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Subject: hey...from the Dalton Gang in Minnesota........ :) Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 21:55:13 -0600 From: "Mike Dalton" To:

Doc & Becky....
Hey.... :) seems like ages since the big dam tour..... WHERE does the time go?????? we often think of you two!!!!!! :) and i finally spent some time on the computer and checked out some of your websites...... :)..its been to Long..... REALLY brings back memories......

HOPE all is well with both of you!!! and that train is still running the track!!! Tammy & I are both working at the Rochester Harley Davidson Dealer.... and lovin it....!!!!!!!!!! Livin Large..... :)
no big trips since the "Posse Ride:.....waitin for the next one.....maybe we can meet up again!! :) anyway...short & sweet

Hope all is well.......think about you guys often !!!!! Have a Great one!!!! check out the Rochester Harley Davidson and if your ever in the area....PLease...look us up... :) take care!!!!

Mike & Tammy Dalton.......(the Dalton Gang) :) (dam outlaws).... :)~
Subject: (no subject) Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:46:26 EST From: To:

Dear Doc,

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty for us. Fritz called me last Friday. He seems to be a really good man who's looking out for Sonny's best interest, but my fingers are still crossed and hope burns eternal.

This weekend we're going down to New York Myke's San Diego HD to interview the great Chuck Zito. I promise next week I'll have some free time to download my digital pictures and send some to you for the website.

I've put in a call to Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell's office regarding an interview. I haven't heard back from them yet, but this documentary is taking me to DC and I really hope he'll participate.

Iron Outlaws has taken on a life of its own thanks to you and the bikers who have participated in the making of this film. We've got a long and wonderful road ahead of us before this journey is finished.

So forgive me for being repetitiously redundant, but thanks again, Doc, for your great support and cooperation.

PS.. if you're going to be at Daytona, Sturgis, or any of the events we're covering, please let me know. I promise not to turn the cameras on you but I'd like to at least shake your hand and say thanks in person.

Best regards,

Randy Wilson, Centaur Productions

Subject: (no subject) Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 12:06:34 EST From: To:

Thanks, Doc, for the great words on your site.

Sailor and Edd were phenomenal. They told the stories that needed to be told and shattered the stereotypes that needed to be shattered.

Every three patch so-called "notorious outlaw" club I've interviewed have been nothing but courteous and cooperative. From the Top Hatters MC to the Ghost Mountain Riders MC , these men have graciously welcomed us into their homes and clubs.

We've been taking digital pictures along the way so I'll send you some for your site.

By the way, Edd was quite animated. I got some wonderful road shots of him on his classic Indian. Watching him handle those roads in his riding leathers was reminiscent of the original Wild One. Marlon Brando would have been envious.

Thank you for everything, Doc.
Subject: "Iron Outlaws" documentary Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 03:03:08 EST From: To: wrote:

Dear Sir:

Centaur Productions is currently in production on the documentary film "Iron Outlaws: The Myth of the American Biker." The premise of this documentary is to explore the "mythology" of the outlaw biker. The film will document this truly American phenomenon from the very first Harley rider to the Hollister incident to the corporate structure of the modern-day club. What Ken Burns did for the history of the Civil War and Baseball, we plan to do for the outlaw biker.

The story of "Iron Outlaws" will be told through archive film footage, interviews with bikers, authors, historians, law enforcement, sociologists, and those associated with the biker lifestyle. The purpose of this film is not to vilify or idolize the biker lifestyle, but to tell a true and historical account of the men behind the myth.

Centaur Productions is a legitimate, award-winning documentary film company based in Los Angeles.

We are interviewing the younger, modern-day bikers, but this story cannot be told without the pioneers who were there at the very beginning. I was hoping you could help the 'old timers' get in touch with us for an on-camera interview discussing the origins, history and philosophy of clubs such as the Booze Fighters and others. We would interview the members anywhere and anytime it was convenient for them.

The film will be distributed to foreign and domestic film festivals. PBS has first right refusal to the project for domestic television.

Due to the enormity and the logistics of this film (on a public television budget) we cannot pay for interviews, however, if anyone has something to promote we would gladly give them a forum to speak their piece.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Thank you for your time and trouble. I look forward to your response.


Randall Wilson, Centaur Productions


Hey you old timers .... here's your chance to speak your piece ..... again time is always limited ... they must pick the parts that they decide most fits mostly a preconceived image of the American biker .... so ..... 2nd thought ... why waste your time? Just Ole Doc Hemp's view on these interviews I quit giving years ago to all media period. The mistique is a mistique because the real bikers (long time riders) don't try to explain to cagers that think we are all crazy anyway! Many is the time I spent 30 minutes on the positive aspects of the biker world, only to see the 15 seconds of the typical biker response shown.
Subject: Documentary Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 13:00:07 EST From: To:

Dear Doc,

Thank you so much for your response and your help. I don't want to impose on someone's privacy, so if you'd like to call Mr. Fowler first and see if he's interested, please do. I'm sorry to hear you've been burnt by the media. It gives us legitimate guys a harder time. What we're doing is a historical perspective on the biker culture in America. As I said in my e-mail, it is a truly American phenomenon. The premise of this film is not to paint all bikers with the same brush, but to explore the, as I like to put it, mythology.

Thank you again for your invaluable help. If you ever decide to give an interview, please keep me in mind. I'll wait to call Edd after I hear from you to make certain it's all right to contact him.

Thank you for everything.


Randall Wilson, Centaur Productions
Subject: DOCUMENTARY Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:22:51 EST From: To:

Thank you again, Doc, for all your help. If you won't let us interview you, at least let me give you a "producers gratefully acknowledge" credit. E-mail me with how you'd like your credit to read. You've been great. Thank you.


