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Class of 1960
Our 50th High School Reunion
Shenandoah Valley Academy, April 16 & 17, 2010


UPDATED 4/10/2010

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From "Peppy Lord Clark"
Subject Reunion - April 16, 17, 18, 2010
- please reply if you have notalready
March 8, 2010

Time is passing quickly and our reunion is fast approaching -faster than your replies. There are several things for you to put on your to do list.(Do I sound like a teacher?)

A few of you have signed up for the luncheon but have not been specific.

PLEASE e-mail me and let me know if you prefer vegetarian or non vegetarian lunch and how many will be attending - attached is the class list / sign-up sheet you can check-off and return to me or just send me a note. We will be enjoying our luncheon in the fellowship hall of the church. The cost is $15.00 per person and can be paid at the luncheon or if one prefers they can send me a check ahead of time made out to - Crossroads Catering.

For the evening meal we will be providing vegeburger sandwiches and asking if those who are "local" could add to the meal by bringing a salad, or dessert, or drinks, or chips, snacks. . .

I have reserved 20 rooms at Johnny Appleseed for Friday and Saturday night, April 16 & 17, 2010 at the rate of $70.00 a night. When you call, just say you are with SVA class of '60 and request 2 doubles or king size non smoking rooms (the king size rooms are the most recently remodeled). The rooms and room rate must be confirmed by MARCH l6! After March 16 it is first come first serve. (There is a refrigerator in each room)

We want everyone to E-mail David Hempe at with a short biography & some current pictures of your days after SVA. He has worked hard to set up the site -, and it is interesting and fun to catch up with each other's lives. This is an excellent way to keep in touch and will be especially enjoyable for those who cannot attend. I have also enjoyed meeting classmates on Facebook.

For those interested in giving something to one of the scholarships we thought it would be fitting to present it as a class gift to the Copenhaver or Mrs. Strickland fund. If you are interested in doing so we will have a box set up where you can slip in your check or cash (indicate if you have a specific scholarship you want to give to)

We hope you are making every effort to attend. We have already lost some of our classmates and we will miss you if you are not there. We want everyone to come with all of our survivor marks showing- wrinkles and all! See you soon!

Peppy Lord Clark
9604 Gladstone St.
Manassas, Va. 20110
703-361-7018 -

9/22/2009 8:26 AM
1960 Classmates,

Can you believe it? 50 years ago we were going to classes, enjoying our friends and complaining about the food? April 16, 17 will be our 50th reunion at S.V.A. I’m hoping that you will be there. We are beginning to make plans and want your input on how to make it a memorable weekend. We will be e-mailing you with more details. Carolyn Williams Burns has sent me a list of e-mail addresses for many of you. I am attaching the list and asking you for assistance in finding those we do not have or those that are no longer correct.

I have just been given some news about one of our classmates, Ann Lewis Williams who has been going through a difficult illness. You can find more information and keep updated on her condition by looking on the web site,, I know that she would appreciate a card or note letting her know of our prayers and concern and love. This site provides more information on her condition and ways to contact her.


Dear Classmates,
Hope you are making plans to attend our 50th S.V.A. Reunion on April 16, 17, 2010. We are hoping for a great turnout and you can make that happen. Enclosed is a list of current emails that have been obtained thus far. I have tried to contact others by phone but do not have any information for them. Please call or e-mail me if you can add to this list.

We are still in the planning stages so we are open to your ideas. I have reserved 20 rooms at Johnny Appleseed for Friday and Saturday, April 16 & 17, 2010 at the rate of $70.00 a night. When you call, just say you are with SVA class of ‘60 and request 2 double or kingsize non smoking rooms for /Friday and/or Sat. night. ( The king size rooms are the most recently remodeled.) The rooms and room rate must be confirmed a month ahead by March 16th.

On Friday they have a golf tournament for those interested. On Friday evening 6pm-8pm in the school cafeteria they have a light meal for all graduates with a vespers at 8pm.

After church there will be a class picture taken and our class will meet at the church fellowship hall for a catered lunch. The cost will be $15.00. This can be paid the day of the luncheon or before the weekend. I will need to know about a month before how many are planning to have lunch with the class. The meal will be good for all, including vegetarians.

