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You will be missed Bro! .... but never forgotten
Rest in Peace,
Doc Hemp

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Subject: ok you got me hooked Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 23:21:21 -0500 From: bigjim To:

another 2 1/2 later i still haven't put a dent in this unbleaveable site if some one can look at it all in 16 hour i'll ride a honda not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.This has got to be the best and largest site on the net .We need you to sign our guess book to have my guy link you up.I've been looking for yours but haven't found it .I'm not giving up i'll find the damn thing to sign here a picture of my 82 FXR bought new has 300,000 miles on it .Been redone a few time this last time did a tribute to the man in black .Took it to Daytona to get him to sign it he went nuts over it .check it out at our site
Hell compared to ypurs it sould take about 15 seconds to go thourgh .well i'm seeing double so i guess i'll check you out more tomorrow .Till i find that damn guess book i can sign happy holidays from HD Motorsports Big Jim

Thanks for the kind words, but no guest book here .... we do it a little different .... have so many thousands of emails over the years .... put a few of our readers comments that are happy with the site up here & there under the appropriate subject they are responding too. .... you are also right about the time to view everything on this site ... the music alone takes over 12 hr. & prolly another 8-12 hrs to see & read the rest.
You have a great looking bike!
Have fun & Happy Holidays
Doc Hemp
Subject: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 20:06:22 -0500 From: bigjim To:

I'll be back 3 hours is all i have to look at it for now but the word bad not enough about your sites .I'm a newbe to this computer shit But been on long enough to know this is one kick ass site .Like to trade link HDMotorsports .The home of the only autographed tribute Dale Earnhardt Harley and Easyriders painter of the year Sonny DePalma .Thanks Big Jim .One ? how the best way to get your site going on the net i've done the search engine .and links any help would be great have a merry x-mas
Subject: Harley Davidosn events (parties, reunions, runs... ) in 1999 Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 13:18:20 +0100 From: Dirk Huber To:

Dear Sirs,
I´m a German harley Driver who is planning a ride in 25-05-1999 to 05.06.1999 through California, Nevada and Utah with a Harley of the HD Ride&Fly Program from San Franciso. For checking up the way to catch I´m looking forward information wher and when there are HD activities (runs, events, parties etc.) in that time in these regions where I will drive through. So I would like to please you to mail me some information if available about such activities in 1999 (25.05.-05-06).
Thanks a lot in advance
Dirk Huber
Tel: ++49-7665-50610
Fax: ++49-7665-50627

Dirky boy, my friend ..... you have to learn not to be so formal to ride over here & especially to email the nut doc hemp .... hee-hee.
Say, I know of one rally ... the Northern California one in Redding CA at the end of May ....... you can get the exact dates from our Harley page.
Find me doc hemp there & I'll buy you a watered down American Bier. Maybe some of our other scooter trash readers can help you more too with other functions. Have fun & ride safe!
Doc Hemp.
Subject: just sayin hi Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:45:40 -0800 From: "Timothy Green" To:

Saw your stuff on the net. We are planning on coming to Sturgis this year if my ship isn't deployed. We have been trying to get there for the last couple years, but things just don't fall into place. Good stuff. Keep up the good work
Subject: hey Doc Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 01:19:53 EST From: To:

Hey Doc and Becky,
I wanted to share with you some things that have happened in my life recently.
First I finally got a new Bike. It's a 1999 Heritage Softail. Man what a difference it is from riding my old sportster. And then the best thing that could ever happen to a man has happened to me. On November 17th, I joined the ranks of happily married men of the world. We had a biker wedding, and a real Reverend too. Enclosed is a wedding picture for you, and your site.
You do such great work on this site, and it is truly one of my favorites.
Merry Christmas to you and Becky, and all of yours. God Bless you and keep you safe.
Ride on.
James Westmoreland, and wife Lara

Click on the photo folks


James & Lara,
Congratulations from Doc & Becky! It is a pleasure to put your photos up here. Thanks for the "Dixie" midi too - look for it in the music room in a while as well as clicking on your photo here too.
Subject: picture Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 17:45:20 +0100 From: Klaus-Jürgen Hamm To:

Hi Doc
I visited once more your Web pages .Allways great. Send You today one picture from myself on a summerride this year in the Rhein-valley.


SantaKlaus ....... I mean Klaus ...... glad to put your photo up here ..... you gotta B tough to put up with the Hempster's sense of humor.
Subject: Website Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 19:39:03 -0500 From: "Rick" To:

Dear Folks;
If you send a newsletter, please include me in! Your site is one of the best I've visited, yet. VERY impressive. Have Desoto '41 and Plymouth '60. Also, have two Harley's. One older, one newer.
I will definitely visit this site, often. Just sorry I'm way out on the east coast.
Subject: Parallels Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 00:39:27 -0700 From: "Stan Kurzet" To:

Spent some more time browsing your fabulous web site and from your "airplanes" page found that we have more than an interest in trains in common.

Briefly: Your son was in the Marines, so was I, circa Korea. He worked on P51's. I did too, also flew them and owned 3 at one point. The last one I got rid of was the last surviving TF 51 D which I sold to the Bolivian air farce (pun intended).

Your family is from Germany, mine from Poland. Our genes were neighbors! Your grandfather escaped from a POW camp and so did my father. He was on his way to Katin with 15,000 other Polish officers (executed by the Russians) when he escaped. We emigrated to the US during WWII. Mother was a lawyer and came to the US a few months before the war started to study Admiralty law at Columbia. Full name prior to contraction was Kurzetkowski. Got tired of being called SKI in the "crotch", (I was one of umpteen Pollacks in my outfit). I was born in Poznan, Poland (50 klicks from Germany) in 1931. Mother was of German ancestry (Tygerman) and father Polish. The panzers were there in 2 hours of the start of the war. We got to be guests of the Germans and Russians at one point and another. We walked out of Poland through the forests at night during the winter of 1939-40 and got out via Lithuania and Sweden, thence the length of Germany by train right under the noses of the Gestapo. That's a story all in itself. We left Paris just a few weeks prior to the arrival of Der Fuhrer en route Genoa whence we took ship for Panama. After some six months, State relented and let us into the 48 to join mama.