Randall Wilson
Subject: documentary Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 22:05:53 EST From: To:

Dear Doc,

You can never be too gregarious or too loquacious. That's what we're missing in this generic, homogenized America of the twenty-first century. And that's why I'm doing this documentary on bikers. To let men without a politically correct agenda tell their own story. I know talk is cheap but I am not going to do a sensational or tantalizing expose like the mainstream media. That's why I got into documentary filmmaking.

Talked to Edd on Friday and he sounds like a great guy. I'm going to try and get up there in January and interview him. If you have any information on the rally in Sacramento on the 8th of January could you please pass it on. I'd love to go up there and film the event.

Sailor sounds like an interesting guy. I do understand his reticence. A lot of the bikers like the forum we are giving them, and some are mistrusting. I understand. I believe and hope when this film comes out all of you in the biker community will be pleased. As I said in my introductory Ietter, I will have interviews with law enforcement officials, but everyone will have their say and their chance at a fair and equitable rebuttal. No cheap sound bites in this film.

Again, thank you for all your help. You'll definitely get a credit on the film. If you can think of any other 'old timers' who would be interested in participating, please think of us. You've been great. Thanks.


Subject: Iron Outlaws Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 14:28:58 -0800 From: "Sailor" To: "Doc Hemp"

The film crew has come and gone. If they are as good film makers as they are gentlemen, then this will be something to behold. Three very professional, polite and funny people.

I cannot, of course, speak for them, but for myself and Diane; we had a real good time. They got to my house about 9-9:30am and spent about 3 hours getting acquainted, looking at scrap books, transferring still photos to tape (while recording all the stories, jokes and chit chat) and drinking coffee.

Brother Stanley showed up out of the blue and made a meaningful contribution with his story of going to jail for shooting a gun in a beer joint.

We put my ride on the front lawn and with a semi-circle of cameras, boom mikes, monitors, power cords and still flashes we did almost an hour of filmed interview. They got an ear full of bikerisms, philosophy and random thoughts on world affairs as seen through a Harley windshield....LOL

They piled into their van, and with the cameramen hanging out of the back they filmed me and Diane tooling around be backroads on this ridge. We led them to Woody's Bar (and grill) in Chico for chow and liquid refreshments and they filmed us all the way down Skyway, at the bar and in the bar.

Promptly at 6pm we bid adieu and Randy, Chris and Perry departed for Hollister to do a group ride with the Top Hatters MC on Saturday.

I suspect they will do for bikers what Ken Burns did for the Civil War and baseball.

Subject: Enjoyed your website... Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:51:11 -0800 From: Charles Ross To:

Dave & Becky, just a few moments to mention I enjoy your web site (Re: HD). I still have a few weeks before my FLHRI arrives here in San Diego at South Coast HD. Sites like yours make the long wait enjoyable. I'm a 41-year-old research chemist for Pfizer here in La Jolla, getting my first Harley-Davidson. Thanks again for your informative pictures and tour information.
Charles Ross
Subject: '01 FLSTCI-Hog Heaven Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 08:43:55 -0800 From: "keith moore" To:

Dear Doc & Becky,
I sent you kind folks an e-mail three weeks or so ago telling you how much I enjoyed your website and about buying my first Harley. Thanks for responding. I picked up my Heritage last week, have already put a few hundred miles on "her". Absolute pure joy! I've given serious thought to playing hooky from work and go riding, but everyone here at work knows about my new bike, and it would be too obvious. But I look forward to going out for a ride around the neighborhood or down to the beach every night when I get home from work. My room mate also got his Fatboy last Fri. and is pretty ecstatic about his too. When we are unable to go out and ride, we sit in the garage, open a beer and stare at them. Usually rambling on and on about all the custom parts and chrome we wish we had money left to buy.(A new Harley just about breaks your bank these days). Anyway, looking forward to the road and to meeting more kind people ("real people") like yourselves. Until next time......
Keith Moore
Subject: Passing of our friend. Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 22:23:04 -0800 (PST) From: robin sparks To: Doc & Becky Hemp

Once again, it was with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of a dear friend and HOG member.

Carol Elder passed away early this morning after a long illness. She was at home with her family.

At Carol's request there will be no services. She will be cremated and her ashes scattered at a place she had chosen.

Carol Elder was Dave Delaney's mother. Carol always volunteered to drive the HOG members camping gear to the Redwood Run every year.

Rest in Peace our dear friend.

We will certainly miss Carol but will not forget her.

Becky & I will miss Carol ... have posted this on our web page reading room for all to read & remember for a long time to come
Doc Hemp
Subject: Ridng in Bhutan Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 04:19:15 PST From: "Bev Rust" To:,

You guys are really missing it for sure. The terrain is great, Dandy I don't know if you would like it as much but Art the riding is tight and steep and fun, something like Europe but not as good roads. Dandy you would not like the food or the bikes I am sure but we really do enjoy everything . The company is just great, Art I don't know if it would be for Debbie as it is v ery remote and tiring. We are at he Bhutan border and tomorrow we get our Visas for seven days in Bhutan. Bev is having a ball, loves the riding of course and the company being the only lady with 12 mem. Well more when we return. Will write if we can later. Dandy I hope you are checking on my office.

