Sally pictured here below on their Harleys from down under in New Zealand

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Got this from one of the boys in the HCCA Club
(believe it or not)

Subject: Doc Broadus Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 15:57:05 -0700 From: James Nathan Post Organization: POSTSCRIPT PUBLISHING COMPANY To:
James Nathan Post wrote:

Hello, I have enjoyed your B.A.D. site (I'm a former combat pilot too, UH-1C's in Vietnam.)

I found the site looking for information about George Foreman's early years, as I am writing a biographical screenplay about Job Corps boxing coach Doc Broadus, who first trained him at the Pleasanton center -- and who almost certainly worked with Mr. Hemp.

Might you be able to offer me any kind of recollection or anecdote about George and Doc Broadus that might contribute toward such a film?

Thanks much, James Nathan Post Las Vegas NV

(Please use my AOL address to reply:

Thanks for your kind words. Being the combat pilot you were means a lot to me, THANK YOU for your efforts in Vietnam! I would or will be glad to help if I can.

Doc Broadus talked to my dad just a couple of weeks ago on the phone, yes - my dad did get George to Doc Broadus to start his training. My dad was amateur middle weight boxing champ in the Army Calvary (under Patton) or Army Air Academy in his divison. He was one of the first 3 Mr. America's in 1939 at age 19 the first year it was held. In 1940 they went to one. They are now back to 3 again.

I tell you this because it was while my dad was giving a lecture on his being Mr. America & physical fitness, boxing, healthful living, etc. in Oregon to the Oregon Job Corp group that George came up to him afterwards & they talked. George was cutting wood, his reputation as the toughest kid & street fighter was already a legend in the camp. My dad was VERY IMPRESSED with him & as he also as German growing up after the 1st ww in Easton PA. was also a great street fighter. He didn't speak English till he was 7 yrs old.

My dad got him transferred to the Pleasanton at George's request. And eventually to Doc Broadus (who was a champ himself!) shortly after that.

There were 13 directors in a 2 yr period before my dad took over in Pleasanton & later Pittsburg CA. He was director for over 10 years I think. He developed a deep respect between himself & the rest of the staff & Job Corps constituents. 1) after being run down (attempted murder) & hit by a car & surviving & refusing to press charges. 2) facing down a street mugging = standing toe to toe & gun to gun right outside the Pittsburg facility (he said quote) " I am going to count to 3, you can turn & leave - I will not shoot, I will not call the police. at 3 or sooner you better shoot because I am going to kill you on 3! The mugger turned & fled, my dad kept his word. It spread into the community - all knew they could tell him anything & knew his word was iron. 3) An enormous disgruntled parolee burst into the front business office and past his secretary & into his office with a machete shouting "I'm gunna take your head off!" My dad on the phone paused, said just a moment please - raised his 44 magnum 4" & pointed it in his face as his arm was raised to strike & told him " FREEZE! If you move even one muscle I WILL KILL YOU!" The guy froze till dad finished his converstation & until the Sheriff arrived. The whole staff was looking on. I asked him, if he had flinched would you have killed him - he said absolutely & he knew it! He said they had to put him away as he was a mental case & he was just glad he didn't harm his secretary on the way in.

My dad has had a series of strokes, can't talk well at all, can't read or write anymore, it is really sad. He just turned 78. It will be hard to get stories from him (he has many trapped in his brain) but his wife Getty might be able to help if he can bring up the subject so she can remember an event.

George himself might rememeber some .... people get rich & famous, move on & forget those many times that were there on their road up. George was so talented he would probably have made on his own anyway without the Job Corps or Doc Broadus.... so maybe those years aren't very important to him.

Good luck
, Doc Hemp
Good news!
I just got the word that Harley has issued a recall on all FLH model bikes (except the new Road Glide I think) from 1994 to 1998 to have the ignition switches replaced with the new one.

Thanks to all of you who called Bob Young of the DOT per my request. The number of cases Bob documents was enough to convince Harley to do the recall. As soon as your local dealer gets a supply of switches you can have the replacement done; that should be in a few weeks.

Thanks again for all your help!
Subject: your Midipage is Amazing! Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 00:07:57 EDT From: To:

Loved your pages!!!!! Man, you must be BUSY people!!! Also was happy to hear you come to Sturgis, SD for the Rally. I live in Piedmont..... about 10 minutes from Sturgis!!!! I have a question for you... can I save your Midi'd and use them on my own pages?

Thanx again for a great time... Yakkety Sax was mine and my Dad's song. he passed away last winter, I was mazed to hear that song again!!!!!!
Subject: Re: your Midipage is Amazing! Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 01:03:16 EDT From: To:

Thanx again!! My sister is surfing your page right now, I told her how neat it was! Maybe when you come up this way for the rally, we will bump into one another! HA!!!! But seriously, I do enjoy your page, and plan to check it out often. Mine isn't that wonderful, I am just learning, and everything doesn't work just right so far... Feel free to check it out anytime!
Cordially~ Cindy Miller
Subject: RE: your midi page is awewsome Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 12:13:04 EDT From: To:

Dave and Becky-
Gee wiz, I am such an amatuer. Okay, I have cut and pasted the URL directly from my browser window when my page was open, and also included a hyperlink, but I am not sure if the link will work unless you are on AOL. Did you hear Lynrd Skynrd will be playing at Buffalo Chip this year? It is going to be great to see them in person. I can understand you not making the trip every year. I have never been on a long motorcycle trip. When I first met my husband he had a Sportster. We loved it and rode it often. I loved for him to give it some "pepper" when going under bridges!! Anyhow, we sold it and our trailer to buy a house. As soon as I am finished with school and am working again we plan to buy another "ride."WHen you come up do you come just the 2 of you or with others? Well, enough for now, the little one needs Mommy to cook him an egg!!! Have a great weekend.
Cindy Miller
Have posted your site in our Cool Links Room
Also, thanks for all the kind words! Doc Hemp
Subject: Sturgis Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 07:55:23 -0500 From: (Bob Broten) To:

Hey Doc,
Its been awhile. are you going to Sturgis this year??? I uploaded a new pic on my home page at:
I did not go to the Milwaukee 95th which is only an hour from here. I went away on business to the West coast and visited family. I think the weather for it was great.
Hope the past year has treated you well.
Ride Safe,
Subject: hill climb Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:45:41 -0400 From: "THE RAT'S HOLE GANG" Organization: THE RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS World Wide To:

Dr. Those are great pictures.. Some day I will try the frames etc.. I'm still learning.. Not Good But little bit.. Along time ago I asked for you snail address.. I had something to send you which was kinda of funny at the time.. Please send same.. Thanks Karl "BDR"
The Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Shows
P.O. Box 11-111
St.Petersburg, Florida. 33733
Rat's Hole Custom Bike Shows
Arizona Bike Week '99 Feb. 13th Sat
27th show DAYTONA SAT. MAR 6th '99
Sturgis S.D. Friday Aug 7th 1998
Biketoberfest Daytona Friday Oct.23rd '98
Order your Rat's Hole Products here

Subject: HOG Riders Welcome! Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 14:28:31 -0700 From: David Schwoegler To:,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear H-D Riders:
The event below has been successful the past two years primarily because of HOG riders who HAPPENED BY during a weekend run.

This is a formal invitation to join us. Folks from your chapter will be welcome, appreciated--and controlled parking is plentiful. It's fun, scenic, cheap and helps an entire community that's smaller than your chapter. Admission is free; most stuff cost a buck.

Additionally, we asked one of the locals to display his H-D, on which he set the world's motorcycle speed record--in excess of 170 mph. If he can make it again this year, there will be no charge to talk, check out his bike or take pictures. It's that kind of community; he's that kind of guy.

Thanks for your consideration, David Schwoegler - Event Volunteer

**************************** High-Altitude Chili Cook-Off ****************************
More people attend a high-school football game than live in ALL of Alpine County -- the tallest and smallest among California's 58. Located above the 5600-foot level in the Sierra Nevada, Woodfords Station will host a two-day, non-sanctioned chili cook-off. The former Pony Express stop is located where Highway 88 meets Highway 89, near Markleeville, CA.

Called the "Third Annual Woodfords' Community Fair and County Chili Challenge," admission is free; tasting kits with a ballot to vote for a winner are a buck, as are the beers. The event includes a local craft show, food booths, cheap drinks, continuous stage entertainment, arts, antiques, collectables and more. Proceeds benefits a handful of organizations, including volunteer fire-fighters and the search-and-rescue squad.

The dates are September 19 & 20, from 10 A.M..- 5 P.M. Saturday hosts separate events for professional and amateur cooks. Sunday pits those winners against each other.

The Chili Challenge is VERY UNIQUE destination-dining -- more so for the destination than the dining. This a "must do" if you've never visited Alpine County. Markleeville is a scenic gem with many pristine, back-road areas for hiking, touring and water-recreation, where the air and the population are very thin. From Labor Day until the first snow, visitors find the best weather, loveliest vistas and lightest traffic. Food prices and room-rates are great values.

It's also the namesake for the "Markleeville Death Ride," a bicycle race over five Sierra mountain passes held during summer's heat. The race begins near Lake Tahoe at 6200 feet. It follows a road that goes nearly straight up, then gets steeper, covering 128.6 miles with 16,310 vertical feet of climbing. More than 2700 bikers participated last year and raised $177,000 for the mountain hamlet. Most lived.

For tie-in activities, the local hot springs or Lake Tahoe's south shore are less than 30 minutes away. This travel tip from the local motel owner: "About 10 o'clock the bears walk down the main street. We don't bother them, and they don't bother us."

Directions: Take Highway 88 North from Stockton to Highway 89.
More information: - Woorfords Station 530-694-2930 - Alpine Kids 530-694-2934 - Alpine County Chamber of Commerce 530-694-2475
Subject: Full Story Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 03:43:20 -0700 From: "Tim Grabeal" To:

04:25 PM ET 06/13/98
Harley's 95th birthday parade shakes Milwaukee
By Anne Schwartz - MILWAUKEE (Reuters)
More than 100,000 Harley-Davidson riders descended upon this Midwestern hub of beer and bikes Saturday to celebrate the 95th birthday of the only major U.S. motorcycle manufacturer.
Riders of ``Hogs,'' as Harley-Davidson motorcycles are called, started gathering at 3 a.m. for a parade from the county stadium to Milwaukee's main lakefront park, closing the principal freeway.
Spectators, five-deep on overpasses, began lining up at 1 a.m. to get a look at the serpentine line of motorcycles that made its way along Interstate 90/94 for miles.
The roar of the bikes shook overpasses. ``People from all over the world, here in our home town!'' Rosalind Elliot, 12, a Milwaukee resident, said while watching the parade. ``I've never seen so many bikes in my whole life.'' Hogs have a cult-like following, and Milwaukee, where Harley-Davidson Inc.'s has its headquarters, is the Harley mecca. Milwaukee is also the home of beer giant Miller Brewing Co.
Riders from across the United States and from as far away as Japan, Australia and Brazil roared into town to see the birthplace of their bikes. Spectators at the parade held signs reading ``Welcome Home'' and ``Ride Loud, Ride Proud.''
The 8 a.m. parade was limited to 25,000 riders but the freeway was still scheduled to be closed for 10 hours. The parade was led by Harley executives, Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who rode one of the local police department's Harleys, and celebrities like talk-show host Jay Leno, himself a Harley fanatic. ``I love this town,'' Leno told reporters. ``I come here for a lot of Harley events. I rode in the 90th (anniversary), plan to ride in the 100th, and the 200th will really be something.'' Harley officials in the parade included Willie Davidson, the grandson of the manufacturer's founder, and Jeffrey Bleustein, Harley's chief executive.
Despite the bad-boy image the name Harley-Davidson conjures up, the average Harley owner is in his early 40s and has an annual income of about $68,000. In the Milwaukee area, 14 percent of Harley buyers are women, though that number is said to be higher than the national average. Harleys can be hard to come by. Waiting lists for new bikes are as long as two years for popular models, and prices range from $8,500 to $40,000 and higher. The company currently produces about 132,000 bikes a year, but hopes to make 200,000 a year by its 100th birthday. The ``Feel the thunder Harley-Davidson Reunion Parade'' and the party to follow on Milwaukee's Lake Michigan lakefront top off a week of celebrations. Riders formed five convoys last week in Orlando, Dallas, Spokane, Wash., York, Pa., and Riverside, Calif., picking up others along scheduled, cross-country routes to Milwaukee. Police reported no problems associated with the celebration. However, two riders died in traffic accidents in the Milwaukee area, and alcohol was a factor in both.
The celebration was a boost to the local economy. When Harley-Davidson opened registration for the event, 15,000 hotel rooms were sold out in just four hours. Harley-Davidson bucked claims that its bikes are becoming too trendy by displaying huge orange billboards across the city saying ``Fads don't have 95th birthdays.'' ^REUTERS@
Subject: Just checking it out Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 14:26:22 -0600 From: "Justin Rowland" To:

Just goofing around and stumbled on your page. Glad to see Hailey is getting on the Web. Enjoyed your pages!
Mary Rowland Hailey, Idaho 83333
01:40 PM ET 06/11/98
Harley-Davidson fans head for Laconia, N.H.
By Gary Ghioto
LACONIA, N.H. (Reuters) - A little bit of Hog Heaven will be created Friday as more than 200,000 Harley-Davidson fans roar into a gritty New Hampshire town for the 75th annual Laconia Motorcycle Rally.
For 10 days the granddaddy of motorcycle rallies is expected to generate plenty of loud noise, gas fumes and cash as leather-clad men and women riding Harleys, or Hogs as the legendary bike is called, blanket the blue collar town near Lake Winnipesaukee.
``We have people from European nations, Asia, you name it, coming to the state, for one reason. They're coming to this event. And they are going to bring back great memories,'' said Charlie St. Clair, head of the Laconia Motorcycle Rally and Race Week Association.
The celebration of all things motorcycle includes pig roasts, beer tents, tattoo and massage parlors, leather clothing vendors and concerts. There will be contests for the best looking motorcycle and champion bike babe.
By staid New England standards, the entertainment will be risque with exotic dancers and bikini-clad models hawking an assortment of goods in tents dotting the town.
The town's Hooters restaurant, which specializes in scantily clad waitresses, will find itself competing for tourists's dollars with a local bar featuring similarly undressed women engaging in ``cole slaw wrestling.''
At the L.A. East House of Tattoo, skin and body piercing ''artists'' Rock Lamontagne and Dock West have their needles sanitized and ready for around-the-clock duty. The event provides a needed economic shot in the arm for local businesses. ``Bike Week pays all the winter bills,'' said Lamontagne, who has owned the tattoo shop for 27 years.
But the tough-guy image of bikers is slowing evolving, St. Clair said. He noted there will be an outdoor nondenominational worship service and the annual Blessing of the Bikes at the New Hampshire International Speedway in nearby Loudon, N.H. New Hampshire State Police have promised to have at least 150 officers in the area during the festivities to supplement the town's 33 police officers.
St. Clair is expecting between 200,000 and 225,000 people to take part in the rally. As it gets larger, it is also growing tamer, her said.
``We are seeing a lot of people bringing their families here. We have motorcycle families that come here for the hill climb and the races up at Gunstock. And we are getting a lot of people who aren't motorcyclists but come up to take it all in,'' St. Clair said.
Harley-Davidson Inc said its statistics show the the average Harley owner is 43 years old, married and college educated with a median income of $68,000.
The number of female Harley riders has quadrupled in recent years, a spokesman for the only U.S. motorcycle maker said.
Subject: RE: FW: The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 10:25:29 -0700 From: Thom Brown To: "'C. David Hemp DDS Inc.'" CC: "Doc Hog Delong (E-mail)"

Geez Doc...mental telepathy or psychosis...I'm not sure which one. We were just wondering whether you're going to Sturgis this year. We'll have a real bikes...14 people. Leave PDX 7/29 and spend some time getting over there. Going to stop in Jackson Hole again. Be there the nights of 7/30 and 31. You should stop in at the Motel 6 in Jackson if you're moving through. In Rapid City at the Sands of the Black Hills (now I think it's called Knight's Inn right on Mt. Rushmore Blvd.) Sunday and Monday night. We might get down your way this year...what is the address again? Let me know. Ice.
Thomas Brown
The Irwin-Hodson Company


I think I had the most fun .... relaxed time, sittin back in that chair on the lawn of those cabins tryin to see Doc Hog make it up that ski trail, with some good cigars & a few beers, than with anyone else we ever met on the road in all 4 years we have made the trip out & back! Of course Ice .... you wouldn't remember parts of that afternoon - Hee-hee! You guys are a special group of friends! Hang on to it! Really good friends are hard to come by!

We (Becky & Myself) are planning on leaving July 25 - have marked off 17 days - will be staying in Custer State Park at the Games Keepers Lodge all but 2 days (when they were already booked) when we will prolly have to move to cabin (reserved already - will try to stay at Game Lodge if someone cancels) on Silvan Lake (still in the park) for the Sunday & Monday nights when you will be there, & back to the lodge for another 2 nights. We were going to blast over & stay put for quite a long time since we've seen everything to see there. Would love to have you stop in at the lodge & visit = will be there on the porch of the lodge each afternoon .... belted into a chair on my 2nd case of beer by the time you show up. Hee-hee!
Subject: Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:45:12 -0600 From: "ROD" To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Thanks for the mail and your concern. Tornado was about 250 miles east of us, they don't get out here on the rolling plains very often. Will be flying to Guards this week-end in Sioux Falls SD, I will fly over and check out the damage. Sure could use some of your rain. Beginning to look as though we are going to have a drought out here.
I forwarded the male/female computer article, apologize for all the extra addresses, usually clean those up but was short on time.
Look forward ot seeing you guys this summer, and keep in touch.
Subject: why I ride Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 05:49:27 EDT From: To:

Bought my first harley this winter down in fla and truley agree with you reasons for riding a harley. I am 54 years old and want to say and mean that I've been there and done that.
Safe riding
John Walz
Dubuque, Iowa
Subject: Great site Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 21:34:37 -0400 From: Harvey Sernovitz Organization: @Home Network To:

Congratulations on a really delightful website. I've been surfin' around H-D websites for quite a while; most aren't worth the time it takes to scroll thru them. Yours is a grin from beginning to end. Except for the dentistry stuff, of course. You two have aan obvious zest for living! Ride safe.
Subject: hey Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 01:05:23 EDT From: To:

Hey Doc and Becky, Just haven't written to you in a while, and just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy your web page... I want to attach a picture of me and my riding bro., Dave. This was the night before we left for Daytona ' 98. Had a great time there, but he experienced the first rally jinx, that we all have when we ride old scoots. He has gotten the bugs out now, and we are planning some intense riding this summer. We like to have froze our butts off in Daytona on Wednesday night. It got down in the thirties, and our broke butts were sleeping in a tent... Not much warm weather for Daytona, but there is always Biktoberfest in Oct. Think about you and all the riders out there. I hope that everyone is safe, and keep on riding. James Westmoreland (

Subject: why I ride Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 05:49:27 EDT From: To:

Bought my first harley this winter down in fla and truley agree with your reasons for riding a harley. I am 54 years old and want to say and mean that I've been there and done that.
Safe riding
John Walz
Dubuque, Iowa
Conversation With Daniel "Coyote" Wolf.

Daniel Is an Antropologist that did his PHD disertation on Outlaw Biker Clubs (any club not part of the AMA). This gives a look into the origins of the current biker culture. This page was submitted by our bro "Sailor" Below this one, find an earlier one he sent on the origin of the early clubs too i.e. Booze Fighters, etc.

Subject: boozefighters-1 Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 09:43:09 -0700 From: "Sailor" To: "doc hemp"