Beyond those similarities are that I used to ride bikes, starting with an army surplus Harley 45 in 1953 which I rode off a cliff into the Pacific near Ensenada. Thereafter there was an assortment of Squaw Chasers, Hogs, AJ's, Triumphs, etc. etc, etc., but the interest in airplanes eventually won out as income increased. Got my Private ticket in 1948 and ended up with about 8,000 hours. By the time I hung it up, had a Commercial, Instrument, Multi engine, Helo and Lear Jet ratings. About 1200 hours were in Lear 36A a similar amount in P51's, F8F-2, AT-6 and the rest in Temco Swift, Cessna 310, 320, 421, and a dozen or more assorted fartcarts. I still have one puddle jumper left, a 235 turbo charged Maule I bought as a duster for the ranch. The poor thing hasn't been out of the hangar in 6 years. Did I mention scuba? Yup, that too. Even dove the Red Sea. The kid (our son John) has his open water card also. He got it in dead of winter in the People's Democratic Republic of Massachusetts where he was going to school at the time.

I'll bet that once we start comparing notes, a lot of other parallels will emerge


Subject: NATIVE HAILEYIEN Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 12:03:21 -0500 (EST) From: (Emmily Palmer) To:

Hey Doc, I have a question for you? Are you from Hailey or just a visitor. Because when I lived in the valley my mom and her friends had a friend named Doc. Do you know Palmtree and Ken Millward? If so I am Victoria's daughter. If you know Palmtree you know my mom. If not then I just sound like a crazy person. In any event just thought I would say HI. I just wanted to thank you for putting those pictures of the area on your page. It has been awhile since I have seen home. I am in the USAF. Thank you again.
Emmily Palmer From ID, but in NJ.
Emmily, Thanks for the kind words .... and I'm not that Doc & I'm not from Haily ... but over the years have spent so much time there & love the town ... skiing, Harleys, etc. We were stationed at Mt Home AFB for 2 years & we spent most of our time up around Hailey & Sun Valley it almost feels like home ... we would like a vacation home there someday. regards, Doc Hemp
Subject: HARLEY BUNCH Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:26:41 -0500 From: "don seay" To:


I have riden bikes for 37 years, raced, jumped, rode, every make under the sun! - We have 4 Harleys, a Honda & a Suzuki in our house-hold now ... if you read our "why we ride harleys" -There you will see it doesn't matter what make you ride ... i.e. MMA (that means all makes!) - Toy Runs, etc. All are welcome the same. At Harley Owners Group (HOG) meetings you obviously need a Harley (case closed) - Other than that we ride with everybody - look on our sturgis trip under Jackson Hole = see a Gold wing with our friends - we wave first at everybody ....(sometimes with my middle finger - hee-hee! - that means this is a joke)

Poker Runs & Toy Runs bring all makes of bikes together for a fund raiser - all are welcome - if they were all treated like crap .... they wouldn't come back anymore. Every group in our society has it's snobs.

As far as riding a Harley there is a mystique & an atmosphere as I describe on my Harley page that no other machine in the world has to many people .... you obviously are not one of those ... but having that feeling & Harley ownership does not predispose, nor obligate one to treat other riders with distain! Our site's subject is Harley Davidson .... so we only talk about Harley Davidsons ... just like the Goldwing sites just talk about Goldwings, etc. I took my Pantera to a Porsche poker run once & ALL of them treated me like crap! Especially after I blew their DOORS OFF - hee-hee! I rather enjoyed it!

Also, rest assured, if you lay alongside the road ... even if you were riding your broom ... I'd stop & help you!

The benevolent & pious,
Doc Hemp

P.S. .... Don, ....
In fact I think I know those snobs ..... they live out our way near crap creek - hee-hee CLICK HERE to view their club house!

Subject: news from the French Riviera.... Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 01:04:02 +0100 From: "Bog" To:

Hi Doc,

Got your address threw a friend in Germany. Hans, from the Niederrhein Chapter. It is an interesting site.

Check our site, and feel free to write to us.

Take care, and keep the rubber-side dawn….

Subject: Neandertal greetings Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 08:47:28 +0100 From: (Hansjoachim.Fischer) To: CC: "Klaus-Jürgen Hamm", "Wolf Manser", "Mike Birkhoff"

Hi Becky, Hi Doc,

great sites you made ! I like the style and especially the background sounds.

I only wonder, who got such a lot of private time beside profession, riding a Harley and hard learning German by using the $ 2.80 dictionary.

When I received the message by Wolf Manser , that Mike Birkhoff again spent a few days at CA and you've put some pics on the net, I first took a look and informed afterwards our members through e-mail to hit that page, because I also enjoyed these remarkable shots. Also I put a link on our page listed at http://www. c.... Mike Birkhoff (Cactus Chapter) visited Doc Hemp in CA The reaction of one of our members (Klaus Hamm) was to send you at once an e-mail with enclosed photo of the last "surprise-tour" we made few weeks ago. Now I find in room 4b the small note (Neandertal..) and our picture. To avoid all kinds of misunderstanding: pls. be sure, we're really able to walk upright and by the way the Neandertal is located at the Duesseldorf area and not at Krefeld, from where we are. I know what I'm talking about, because I live 4 km away (Duesseldorf-Unterbach) from that beautifull place they digged out these bones. But isn't there a neighbour HOG group directly located in Duesseldorf - what was the name of their director ? :-)

I like this growing HD-Internet community especially when finding out, that someone moves things, others take it and finally it becomes a self-initiated wave. For instance the BADDAY movie is originally somewhere from the US. I received it from a HD webmaster located in Belgium on Nov. 12 / 10:15 pm and forwarded it in the morning I read it = Nov. 13 / 6:23 am to the folks on my distribution list where also Mike Birkhoff is mentioned. In your room 4b I found it back with my headline "BAD WEATHER IN EUROPE" sent by Mike Birkhoff on Nov. 15 / 7:53 am to you. My original text was: >>BAD WEATHER IN EUROPE ! Remember the days on the road riding your Harley, look outside, watch the rain/snow and feel the freezing temp. Imagine yourself or me f.i. while typing the articles for our next local newsletter and you will understand the symbolic character of the movie. Have fun and fight against upcoming depressions << again, i like this working network. in this regard i put in early feb a simple question in a harley newsgroup to receive recommendation for a planned trip on the blueridge pkwy. unbelievable but i received more than 50 usefull answers, which f.i. lead us to the site of we spent one fantastic night in this roadhouse and the warm welcome by the owner was really one of the most reminding points of that tour.

keep on with these enjoying pages and put me pls. on your distribution list for updates.

friendly regards to ca & have a nice thanksgiving weekend

secretary h.o.g. niederrhein chapter
e-mail: <<<< new e-mail adress !!!
Becky & I
Are sure glad we found a bunch of our kindred that have a similar warped sense of humor as we have .... or I should say doc hemp has - heee-hee! Beckity just puts up with me! Mikey too! Crusty Rusty too! My gawd! ... maybe the whole world just puts up with me .... what a scary thought!!