Love the Beave and Crusty Rusty __________________________________
Subject: Re: Ridng in Bhutan Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 07:18:55 -0800 From: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" Organization: C. David Hemp DDS INC To: Bev Rust References: 1

Too coool .... I am riding my tractor ... pushing big trees around .... playing tractor man ....
thought you were already in Batoon .... you have been on a freeway compared to what you will find in Butan ... roads there just for goats! ... remember ... goats have the right of way!! "Hit a goat ... go to jail" ... Butaan's national motto.

Hey .... let's to down to the amazon rain forest next year and enter the Anaconda mud wrestling contests ... you loose ... someone else gets to use your plane ticket home. (grin)

Have fun ...

Uncle Dave and Beckity

Subject: Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 05:30:12 PST From: "Bev Rust" To:,

Art we are coming for Thanksgivng and Christmas and Birthdays and whatever , like christmas eve and new years . We will be broke after this trip for sure. We turned in the bikes today after a great great ride on the most curvey roadsin the world and I am not kidding if you took Buckhorn and made it one lane with drop off you can't imagine you would have it going forever and pot holes and cows yaks people and bikes and you name it. It was the most fantastic riding you can imagine and the views when it cleared you can't believe. It was rustic to some degree but our pictures will show you some of it for sure. I sure you guys would have enjoyed it, now Dandy Dave I don't know it may have been to technical and the bikes were only 500's so I don't know and the food well it was different. Anyway lots to tell you guys and eat your hearts out.

Dandy I hope you are checking the office for me as I will have no practice left, I havn't been gone for three weeks for 25 years or so. Oh well We are going to dinner now and we flew with a couple of other guys to the base of the Himalayans today after the ride and will veg out for two days here. We flew just past Everest today , it is huge and beautiful but put Shasta up at 27000 and you ahve it in your own back yard.

The Bhutan Riding Fiend and his Bhutan Riding Mama are out of here and see you in a few days.

Love Terry and The Beave ______________________________________________
Subject: The best Web Site that I've seen Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 21:50:38 EST From: To:

Doc, I was loooking for information on 32 Ford roadsters when I found your site. It was strange but great to find out that I am not the only one that thinks this way. I have been considered slightly off because I try to enjoy the fun and adventure of many different areas of interest.

I was first married in June 1963, owned a 1954 customised Studebaker hardtop, (no door window frame), love airplanes, have owned a Aeronca Chief, an Aerocoupe, and a Mooney M-20A. Logged over 5000 hours, instructed, and any other means to get flight time. I have flown J-3 s to Lockheed PV-2 s. I have done some crop dusting, chartering and lorts of time just enjoying being alive to be up there. I have owned 3 very old Harleys, a 125 Hummer, a 165 and a Super Ten 165. Later a BMW 600 that I road for 25 years. I now have a Metric Cruiser, a Honda VT100C2 ACE.The closest thing to a Harley that I could afford. I do ride it almost daily to work, when I am to be in the office. I day job is being the Captain of a research vessel for the State of Florida. This is a blast also at times. I've logged 3500 miles on the bike since I picked it up in Nov. last year. I teach Blue Water Sailing at FSU and own thre sail boats. My favorite is a 41' Morgan Out Islander. I've sailed to the Bahamas and recently a trip to Cuba. I've been around the state of Florida six times and it is all fun. I drive a rebuilt 240-D Mercedes I retro fitted with a standard transmittion and just made a pet out of it. My toy car is a replica 1928 Mercedes, great on cool days with the top down.

You comment that it is better to die living than to live dieing just about sums up my phylosophy of life. I have a Masters in Geography and Cartography and my fun projects are first in my life.

Thanks for confirming that I am not completely nuts.

Ted Kiper
80 Oyster Bay
Crawfordville, Fl32327

903 W. Tenn.St.
Tallahassee, Fl32304
Subject: Hi Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:00:01 -0600 From: (Mike Mire) To:

Hi Dave,

Just visited your site and enjoyed it immensely!!! My wife June, and I just got back from a 3000 mile trip up to the Final Assembly Plant in York. She on her "98 FatBoy, and me on my 2000 Ultra. What a trip!!! We are planning another trip (somewhere) when the weather gets a bit better, (hit rain and cold up in Pa.) Amen on the couch potato bit!!! I will send this site to my buddies. They will enjoy it as much as I.
Thanks again!

Mike Mire
Subject: Hi! Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 15:18:17 EDT From: To:

What a great Web site. I was very concerned that Bev was making that long, long trip from Redding. I prayed for her continually. When she called from Palm Coast I was so happy she made it. I tried to talk her into coming to the West Coast, so we could visit.
Bev, her sister and brother, my two sisters and I grew up with the Housers. Our parents were good friends. We were thrilled when they moved to Beverly Hills (Chicago). There were no other kids our ages so we had terrific times and now great memories. Unfortu-nately we both lost sisters back in the early 60's. Bev and I have always been in contact no matter where weve lived. In fact, when I got a free airline ticket (I got bumped) so I called and asked if she wanted me to visit. We had a great time in the Redding area. She got home in time for her birthday call, She was way above the averages she quoted. It was great that you put her on your web site.
Helen Lee Cravener Mitchell
From: Ted Stockman []
Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2000 8:10 PM
Subject: hello

Hello dochemp and Becky,
My wife and I enjoy your website, especially the Harley sites. She and I courted n a Harley and then went 40 years without. ur first trip to Sturgis was 93 and again in '98. So many people. We rode the HOG Route 66 and the first Posse ride.
Not much else like riding a Harley.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Ted and Dorothy Stockman
Subject: Thanks Again Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 22:39:01 -0700 From: Ian and Linda Chau Organization: @Home Network To:

Dave and Becky,
Danny and I arrived in Vancouver today at about 2.30p.m. We went to Eureka after leaving your place. Had lunch in a deli and then headed up the coast and thru the redwoods to Grant's Pass. Although cold and foggy on the coast, not too much traffic, the bikes going well and those great sweeping corners.
Hit the interstate after that. Stayed in Roseburg that night, then on to Olympia where we met up with Don Hope and stayed at his daughter's house. He's riding up tomorrow to meet up with Robbie and they go Banff on Monday morning.
We are staying with relatives of Danny's till Monday morning when we will also head out going down thru Montana to Yellowstone and on to Sturgis. Plan to check out Little Big Horn, Cody etc too. Thanks again for your incredible hospitality and we look forward to trying to repay you both in New Zealand real soon. All the very best,
David Owen & Danny Young (when at home)
Subject: Re: TRAIN BUFFS and photos Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2000 22:46:10 +1200 From: David Lane To: dochemp References: 1

Hey Dave,

I have a very good friend Dave Giles of a company called Ikon Enginering based here in Auckland who coming to the USA with his train and carriages and going to a train convention at either Vancouver or Seattle in August. He speaks of a Tom Millar and a place called Train Mountain Oregon. Dave makes parts and kit sets for trains just like yours and exports around the world. I have given him your web site re trains. I just wondered if you knew of him.

Thanks for the Grave site address. We will call there on the way back to LA
By the way, I have a committment from 12 people in our group (so far) thats coming to your place. I will phone you once we are all together at the warehouse in LA with a final number.
Enclosed find a pix of some of us who are coming in front of our 40ft container just before we locked it up. You will spot Sally down in the front with the stars & stripes jacket on, and my son in law Chris to the left of her and yours truely (the managing director and master of ceremonies) directly behind her. The second pix shows several of us packing our bikes onto the pallets and just before we put the large HD cartons over then.

Getting closer......

See you soon ,


Below are a couple pics from our good friends from New Zealand , David & Sally Lane. It is of them and their group shipping their bikes over for their trip to Sturgis S.D. this year .... they will (hopefully all) spend a day or 2 at our place, ride trains, Harleys & party hardy on their way to the promised land! ... STURGIS!!!!! (Grin)

Here is one of the best and best written emails we (Dave (doc) and Becky) have ever received .. it is from our soul brothers David & Sally Lane after the Kiwi's stay at our place ... Look for all this and more pics shortly all on their own webpage here off our main Harley Page.

To our special friends David and Becky

Back in 1997, after our return to New Zealand after riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle to the 57th Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, Sally and I decided to search the Internet for any information on another interest of mine, Studebaker cars.

I soon located a fellow in the USA by the name of David Hemp who appeared to be a bundle of knowledge concerning these cars. Little did I ever envisage the outcome of meeting David and his wife Becky through the Internet would be 14 New Zealanders stopping over and being wined and dined in a manner fit for a king.

But lets go right back to 1997 when it was established that we both owned two of the only known 1930 President Eight Roadsters in existence. I've owned mine for 38 yrs and David has owned his for nearly 30 yrs. We have between us driven them over 500,000 miles collectively. We also both own Harley Davidsons and we are not afraid to ride like the wind and go to the edge. In fact this fellow even had a wacky sense of humour much like my own. It didn't take long before we were exchanging all sorts of trivia and it soon became apparent that we were in fact brothers of a kind.

He and Becky had been to the 57th Sturgis Rally as well. Even our interest in steam trains only further strengthened the bond between us. The coincidences continued to flow back and forth.

When David and Becky learnt of my plans to bring a 40ft container load of Harleys from New Zealand to the USA for the 60th Sturgis Rally in July 2000, they both jumped in and suggested that we should pay them a visit. That is, all of us were invited to come and stay and party for several days en route to Sturgis.

So on July 20th of this year the owners of 19 Harleys and one Triumph arrived in LA and unpacked our motorcycles to begin a tour of the USA.

Due to various commitments we all decided against group riding. Some of our party rode south while 14 of us rode north to Dave and Becky's home in Redding. David recommended that Lassen Park was a must-see en route from Reno and Truckee, and it was here that we caught up with "Sporty Dave" Danny, and Brian on the Triumph.

As we pulled into the driveway on that very hot day, I immediately spotted Dave chatting to the caterers of the lavish BBQ that was been prepared for us and their invited guests. That first meeting with my "other brother" was really neat.

Over the next few hours, Chris my son-in-law, (he loved those Cuban Cigars) and my daughter Vanessa (who wants Dave to adopt her as his daughter) arrived, as with Chris & Joan, (quick show me where the shops are), Gavin ( I need some fluffy dice to go with that Chevy Impala) and Su, (hold it Joan, I'm coming shopping too), Robbie and his ridding buddy Don, with gentleman Ken hooking in later in the afternoon.

Becky, the perfect hostess made us all feel welcome, inviting us into their home at once, for cool drinks and sandwiches. The construction of "Tent Town" was carried out with the professionalism of seasoned travellers on a subdivision just bordering the Redwood Forest, although six of us were lucky enough to have beds allocated inside .

The swimming pool and the fully stocked cooler took a hammering for the rest of the day as we relaxed and told lots of lies about our five-day tour from LA.

During the afternoon David fired up his beloved steam train and as he slowly built up a good head of steam, the rest of their invited guests started arriving for the feast and the prospect of rides through the "Redwood Forest". The setting is impressive amongst very mature trees, a fully equipped railway station complete with popcorn machine and tables set-up with white tablecloths, and the homestead, set well back off the roadway, created a beautiful backdrop.