Sat. evening we would like to show a DVD of pictures of our SVA days. David Hempe had agreed to put this together but each of us has to look up our old pictures. Send him any copies of the photos by email – or snail mail. If he is willing to do all this work, surely we can supply some pictures! Please, don’t send original photos. As Dave says, lets do it, facebook which he would post on a 1960 website weekly. We have also received some requests to have a talent show. I’ve had requests for Chunky to sing Apple Blossom Time, Wayne Jenkins, Ol’Man River,a song from the Girls trio and Mens Quartet, Don on the accordian, Casey at the bat, and ect.. Anyone up for that?

We would like to remember those who are no longer with us. If anyone has some photos of them, Dave could post a Rememberance page and we could relate some stories for Dave to post???

We would like each of you to send us some highlights on your last 50 years so we can share them with all the class members via email or mail.

Some have suggested they would like to take a cruise for a few days after the reunion. There is only one cruise leaving Baltimore, the closest port to SVA, at that date. It is Carnival Cruise Lines going to the Bahamas, cost is from $650 to $1140 depending on cabin size for 7 days. If you are interested you can check on fast deal number 25231 for additional details. Email me if you are interested and we can than follow up and decide how and when to book it.

Please email me with your ideas and comments and later we will have a follow up letter. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

9604 Gladstone St. Manassas, Va.20110 703-361-7018

Hello Dave and Becky,

So good to hear from you and look at your photo's. You both look great! I would send you some of our family if I knew how. Guess I will send some by sail mail.

We will not be able to attend the 50th reunion. Lynn will be doing a workshop during that time - besides, I would have to lose 50 lbs., get a wig or hair plugs, etc. etc. etc....

It sounds like a lot of fun though.

We were doing a gardening workshop at our church camp at Leoni Meadows last fall and met Harri Hohensee Butsch. Remember her? She sang in the girls quartet with Kathy Fagel, Mary Emma Bigelow and someone else.

Look for a package from us. I will send you the DVD of Lynn demonstrating planting a tree.

Love, Elizabeth


Date: Jan 1, 2010 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Astrid ..50th reunion stuff ...
To: "dochemp2"

Thanks for the kind words. I have most of those pics with my parents stuff. Will try and get into the attic and take a look. I write and take black and white photos of the inner city as a passtime. Three grown boys one Andy is a graduate of univ of Chicago law school--now sailing around the world with his fiancee to be married in Sri Lanka where he is a bit of a celebrity because of his involvement with their Criket team. 2nd son Erik is a working actor in New york does a lot of Tv and is currently in rehearsals to star as Macbeth at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. 3rd son is married and a busnessman in LA. I am currently working with a production team to write a TV series based in my clinic. So ne ver bored lots to do and life is filled with laughter and challenges. Sorry I can't be there----

love to all.

Subject Re: Reunion - April 16-17, 2010
Date Mon, January 4, 2010 8:18

hey,it's Ann Lewis Williams...How the heck are you? I have been off the internet -- for months in hospital -- you may know I had the flesh eating bacteria that killed my left leg. They thought I was a goner but God had other ideas!!! 8 surgeries and much time and some rehab later I'm home with my daugher, April. I want to come to reunion but having lost my leg I don't know the logistics of it all yet.I am still progressing in regaining my strength and learning new ways to do things. Improving all the time so believe I will be able to manage come April but time will tell. Love to all my classmates especially those who heard about my illness and prayed for me.

Love Ann

Subject where did 50 yrs go?
Date Sun, April 4, 2010 14:18

Dear Dave,

Thanks for doing this! How do you write down 50 years in a few paragraphs? As I thought about what to write I knew it would take a large book to write all the unbelievable adventures of my life. I got married to Ron in Oct. 1961. My beautiful daughter, April born in '62 and my son, Ron in '64--the next 16+ yrs were very turbulent and difficult years with my husband's drinking and all that goes with living with an alcoholic. It brought me running back to God. It was my faith and Al-anon that carried me through these tough times.