The winter time & earthquake time is when I put in big time on the computer. During riding weather I just let it go.

I may just have to start a seperate Heimatland page! Thankyou all that have responded from the Heimatland!! It is finally a way for us to connect with our roots!

Tailwinds & sunshine to all!
Happy Holidays too!
Doc Hempster!

P.S. I use a $2.80 dictionary - because it has the fewest words in it! hee-hee again. Oh, ... and sich erin'nern an! Senden Bier, nicht wollig fluoreszie'rend Blume in blumig Blumentopf! Flussigkiet Deutsch like in die Deutschland .. huh!!! It is much easier using all the words I can find in the same page of this cheap dictionary .... Huh?? Adious Amegos! ..... Damn I'm Good!!! I even speak Spanish!! Guess we'll have to tour Spain some day too!!
Subject: Hi from Oz Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 22:14:07 +1100 From: "James Neill" To:

G'day from Australia, my name is Jim,
What a fantastic site! I was told about it by my uncle in Canada (whom I have not met YET), you guys are unbelievable. The effort it must have taken to put this together! I have visited a couple of times only so far and I am certain it will take quite a while to see everything, then I'll start again.
My main interest in your site is the bikes, I've been riding 28 years and intend to do so for another 50. I currently own a Kawasaki ZZR1100 and if all goes well, in the new year I'll have a Wideglide to keep it company. One bike for the adrenaline, another for the ego, perfect.
Have you ever toured Australia? We have some beautiful places, some WIDE open spaces e.g. I was riding west from a mining town called Mt Isa a while ago and I spotted a vehicle way out on the horizon heading towards me. It turned out to be a road train, prime mover and 3 trailers, but it took just under 9 minutes to pass each other.Thats nearly 18 miles.You can stop and just listen to the most impressive silence you'll ever experience.
The fun starts at the fuel stops. Getting the petrol is OK but having a meal is an exercise in patience, you see it takes about 5 minutes for your eyes to adjust to such close surroundings so that you can read the menu!
Anyway, I'd better go.Once again thanks for a brilliant web site; to coin a phrase, " I'll be back".
Subject: your web page Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 20:37:58 +0100 From: (Klaus-Jürgen Hamm) To:

Dear Dave and Becky
here from Germany the best greetings.Your Work on the web is great.Never seen it before. I'm also Harley freak and love to ride on the roads. We are here in KREFELD with the Niederrhein Chapter and had this year a lot of fun.It will be for me a must to see always in your Web - sites. Thanks a lot until next time. Myby once I can meet you and your wife. We are planing a trip to Brasil with a group. The next will be USA in 2000.

Klaus - Jurgen - Hamm & The Neanderthal ...... I mean ... the Niederrhein (Hee-hee HOG Group. Picture taken in Krefeld

Thanks for the kind words, Becky & I are 90% German & 10% Irish. Our Great Grandparents were from Germany near Düsseldorf & Württemberg & Austria.
I'm sure we will meet some day.
I have put your email in our Harley reading room 4b - your picture will be put up there within the hour too.

Here is also a page I made for a Harley friend of ours Dr. Mike Birkoff from near Dusseldorf. He toured the Pacific North West with us last month - the 2nd page shows him & his friends in Germany

Here is some Xmas music we just added to our music page last night. Give it time to load the music - it will play continuously from song to song.

Tailwinds & sunshine,
Doc & Becky Hemp - the Hempsters.

Subject: Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 18:18:59 -0500 From: (Rogers, Will) To:

Well Doc, we were looking forward to greeting you at the camp grounds at your favorite haunts but on the way to Sturgis, a young man decided to pull out in front of us in Ironwood Mi. and the rest of the trip was history. Spent the rest of Sat. Aug. 1 in Ironwood hsptle. in emergency room. Hadd to trailer the remains home, Sun morning. Luckily my boy was still around the house to rescue us or we would have had to wing it. Crunched my elbow and right wrist and am just now able to start using it. Shoulders will take a cou;ple more months of PT. Maybe next year. Wife swears she(s all done riding but wellsee. 9600 DOLLARS damage to my bagger, but it*ll be like new again. Wife sustain just some bruises and skin, luckily she still had her jacket on. Itt was 85 degrees and I had just decided to rimove mine, well like I said maybe next year, I think i*ll trailer them out, like about half of the other guys. Still looking forward to meeting you. Great job on the stude webb site. Love Will and Lynda Rogers.

PS still looking for a nice stude champ convertible.
Subject: 1st visit Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 13:13:58 -0600 From: James Keating To:

Wow, What a site...
I was trying to find a site that might lead me to a HO gage model railroad of "Harley Davidson " logo type cars etc. I saw one last year in Phoenix for the 95th anniversary that was Grey and Wine color. I thought that there was an Orange and Black model already produced and I wanted to get it for my grandson for Christmas. He's 2 1/2 and loves to look at a photo of my latest bike - a 95 Harley Ultra. He lives in Colorado ( Ben Nighthorse Campbell Country!!) and I'm in Chicago and I thought that he would enjoy it. Any ideas?? Thanks for any help you might provide..
Jim Keating
Call the Harley shops .... They can't all be gone for xmas yet ... maybe one of our readers will get back to you.
Tailwinds & sunshine,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Damn good site. Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 14:31:33 -0500 From: Bob Fox To:

Hello Dave and Becky,
I happen to be a dentist in North Carolina (31 years in practice). I have Harleys also and have been riding since I was 12. (now 59). Your site is great. An architect friend in Raleigh sent it to me.(he also rides a Harley and we went to Wake Forest together many years ago.) I will enjoy going through the rest of it, but just thought a short note would be nice. I ride with a bunch of dentists---general, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists. We also have an interior decorator (straight), a landscape architect, a Federal and a superior court judge. (in fact--2 Federal Judges --on harleys.) They are avid. You are certainly right about who you will meet. I have pictures with Willie G. and others, but have not met Teerlink. (would like to though). Been to Sturgis 2 times and intend to go more. Love it and the entire Black Hills. Also Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Enough for now. Please write back and tell me more. I am in Winston-Salem, NC.