Dave spent the evening at the controls of his engine and there was never a time that the carriages were not full with friendly, happy faces all enjoying the experience of riding the BAD Railway over the meadows, through the Redwood Forest, and past Tent Town.

Somewhere during the night I met "Spendy Wendy" on the train and I took an instant liking to her Harley tee shirt. She wanted my "Downunder" shirt and was prepared to "flip flop". We were in love. With that we stripped off and did it right there and then on that crowded platform totally oblivious to the waiting passengers. Wendy, come down to New Zealand and I'll give it back to you, I promise.

About midnight, after most of the visitors had gone home, Dave asked us if we would like to see in his garage. There parked beside "THE" Studebaker President, the stunning Packard Phaeton and a Chevy Impala was a De Tomaso Pantera. Dave didn't need much prompting to fire it up and give us all a rather fiesty clip around his driveway. Here is one helluva fast motor car and competently driven. An experience that many of us will never forget. Rumour has it that 85 MPH in the driveway was commonplace.

But also later on there was the sight of Vanessa (alias Mary Poppins) riding a beautiful bicycle at a more sedate speed which really captured the endearing moments of the night.

Waking the next morning to a wonderful poolside breakfast with much reminiscing and laughter about the antics of the previous night soon set the tone for our second day's stay. The general consensus was to hell with Sturgis, let's just stay here for the next six weeks instead.

Dave and Becky's suggestion of a ride out to Lake Shasta hydro dam and a cafe for lunch soon had everyone saddled up and away except for Sporty Dave who just wanted time out to recuperate, clean his scoot, and goof around the pool for the day. The ride out and back was spectacular and well away from the usual tourist traps even if our intrepid leader Dave did run out of petrol some 10 miles after he had us all fill up our bikes!

Later in that hot afternoon the lure of the swimming pool became very strong and it wasn't long before we were back at the "Hempstead" and cooling off. During the afternoon Becky offered Gavin (complete with crew cut hair), an opportunity to drive the bright red Chevy Impala to fulfill his fantasy of taking a step back in time to the era of Elvis Presley.

Also I had the pleasure of being given the opportunity of driving Dave's Studebaker. It was an overwhelming experience to drive a sister car that is only a few chassis numbers from my own. The realisation that I am the only person to have driven two of these most delectable rare roadsters was an honour that defies explanation. Thank you Dave, I will return the favour by bringing my Studebaker to the USA one day and we will go touring in them together. This will be history in the making.

Our poolside dinner that night was special as we laughed and joked the night away, even if some of us had difficulties in finding the "Mouse Tattoo".

The last morning of our short stay saw a much more sedate mood amongst us as we started to dismantle "Tent Town" and pack up to leave. Dave's story about his early days as an army dentist using "Dental Dynamite" to coax a fellow soldier to clean his teeth, helped to change the mood.

As always, all good things come to an end and it was hard to say our goodbyes to two beautiful people who opened up their home and their hearts to a bunch of Kiwis from Down Under. We will never forget your generosity, your willingness to share your toys, your love of laughter, and especially your "Billy Bobs".

On behalf of all who stayed, thank you Dave and Becky. We love you guys.

David & Sally.
Subject: Just heard about this web page Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 00:22:58 EDT From: To:

We were eating at the Damburger today and heard about your web page from one of the other customers there , We are Harley riders also. We have a 99 Dyna-Wide Glide. I work for Dr Schalo. I have been to your house and know your wife. Dr. Bigelow and Yvonne brought my husband and I over one day but you were not there. Sorry we did not get to meet. My husband has designed a bike trailer that is awsome. If you get a chance to come to the BIKE event here in Redding June 16-18 he will have a vendor space at the Holiday Inn. The name of the trailer is SLICK TRAILERS by ITB. Stop by and see it.

Hope to meet you one day and maybe see you out riding.
Paul and Diane Shepherd.
Subject: question Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 00:27:41 -0600 From: To:

Hi Love the photo of you without your shirt! hahahahaha

I have a question, I saw a reallllly cool harley ad a few weeks ago. It had the photo of a rider with the harley logo tattooed on his arm and the ad read... "When was the last time you felt this passionately about something?"

I really want to see this ad again, did you all see it?? If yes, can you tell me where you saw it or where I might find it...

weird question I know, but I have a bet going and I need that ad to win....

write soon thanks!

Deanna Marie
Subject: Memorable Evening Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 10:06:57 -0700 From: "Rebecca Capobianco" To:

Dear Dave & Becky,

We just wanted to say Thank you for such a wonderful time last evening at the picnic for Senator Johannessen. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we had met before. Thankyou Dave for showing your toys, the Packard is positively gorgeous. We hope to see you again, perhaps on a Harley ride.

Bob & Becky Capobianco

P.S. What a fantastic website! We much enjoyed the articles & photos.


Bob & Becky,
Thanks for the kind words! Was great seeing you again .... 180 paid tickets at $75 & $125 apiece .. was a pretty successful fund raiser ole Abe (Maurice) Lincoln. Everyone likes an ole steam train ride too! Maurice is a Harley rider & rides with us too .... raced cars with us at laguna Seca ... a good friend for over 30 years now ..... He is a business man ... that went into politics to make a difference! He always wears his helmet but is against Helmet Laws and doing his best to over turn them.
Subject: Good Harley reading site... Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:13:25 EDT From: To:,,,,,,,,,,,,, (best but both are good)

The stories and pictures are GREAT... a very well done site.. enjoy...Jt

Fatcat Marve is always sending out web sites info and SUPER jokes, so here is one of my fav sites.... but warning... you can virtually get lost in there. I have spent hours and hours and hours in there. I was lucky to meet Dr. Hemp in person after a car racing weekend a couple of years ago. It was on I-5 by Williams and I was headed south and he was headed north. We were in a restaurant (Grandzella's) and just happened to go to the rest room about the same time and he noticed my shirt..(Harley and he mentioned this site. We talked for some time and I was impressed with his enthusiasm and humor. He has put a lifetime in riding and writing good stories..... Well, good luck and enjoy.. this site seems to go on deeper and deeper... really a lot to read..