This is an article submitted by our bro Sailor (a Legal Eagle). It is some of the already published material from the past where other bikers expound their views on the history & the origins of Out Law Bikers (when outlaw meant non-AMA, not criminal) If you are interested in this kind of thing you may want to read it. Some of it is repititious, long, some rough language ... etc. I am sure there are others that have differing opinions which they may want to send to us to put up in the reading room too.
Submitted by Bruce Hewston ( April 12, 1993 (BFMC refers to the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.) The following is from my ex's dad who lived in Hollister; Wino, JD & Jim, Lance & Johnny Roccio, original Boozettes; 2 HA books & Sonny Barger. BFMC was #1 when outlaw meant non-AMA not criminal. They created a real biker image that newsmen then Hollywood fags perverted into the one wanabes worship. BFMC is riding 500 miles, winning races then having so much fun all of the locals joined in. Perversion is dopers with Brando attitudes in biker drag! Frontier ethics persisted into the 60's: we welcomed risk as part of having fun. Men afraid of guns or motors were cowards not sensitive! Vets wanted the freedom they'd earned & the fun they'd missed - fun like in Lee Marvin's part of The Wild One - and folk they saved didn't mind them having it. Quarrels between different kinds of bikers didn't exist cuz everybody raced, toured, partied & bikes broke so often we depended on each other. Weekly rags provided news & folk entertained each other. Talent made you popular, a motor made you a hero. Fairs offered Prizes to attract guys who raced for pure fun plus "Pro's" who made a living racing. AMA only sanctioned profitable races; "fun" races were "outlaw" races, run by outlaw clubs & anyone who raced for fun was an outlaw. In 46 The 13 Rebels rode to a race at El Cajon. It was dull so a well-oiled Bro named Willy Forkner crashed the fence to join the main. The crowd loved it but AMA did not: Willy went to jail & his bros left him there. So Willy nastied his rags & headed for the All American. The Biker image was literally born there, on Firestone East of Central in South-Central LA: a meeting place for bikers. Willy, George Menker, "Fat Boy" Nelson & Dink Burns went out to start a club that'd know how to have fun & found Walt Porter puking in a box. A name? Walt gagged: "Booozefighters - aswha' dey mad about, yer Boozin 'n fightin" - a name right out of the gag box. That unique ability to laugh at themselves let them accomplish things while having FUN. For years they toted a Gag Box & t o this day all real Boozefighters have GB on their jersey to remind us to HAVE FUN! BFMC was an outlaw club because AMA refused to charter the name. Most original members were racers so they sired Yellow Jackets. BOOZETTES (a separate women's club) held "outlaw" races that became so famous JC Agajanian rode their success to open world-renown Ascot Park. Clausen's strokers pushed THE BRUTE to 227 MPH (in 46!) under Keltor & Hunter, Lance won the Jack-pine & Jim Cameron not only won Catalina & Big Bear on BSAs but pioneered the art of riding thru bars. Wino retired the side car trophy on JD's rig & the near win at Daytona on JDs factory Goose took the Roccio boys to Europe (Johnny, an ex-rebel is still active). After warnings, one GB'r rode his hill climber through the crowd. Police arrested him. Spectators gathered to protest. A Bro on a Triumph pushed through to ask what happened. The cops ran him off - with his hand cuffed bro on the back! By the time the crowd let the cops thru they w ere gone! That's real class! It involves people, makes them part of the joke not ducks. Hollister was like any Grapes of Wrath Ca. town. Boozefighters took it over by having so much fun that everyone had to join in! Imagine 20 BFrs then 4000 bikers & then 50,000 citizens joining a party that went down in history! That's what GB is all about! Dagwood is easy to intimidate. Making him party is the challenge! Then he's on your side & welcomes you back. Hollister still hosts annual races & hill climbs . ..? Rags that got rich reporting WWII were going broke for lack of news & bogeymen so reporters created both: paid Fat Boy (Jim cameron says it wasn't even Fat boy) to pose, reported a riot & blamed it on BFMC. That sold so many rags they did it again: Rampaging BFrs cut wires & took over Riverside only in the headlines! The sheriff published letters putting the lie on the slander but Boozefighter replaced Nazi on Dagwood's dread list & Otto went home to clone the next bogeyman: HAMC. Then came T he Wild One. Marvin set his role on Wino but Brando got the lead &, too dull to have fun let alone create it, taught 1000's of impersonators how to act. 20 years later Thompson wrote: Boozefighters kicked off the riot that lead to THE WILD ONE but those most influenced identified with Brando vice Marvin. The Market Street Commandos were in the grip of The Wild One when Rocky (a HA) from Berdoo was elected and .. soon 40 Angels were roaring around Frisco. In Oakland fans copied their HA patch, fans i n Chicago/Detroit copied Brando's logo, etc. & the fraud grew, fed by the reporters & cops it served. Wannabes who'd spit on Elvis impersonators still unknowingly impersonate Brando. Costumes got so good AMA couldn't tell fans from bikers & blamed the bad 1% so leading fans chose 1% on a diamond to differentiate themselves from bikers like Wino - then went to war over who could wear it, provoking a cop attack on us all! By 1965 harassment made it impossible to wear colors in any city except Oakland .. the SanFran chapter dwindled from 75 to 11, the original Berdoo chapter to a handful5. Til then bikers proudly displayed their colors. Wino proposed a green shirt with the familiar bottle on the sleeve but the club voted a more distinct white racing jersey with kelly green sleeves, bottle on front & GB on the left sleeve, then added the solid green sweater with the same logo & lettering. Many stenciled their clubs name/logo on their jackets in the style copied by Brando but police torment forced Brando fans to adopt the now-standard hide-with-pride vests. Mean while, fag became gay & cowards sensitive: Dagwood replaced John Wayne as role model & Hondas sold like hotcakes. That killed outlaw races & took alot of the fun out of biking In 65 Monterey hosted a run. Two black pimps working the HA bar at closing got herded to the beach by police. HA's demanded group rates, pimps called the cops, head lines about fiancees forced to watch as their brides were gang raped sold alot of papers & H ollywood taught kids to impersonate Brando fans then dopers. Even wimps can buy custom sleds to imitate hippy dopers so flocks of yups guided by a rag named for the flik, bought costumes & H-Ds to trailer behind Winnebagos! Meanwhile, thin being in, MD's passed out Diet Pills that let Brando fans party like bikers. About 1968 the supply dried up so they started making their own. Selling them let a few live like the dopers in Easy Rider: MCs turned into Major Corp.s, infiltrated & run by dealers who used Bros as soldiers. That attracted RICO: let cops dupe clubs into wars that yielded promotion-getting busts. Old bikers sat it out! They still rode & partied but wimp's eagerness to sue killed the events that attract members so by 1988 few of the Hollister Crew remained. Loath to see the club die, they put an ad in EZ Rider, issued 30+ charters then started weeding-out. My charter of 1 Nov. 1988 was #26. Few remain but that's more than in '87. Ignorant of their heritage, the minority at Bean Blossom in 89 voted to imitate Wino impersonators: become a nation with Bluto patches as its uniform. The NE Bros had an OK to use the HA configuration & refused to offend the HAs so Bluto chose the HA motif. That was a blunder: Gossip said Wino started the HAs & BFMC had all the bags of a 1% nation so we looked like an HA invasion: Outlaws closed Chicago, Indy & Dayton, Vagos our Long Beach chapter & we lived under such a cloud of terror some finally ousted King Bluto by force! Hind sight proved we 'd be better off if original jerseys had remained the only "Official" Colors, leaving all else to local option: We have had 0 1% trouble since Teach did just that. Weather outside S. Ca. requires jackets so most want patches but we are not impersonators so we don't need 1% or Elvis suits. JD & Wino have been Bros for 50 years & more different guys'd be hard to imagine. Why? Because each has abilities & assets the other respects. Wino started this club cuz the Rebels tried to tell him what to do. In his first letter to me, he said: "I'm not trying to push any of my shit I don't give a damn what kind of bike you ride or if you drink or not you're still a Bro to me". The club survived 45 years on that spirit & if we don't fuck it up trying to be conformists or impersonators it'll go 100's more. If you wanabe 1% be the best: prospect a 1% club that's respectable. The only excuse to use 1% as a BFMC role model is ignorance. BFMC is a real Biker club; too busy having fun to conform to anybody el ses image! BFMC is the club the original Berdoo HA's were modeled after. A movie about BFMC let a Berdoo HA start the Frisco HAs who were copied by the Oakland HAs &c., &c. & the Outlaw's "Charlie" came right off Brando's back! These clubs have come along way, created a reality of their own that they are proud of. And yes, we should respect them for being the best at their thing. But we should not turn respect into emulation because we have a history of being the best at our thing: riding, having fu n & turning bummers into mardi gra's! Mail-order? I got my charter from THE man who founded THE club that created the image they still copy. T-shirt club? Is THE jersey worn by THE bikers their founders movie heros were trying to portray less elegant than a plagiarized patch on a vest designed to hide? Dylan impersonating Elvis 'd be an insult to both. Boozefighters in 1% rags are an insult to both - & 1%rs aren't famous for tolerating insult. Why make trouble? We are famous for turning bummers int o parties. If you wanna do the opposite fer crissake join a club that specializes & earn some respect. I'm ashamed when bikers buy me beer 'cuz I didn't earn it. The Originals paid for it, many with their health & some with their lives. It would be a horrible disservice to turn BFMC into a 1% club, a yuppy, nostalgia or "Bros" club! The way to repay them is to keep their traditions: to ride, treat each other like family & have so much fun others join in. If you have some other agenda expect alot of flak from Bros who what BFMC stands for! We dont talk about making it the #1 club cuz that's already been done! BFMC is the #1 club, grandaddy of all! Let others compete for the title of #1 Major Corporation or Brando impersonator. We respect them but we don't need to imitate them any more than Wilt the Stilt needs to imitate a football star. We are the class in our league! Show it like Willy would have done: turn some bummer into a wild celebration that everybody remembers, not vice versa. And when anybody buys your patches a beer, drink it to the original Boozefighters; the real outlaw bikers that started it all.
Hempster: I know I have been out of pocket for a while, but I have an explanation (not an excuse, as there are none). You know that my bike is so old that it has stone wheels. I mean, hell, anymore an '88 is considered an antique, isn't it. But, I still like it!
I had a very, very small oil seep under the front jug base gasket, not a problem (except to a perfectionist) but I decided in the midst of El Nino to fix it. I got with old brother Dusty and were going to tear it down, and then in March we had the perfect weekend, so I took it out of the shop and rode with the Motley Crew up the Feather River Canyon to Belden Town. We had a real good time, and on Monday morning me and the bike reported back to Dusty for work. ( he said it was the first time anyone had ever ridden one into his shop and then tore it down.)
You are aware, of course, that taking your motor apart, when it runs good, is like dismembering one of your children. It looked awful, like a wounded hero having surgery. This was the motor that had hauled my fat butt from Little Rock to Merans, New York and back to California. This was the motor that I had slept by in rest stops, that had (when I was single) taken several young and beautiful ladies for rides, that had pulled me and everything I owned over the mountains, across the flatlands, up and down the back roads and freeways of this great nation of ours. This was the motor that had been my constant companion for the past ten years, this was the motor that survived being run over by a drunk guy in a van. My friend and ally (in doing get-aways) for 85,000 miles on the road. The one thing in my life that I never doubted would always be there for me. The only problems I had ever had with that motor was : a blown rear head gasket at 800 miles (fixed by Jones HD in Little Rock); failure of the rubber intake seals from using gasahol (a solid intake cured that); and a brain fart after it was hit (points solved that). I left NY and the only tool I had with me was a Proto screw driver on my key chain for stubborn pop-top beer cans. I changed the oil in Victoria, Texas, and the next time was in Chico,California. This was rock solid motor and I had taken it apart. I was ashamed. Dusty thought I was an idiot!! Here is what we found: The cylinders had no ring groove and no taper, they just needed honing and miched standard. The pistons were cleaned with carb cleaner, you could see the machine marks on them still. Standard rings were so tight I though we might have to gap them. Kenny (the Z Man) did the valves and all they needed was cleaning, kissed with a stone and re-seated. (I resisted his tempting offer to do a "full job" and did a KISS - Keep It Simply Stock, or, Keep It Simple Stupid). The only trouble area was the front head gasket, it might of only lasted one more year. Now I was a happy camper. It turned over three times and fired up, gave one (and only one) puff of smoke from the oil in the cylinders from assembly, and smoothed out. I took it for a ride, Yipeeee! I got 300 miles on it and the rains returned. Now I am unhappy. I had done two things that I believe contributed to the longevity of my engine, changed the oil regularly and warmed it up completely before blasting off. Also, it IS the best engine that Harley has ever built. Willie G. told me that at Lake Leatherwood in '89. He said if it wasn't the best Harley had ever made, I'll still be riding a Shovel Head. We are a long way from the AMF days. So, my brother, if you have any pull (left) with The Most Merciful Almighty (or the weatherman -whoever is in charge of this stuff) would you be so kind as to ask him to send El Nino back to whence it was it came. I NEED to ride my motorcycle. Lets go to Bridgeport together! Your's in Brotherhood.
The DOT wants to hear from any FLH/FLT owner who has had an ignition switch failure. The switches can fail without notice while riding and the DOT considers this a serious vehicle safety hazard. I have had 3 failures on my bike. In July 1997 Harley-Davidson improved the contacts inside the existing switches, but in January 1998 they replaced the switch with one which includes the improved contacts, heavier gauge wires, and different solder sealant. Prior to the January 1998 switch, the switches were #93A; the new January 1998 switch is #93B.

Bob Young of the Dot is the man in charge of the investigation. He can be contacted at (202) 366-4806. He wants to hear from you and is gathering data to determine if the bikes should be recalled and have the new switch installed. You can also email him at RYOUNG@NHTSA.DOT.GOV.

The DOT has the official design change information, direct from Harley- Davidson, on the switches. If anyone wants the information related to this matter they can obtain it from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) Technical Reference Division at (202) 366-4941. Tell them you would like the public information related to investigations PE97-044 and EA98-009.
K Yale
Subject: Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 07:16:20 -0700 From: "Terry Rust " To: "Dave Hemp"

Hempster: You guessed her chester. I did get the Waves. I don't have time for that and yes I did save a couple of them and Yes I will have a drink I need one pho sho. I have tried to get my fax to work and sometimes it does and most of the time it doesn't. I spent the whole friggen day and nite on it. Here it is 7AM and I will be at it again, I am bugging Gateway. It looks like rain again. and by the way the Beave and I want to ride 3 flags with you guys and of course we can use your new trailer to haul them to Mexico for the ride. Right. Even if you won't ,can't,or are way to weak for a 700mi. day and must hit checks and all the good stuff, I am most happy to show off your trailer. I will rent it for a nominal fee and I do mean nominal like a penny or less a mile. Seriously why have a Harley trailer when you have a Harley? No wonder you have trouble looking at your little Old Pee Pee. I can't talk. My love handles are so large and loose I can't get my hands around them to scratch my ass. Well I have got to go so from the heart of my bottom or I mean from the bottom of my heart, have a nice day, if you ever get out of bed. Crusty
Subject: Uncle Willy Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 08:09:35 -0700 From: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc." Organization: http// To: Terry Rust References: 1

Crusty, It's because it's a 26 ft car trailer for the studebaker = a wide body like me - and NO you road butchers can't touch it - even if you come out to see it - you can't touch it! I am setting it up as the king of trailers - very high tech & organized, clean, beautiful - I am only keeping the car just so I have a reason for the trailer! something to put in it - this is what I bought the big dually for - for this trailer.. And after you asphalt demons see how many times you can roll it .... I'll look like a gypsy tryin to steal sumpin every time I go somewhere!