Bob Fox

Subject: GREAT PAGE Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 21:21:54 -0600 (CST) From: (Darrell Newman) To:


Floresville, Texas
Thank you for the kind words,
Tail winds & sunshine,
Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: Re: Bad weather in Europe! Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 07:53:03 -0800 From: Dave & Becky Hemp Organization: C. David Hemp DDS Inc To: "Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff" CC:, gilbert -,, "Guido Plützer" - ,,,,, Matthias Birkhoff - ,, Terry and Bev Rust

Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff wrote: > >BAD WEATHER IN EUROPE !
>Here is a funny Cartoon!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

To: Sender & All Recipients:

> Guten Morgen, (or .... whatever the hell it is over there - hee-hee)

Ich heiBe Doc Hempster, Ich spreched nict sehr gut .... Verste'hen Sie mich? ... Wie heiBt das auf deutsch? Wo ist die BEIR? Ich habe Durst!!! Bitte Senden Bier! Nicht vergnu'gen karikatur! Vergnu' karikatur Es ist nicht ganz das, was ich suche, Danke schon! Senden Bier! Wie sagt man .... auf deutsch? Senden BIER, BEER! Verste'he nicht Sie einfach Englisch jeder?? Verste'he Senden Regen! Bitte Senden Bier!

Ich heiBe Doc Hempster,

P.S. .... Ich bin Drunk ... I mean Krank ... Ich brauche einen Arz!

December 5, 1998 is set for the Butte County Toy Run. The 'group' leaves the Park and Ride at Highways 32 and 99 in Chico at 11 am, but brothers and sisters will be there earlier than that with coffee, donauts, good stories and maybe something that taste like blackberries with an attitude. The ride is excellent, through the valley and foothills, and after the toys are dropped off, there is a party at Rocky's Club in Paradise, with all the proceeds going to the Catalyst Center for abused families. This is a wothwhile cause. This thing is almost as much fun as a gift certificate to the Mustang Ranch. I would love to see you, Becky and the rest of the "up north" bunch come spend the day with us helping those that can't help themselves. If John Barleycorn should sneak up and blurr your vision, we probably could find some place (reasonable) to crash. On the 19 th of December, we get to do it again with the Oroville Toy Run. Who said, " can't ride that damn thing in the winter..."? (Wasn't my Momma, she loves to ride those damn things.)
Subject: touring Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 10:57:14 -0600 From: "William F. Maddin" Organization: Retired To:

Dave and Becky
I wrote the other day about the ninth page on the touring section, and was happy to get such a quick response.
I also noticed that you have some Harleys (HOGS THAT IS) I have rode Harleys for years more than I care to recall those were the good old days.
I rode with the ALMenah Shrine Temple drill team for eighteen years. Started with Cushman Scooters, Harley Sportsters and Dune Buggys. The team won ten straight International Championships with the Harley 74s.
The Dune Buggys won the International Championship and High point Trophy competing aginst motorcycles, and all other types of motors.
Just blowing a little smoke.
Billy Boy

Hey Billy Boy!

That's not blowing smoke when you win ten straight championships!!! Please send me some photos.

If you look on one of our Harley pages - the Western Regional HOG Rally I think, you will see pics of the Indianapolis police drill team I took for Hog Tales as the offical photographer for the event - National champions - we also saw them a 2nd time a couple years later at another Western Regional when Becky & I were invited to lead the parade in Reno just ahead of the drill team, with Joe Dowd (Rally coordinator) & Rich & Ann Teerlink, the then CEO of Harley Davidson.

Again, I want to thank you for reporting the dead files on Tour of the Century pages 9 & 10.
Doc Hemp

Okay folks, here are the photos that Billy Boy sent in. 10 times world champ motorcycle drill teams from the 50's

1949 Harley 74 Ultra Glide
(1st year for the Ultra Glide)

Billy Boy with the trophys won in Washingto DC

Billy Boy on a cold Feb day in Florida at a competition

Subject: Re: Monkey Project Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 08:44:39 +0100 From: (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "Doc Hemp"

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Doc Hemp
An: Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff
Datum: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 1998 06:17
Betreff: Re: Monkey Project

>Wie der holle sein du, sie?! Wir gera' de eben Ruckkehr von, aus der Zahnheilkunde versammlung, ehf!

>Ich sein mude!
>Adios Amego! (a little spanish to spice things up)
>Guacomole de ziet nechmen! holle .... genug' of this German exkremen -
>Your great Pal!
>The Hempster!

>Get back to you later - this is out of my new $2.80 German, English dictionary.
>Now if I wrote something in German to offend you .... I just looked up the wrong damn thing I guess..... takes a long time 1 word at a time!

>We will write more So bald wie moglich! Ich brauche einen arzt! Ich verste he Sie nicht!
>Auf Wiedersehen!

Wouw, Hempster,

you got me lieing under the chair for half an hour!!! Couldn´t work because I couldn´t hold my drill! Haven´t laughed that much for 1 and a half weeks!!!

Your German sounds really great, hee-hee

See you, my friend

Subject: H.O.G Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:03:22 +1000 From: "Robert Price" To:

G'day M8
from Down Under Me and the Mrs were just cruising HOG sites since the weather isn't quite up to riding this weekend . And guess what we found yours and have been having a Captain Cook for a few hours now so we thought we just let ya know how much we've enjoyed it . Now If you don't mind I have a Question for you and your readers . Here in Austraila we don't have Back patches in the HOG like you all seem to have over there so I was wondering where I might get one or if I may be able to get one sent out here COD . If you could lead us in the right direction it would be great .

Ride safe and free
Pricey .
HOG ; members No: AU 1167167...