Papa John
Papa John,
Thanks for the email, and the kind words! Remember you very well, Hope your racing is going well ... let me know when you will be at Thuder Hill again .... may bring the Pantera (or Harley of course) down for a drive and watch the action! Send some photos of Harley and your race car to put up here too.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: Your Page Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 22:08:35 -0600 From: Thorne Stallings Organization: To: dochemp References: 1 , 2

Thank you. Don't know where you live but it would be nice to run into you ( not crash) sometime. And my Cobra is a 429 Everett Morrison Replica. Sorry to disappoint a new friend. But at least, it also has nitros. Although I've never used it. Why waste something on a combustion engine that I could combust in my head. :>)

Enduros, eh? I used to ride them every weekend in the summer up in Minnesota back in 69/71. Had Ossa Pioneer (still have it) and Bultaco Matador. I also have a 1972 350 Bultaco Alpina, a 1965 Bultaco Rickman Metisse, a 1974 Bultaco 360 Pursang, a 1974 Macio 450, a 1968 Harley Generator Shovelhead, a 1999 100 HP Harley Buell, and a new 2000 FLHTCUI. few people's surprise, no money left!

Think I'll spend the next month on your site and sending it to all of my good friends. (The number of wouldn't even get a hyper chimp excited)

Cessna Aerobat? Humm. You need to get a really good ride in a Pitts S2B. With me, no less. :>) Nothing quite like the rush you get on take off of rolling it inverted at about 50 feet, accelerating to about 160 mph and then pushing it outside and going over the top.

When you have nothing better to do, visit ( ) and look up my novels under:

"The Rainbow Chase" by Thorne Stallings
"Gut Wrench" by Thorne Stallings

Then after you are through reading one (which I'd be happy to send you free and autographed), you can be my agent and get us a movie made. After that, both of us will have enough money to build a web site as neat as yours. What the hell am I thinking! How could you possibly have time for casual reading!!!

I can't die. To many wonderful people left to meet in and enjoy in this world. And yeah... I'll beat it all. In all seriousness........Thanks, pard.

Thorne (age 61)

dochemp wrote:

Hey Thorne my friend ... you hang in there! Thanks for the kind words too! .... read below as I answer your email subject by subject.

Thorne Stallings wrote:

> Dear Doc (and Bride), >

> I was given your page recently and I must say, even as a novelist,

I am a borderline Dyslexic, a poor speller ... would love to be a novelist

> a > retired NWA Captain,

I only fly with friends for fun (like in the Cessna Aerobat)? .. was a tooth jockey in the Airforce

> a Harley owner,

hey ... a push there ....

> a Shelby Cobra owner,

If a real one ... you are next to God himself! ... I have to settle for cheap Horse Power ... 425 H.P. Pantera with a 300 H.P. Nitrous Oxide system .....

> an > x-motocrosser,

I have ridden for over 38 yrs now ... mostly Enduros ... always ate the dirt of the Moto Crossers ....

> a current heart patient,

Well ...I'm overweight and headed that way ...

> a current cancer patient,

I did have a Basal Cell Cancer cut out of the side of my nose ... was a good cancer to have I guess ....

> and > many other things which like the rest of this list are not worth > mentioning.... I can't even begin to compete with you! I'm not even in > the same ball park. Not even close.

I would disagree with you .... you have done it all too my friend .. and much more ... glad you like the site .. it is meeting interesting folk from around the world that makes the websites we do worthwhile .... please keep in touch ... hope you can kick that Carcinoma in the ASS!

> Your site is wonderful!

Thanks again ...

> > > Warm regards, >

> Thorne Stallings > Blanchard, OK

Please keep in touch ....
Tailwinds and Sunshine ...
Doc Hemp.
Subject: Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:38:12 -0600 From: Jim Marrinan To:

Making my first trip to sturgis this year from dallas,tx on my 99fatboy,riding with my new soulmate..we met at the knot at the rally.

ride safe, but hard

Subject: Help! Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 22:24:06 EST From: To:

We live in Southern California... Just got our first Harley... Had a couple of other bikes, but as you said "none can stir the heart like the sound of a Harley". We are looking for people to ride with in the Inland Empire. (Mainly in the Riverside, Corona or Moreno Valley areas). I've searched the sites, but have not been able to come with anyone. (MC's or individuals).. Your site is great.. Will visit it often.. Many thanks for your love of other riders....Sincerely, Craig Manning ( or Looking forward to hearing from you...
Thanks for your help....
Subject: Site on the Internet Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 20:26:41 +0100 From: Rob Boer Organization: World Access To:

Dear Dave and Becky,
I just saw your site on the Internet. I enjoyed it very much and liked the music. We are Dutchmen and once we would like to make a tour on a Harley in the States for instance the Route 66. I don't yet drive a Harley, but a very nice Honda Shadow VT 1100 (sorry). But I am intending to buy a Heritage Softail. Is it still interesting to import a motorcycle from the U.S.A. to Holland or is the price staying the same ? I hope to hear from you and stay interesting in your site.
Kind regards,
Rob Boer, Rospad 28, 3151 GS Hoek van Holland. The Netherlands.
Subject: hello from minnesota.... Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 22:20:39 EST From: To:

hey....Dave & Becky....
well...we are surviving minnesota's winter, its actually been quite a mild winter, so that makes it fact on Dec. 30th it hit 48 degrees.....and the streets were dry, alittle sandy but dry, and i couldnt resist a short ride on the Dyna :) was great!!!!!! got lots of funny looks, must have been cause i looked like a mad-man, smiling from ear to ear.......what a ride can do for one's soul!!!! other than that work has been super busy, bidding lots of work......and on the weekends working on the interior of my new garage....wiring, etc........still have been looking for that crystal ball like your's :) missing my dad, sure hasnt gotten any easier, we think about him everyday!! we have also been doing alot of planning for the "posse ride" in september.... my boss is riding with us, and we are gonna ride from home (minnesota) to san diego, join up with the posse ride, ride to Tybee Island Georgia, and then back home....lots of miles,lots of fun and memories...september will be quite a month... looking very forward to that!!!! also, on this wednesday 2/23, Tammy and i are taking a week off, and flying to Scottsdale Arizona to visit my aunt, and we have a Harley rented from the Mesa dealer....(Hopefully its better than (Great American)'s bike.....remember "battle bike"....we still laugh we think about it....geeezzz....remember that exhaust pipe cut right off and was still a great trip!!!! so...with spending some time on a bike in arizona, it should get us through the rest of minnesota's winter......... so how have you guys been????? hopefully good !!!! have you been busy with your website???? really havent had much time to surf any of it........could use a good dose of that too.... :) how's the train running.....??, any more track laid......??? we gotta get out to Redding some day, and get a ride.......... :) well.......thats about all for now......
hope to hear back from ya......
take care.....
mike........."Dalton Gang" (leader) :)
P.S. hey, you have lots of contacts........wondering, if you know where, i can order a patch for my vest,??? in memorance of my dad.....?? i have seen them on vest before, thought you might have an idea....
have a good one!!!!!!
Subject: shiloh hotel Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 21:18:41 -0800 From: Rick Leone Organization: PLATINUM FITNESS To:

my name is rick and i also have a 1922 special 6 stude. i ride all over and want to share a destination with you. It's located 6 miles from the smoky mountains and is a motorcycle only hotel. chek it out on the web. .....
Subject: none Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 08:29:22 -0500 (EST) From: (JACQULYN SNODEN) To:

Good morning Doc & Becky
I forgot to tell you my son restored a 1929 Ford pick up!! thank you for the E-mail ..... We watch your site more then other site on the web. nice talking to you guys !! Have a great day.

Subject: Msg from York, Pa. Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:44:26 -0500 From: "Jeff & Dee" To:

Just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your trips out to Sturgis. Have been there myself several times but never during bike week. Always went out for three weeks each summer with my best girlfriend in my Chevy shortbed custom van. This year, my husband and I are traveling out in our Bounder motor home towing a S-10 pickup with his 98 FLSTS Heritage Springer and possibly my 86 Sporster. Have a question. We want to miss the rally and head out after everyone has gone. We aren't much for the big crowds anymore. We are still pondering over the weather. Thought about leaving the last two weeks of Aug and the first week of Sept. OR the last week of Aug and the first TWO weeks of Sept. After Sturgis we want to head to Yellowstone and the Tetons. We'll camp at a permanent site and travel by bike in these areas. So, what do you suggest as far as the time span? Would appreciate any inf..
Will do most of our biking during the day and if need be, we can use the truck in the evenings, but we do want it to be warm enough so we can do our touring by bike. I realize it can get cold in the mountains. If anyone can help us out in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. Just for a change, if you ever get a chance to go to Myrtle Beach for their Bike Week, do. We left early and headed south down through the Outer Banks and spent some time there and then did the ferrys instead of going inland. Great trip. The last four years we have been going to Fl. for two to three weeks during X-mas or Thanksgiving instead of doing Daytona Bike Week. Able to do much more touring and theres no crowds, just the locals. We pull up bike functions on the Internet and this enables us to do some poker runs and meet some real nice people.
If you are ever in York, Pa. try to stop by the York Plant and do the tour. The museum is open on weekends but the tour through the plant is only during the week. We also have an Open House for three days in Sept. that Harley puts on. This past year it was wonderful. Couldn't have asked for better weather. They sponsor poker runs and tours through the Amish Country and of course, they have all the new bikes there at the Fair Ground where everything takes place. Its a good way to test drive a bike you are thinking about buying. It is Thur.- Sat. On Friday evening thousands and thousands of bikes line up at the fair ground and do a grand ride through the streets of York. Quite a site.
Had better stop rambling. Again, enjoyed traveling out west with you guys through your stories and pictures.

Dee Davis
York, Pa.

Subject: good work Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 19:59:44 -0500 From: "Roy Mathews" To:

Your web site is by far the most interesting and entertaining that I have ever seen...Please continue the good work and keep the fun coming.... I am able to live some of my fantasies by scrolling through your many pages of fantastic adventures..