Now as far as not seeing uncle willy any more ... with this new Viagra I should be able to ring door bells with it ..... gain another 100lbs.
Uncle Dave (Doc Hemp)
Subject: Ann Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 23:59:58 EDT From: LCandreva To:

Enjoyed the letter from Ann. Reminds me of our trip to Laughlin last month.. What a dissapointment a bunch of skin heads, wantabe biker Yuppies everywhere, and women all over trying to get a ride on a Harley, and some couldn't because they did not have a helmet. Low and behold when we went back to the Edgewater to leave, someone had ripped off my helmet, so I rode Laughlin without a helmet, but the good news is it wasn't my pink helmet they stole. In 27 years riding with Tom it is the first time anything has ever been stolen off our bike, I felt so violated, just think so many years ago they thought we were the scum of the earth.

Ann get your Harley ride, you will love it...
P.S. Laughlin after so many years is not the image of a true biker run like it used to be, next year we will not be there.
Subject: Small World Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 08:02:06 -0700 From: "A., B. & C. Strickland" To:

Was surfin for MonarchsMC (in HI, a friends Old Man works TNT Tattoo) and ran across your site. Think it's GREAT! I'll be passin this one on "fur shur"! Spent a lot of time here, and woulda passed, but ran across a ref in your bio to my Uncle Bill and Aunt Jean, up in New Market. Couldn't believe it, and just had to comment. They're great people. Just ANOTHER confimation of my "Small World" theory. That's a long story. Any way, thought if you ever wanted to know a little bit about Fitzgerald (a VERY unique little town), I'm sure you heard Uncle Bill speak of it, go to you'll find a good link there. Ride free, and keep the rubber side down.
OKC Hawgrydr
You will have to give us the long version too! This is what is so cool about the internet - I don't get any mail from SDA's as a rule as we haven't been (of the flock) for many years. And you know how they shun non SDA's. You Uncle Bill & Aunt Jean were never that way = that's why we sent $160 for their retirement dinner even though we didn't go.
Hope to hear from you again, What kind of bike are you riding? Sounds like a Harley too!! U No the lingo!
Doc Hemp
Subject: Fun Sites Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:58:36 -0500 From: Ann Smith Organization: Houston Area League of PC Users To:

I discovered your site & the Music Room last year when looking for "cartooning" - followed links to your son's cartoons - then on to yours.
The music collections & other links brighten my internet access - have some of your links in my "bookmarks" & frequently send them to friends in e-mail messages.
Thanks for your informative facts (dentistry) and the good fun that accompanies it. I guess that I always wanted a Harley (or at least to ride one), but will just keep it a dream, unfulfilled - in Houston, TX - computing is a much safer pass-time.

C. David Hemp DDS Inc. wrote:

> Ann,
> maybe you can find a nice BIKER to give you a ride! You can just sit > back & relax. Go to a local HOG meeting = ask for a ride some day = > tell them Doc Hemp told you to do it.
> Thanks for the kind words also!
> Doc Hemp

Subject: Re: Fun Sites Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:17:23 -0500 From: Ann Smith Organization: Houston Area League of PC Users To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc." References: 1 , 2

Thanks so much for your nice reply! You know, I had not throught about asking for a ride on a Harley. Several times a year, a goup gathers at the mall where I walk for exercise, and it looks like a hundred or more bikers there (I think that they ride to raise money for Jerry's kids). Once, I left the mall as some of them were starting their trek - looked in my rear view mirror at a stop light & saw a big chow dog at the handle bars - with goggles on - I have seen that pair in a newspaper photograph, too! That was quite an image! Next time I see the bikers there, I will mention your name. (I am a fairly healthy 72 years of age, so had better start soon, if I'm ever to ride a HOG.)

I was fascinated by your photos of your cosmetic dentistry cases. I have had dental problems all my life - had buck teeth that kids made fun of - was 16 before my family could afford an orthodontist (Dr. A.P Westfall). They didn't have the great techniques then, and at age 21 I had the upper front teeth pulled & the bone was chipped away for my bridge of 6 teeth. Wouldn't have had to loose those healthy teeth if they had had the techniques that you use now. One California dentist I met at a seminar in Canada wanted me to go to a specialist he knew for reconstruction of my mouth & jaw (he photographed me, but I didn't follow through - this was when I was 59). I am happy for the young people who can be benefitted by esthetic dentistry now. Thanks again, and I will look forward to visiting your web sites & links for a long time!
Ann Smith
Subject: Cool Page!! Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:27:33 -0700 From: Maurice Siermachesky Organization: A.V. Rods To:

Hi Dave & Becky
Just surfing the net and checked out your neat web page. That's some sense of humour you have!! LOL!! You have got some really neat hobbies also! Where is the furthest you and Beckey have been on your bike? Keep up the good work!
Maurice & Joan
PS> You reminded me to make a dentist appointment! Thanks!
Subject: A freind of yours told me . . . . Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:23:46 -0700 From: Cowboy To:
Hey Dave!
Louise and I ran into (not literally) your buddy Sailor while bikin' in Chico-- He said to tell you . . . um . . . well he put his hands to the sides of his head, thumbs touching head, fingers waiving . . . .
Anyway, he wanted me to tell you he "said" that . . . and something about owing him a cigar . . . .
Ron Kagan (GL1500) (0 NO! A honda on these sacred pages) Hee-hee!
-- "He who laughs last had to have his wife explain the joke."
Subject: FLH ignition switch failures Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 23:17:58 EDT From: KYale To:

Please post in your newsletter.
The DOT wants to hear from any FLH owner who has had an igition switch failure. Contact Bob Young of the DOT @ (301) 590-1218.
H-D had a new 1998 switch to correct the problem and the DOT wants them to do a recall and install the new switch on all FLHs.
Subject: Dave and Becky-Harley's Fever Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 02:27:21 -0300 From: "EACF" To:

Hi folks, I'm a Brazilian doctor and Navy oficer, and I love this wonders.I would be very happy receiving your answer.I intend to buy my first harley when i came back home (now I'm in King George Island, near South Pole). If possible, I'd like to talk with you again.Please send your answer to subject "BARRA", my family's name ok?
So long and keep riding!
Subject: Ananheim Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 17:14:43 +0000 From: "Roberto J. Sepulveda, DDS" To:

Hey Doc! Just "wandering" if you'll be at the Anaheim Meeting.
I'm all set for Laughlin and Anaheim. Anaheim is more like a family outing (the kids spent most of the time at Disney and with their cousins).
I have my engine broken in and its running perfect. I was only able to get 2,500 miles this winter but that go enough for me.
Even business is racking in the miles. El nino was good for the practice.
Later, Roberto
Below is a friend of ours 47 - 74 c.i. Knuckle Head for sale. It has roller lower end, unleaded valve seats, stock except for mechanical updates. The price is $30,000. firm - serious inquiries only - you must email me (Doc Hemp) with a bonifide returnable address before I release her phone #. Serious Inquiries only. (Sorry Guys, She's Married)

Dr Dave/USA

Dear Dave & Becky,
glad you liked the pin! We´re all right here, but the last three months were hot as hell since the government changed rules for dentistry (once again the fourth time in ten years!) and payment so it has been hard work these last months! Anyway, there´s a silver stripe on the horizon right now, weather is slowly getting better and we had our annual chapter-brunch on Dyck Castle yesterday - with almost eighty guests from four chapters - that´s a record! It rained only HALF the day this time - a 100% improvement to last year, hee-hee! I guess Wolf will put the pictures onto our internet site so you can watch them in the next days. We also finally found the time to establish the first three pages of my own page - well, I guess we still have some work to do. Check it out from our cool links page - you can see a view of my practice located in a 300year old cottage!
Because of all the new rules mentioned above we had to cancel our trip to spain - I planned to be there right now, ridin´in the sun! Well, shit happens! Maybe we find some time for a trip in autumn - maybe in california?
Hey, my son Mike junior and I are also railroad enthusiasts! But the one we are building is N-Scale - hee-hee! We are building on a U-form layout for five years now!
O.K. my friend, that´s the news for today!
See ya on the road
Doc Mike
Subject: MAMA*S 95TH BIRTHDAY Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 19:37:17 From: "William R. Rogers" To:

Dear Dave and Becky, Just love your webb site, Have a white and blue 97 springer myself. And took my Mom on her first ride, on her 95th birthday this past spring. She*s at Spring Hill Fla. and I leaavea the springer down there till this spring,saves hauling it back and forth. But what really drew me in to your webb was the curiosity I have for Old studebakers. Mom, inherited a 1930 Sedan which was just a tad on the bodacious side with the front chauffer*s quarters open and the back enclosed. It was l939 and My father was real ill, hung on till 1946. So only Mom worked as an R.N. Needless to say we couldn*t afford gas for the inheritance, and it just sat out there for us kids to play in. But it lead to a long line of Studebakers which we could afford. 194l, 1946 which my brother rolled in a cemetery, bulletnose 1951 6 with od, As i grew older I had a l960 Lark v8, 1963 Lark v8 and a l965 Daytona, which everone thought it was a Mercedes. Had to say Hi and hope to see you in Sturgis, we were there in 93 and 95 and 97.
Subject: sturgis Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 23:06:55 +0000 From: Bobby Ruiz To:

Truly enjoyed your message..We have gone to Sturgis for past eight years plan on making it nine this year.Long ways from Georgia but work the walk..Your article on riding and freedom of it was beautiful...touched a special place.. Best of Luck hope to see you on Sturgis this year.
thanks for the kind words! It's email like yours that makes the web site worth it!! I will post your message in Harley reading room 4a. Please keep in touch! Maybe see us at the Game Keepers Lodge in Custer Park. Dave (doc) Hemp
Subject: Wino Willie and the Boozefighters Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 19:28:06 EST From: TrafSafety To:

I really enjoyed your web site while I was researching the Boozefighters. Can you give me some history on the Boozefighters such as where the name originated and how it relates to the 2 cam racers of the 1920's? I understand Wino Willie was the founder of BFMC, but finding out the earliest facts is difficult even from BFMC members who can recite the Hollister 1947 event and say they are the "Original Wild Ones" and that they were established in 1946 and so on. I understand that many of the "clubs" began as WW 2 vets not willing to settle down to life as it was before the war. Some clubs can even be traced back to units they served in within the military. It appears Boozefighters had an influence on the French motorcycle community since many refer to Boozefighters in their "for sale" ads of antique scooters on the Internet. Allow me to thank you now for your help. Or if you could send me in the right direction, that to would be appreciated. Take care and stay free....
Maybe you can answer a question for me - The Boozefighters sounds like AA or against alcohol - but it obviously wasn't that - I know nothing about it - but - we will put your email up in our Harley Reading Room 4a & we will eventually find someone that knows about it = I will also forward your email to the legal mouthpiece of the biker community "Sailor" He knows just about everything all bikers - plus he's older than dirt! And twice as ugly! Hee-hee!
Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: Wino Willie and the Boozefighters Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 22:06:14 EST From: TrafSafety To:

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, Doc. My first thoughts upon hearing the name "Boozefighters" made me think A.A. also. However after riding with these bros a few times I can assure you the "fight against booze" is not in their vocabulary.
The information I can gather is that they are currently a social riding club made up of chapters from around the country. Most of the members I've met are mostly concerned with the enjoyment of riding and the brotherhood associated with it. It just seems to me there is a rich history here. Thanks for movin' my e-mail forward...I'll keep you up on anything I find. TCSF
I have since found out the Boozefighters were the original Wild Ones! And if rumor is right - the Hell's Angels split off from them. Doc Hemp.
Subject: Laconia NH Bike Week Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 17:28:59 -0500 From: "Alicia Gorrell" To:
I just want to let you folks know about an exciting time that the Winnipesaukee HOG chapter has set up for you during Laconia Bike Week at Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center. June 17, has been set up for HOG members. We will start your reception with a barbecue with all the summer fixings. Then at about 7pm, we have scheduled a concert with The Marshall Tucker Band and Little Feat. You will get your welcome packet, that includes a commemorative tee shirt, combining both the Harley 95th and Laconia 75th. You get all this and more, for only $55pp. Please give us a shout, and we mail you a form to be completed, and confirm your reservation. Also, let us know what we can do to build the interest in your chapter. Thank you, Alicia Gorrell
1-888-5MEADOW Fax 1-603-528-3826
Subject: Trip to Sturgis Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:02:15 -0600 From: Jim and Mary Wanie To:
This is our first time on the internet. The first thing we went to was Harley and your trip. We enjoyed your pictures. Hope to see you at the 95th and at Sturgis in 98. Thank you!
Harley Riders from Northern Wisconsin
Subject: Ramblers Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 22:25:46 EST From: BadTom1 To:

I'm not going to hope to hard to see you at the Rambler's Chili Cook-Off on April 18 at Chico Billiards since that is Kool April Nites weekend, but sure hope to see you July 18-19 at Wildwood. I think you will have fun and maybe see some of your old friends. It only gets better every year, even last year many riders showed up on Friday to get their favorite camping spot, even have hook ups for RV's (Linda drove the RV last year, but this year she'll have to practice for that winding road because the new RV is much bigger). Tom
Subject: Sturgis Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 12:15:45 -0800 From: tempelco To: "''"
Hey guys we enjoyed your web site. We will be going down this year for our first visit on bikes and we were wondering if you could give us a date to go down, is it the first week in August or the last week of July? Also, how many days does it go on for? Thanx, Aaron and Stacey
Subject: Harley Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 07:46:50 -0800 From: "JOHN BERNARD KIHM" To:
I have a nice 36' Chri Craft sleeps six all of the extras, lookin to trade it for a Harley, somewhere around 18,000.00 Value. Thanks
-----Original Message-----
From: C. David Hemp DDS Inc.
To: Rod Simmons
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 8:54 PM
Subject: Re: B.A.D. CHARIOTS

>Rod & Connie,
>Thanks for the kind words, it's email like yours that makes us do what >we do!
>You gave a clinic # = what kind of clinic are you in? >I will put your message up in the Harley Reading Room shortly - minus >the address & phone #"s.
>We will definitely have to get together the next time we are there!
>We've been the past 4 out of 5 years. Will prolly go again this >summer. For now we have reservations at the Game Keepers lodge in >Custer St Park for the week before & during.
>Doc Hemp

Subject: Re: B.A.D. CHARIOTS Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:35:18 -0800 From: "ROD" To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Thanks for the get back.

I run a General Practice Medical Clinic here in Faith, SD. It's the most isolated clinic in the state, 104 miles to a hospital. I'm trained as a Physician Assistant. SD had a hard time recruiting Doc's out to these rural areas so they started using PA's. I'm out here by myself, see anything from sewing up cowboys, stabilize heart attacks, fractures, colds, and occasional emergency delivery, and a lot of preventive medicine

Was raised on a ranch close to here, really like the life style and the people. When I was a kid Doc Stone on Gunsmoke was one of my heroes. Always wanted to be a small town Doc. US Army, changed that plan, got married, didn't have time or money for med school so trained as a PA. Being so isolated, end up doing 90% of it, the rest I stabilize and fly out or by ground ambulance.

Being raised so close to Sturgis, I've always envied you guys who get to ride in every year so the last five years a couple of us leave a week before Sturgis and ride a big loop out into the northern Rockies down to SW Colorado and back to SD. During bike week ride in the hills and badlands. By the end of bike week need to get back to work to get rested.

Faith is right on US 212 and we catch a lot of the MN, MI, crowd on their way to the rally. I have my garage set up as a small bike shop and ever once in a while will work on one of their bikes. Have met some fantastic folks.

Not to sound redundant, really enjoy reading your work, don't know how you find time for dentistry.

You've really had an adventurous life. Sometimes it's like I'm reading Forrest Gump, Tom Sawyer, Eddie Rickenbacker, John Wayne, Teddy Roosevelt etc....all balled into one.

Apology, I cheated and did read for Dental Students only, good reading for all, wish I could have read that 25 years ago.

Not to bore you any longer. Keep having fun, (1)Don't sweat the small stuff, (2)it's all small stuff.((good book))

Next time you are in Hill City, check out the Alpine Inn, one of the top places to eat in the hills.

Rod & Connie Simmons
Subject: Re: MERRY XMAS-HAPPY NEW YEAR! Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:59:38 -0500 From: "RAT'S HOLE GANG" Organization: Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Shows World Wide To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"

HARD TO BELIEVE.. I JUST SAW YOUR XMAS CARD.. SORRY CAME IN ON MY BUSINESS CONPUTER...WOW....MERRY XMAS.. KARL BDR. C. David Hemp D.D.S wrote: To all our friends that visited our B.A.D. Chariots & Dental Site this past year - Have a "KULE YULE & A FRANTIC FIRST!" Dave (doc) & Becky Hemp
Long time no see! We will have to set it up where I can get in touch with you at Sturgis next year or visa versa. Please check out BAD Chariots again = much new stuff! I am having a Steam Locomotive built = will haul 100 people - large enough for 2 adults to sit inside the cab = see it being built on this site. = 15" Gauge.
Had over 1 million hits last year on all our sites total. Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: MERRY XMAS-HAPPY NEW YEAR! Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 00:11:02 -0500 From: "THE RAT'S HOLE GANG" Organization: THE RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS World Wide To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc." References: 1 , 2 , 3
> STURGIS ALMOST LOST ME.. They gave me a contract that said Karl you pay $8 to 10,000 $$ to come.. Well H-D Bill in Rapid City told them we will go there and Phil the New SRR went to bat for me and now I'm back with a normal contract..
Your train site is really going to be something great.. BUT again I could not see the attach.. said this Your plug-in type is text/x-vcard. Netscape doesn't know of a plug-in for your plug-in type. I put 4.04 in my shop conputer BUT not sure I like it I have not done it here at home...Not too good at this yet. 1 million hits WOW Thats alot..
I had something happen to my pages and lost all my bookmarks.. all I have is the stuff that comes with the program..and I had so many good ones..
I will be at the ..... Motel on the end of town..1st exit.and two shops 1057 main st.. See Ya.. Karl
the attachment is just a business card = you can see it with 4.0 = no big deal = you should be able to double click up to the train site though.

Glad U got the Sturgis thing worked out - you are a legend in Harley Davidson lore! Have to keep you around!

the million hits was the total of all 80 urls = is still a lot though. Keep in touch. Doc Hemp
Thanks for the comp on -

they need me around..

Sometimes the way Daytona is acting they do not care.. I lost my two trips that I put on Shows in Italy,, they say its the money factor.. Oh Well..Can not stop and see my little German girl friend.. Last year I had 7 trips to Germany/italy etc..I took a look at your main page and you have done alot.. will go back later.. See ya.

Subject: B.A.D. CHARIOTS Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:16:17 -0700 From: "Rod Simmons" To:

Just wanted you to know, really enjoy reading your work and your philosophy on the American Biker. I was raised 40 miles from Sturgis and have been going to the rally for forty years(-6 years I spent in the Army). It is interesting how the media portrays the rally. You would think that us bikers are out raping and pillaging the whole week. Truth of the matter is, I feel safer on the streets of Sturgis during bikeweek than I could in a lot of our other cities. Keep up the good work, keep the greasy side down. I currently live 70 miles NE of Sturgis, Look us up, and if you ever need anything while your in this part of the country, give us a hoot. I live in Sturgis the whole week.
Rod & Connie Simmons
Subject: wow!!!!! Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 06:53:00 -0600 From: "S. J. SERVER" To:

Came across your web site and all I could say was WOW, something new and fresh for the HARLEY enthusiast. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. And always keep in mind that HARLEYS are the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be.


Subject: Re: got you r link on. Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 17:16:13 -0800 From: "John's mail" To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."
I have put your link on our page. You have sure spent a lot of time on your site. Happy motoring . PS. You should try and come up to our Get Acquainted party at the Luginbuhl Ranch in Mt. Shasta July 18th. & 19th. Check with us when it gets closer and I'll send you our flyer to pass out. John Medeiros...............
Subject: Web Page Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 14:14:33 EST From: MonarchsMC To:
Hey Doc,
Just got done checking out your page, cool, I haven't gotton all the way thru yet but I will. What I'm doing is checking out site to put on our page for links I'll definetly be addindg yours. Sure hope you'll check ours out and add it to your links

(Below is the Monarchs colorfull Patch I included here from their site)
Doc Hemp

Subject: The important things in life. Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 18:32:14 -0800 From: One of the Mentzers Organization: Home To:

Hello from Kim & Jim Mentzer,

Knowing what to write seems difficult yet so easy. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your site. Feel like I have found two new friends.

We are owners of two Studebakers( '48 and '49 LandCruisers) as well as two Harleys. Read your page and could not have said it better. We both ride and are members of the Grand Rapids MI HOG group.

If ever in the Holland, MI area drop us a note ahead of time just in case we can be of any help to you. Will visit your page again. Have to come back when Kim is home to see it for herself.
Thanks for the page. Jim

Subject: Senator "Nighthorse" Campbell Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 08:43:30 -0800 From: Randy Davis Organization: Sundstrand Corporation To:

Hi Doc and Becky,

I was just surfing the web looking for some info and come across your page. It was a joy to see and read your mentioning about Senator Campbell. Thought you might enjoy this pic of my 1992 FLHTC rig which was originally owned by the Senator himself. It still has his "Senator Campbell" placard on it. I happened across it on consignment at the Freedom Harley-Davidson Dealer while on a business trip in Colorado. It was exactly what I was looking for, right down to the color. Put a down payment on it, flew home to Rockford IL, made arrangements to rent a panel truck in Denver(it was mid February), bought a one-way ticket, flew back to Denver, picked it up and hit the road. My wife and I were also in Strugis with this rig in 1996. Although I still own it, it is regrettably for sale.
Randy Davis

Subject: great page Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:03:40 EST From: Too Harley To:

WOW - what a great page !! Best ive ever seen.. You R to B commended. Say hello to my friends Dick & Fran & Steve & Gayla. Tom Gannon Stockton HOG

1998 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SOFTAIL CUSTOM (Picture Attached) Donation $25.00 per ticket Only 1200 tickets will be sold Drawing to be held June 21, 1998 at the Sugar Hill Town Hall at 5:00 PM (Drawing will be held earlier if all tickets are sold sooner.) Winner need not be present to win Winner may take $13,000 cash instead of the motorcycle
Tickets by mail: Sugar Hill Fire Department PO Box 574 Sugar Hill NH 03585 Cash, checks and major credit cards accepted
For information call 603 823 5031 or E-Mail