Subject: for immediate release Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 20:04:08 -0700 From: "Bucky Walker" To:

Special Announcement

BoozeFighters from Washington, Oregon and California recently gathered for a Labor Day barbecue and celebration at the Forkner residence in Fort Bragg. Present were Billie Clyde and Terri Forkner, Gil Armas, John and Jeannine Roccio and all the chapter presidents from the above states, as well as numerous patch holders from the entire west coast. It was a great time for all with plenty of beer and food. The celebrating was non-stop all weekend long.

During a patch holder meeting Billie Clyde made an unexpected announcement. Stating family responsibilities and the fact that as a professional fisherman he is at sea for extended periods of time, he asked Snowman, president of the San Diego chapter and a long time patch holder, to take over as the head of the BoozeFighters Motorcycle Club on the west coast.

After the shock wore off and the cheering died down Snowman graciously accepted the new responsibility. As stated by Billie Clyde, this is the way Willie wanted it. Gil Armas, an original member of the BoozeFighters lended his endorsement to the change of leadership. Since that time Jim Cameron, himself an original member, stopped into Snowman’s San Diego home to add his endorsement.

Things will continue pretty much as usual with the main difference being all contact with the west coast area members is now required to be via the San Diego chapter. Any announcements which do not come from this source are NOT from the west coast BoozeFighters chapters.

If you would like to contact the west coast membership please send you correspondence to either or the address below.

P.O. Box 501946
San Diego, CA 92150-1946

Have a nice day.
Subject: 1966 pontiac bonneville for sale (street rod) Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:20:29 EDT From: To:

dave and becky,
i love your sense of humor and your pages for bikers. my name is pete bobo and i am staying in madison wi for the winter with my son. i have been a biker since the early sixties. i have a 1966 pontiac bonneville with a 421 motor (42 k ) original. the car is a two door hardtop with auto trans. it has a black interior (mint) with a custom black paint job with flames done the way they were done in the sixties. i can send pics from yahoo mail when i figure out how to attach a file to my mail from there. (still learning the computer from my son.) i thought after seeing this site you might be able to direct me to some sites that cater to selling classic cars and rods. any help will be greatly appreciated. ride like ya mean it!
Subject: If I had to explain....... Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:58:47 -0600 (MDT) From: (Richard Pledger) To:

Moroney HD up in New York has an ad on the web for an antique Harley, when you click on it's a 1961 FLH. Ouuuuuch. Don't like "vintage" either. Classic, maybe. The only time I use the word "old" referring to a Harley is "Do you want to sell that old motorcycle out in the barn?".

Besides, I heard that 97% of all Harleys are still on the road. (The other 3% made it home OK).

How to keep your Harley from being stolen: get a cover with Gold Wing written on it. You're welcome.
Dick Edgewood NM
Ride Safe
Subject: H.O.G Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:03:22 +1000 From: "Robert Price" To:

G'day M8 from Down Under Me and the Mrs were just cruising HOG sites since the weather isn't quite up to riding this weekend . And guess what we found yours and have been having a Captain Cook for a few hours now so we thought we just let ya know how much we've enjoyed it . Now If you don't mind I have a Question for you and your readers . Here in Austraila we don't have Back patches in the HOG like you all seem to have over there so I was wondering where I might get one or if I may be able to get one sent out here COD . If you could lead us in the right direction it would be great .
Ride safe and free
Pricey .
HOG ; members No: AU 1167167...
Subject: linkin' good ol' web sites Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 19:59:08 +0000 From: Charles - Helie de Pourtales Organization: Chalet Les AMBORZALES To:

howdy folks ! i just made a run in your fast lane,and i ha a good time! my web site,and my e-mail is:contact @ .Let's get toghether OK ?
This is a vacation Chalet in France folks - check out his web site.
Doc Hemp

Below see our pal's chopper! Kurt De Long .... AKA Doc Hog! A dentist friend of ours out of Oregon - Pictures of him & his other bike (Road Kill, I mean Road King) & his other 2 notorious Outlaw Pals .... The 3 Amigos! & their Harleys to appear as soon as I get the roll of film finished in our camera.

Subject: CONTACT! Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 08:57:03 -0700 From: SS Reply-To: To:

Dear Doc & Becky:

Coming up this winter I'll have enough time to go thru your site, but so far, just giving it a cursory check I'm stunned! I thought I was the only one infected with TPM malady, Live steam, avgas, castor oil, gunpowder, jet-A, XR-750's running into turn 1 at Springfield Illinois (5 abreast), R-1100GS on Pikes Peak, Will Davis putting another inch of mud on top of your head of beer in turn 3 at Lima Ohio, the open road between Salida Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico (285), Catching a cinder in your eye just out of Chama on the ex-Denver Rio Grande & Western 3 foot gage, watching the sun come up over the Nebraska sandhills after taking off over grossed with a load of Tordon, skinning your own buck, and just trying to make the world just a tad better than yesterday! It's always a very good year.

Excellent sites, it's going to be a project just to view them all.

Doc, I can tell you're a good man. Hope to meet you some day!!

Steve Schaler

P.S.: Empeach the SOB NOW!!!!(nobody ever polls me OR my friends)


Great to hear from a kindred spirit!! It is quite a coincidence I just returned this weekend from watching the 750's & 883's at the Sacramento Mile - 1 mile dirt track.... got to see Scott Parker, Springsteen & Carter all race = 135mph into the corners sideways!!!!! EXCITING! The final was called because of rain but got to see plenty first! The previous week went to Chico CA to watch the World of Outlaws do the Sprint Car thing! The guy that won this year was the one I saw flip 50' high over the retaining fence in 1996 & kill a spectator. We had one flip into the fence 20' in front of us just 15 minutes before the fatal accident. This year was much better! Just hard racing - no one hurt as we hope it always is!
Subject: The Rock Store Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:43:12 EDT From: To:

Tell Tim Danielson that the Rock Store is in Callabasas just south of the Thousand Oaks off Hwy 101. I did not see your answer to him so did not know if you knew where it was. It is definately an interesting experience. Of course I don't know if I spelled the town name right, but he will see it on a detailed map.