Roy Mathews
Subject: Greetings from a fan of your site. Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 12:09:21 EST From: To:

Billy Gordon & the Blue Rockers
Subject: Harley Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:34:55 -0500 From: "Pat" To:

I just wanted to say that my husband has had a bike for some time, but has always wanted a Harley. He finally got one recently, & does he love it . He has more chrome & doo-dads on that motorcycle, than I have Clothes in my closet. It wasn't that I resented the Love for his bike , but I just didn't understand it until I read your interpretation on your home page. I am an RN, & he feels about that bike as I do about my work. We all need something like that that inspires us. We live near Daytona & Bike week is coming up, he is really looking forward to it .
Subject: Biker's Prayer Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:56:25 -0600 From: "Misti L Wuori" To:

Hi! Cool site! I am trying to locate a copy of the "Biker's Prayer" for a friend of mine. Do you have a link or url where I might find this? Thanks, Misti (for my friend in Fargo, North Dakota)
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Biker's Prayer] Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 08:53:26 -0800 From: "sailor" To: "dochemp" References: 1

Hello Becky:
I am sorry, but I don't know anything about it. I assume it is a book.

I thought a 'biker's prayer' would be: "Oh Lord, I hope that is a burglar and not her 'ole man!"
Subject: It's been a long time Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 05:09:03 EST From: To:

Dave and Becky,
It has been a long time since I last wrote you, just wanted to catch you up on things. First I guess it is no excuse, but one of the reasons I haven't written you is that I am finishing my Masters Degree, and I think I have taken off a year now for it, but no matter, It has just been time consuming. Lara and I went to Sturgis this year, and thought often of you while we were there, Here is a picture of me at Devils Tower, as well as one of us in Downtown, there were so many things we saw and did this year. It really takes several years to see all there is to see in Sturgis, huh? I went in ' 97, but didn't experience it like I did this last year. Lara actually won second runner up in the Ms. Sturgis pagent on Wednesday, but it got rounchy in the finals, and she refused to roll around in the smut with the rest. I tell you , I think those bugs get bigger each year, there was a couple of times that I thought of you... when a big 'ole hard sheller hit me in the mouth. I thought 'Ole Doc could set up shop outside of the badlands and probably make a fortune. I stripped the threads for my windshield two days before leaving to South Dakota. While we are hoping to go back this year, we are in the process of building a new home, and that tends to drain the play funds, so we are just going to see how it goes. I know we are going to the run for the wall in D.C., but I am sure that is a little extreme for you to come from Redding to D.C. talk about your all time sore-butt club. Anyway, As always, I enjoyed your site, and the many updates that you have made since my last visit. you and Becky are a credit to yourselves for the good work that you do here, and in your lives.
It was good talking with you again, 'ole friend,
God Bless Ya'lll and Keep Ya'll Safe.

Subject: rally Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 06:50:57 GMT From: "berinette berinette" To:

Hi i just visited your site and found it very interesting. You see i have a new boyfriend an Harley's lover and he wants to take me to the next rally and it is important for me to share that with him, but i don't know much about all this, so if you can send me some kind of informations i would really appreciate it. Anything on the rally or about Harleys he makes me love all that stuff now i have to learn. You seem to be a great couple doing what you enjoy the most.

So i hope i'll receive some informations soon and thank you for taking time reading this.
Subject: web site Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 20:02:03 -0700 (MST) From: (Bob Jones) To:

Great web site. Did a trip from here in Colorado to Eureka. Hwy 299 shots brought back good thoughts. Hotter then hell in Redding. Engines pinging from the temp. Again, nice site.

ride easy...
Subject: Fw: Our Flag Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 10:37:52 -0800 From: "sailor" To: "Doc Hemp"

How are you my friend? I have been under the weather and busy, busy.

Subject: Schoene Feiertage / Nice holiday season Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 06:56:27 +0100 From: (Jochen Fischer) Reply-To: "Jochen Fischer" Organization: H.O.G. Niederrhein Chapter To:

Die Feiertage stehen vor der Tuer und ich moechte Euch und Euren Familien im Namen des Niederrhein Chapter Vorstandes alles Gute zu Weihnachten wuenschen. The Christmas break in in front and I would like to express for the board of directors of the HOG Niederrhein Chapter our best wishes.

Lasst Euch reich (es muss nicht nur Chrom sein !) beschenken und geniesst die wenigen arbeitsfreien Tage im Kreise der Familien oder mit Freunden. Lots of gifts (it needs not only to be chrome !) and enjoy the few workfree days with your families and friends.

Allen die nicht der Einladung zur Sylvesterparty bei der City Ambulanz, Krefeld folgen koennen, wollen, duerfen, einen guten Rutsch in das Jahr 2.000 (hoffentlich keinen Y2K-Bug), ein unfall-/diebstahlfreies Jahr und moeglichst viele erlebnisreiche, gemeinsame KM mit Gleichgesinnten. All of you, who can't joint the invitation to the New-Years-Eve Party at City Ambulance, Krefeld we wish a good step into the Year 2.000 (hopefully without a Y"K bug), an accident- /lost-free year and lots of enjoying miles with fellow friends.

JOCHEN FISCHER -Secretary/Webmaster-
mobile: +49 (0) 171 - 31 41 66 3
office: +49 (0) 211 - 90 178 16
H.O.G. Niederrhein Chapter # 9.280

Subject: your site Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:30:42 -0600 From: tami kamphaus To:

thank you for sharing so much of your lives with the rest of the world. looks like the two of you have a wonderful life together. i only wish all of society could be as free as the two of you are. merry christmas, and keep your rubber on the ground.

Subject: Holy Cripe!! Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 17:03:15 -0800 From: Thom Brown To: "Doc Hemp (E-mail)"

Geez Doc...I just went into your web site...again (after a self imposed sabbatical from useless biker drivel) and WOW!'ve been busy! Thanks for the redneck snowman song. It's so disgusting I've only sent it to one or two HUNDRED other people who would appreciate it. Say hello to Becky for me. Ice.

Thomas Brown
The Irwin-Hodson Company
Portland, Oregon