Subject: Life on the beach. Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 09:22:40 -0600 From: "Big Johnson" Reply-To: <> To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."
!Hola my brother!
Yes, it has been a while hasn't it? Well the Air Force has actually been putting my ass to work lately (the nerve!). I was planning to drop a line once my pictures from Mardi Gras came back. Sweet-ever-loving-Jesus that was a party of Titanic proportion (we'll discuss things going down later...). I'll include a more detailed account of the lechery when I e-mail the pictures to you. Sufficed to say I think I hit a new low, I was ultra-debauched, it was a beautiful thing. As you can see I am in an exceedingly good mood. There are crystal clear blue skies above, friendly tourist women wandering about in Bikinis, and a freshly waxed bike waiting to see what awaits over the horizon. So how is life in California? How goes the good life of the tooth jockey? How is Sailor? As for other minutiae. . . I think my restoration process on the Sporty is almost done. With the recent purchase of a Del 'Orto carb, and some kicker work done I think she will fire up and run almost every time now. All that remains are the basics - tires, brakes, & chain. Then I can begin with bells & whistles like a bigger tank, & wide glide forks. So far the riding isn't as phenomenal as NM, MT, but oh well. Until the Mardi Gras update, !Vaya con Dios! - Toad

Keep those cool wave files comin in = you can see I've used a ton of them on the website!! I will forward this to Sailor - your return to sender is not working = needs some massaging = neophytes may have problem. Wet here in CA! that fugging El Ninio dude!
Subject: Re: Rally Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 12:55:56 EST From: SOLIS10 To:
Hey doc,
I'm not a very good typist, I'm a one finger guy so be an understanding type guy.
I won first place in the custom class, I fell in to a category that was judged by three guy's from a car club in Redbluff.
As far as i know the run this may is just a chapter run but it should be a lot of fun they usually are. I will be going to tulare, I started prospecting for the the humpers, they are a good group.
Well I got to go for now - the sun is coming out and I got to go out for a ride! Sunshine is a rare thing these day's!
later bro duke

Subject: Australian Combined Harley Davidson Tours Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 18:01:32 +1100 From: Victor Zurek Organization: apm To:
Greetings from Melbourne (yeh I know,"were's that") During the last five years we have had enquiries from H.O.G. clubs and individuals, from around the world,regarding self-ride Harley Davidson tours in Australia.No luck, nobody did them, until now.This is just to inform the clubs and members that Australian Combined Harley tours now offer 3-21 day tours. You can find us on-line at or Ph +613 95579122 fax +613 95574258 For those with the icq program our No is 2979824 The attached file is just some basic info' and costs. look forward to showing you the "Harley riders" Australia. Vic Zurek (director)
Subject: Australian Combined Harley tours Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 08:45:04 +1100 From: Victor Zurek Organization: apm To:
G'day Dave and Becky Trying to download the file you sent,but netscape says it doesn't know of a pluggin to do it (who is this netscape anyway,and were does he live?)We must have the Australian version. Will seek help from one who knows,no,not god,one step down,the computor wiz. I am looking through your sight,it's an epic journey,the "Ben Hurr" of sites,great. Regards Vic
Subject: New Zealand Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 15:42:29 +1100 From: Victor Zurek Organization: apm To: David and Becky Hemp
Dear David I am in the wrong business, iam going into real estate in New Zealand.I don't know your friend in NZ, but a large amount of Kiwis live here,they come for our good beer and wild women,and stay. If you ever get the chance to tour NZ, go, one of the best places on the planet.Great roads,reasonable beer and friendly folk. Must be done on motorcycle,and only during summer,Jan,Feb. We are trying to organise tours combining Australia and New Zealand,but at this stage we can only find Triumph tours in NZ. Could make an interesting combination though, what do you think? Regards Vic
David Lane wrote:
Gidday mate,
This is your most Southern corrospondent reporting in from way deep down in the Southern Pacific islands of New Zealand.
Here is the news:
(1) What a co-incidence your e m was. I have a mate who going over to Austraila next week who wants to hire a HD for about a week. I have already sent an e m enquiry to Aust. asking the guy about his charges etc.
(2) Re your paint job: I swear by a paint system called "Dulon'' made by Dulux Paints.(I think it's British made). 9 vintage cars out of 10 use this system in NZ. The paint system is both hard and enduring. I had a total of 20 coats applied from bare metal. The great thing about the Dulon is when you get a stone chip your inclined to get a small deep hole only and touch ups are usually done with a tooth pick to fill the hole up. The Epiglass 2 pot system is great to start with but fades or goes a yellow ting in the course of time due to the ultra violet. Just be a little careful that if the job is not done right you will have problems later with bubbles, and "orange peal" and simply not adhereing. The paint job I had done on my Heritage tank is suffering from bubbles in one small area. If you go back to bare metal by cemical striping, you must make sure that the panels are washed throughly by extended cold water rinsing and followed by careful neutralising.
(3) My valves are in and the car is running so cool man. I might even pick up Harry & Paula from the airport if it's fine. What a difference in horse power. I am going to add an upper cylinder lube in the petrol each time I fill up from now on.This will prevent the heavy carbon build up in and around the valve stems which causes the valve not to close properly when under extreem work load.

Must away my friend, hope the above is of some help. G. Night.
Your shadow



U guys R 2 Kool, 2 Kool, 2 Kool!!!
I have been adding that stuff to each tank full since that cruddy gas came out!! I do forget once in a while but hope there is always some in the tank!
Thanks for the tip on the paint! Maybe when U all see it it will be presentable! R U going to the 95th for sure? We are thinking of going too maybe ... HOG tales has that new campground for 20,000 opening up we thought we might sign up for. I might bring the Stude 2! We could ride around in that for a couple hours. Am having a 26' trailer being custom built right now that has an 8' spring assisted pull down ramp door up front on the side so we can put the Stude in the back & ride 2 Harleys up sidways in front of it!! I could ride the bike while Becky drove the truck. Hee- hee! From there we would go on to Cincinati Ohio to visit our soninlaw who is studying to become a Profusionist at Christ Hospital (they run the heart lung machines during bypass surgeries) Hope mine can wait till he gets hired out here in Redding!
If we go to Milwaukee we will prolly skip Stugis - but no big deal (we have the Calvin Coolidge room reserved now anyway for 8 nights!, it will save us a bundle!), plus, we've been there 4 out of the past 5 years!
Where would U guys ship your bikes too? Los Angeles I would guess? I can't take more than 2 weeks at a time out of the office yet.
Your Alter Ego,
Dandy Dave (doc hemp)
Here is a poem forwarded to me by ole Sailor - Harley Rider Extraordinaire!!!
By Father D. E. O' Brian


"It is the Soldier, not the poet, who gives us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who gives us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the organizer, who gives us the freedom to protest.

It is the Soldier who serves beneath the flag, who salutes the flag and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who gives the demonstraters the right to burn the flag."

Victor Zurek wrote:
Dear David Australians tend to disagree with the notion that WE ride upside down.our compasses show that we are actually riding the right way up and you lot are upside down.The person who designed the compass got it wrong,swap the N for an S and that should put it right,simple! I have tried riding upside down a couple of times,the doctor asked me not to try it again. Regards Vic

Vic, Didn't U no? The small town of Millville CA with 800 souls is the top of the world!! It's all down hill from here!! Merle Haggard can't be wrong! He lives here! Hee-hee! doc
Subject: Re: North and South Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 08:38:02 -0800 From: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" Organization: To: Victor Zurek References: 1 , 2 , 3
Victor Zurek wrote:
Dear David
Life is full of learning and mystery.If Mr.Clinton or Mr.Gates (we're not sure who actually runs the country)can verify the top of the world,who are we to argue!! Vic


I love your sense of humor! But if Clinton said this was the top of the world "YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!!" We are riding our Harleys upside down!!

I was sent this photo of a 23lb Grasshopper that New Zealand farmer Barry Gisler shot with his .22 on his farm. Entomologists say at the time it was the largest rare mutation of this type they had ever seen! But a couple larger ones have been captured since - read on after the photo!

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:35:58 +1300 From: David Lane To:

We have many types of grasshoppers in NZ. This particular record breaker one has been superceded for size many times since the Reefton one. The current record for a Calecus Grasshopper stands at 32.5 lbs found in Maungawhau. It was trapped alive in a goat trap and given to the local Zoo.
We have a famous competition here in NZ which is known world wide for the wealthy tourist during the summer months. It comprises of shooting a minimum ten pointer Stag, catching a deep sea Marlin (to be tagged and returned to the sea), catching a Brown Rainbow Trout, and shooting a Calecus Grasshopper. All this has to be achieved in just 24 hours. The rules of the competition allows any form of transport like helicopter, speed boat, amphibian plane etc. You are allowed all the personal assistance you can muster. Entry fee costs NZ$10,000. The winner takes all at the end of the competition. A full bag is only achieved about once each year.

Great that you got a postcard from Harry & Paula. Yes we had fun. Got your music room. Thanks mate. Our budgies just go berserk when they hear it. Also to the cybo who had a problem with reading the compass upside down while driving down under. What a load of old cobblers. We have had available free of charge from any New Zealand Automobile Association office, Southern Hemisphere reversal cards which will cover the existing Northern Hemisphere compasses. To the modern traveller with the electronic GPS, this is best viewed by holding a mirror above the LCD screen and simply ignore the N & S latitudes & longitudes calibrations, and mentally substitute it with S & N declinations. One note of caution, don't use your mobile phone at the same time. Not good!
And finally, contrary to lots of comments about our moon, it is upside down and we often see American tourists with their backs to the moon bending down and looking up through their legs. Catch you soon,

Reverend David Lane
Subject: Re: Sharing your trip Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:19:10 -0500 From: "Bill Walchesky" To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"
Doc & Becky,
Lucy and I are from the Pittsburgh area. We have a '94 Kaw Voyager XII and a '98 FLHTCUI. Took the Ultra down for it's 500 mile check-up yesterday. Having a Stage II kit installed and a trailer hitch. Plan on buying a trailer sometime before spring for those trips next year. Thanks again for the tips. Maybe we'll cross paths. Regards, Bill & Lucy Walchesky P.S. I've attached a JPEG of the new scoot.

Subject: Looking for more info on Jim Fator Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 08:48:15 -0800 From: (Harold McNamee) To:
Dear Dave and Becky,
Hi there! My mom stumbled across the two photographs that you posted of Jim and Dick Fator on their 1936 Indian Bonneville, 40's Triumph & 1931 Harley VL. They are great!!

As it turns out, Jim and Dick are my mom's cousins. She remembers Jim chasing her around on the 1936 Indian. Anyway, if you have an address, e-mail address, or any way that I can reach either of them, I would love to get in contact with them.