I'm glad U responded, the only thing I know about the Rock Store is that it is about as far as Jay Leno or any of the other Hollywood crowd ever rides their Harleys to with out shipping them ahead! Hee-hee!
Subject: howdy Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 06:21:05 -0400 From: "Lawrence Cope" To:

Just a howdy from a Canadian biker! I had a new bike but sold it and now ride a 1975 FLH.My buddies say I'm crazy,but I love old bikes."The real steel"!
Subject: Rock Store Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 08:30:50 -0700 From: "Tim Danielson" To:

Hi Doc: Hope everything is going great for you and Becky and hope that you are getting to ride your motorcycle often.My wife,Denise, and I took delivery of our latest addition to the family August 28...a 99 Ultra with the new engine which we are thoroughly enjoying.I just finished looking at your documentation on adhesion dentistry and find it facinating...thanks for sharing that with us.Doc, I have read several articles in motorcycling magazines that make reference to "the rock store", where motorcyclists meet to ride, that is located somewhere in California.Would you happen to know where this is? Denise and I are hoping to be able to take thirty days off work next summer and make a grand pilgrimage across this geat land by motorcycle.If possible, we hope to work it out to visit with your HOG club when it meets if that would be ok. I'll get a schedule of when your club meets closer to the time when we know whether or not we will be able to take time off. Denise and I are physical therapists so taking that much time off will involve have others cover for us but should'nt be a problem.
thanks in advance for any info you may be able to provide on the Rock Store. Take care and ride safe. Tim Danielson
Subject: Fun, Fun, Fun.... Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 10:08:42 -0700 From: "Debbie Devine" To:

Fun page! Please add us to your list of HOGS. We are 100% Wild! San Diego HOG. Our dealer page is: http// you can get to the HOG pages from there and just copy the HOG address if you like. I am the asst. director and LOH, I also work at the dealer in bike sales. If you get down to San Diego stop in and say HEY! You can e-mail confirmations to: Doug Miranda our web master at:
Debbie Devine
619 616-6999 SDHD
Subject: THE PICTURE Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:41:30 -0400 From: "THE RAT'S HOLE GANG" Organization: THE RAT'S HOLE CUSTOM CHOPPER SHOWS World Wide To: "DOC HEMP"


Big Daddy Rat! We will find this slacker! This old fart of the slow lanes!! Our readers will identify him 4 U!! He deserves a free trip to Germany to ride the Autoban! Please contact me & big daddy rat if you know this person!
Doc Hemp

Subject: BoozeFighters Party Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 22:38:56 -0700 From: "Bucky Walker" Organization: BoozeFighters MC To:

Attention all BoozeFighters, the San Diego Chapter of the BoozeFighters is having a party for the Del Mar Mile October 10th. Contact me or the Chapter 3 at the following address:

P.O. Box 501946
San Diego, Ca 92150-1946

A good time is guaranteed to all.

P.S. For non-members stand by for other BoozeFighters events and parties in the future. Ride free!

Bucky Walker, BFMC
Subject: date for norcal hog rally Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 07:08:47 -0700 From: hd To:
Hi Doc:
The dates for the 1999 NorCal State HOG Rally are: May 28, 29 & 30.
Subject: re: headlines Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 16:39:49 -0700 From: "sailor" To: "Doc Hemp"
Doc, my brother:
Good to hear from you. I am doing fine. Quit cigerettes altogether ( but cheat some with a real good nickel cigar). I am doing my exercise program every day (and doing so well that Diane has decided that sex may not kill me afterall - as soon as I find some gal that will have sex with me, I'll know for sure). I haven't done much lately, except enjoy being alive, and ride my motorcycle. Hey! You and Beckity need to come down and go to Thunderhill Raceway Park (west of Willows) with us the next time they run the old bikes, it is a blast, and free. [the 27 th we are going to the SCCA Regional Championships -at willows- Big O tires is giving away passes, if you are interested
We are going to Vagas for a week starting Wed. I will get back into the swing of things when we get home. A full report will follow.
Your Brother.
Subject: Event Reminder Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 14:17:28 -0700 From: David Schwoegler To:
Dear H-D Riders:
The event below has been successful the past two years primarily because of HOG riders who HAPPENED BY during a weekend run.

This is a reminder of our formal invitation to join us. Folks from your chapter will be welcome, appreciated--and controlled parking is plentiful. It's fun, scenic, cheap and helps an entire community that's smaller than your chapter. Admission is free; most stuff cost a buck.

Additionally, we asked one of the locals to display his H-D, on which he set the world's motorcycle speed record--in excess of 170 mph. If he can make it again this year, there will be no charge to talk, check out his bike or take pictures. It's that kind of community; he's that kind of guy.

Thanks for your consideration, David Schwoegler - Event Volunteer
High-Altitude Chili Cook-Off
More people attend a high-school football game than live in ALL of Alpine County -- the tallest and smallest among California's 58. Located above the 5600-foot level in the Sierra Nevada, Woodfords Station will host a two-day, non-sanctioned chili cook-off. The former Pony Express stop is located where Highway 88 meets Highway 89, near Markleeville, CA.

Called the "Third Annual Woodfords' Community Fair and County Chili Challenge," admission is free; tasting kits with a ballot to vote for a winner are a buck, as are the beers. The event includes a local craft show, food booths, cheap drinks, continuous stage entertainment, arts, antiques, collectables and more. Proceeds benefits a handful of organizations, including volunteer fire-fighters and the search-and-rescue squad.

The dates are September 19 & 20, from 10 A.M..- 5 P.M. Saturday hosts separate events for professional and amateur cooks. Sunday pits those winners against each other.

The Chili Challenge is VERY UNIQUE destination-dining -- more so for the destination than the dining. This a "must do" if you've never visited Alpine County. Markleeville is a scenic gem with many pristine, back-road areas for hiking, touring and water-recreation, where the air and the population are very thin. From Labor Day until the first snow, visitors find the best weather, loveliest vistas and lightest traffic. Food prices and room-rates are great values.

It's also the namesake for the "Markleeville Death Ride," a bicycle race over five Sierra mountain passes held during summer's heat. The race begins near Lake Tahoe at 6200 feet. It follows a road that goes nearly straight up, then gets steeper, covering 128.6 miles with 16,310 vertical feet of climbing. More than 2700 bikers participated last year and raised $177,000 for the mountain hamlet. Most lived.

For tie-in activities, the local hot springs or Lake Tahoe's south shore are less than 30 minutes away. This travel tip from the local motel owner: "About 10 o'clock the bears walk down the main street. We don't bother them, and they don't bother us."

Directions: Take Highway 88 North from Stockton to Highway 89.

More information:
- Woorfords Station 530-694-2930
- Alpine Kids 530-694-2934
- Alpine County Chamber of Commerce 530-694-2475
Subject: sturgis Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 22:51:34 EDT From: To:
i really enjoyed your web page. i would like to chat with other harley fans. i will be watching for more updates on your web page.
Subject: Hello. Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 19:39:52 -0400 From: Doug Roberts To:
Dear Doc,
I have enjoyed your Harley site on several occasions. I would like to compliment you on the sense of fun, yet professional look of your website.
Recently, I have begun making a website for my local Harley Club. I am now putting together some of my favorite cycle links for the obligitory links page. I would very much like to include your page in this listing. If you would prefer NOT to be listed, please let me know and I will remove you from my listings. You can check out what I'm doing at the following:
Thank you in advance for your time. If you have any comments or suggestions for my new struggling website, I would appreciate anything you'd care to leave.
Perhaps if you get a kick out of my biker art you'd consider sending a link back to mine from one of your links pages.
Doug R.
Subject: was at sturgis Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 00:27:37 -0700 From: "wsdragoo" To:
Hello Dave & Becky,
I just came across your web page because of finding something on "sturgis". We just took our vacation to S. Dakota & vicinity (not knowing the bike rally was going that week. Let me tell you, we camp with, rubbed shoulders with, and sight-seeing with some of the most friendly, mellow, wonderful people! I think that bikers have gotten a bad rap from a few idiots in the past but we think there is some pretty cool folks out on their Harleys!
God Bless,
Mr. Bill Dragoo
Southern Cal.
Subject: Wino Willie Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 14:39:16 -0700 From: buckywalker To:
I am in charge of setting up the BoozeFighters web site. We are trying to chronical the history of our club, detailing the "adventures" of Wino and JD. If you have any pictures or information you would care to contribute we would be very grateful.
Thank you,
Bucky Walker, BFMC
thanks for the email! Please read in our Harley reading room 4a I think it is the mail that has been gleaned and added too by some of the riders of yesteryear! some on the boozefighters & how they started. Use any of our emails you want or contact those (their emails are with their emails) We will be glad to give you a link ... I am going to forward your email to Sailor too - an ole salty dog of a Harley rider for 40 years that has seen it all! Been through major wrecks & still rides! Knows computers real well too. Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: Wino Willie Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:20:51 -0700 From: buckywalker To: "C. David Hemp DDS" References: 1 , 2
Thanks for the reply. I checked out your email forum once before. The HA did NOT split off from the BoozeFighters. They were originally a bomber support squadron in WWII. The only real connection is that Sonny Barger, who started the San Bernardino chapter of the existing club HA, saw the movie "The Wild Ones" and fell in love with the image. Wino became his idol and the rest is history.
Thanks again for the email, I put Wino Willie up because I have always admired his free spirit! To me it symbolizes the epitome of the freedom the USA constitution guaranteed for all of us! The bikers world is still a wild & wooly frontier of freedom anyone should be able to choose!!!!!
L8tr 2,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Hi Ya All Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 18:11:19 -0400 From: Milton Glazzard Organization: Hattech To: "''"
Doc, Becky,

I saw the HOG Web page and saw your E-Mail address. How are you doing? Mark and Jill Halliday and I just got back from riding up to Nova Scotia. We're doing great. I'm living in Virginia and Mark/Jill are in North Carolina. We see each other a weekend a month. Lots of new places to ride. Bubba and Ellen are going to move out to North Carolina in May or so. Good weather down there. Va. gets a little cold in the winter. Hope to hear from you. Our E-Mail address (Cindy and Milt) is I'm at work now. I got a big promotion a month or so ago to Network Engineering Manager. Who would of guessed? Have a good one, keep the rubber side down.

Milt Glazzard
Subject: your web site Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 16:43:34 -0700 From: "Goldstrike" To:
Hello there! Just found your site through the link off the Palo Cedro Bee.
It is fantastic. We live in San Francisco and are trying to move to the Shingletown Area. Who knows.....we will probably become patients! (since we still have our teeth!)
Thanks for taking the time to do all the info, fun and music.
Was very sorry to hear of the death of the editors of the Palo Cedro Bee. I hope their friends will be able to continue the web paper, since it is a tremendous value to the web community. ******************************************
Subject: Hello from New Brunswick, CANADA Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:27:29 -0300 From: Linda Fraser To:
Just had to tell you that I loved your site! Great work. I was especially pleased to find a couple of pictures of my sister and brother-in-law amoung your snaps..
Also if you see Ellen & Bubba, tell them Hello from Linda (Jill's sister in Canada)
Subject: Dear Dave & Becky Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:46:06 +1200 From: bwinter{NZD/AORAKI/WINTER1} Organization: Cardinal Network To: DOCHEMP@C-ZONE.NET
My name is Brian Winter & I live down under in New Zealand. Although I have been employed with a Information Technology company for a number of years I have only recently become interested in the internet. It is with great pleasure that I view your Sturgis articles. I ride a 1992 Softail Custom & my partner (Sandy) rides a 1993 Anniversary Dyna Wide Glide. Back in 1995 Sandy, myself & 7 others shipped our bikes to L.A. 6 weeks later we flew over, collected our Harleys & began our ride to Sturgis '95. Our route took us up the coast to San Francisco, then inland to Yosemite before moving on into Nevada then back to Northern California.(Redding) We carried on up the coast to Oregon, then Washington.....on through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & into Sth.Dakota. During the bike week we stayed at the Rockcrest Lodge out at Custer. What a beautiful place, in fact we found most of the U.S. a most lovely place. The people treated us very well indeed. After Sturgis we returned to L.A. via Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California & finally to L.A. I guess you guys are preparing for Sturgis '98... ...I wish you & your friends well. I live in a rural district called Rangiora, 40 minutes north of the city of Christchurch. Just recently I met a woman from the U.S. & who has since returned there after spending 3 years in N.Z. Turns our she & her husband come from Rapid City & visited Sturgis on a regular basis before coming down here to live. Small world I guess. Bye for now......have a good day.
Subject: Finally found one. Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:10:54 -0400 From: "Yats" To:
Hey dave and Becky,

Finally a sharp, kickin, web site. Love it all, good stuff.