My name is Harold McNamee, and I live in Reno, Nevada. My mom's name is Mary McNamee (Massey was her maiden name). E-mail address:

Thanks again for the great photos!
Subject: Scooter Thrash Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 10:49:33 -0500 From: (Rick and Lynn Kuckenbecker) To:

I am new to the web, but knew some how that looking up scooter thrash would bring me to a page like yours. cool...
Subject: web site Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 21:56:37 +0000 From: david Carpenter To:

BEST site on the net.I have a 1945 HD.WL. Also 1948 Stinson airplane. Wife & I spent most of evening being entertained by you.
Thanks Dave &Carolyn
JSprad6589 wrote:
Hey Doc,
Amen to the line about sitting in a rest home spitting up lung butter.....I don't want my kids coming to the "Home" to tell me how financially rewarding their lives have been since I went in there.......LOL! Yeah...I never did the Enduro thing (Trials riding was a kick though), but I raced MX for a long time. Got to old for that (real quick to). Not sure how young you are (He said in a positive light), but for me it was back in the Bultaco/Penton/Maico days....Suspension was unheard of then.
In 1963 we were hill (or I should say cliff climbing) in Richie Canyon in Southern Calif. with 650 Triumphs!!!! Torn down to the tires! No Suspension PERIOD! is right - during dental school I worked nights on weekends to pay for my motorcycles which I wore out at one a year! I went over the top of one of those monsters first day full power when learning - short on the front! = up & over! Over the entire road on top & over the guys sitting up there on their bikes! The biggest crash of anyone my 4 years there! the back side was a dug out gravel pit hundreds of feet down, steep with soft gravel! Was glad I had a helmet on that time because after I knew what I was doing we never wore helmets! But I only had a tee shirt & shorts on - took literally 5-7 years for the road or gravel rash scars to go completely away! I held onto the handle bars all the way - was only a Honda Super 90 - brand new! First day! Totalled it & the helmet. Crazy! I was the big jumper in those days - 40 - 50 feet was monsterous then! I broke so many foot pegs off! My Enduro stuff came here in Redding later with the good dirt bikes! Your Bultaco/maikos - I rode a big blue Yamaha IT 400! So suspension is relative! And I am really old! 54! - Doc Hemp
I think the sole purpose for hanging the tubing off the frame in front was to hold the rim/tire in place, and something to keep the "white knuckle bars" in place.....HaHa! That was real riding then.....No wonder I have back aches now..... Hey Doc. Question for you. I'm learning HTML. I've been working on consolidating my 'junk on AOL's Personal Publisher. Could you recommend a good book I might buy that could educate me (it can be done somedays) on HTML,JAVA, (?) CIG's(?) etc., We have a great 'puter store in Cincy and I'm sure I could get one if you have any recommendations. I'd really be interested in one that covers a wide range of languages.....
I started & learned with HTML FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB by Elizabeth Castro. (good as a starter but not advance at all) But I had a 24 yr old crackmaster teach me the stuff! I had him come over every monday night for a couple months! I still type it all in & cut & paste my stuff! I use Hot Dog as a vehicle to move my files around is all! The script (applett) you asked about is the Java!! Really cool - your commands are more in real english but with different slashes to change colors etc. It can't be copied off the applets that are on the pages through view source like html can be. ( you have to make all your own) Hot Dog will help you there too but hell I tried their's once & it didn't work - type my own stuff in & it's different than anybody elses anyway! Doc Hemp
Words of Wisdom? It's 5am EST.....Maybe I should give up this addiction for tonight.....It's been AL81 !! L8TR 4 Now Jim
Subject: WONDERFUL Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 20:15:44 -0500 From: "Cathy C. McMillan" "" Organization: New Prospect Elementary To:

My name is harry mcmillan from south carolina and your page has to be the best I have ever seen. You may have helped me convince my wife to go with me on a trip out west. I recently purchased a 1991 fatboy and would love to go out west(might have to trade for a road king to make the trip to Sturgis). Our home is not far from the Blue Ridge Park Way so if you ever have the opportunity to come this way look us up.
Thanks again for the wonderful pictures and account of your trip.
Subject: Yo Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 13:07:45 EST From: GaMedic842 Organization: AOL ( To:

I just wanted to submit my hawg to you picture show... It is a ' 79 Sportster, that I completely restored, and customized this summer. It is a 1000cc bored .40 over, super E carb, andrews cams. Fattened up and really running nice. Special thanks to Kenny Reynolds for the mouting bracket, Pat and Neal at Hawgwild for the engine work, really running sweet now, guys. This is me on the plains outside of Sturgis this year... I met some really good people there, that helped me work some bugs out, when it didn't want to go. Looking forward to next years trip. I love this website... has become one of my favorites.

Subject: Merry Christmas Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:34:55 -0800 From: To:
Hi Doc
Merry Christmas to you and Becky. Have a great riding new year. Tim, aka Spiderman - photo below.

Dear Doc&Becky
Sorry so late in reply. Its been hectic.8 grand kids just went home.Our Christmas Eve was white here in Kansas City.5" of snow,but warm about 32. I will have to wait until spring to send pictures,to cold and wet to get things out. I have a friend Art Linquist who was a Oral Surgeon. Art has a replica Fokker D-7,J-3,Baby Ace&Fairchild 24.He was a P47 pilot in WW2.I hope to send you a lot of pics when we come out of hibernation. Wish you and your loved ones a merry Cristmas and a happy new Year.May God keep you all safe and well.
David&Carolyn Carpenter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, December 23, 1997 SOURCE: UPI
Man smashes car into courthouse of Hell's Angel arraignment
[MONTREAL] A man has driven a car up the front stairs of a Montreal courtouse and rammed the front doors, as police prepared to arraign a leading figure in the Hell's Angel motorcycle gang. Witnesses say the man drove a blue Pontiac Firebird up a flight of ten steps and smashed through the glass doors of the courthouse. He then backed off and drove the car through another set of doors. A police officer outside the courthouse fired a single shot, but no one was injured. The 28-year-old man has been arrested and taken in for questioning. There is no word yet on the motive for the attack. Police have evacuated the courthouse and cordoned off the courthouse while a bomb squad examine the vehicle for explosives. Scheduled to be arraigned today is Maurice Boucher, said to be one of the most feared figures in the Montreal gangs. Boucher heads the Nomads chapter of the Hell's Angels, and is charged in the murders of two guards earlier this year. Police say 45-year-old Boucher was arrested about 8 p.m. Thursday night following a tip that he was responsible for the killings of guards Pierre Rondeau and Diane Lavigne. The two were ambushed and killed with semi-automatic weapons as they drove to or from their jobs at Montreal-area prisons. Police say the killings were not directed against the guards themselves, but against the system. The Hell's Angels have been at war with a rival gang called the Rock Machine in Quebec province. More than 50 murders attributed to the turf war prompted police to form a special unit, known as the Wolverines, to put an end to biker gang activity. The Wolverines have been effective in arresting members of both gangs, but police suspect the gangs' illegal commerce in drugs has continued from within the prison walls.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Oct 6, 1996 11:42 a.m. EDT) - A man and a woman died and at least 17 people were injured when a shoulder-fired anti-tank missile slammed into a Hell's Angels biker gang party in the Danish capital early Sunday, police said. Police said they would not name the dead until relatives had been informed. Three of the injured were in serious condition. The attack appeared to be the latest in a turf war in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland between the Hell's Angels and the rival Bandidos biker gang. Copenhagen police murder squad chief Kurt Jensen told reporters at the scene that the weapon used was a Swedish-made Carl Gustav shoulder-fired anti-tank missile, unleashed from a yard across the street into the back of the building. Jensen said that the rocket sliced through a beer tent set up in the backyard of the heavily-fortified Hell's Angels' clubhouse in the capital's blue-collar Noerrebro district before hitting a corner of the building. Police immediately launched raids on known Bandidos gang members throughout Denmark. A Bandidos member was arrested in July after a bungled bomb attempt on the Noerrebro clubhouse in which a 13-pound bag of explosives was hurled from a speeding car but failed to explode. Police recently banned parking in the vicinity of the building, fearing a car bomb attack. The annual "Viking Party" at the clubhouse was attended by at least 300 people, some of them visiting Hell's Angels from other countries, and had been under increased police surveillance at the time of the attack. Asked how the perpetrators had fired their weapon and made their getaway despite the police presence, Jensen replied: "That's a good question." He said the spent launcher and another containing a live missile ready for firing were found nearby and were of a type compatible with 12 stolen from a military weapons store in neighbouring Sweden in February 1994. Missiles identified as from the stolen batch were fired at two Hell's Angels clubhouses in Denmark last April. There was no visible damage from Sunday's attack to the front of the building but neighbors said the attack made a huge bang and set off the alarms of cars parked in the neighborhood. Police with automatic rifles slung high on their chests cordoned off several blocks around the clubhouse. The Bandidos and Hell's Angels have waged a bloody war for almost three years for control of territory. Police suspect that they have lucrative interests in drugs, prostitution and extortion. The two local gangs, each with fewer than 100 full members, are offshoots of U.S.-based groups with a wide European network.
Global Net work - you can access this story thru our Cool Links Room.
I put these last two in to remind all of us Harley Ridin Folk out there to becareful not to take everyone out there to lightly! Leave them alone, (don't ever ride into their club houses or campsites uninvited) treat them with respect & they will return the favor - especially for other Harley Riders. But this goes for the general public too.
Doc Hemp

1/2/98 - I just received the bad news that Pete Neilson, one of my old time Riding buddies & good friend was killed on 12/31/97 in an accident while on his Bike. Terri was not on the bike. Pete & his wife Terri were part of the original 18 or so along with me & Becky that began organizing & started Redding HOG Chapter in 1988 - 89.
Pete died doing what he loved doing best! Riding his Harley! He & Teri put on over 300,000 miles since we met them! Literally wore out 3 Bikes. He was one of the toughest individuals & yet one of the nicest I have ever met! If you were Pete's friend - you were a friend for life!
In 1988 - 92, Pete & Teri, Kenny Pool & Kim Hannah, Bill & Theresa Spain, Rick & Linda Boatwright, Duke & Brenda Solis, Me & Becky, Stu & Pat Cohen, Sherwood & Pat, Ed & Marion Fowler put on many thousands of wonderful miles together, before we all seemed to get so busy with our own endeavores. I last saw Pete at the recent MMA Toy Run where he gave me a huge bear hug! It was at Pete & Terri's I won the $100 at his ride & shoot - open to all motorcycle clubs some years ago. We're gunna miss you man! I will think of you every time I throw my leg over the saddle I promise!
Good bye my Friend!
Doc Hemp

Subject: Pete Nielson Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 11:53:25 EST From: BadTom1 Organization: AOL ( To:

Doc & Becky
Don't know if you know or not, but Pete Nielson died of injuries received in a motorcyle accident on the morning of 12/31 in L.A. Services will be next Saturday at his house, riders will meet at 10:00 am at Red Bluff Fairgrounds, call or e-mail for more info. we are in contact with the Humpers.
Tom and I were in L.A. when we got the message, we just got back last night.
Subject: My old friend Pete Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 23:00:52 -0800 From: "Sailor" To:
Sailor wrote:
My Brother:
You misjudge when you suggest that I might not know Pete Neilson. I have known Pete since before he was a Humper, since before he rode the blue softail with the dresser fenders, when the Humpers were the Thumpers. Since somewhere in the early '80s. I wear a ring Duke made for me. These are my people, my friends, my brothers - as you are my brother.
Sailor - you are the greatest! Sorry about not realizing we that have ridden so long & far over the years, have met & known so many! By at least face or name! And in Pete's case, as a good mutual friend!
I feel priviledged to have good friends in all strata, (areas) of society, with many different clubs, hobby groups, racers of cars, motorcycles & airplanes, politicians, bikers, etc.
If the cagers only knew that 99% of the bikers are just making a statement - "we don't judge or care what you look like - how much money you have - how new you bike is - what kind of bike you have - i.e. (MMA), if you were in prision. Join with us, ride with us, as you are & you will be accepted rich or poor as our brothers, sharing the dangers & excitement of life on the open road!" Doc Hemp
Pete and I -and many of our brothers- stood seven years ago and buried the pevious president of the Humpers MC. Damn, they got some bad luck! It was a warm day, that day, but I fear we will have a miserable day to pay a farewell to a good brother, as Pete was.
I have a zillion Pete stories (God knows, I must know everyone in this valley that rides a Harley), but they are going to have to wait until I can tell them, I am a little chocked at this moment, Chicago Bill (of the Reverand's MC) just called me earlier with he news of Pete's passing. (Nick, of the Reverand's MC, was the next message on my answering machine)
Some years ago, brother TeeDub, Bill Bushling and I lost a good brother (to a cage) and I said, "...God Damnit, we are running out of Brothers..." and TeeDub told me this: "...if we wore a memorey patch for even the good ones we have lost, we would look like an obituairy column..." We have lost some good ones. And, now we have lost one of the best.
Good-bye, my brother. You join some of the best there ever were.