Mike Yatsko
Jeddo, Pa.
1990 Fatboy
Subject: 95th Reunion Photo Site Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 23:01:42 +0000 From: Matthew Barber Organization: Matthew Barber Photography To:
To see photos from the 95th Reunion please visit:
Matt Barber
Subject: GREAT SITE! Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 13:01:13 -0700 From: IRISH MIKE Organization: JUS' BROTHERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB To:
Subject: Florida Gator ( Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:51:43 -0400 From: "Tim Morris" To: "Jeff & Lori White"
Doc Hemp
Check this link out .....Golf is a wonderful way to relax.......

That is a hell of a water hazard!! And they say Harleys are dangerous!!! That is why for these water hazardards I carry a Weatherby 7 mm Magnum as one of my clubs!! Have you seen my gator golf bag .......?
Doc Hemp
P.S. .. Sorry we missed Sturgis this year = putting in a train at our place you know.

Subject: Re: Florida Gator ( Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:27:07 -0400 From: "Tim Morris" To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."
Doc, I'm glad you got to enjoy it....That is a real story, sad but still kind of the way life goes. Yes we are leaving for Strugis Wednesday , Long over due. We will be in KeyStone every night if you get a chance to get there...Just look for my bike, The one with me on it on my web page...One of a kind....Later, Tim
Subject: hi Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 08:41:53 EDT From: To:
Liked your web-page----i been a rider for many yrs--harleys for last 30 a few hogs in my barn-----sad to say that the rich & famous have diluted my interest---Big $$ seems to do that type of thing---love my scoots---but HDI has become very Greedy. The Life/Style is no longer for us Old style bikers--too priceie......I stayed at Riders ranch (95th)--A major RIP 0ff--was ashamed of the Gougers that harley let set up there to steel our $'s. The folks in Millwaukee were the BEST---Harley just wanted my buck$.....all of them !! I'm hoping that some day HDI will come back to earth---I'll be waiting-----------------

I was a stock holder---sold $16k worth of HDI after 95th--made a few bucks--but really--for the $$ harley makes the stock isnot cost effective --where be da buck$??? Doc -you & your sweetthing ride safe

adios Ern
We are seeing more letters like yours every day ... Harley's attitude is definitely changing! Big groups are dangerous! And costly! And a good place to get your bike stolen .... especially at the 95th!
Subject: bikers Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 21:35:26 +0200 From: Marco Faccin Organization: keycomm To:
Hi Dave and Becky!
I'm a rider from Italy....surfing i found your site, it's very nice and i'm happy to see dentists who love their motorbike like you do! I haven't an HD (i'm actually the owner ok a kawasaki vn 1500 classic nomad), i saw yours and is wonderful! Good trips!

PS, i'm a dentist too
Subject: trip Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 14:51:40 -0500 From: jack murphy To:
What a nice web page. I was surfing and came upon this exciting page. I took the whole trip. Music , pictures and a wonderful story. When ever I see a Harley page I like to stop and see. I ride a 94 Dayna low rider. Enjoy your next trip and stay safe. Thanks again.
Subject: Your E-Mail site Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:50:54 -0700 From: Carl Crockford Organization: Wyle Electronics To:
I'm Impressed! Quite a site. I haven't enjoyed any as much.

I just bought a Harley (1998 Ultra Classic), my first, and was looking for Harley sites and guess what. I found yours.

I wanted to say hello, even though I haven't finished looking at your site.

I hope to talk to you later.
Bye for now...
Subject: Your Great Website Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 11:02:22 -0700 From: "Tim Danielson" To:
Came upon your website and ended up here for a couple of hours. I really enjoyed reading and visiting. My wife and I ride a 98 Ultra and we hope to be able to take a cross country trip on it within the next couple of years. We are familiar with Redding and have a couple of Redding H-D t-shirts to prove it. I also drink my coffee each morning from a Wild Heiffer mug. When we get the opportunity to ride out your way, we hope to have the chance to stop in and say hello. Likewise, we live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns and if you make it out this way we will show you some good roads to wander. In case you are looking for a great fall trip, try Biketoberfest in is wonderful. Once again, hats off to your website.
Tim Phys.Ther.
Subject: Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:24:09 -0500 From: "Tommy Madison" To:
Dave and Becky;
Visited your site this evening.
Harleys look great. My only problem with bikes is that I get a rash every time I get on one. That is a pavement rash. The worst kind.... ouch....
I sell medical equipment for my primary income...... microscopes for surgery and video systems by SONY. Everything Sony makes is the best in the market.
Before I got into medical I sold race car parts and did some street rod work. I laid off for several years and a little over year and a half ago started selling street rod parts as a second business. I offer bodies and chassis and do some building for those that can't do it alone.
The picture I enclosed is a new steel 32 Roadster by RodBods. They are a blast!
I enjoyed your site. Give a call if you are in the Dallas area. Good luck and safe riding!
Tommy Madison 972-298-2215 Fax 972-296-4869
Subject: Oops, there goes the delete key again! Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:49:11 -0500 From: Tim Organization: InfiNet To:
"Doc"....thanks for the reply....however I'm not sure this will connect with you as I accidently erased your reply "without" looking at the attachment.

Have personally owned 27 motorcycles since I started riding in 1970 and have gone from a 1936 VLD to the 1989 FLHTC Ultra (bought in 1989) I own currently. Twas easier to move than 2 vehicles so the cause was good anyway as I bought a home in Pensacola.

Have been to Sturgis only once and funny thing was...I drove in my truck thru the town on my way elsewhere. Haven't been to Daytona but Sandra states she would like to next season (yah...hmmmm).

I am aware of Hemmings and think it's costly for the little that I would read it...but you are probably right. Thanks for stating you would post my notice for a 36 Coupe Express....yes, I agree, there are a lot of beautiful vehicles out there through the years....but I still stray back to Studes.

Will look forward to anything positive coming my way.
Tim Starkweather