Subject: Sailor Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 18:49:50 EST From: BB883 Organization: AOL ( To:
A rainy day, time to really peruse all your links. I see a lot of your mail is from Sailor so thought I'd let you know he survived New Year's Eve at Bambi. Of course my snoring and his passing gas gave Diane a sleepless night. Rev and Cindy were the life of the party, as usual. Since you chastised me about the lack of hits to the Chico Hog page I included the address in our Jan newletter. Our Spring Poker Run is going to take a west side route this year. Some thought it time for a change. Hope to see you both there.
I heard about Pete, all of our thoughts are with his family. He is now riding with TJ, no helmets, free, in the wind.
The Redding & Chico HOG have their seperate buttons from the BAD Chariots Site to hit to go to the respective sites. I just thought it would be nice to see a little competition on the the number of hits to each one - the nice thing is Redding doesn't even know there is a race on! You guys should be able to catch up fast & set a lead they will have trouble passing. I don't think too many Redding HOG's are on line or even know it exists either. About Pete, we are all sick about it! I'm sure you have read about the memorial run from Red Bluff. Your Bro, Doc Hemp
Subject: Web site Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 18:44:32 EST From: Inshog Organization: AOL ( To:
This is the most awsom web site we have found. Congratulations on all you hard work.
Harley Owner Husband & Wife.
Subject: Memorial for Pete Nielson Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 20:55:55 EST From: BadTom1 Organization: AOL ( To:
Humper Ed just called and said they are in the process of trying to rent a building at the Tehama County Fairgrounds instead of going up the hill to Paynes Creek. As of this moment Paynes Creek is snowed in.
No matter what meet at fairgrounds at 10:00 am Saturday for the memorial. I told him as soon as he knows let me know so I can post it on your web site.
I also heard that they would appreciate any food, as the turn out is going to be so large.
Subject: Re: Memorial for Pete Nielson Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 21:24:14 EST From: BadTom1 Organization: AOL ( To:
I just talked to Ed and gave him the information you sent. He will contact you. Ed talked to Humper Russ and Ed a short while ago and the memorial will be at the Paynes Creek Community Center where the first had their runs were years back, most people should know where that is, its at the Paynes Creek turn off, off Highway 36 you can't miss it. Humpers request that if weather is bad do not worry about riding it will not be safe. Meet there at 1 PM instead of 10 am. Let you know of any changes, I hope there are not many more this is getting confusing. Also they do not neet hot food, just side salads, dishes, etc. Thanks Doc. Linda
Subject: Making tracks Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 23:24:16 +1100 From: "Ernst Hiessleitner" To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"
Thank you for your greetings, info and picture attachments. Sorry it took so long to reply. We did have a Kule Yule & A Frantic First! Brisbane Chapter is sending the best wishes and may all of you have a ripper of a year.
1/10/98 Saturday.
An update on Pete's Memorial Service - I think all us old timers were there but for Kenny Poole & Kim Hanna who I didn't know how to get a hold of. It was PACKED! There were cars & motorcyles parked for 1/4 of a mile down both sides of the road both in & out of town in both directions! There must have been 7 or 8 different Motorcycle clubs there! From the Hell's Angels, the Humpers of course, the Sundowners on down to our old time original HOG Members that rode many miles with Pete & Terri in the early years. People from all walks of life were there! Pete was highly Respected & gave Respect!!! Like one of the MC riders said - "I know Pete ordered up this weather (rain) because he relished bad weather! We will all miss him! Below is a photo taken last 4th of July by the Sundowners MC Club. J. T. was kind enough to mail it up to me to scan.

Subject: Greenbay Packers/Harley Davidison Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 18:01:03 -0600 From: "Bill Oles" To:
Dave and Becky, I stumbled across your website while hunting down the packers. Surfing the net is new to me (and I love it), i really enjoyed your site, seeing how i recently moved back from baton rouge la. to Kansas and haven't seen , rode, or partyed w/a true harley rider since. the pictures were most enjoyable. you look like two hard working people who a truely enjoying life and well deserve it. But then again maybe your page has just made me so homesick for baton rouge and my old friends! whatever the case, all that matters is that i have had a good time!! thank you very much. Kathy jarboe

Subject: Harley-Davidson Raffle Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 16:42:38 -0800 (PST) From: To: The American Cancer Society is raffling off two Harley-Davidsons to raise funds to fight cancer. Only 2,000 tickets per motorcycle will be sold at $35 each. For more information including how to purchase tickets by phone, mail, fax, or online, visit our web site at before February 5th. Upcoming raffles will include, but are not limited to, Porsche Boxster, BMW Z3, Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes-Benz SLK, and more Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Thank you for supporting our fight against cancer. The American Cancer Society. wrote:
Hi Dave,
we fixed it up for 98: we´re going to central spain again. There´s one space left in the group - guess for whom? We start in Dusseldorf or Frankfurt on April 3rd and will be back on April 19th. So if you´re ready for adventure, come on! If not, I´ll bother you again - later this year! See you, my friend Mike


Mike, My Good Friend!
Thanks for the offer!! Wish I could!! We will work something out some day! If you take a picture or 2 of each day of eache area or town - you can e-mail me something from each day when you get back & do a daily journal. We could put your trip up off our Sturgis trip Pages for the world to enjoy right along with you guys!! Look at our 1997 Sturgis Trip to get an idea of what I want & see all the photos of each area we went through. It is one of the most popular parts of our site!! A goup photo with all names in front of a castle or something would be cool to start it off with! You do all the work - dialog for each day, etc. I'll size the photos etc. or just send them to me to scan too.

You have to plan on coming over here too! I am going to 3 1/2 days per week here in March - Mon - Thursday at 1pm. = so I will always have time to take you around here anytime - even if it is a last minute thing & we can give you some places & directions for one or 2 day trips out of our place during work days. We would like to take U over to the pacific coast & down through the Giant Redwoods. Stay in a cabin right in amongst them! Of course, with a couple months notice we would take a week off - that would give us up to 10 days straight. Then we would also take you up the pacific coast hwy through Oregon Too!
We will come over there too eventually I promise.
Your Friend - Doc Hemp
Subject: Ride This!
To: Doc Hemp
From: BAD TED "The Finger" Delk!

Say, why don't you & your son - in law Rob stop by Bishop on your next trip out to Sturgis & ride this for a while! Until then - ride safe till you meet some real scooter trash! Hee-hee! Your Bro in Mayhem - BAD Ted "Scar face" Delk - aka - "The Finger!" President of the Bishop Assassins!

Subject: Saludos desde Europa, Spain Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 01:34:40 +0100 From: "Harley - Puerto de Santa Maria" To:

Hello. Regards from the Cádiz Chapter in the South of Spain. The H-D of Cádiz Chapter web site is: Live to Ride Cádiz Chapter
Subject: web page Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 23:27:37 -0800 From: milton To:
Just flat, outstanding web page,superior content, coll pictures and the right-on music to listen to, while I bang out the mail. you guys are trick, keep it up, forever. I will be looking in much more.remember.......never ride any faster than your guardian angel can fly.... happy in arizona.......buck
Subject: The Return of The TOAD!!!!!! Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 22:58:34 -0600 From: "Big Johnson" Reply-To: <> To:
!Hola! Hempsters! Wow, long time no commo. I've finally reconnected to the internet from my latest duty station - Tyndall AFB here is sunny Florida. Life is still getting better and better all the time. And as for the 74' Sporty, well three weeks of work for one week of riding (The true H-D experience!). I'll e-mail more later I just had to say Hey! _Toad
Hi Doc!
What a guy you are Doc! And Ken is a dirty rat! Do you think he could share with his little sister the honors he has received for his work??? NOOOOOOOOO! It take a wonderful stranger to share this information with me. Thank you so much. I had heard about the show in Reno that they cleaned up on it. I did not know about this one. But, hey! What do I know, he is only my brother. I really do appreciate you sending this to me.
I somehow managed to correct my problem I had with my computer and I heard the sounds on your pages. Your site is too cool! Don't ask me why, buy for some reason when I started to play the music on Ken's page, I expected to hear the roar of harley motors and Born to be Wild!!! I guess with your sense oh humor, it seemed appropriate! And I love your humor! It is along the same line as mine.
Your pages are great. I have you bookmarked and I will be there often. Since Ken is the World Famous Harley Mechanic, do you think he will ever fork over the cash and come in to the modern world and get a computer?
It is such a small world. I came across a profile on this person when I was searching a web site. He had a harley and lives in Chico. On a whim, I sent him a note and asked if he knew Ken. Sure enough, he has for ten years. I did not have a clue who he is. I do now!
Keep those smiles bright! Deborah Zetterquist
You can all see Ken's page by going to page 7 on BAD Chariots & going to the Grand National Roadster Page.
Subject: Harley Davidson Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 23:42:12 -0500 From: (Nick Karl) To:
Dave and Becky:
I enjoyed your web page, content, and music.
I had 3 bikes in the 50s and 60s, none Harleys, and now have the bug to buy a Harley. I am thinking about an 85 to 90 Sportster and have had some very good advice from cyberspace on engine size, etc. I have built several 350 chevy engines but know NOTHING about HDs. I would think for around $7500 I should be able to get a good clean Sportster that would keep me busy for a long time. I am going to buy some Harley stock. I am a golf professional and remember when AMF bought HD and the Ben Hogan golf company. They did not screw the golf club up as bad as I heard they did Harley Davidson.
Take care. Nick Karl
Subject: Re: Thank you! Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 01:23:06 PST From: "Cat Girl" To:
Hey Doc,
You did not need to change the music just because I said something. I just had the feeling that I would hear something different. But your first choice was not bad. It was Blondie and for years I have been called Blondie by everyone. Gee, you mean that you did not put Blondie on there first because of me? You are one of the few in a long time that has even listened to me. I am just the little sister, what do I know! (he he he)
I have told everyone about the your web site and to check out my big brother and the fancy scooter. You do good work Doc. I am really glad that I have a 17" monitor. Keep me posted on any additional updates. I will keep checking in to see what you have been doing. (When do you find time to be a dentist?)
Cat Girl (Deb Z)
Subject: Sturgis page Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:07:51 EST From: To: CC: jgill17585@aol.comm

GREAT SITE YOU HAVE HERE! I too rode to Sturgis this year (my 50th birthday present to myself) but on a 25 year old Honda 750. Maybe a Harley next time when the kids are out of school. Great fun reliving memories looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing. John
Subject: Great Web site! Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 12:28:42 -0800 From: "Carole L. Mahoney" To: "''"
I have been reading you site for about an hour, great stuff! I got into the Harley nonsense and felt right at home. I meant to give you my card with our Web address so you could check it out as well It's one of those pages with "just the facts mam". If you are ever riding the back roads in Az, 5 miles from an 11,000' mountain and hot springs, check it out. Has a nice spa for the "ridin' all days kinks" and security for the bikes!
Thanks for seeing me Thurs. emergently with my tooth problem. Always nice to see and talk with another biker - kind of belong in another dimension of some sort. I wrote Shae and gave her your Web site, hope you hear from her.
Carole :)
Subject: your pics Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 11:09:57 -0800 (PST) From: Kip Robinson To:

hey there doc, this is kip robinson from utah, i see from your journal and pics you went right by my small home town of coalville utah about 20 miles east of park city on I80 when you go by this year if you go this way stop in coalville at bunnys bar and ask them were "bink" (nickname) is and i will buy you a cold one for taking me on a trip that i have always wanted to go on w/ your pics and journal, someday i will make it! right now my passion is snowmobiles if you have not tried it yet, and have a few days around march 26th to the 29th to spare, try jackson hole out in the winter for the national snowmobile hillclimbs its usually great weather and about 10,000 fellow sledders having a blast i guess you could call it a sled head's sturgis well any way , hope to hear from you soon later, Bink
Subject: Motorcycle Riders Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 03:39:45 -0800 (PST) From: To:
"Got heated clothing?......get the best protection for your bike's electrical system. GUARANTEED! Compatible with all major brands of heated clothing. *** BUY DIRECT *** ORDER NOW Check out the "Intelligent Thermostat"

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