When my children became of school age and since I hadn't finished my education, I took a variety of jobs to make sure they had a Christian education. I worked as a secretary-a receptionist-a waitress-a school bus driver-and a manager of a warehouse- to name several. When April was 11th grade at SVA I returned to school and became a licensed practical nurse. By the time I graduated My husband was in AA and sober.(He never touched another drop). He became a different man, learning and relearning many lessons. In less than 2 yrs he began a small electrical contracting business. So I became receptionist-secretary-bookkeeper by day and nurse on 3-11 shift. I worked in hospital setting 1 1/2 yrs PRN (wherever they needed me). I then went to ER as triage nurse for 11 1/2 yrs (this was my favorite job---.Boy, can I tell you stories) but things changed and I went to psych floor for 10 yrs ( enjoyed this too)

My husband became paralyzed overnight with a disease called Guillian-Barre.(It attacks the nerves that controls the muscles- and usually reverses itself) He only regained limited use of left arm. I retired in 2005 to became his 24/7 nurse. He died Nov.29,2007. I'm proud to tell you that He began his walk with Jesus in mid-'80s and ended with his loving the Lord with all his heart. He fell asleep one day and will wake to see his Savior on Resurrection morning.

I believe I have the most wonderful and supportive family. They rallied around me first, when my husband was ill and then when last July I became so gravely ill that the doctors told my family to prepare for my death. I had unknown bacteria that poisoned my whole body .They were there for me--prayed for me, especially my daughter, April who because of her background in medicine spoke "medicalease" ( you know that language medical folks speak) and she was able to help direct my care.

April my oldest, is married to Brian for 23 years. They have a son Nathan, who is 20 and going to college at VCU. They also have a daughter Rachel,(16 in a few days). She's a very talented dancer and goes to Governor's school (school for gifted). My son, Ronnie is married to Angie for 25 years and has son Phillip who is an E.M.T. (paramedic) and also works for his dad. My son, Ronnie, took over his dad's electrical business in 1996 and has greatly enlarged it. They also have a daughter Kristen 21, married to Chris. On Feb.12, they had my great-granddaughter Georgia Leigh-An. (It's not bad being a great-grandmother. It is scary to think my baby is a grandfather) I also have a step-daughter named Nancy who is married to John. They are very dear to me. (This is her third marriage but she saved the best for last) They have a son Kyle,14. She has daughter Lindsey who lives with her fiance. Lindsey has 2 children-Devin,6 and Haley, 9 mo. John also has other children. I am close to his son, Matthew. And God also decided I needed one more daughter. I became great friends with a student of my sister's and God told me one day that He considered her to mine. So I call her my "goddaughter",Maxine. She graduated with my son from SVA in 1983. April graduated in 1980. (April is celebrating 30 years,also) Maxine has 2 children,Todd,23 who is in the Army and station in Iraq and Terri, 21. Maxine stayed with many nights when I was in hospital.

When God spared my life, I realized He still has work for me. Yes, I lost my leg but I lived to see my great-granddaughter born. And looking back at all the marvelous things God allowed me to do and see and learn I know He has other things ahead. There are many lives I have touched and have touched me I can't wait to see what else He has for me! "Above women I have been most blessed."

I'm looking forwarding to reading and hearing about your lives. If all goes well I will see you in a couple of weeks.

In looking through the letters and pictures I suddenly remembered one of life's coincidences. Mary Mace's husband and mine worked together in construction ( I think it was on the Richmond Coliseum) many years ago. I think his first name is Dick? Am enjoying reading all the bios. We really have wonderful people in our class!!

Love to you all,
Ann Lewis Williams


From: "Ron and Jason Goff"
Date: Jan 16, 2010 8:44 AM
Subject: RE: REUNION-APRIL 16-17, 2010

CLASS OF 1960,


A FORMER (Junior year) CLASSMATE, (1959)


A note .. I also went to school with Ronnie at Richmond VA Jr. Academy, 7th & 8th grades .. He had a great baseball arm on him! His brother stuart lifted weights with me and my dad. Les Chafen in our classes there too. He was gifted even then .. one smart cookie!

From "Facebook"

Subject Elizabeth Hoag commented on your wall post...
Date Sat, January 16, 2010 22:40
To "Becky Casebeer Hemp"

Thank you for your kind words. I was just remembering your wedding. My memory is how your beautiful blond hair was styled in such a way that when you wore you vail it looked like a heart shaped halo. Beautiful. Also, we changed cars with you at the last minute and we were driving home with "just married" written everywhere. When we stopped for gas the attendant made a comment about us being just married and Lynn said "Yea, and my wife is pregnant". Crazy Hoag humor. Glad to be back in touch again."

A note ... Lynn and Liz let us use their brand new Chevy? ... Thanks again .. Davey Boy

From "Mary Collins"
Subject Class Reunion
Date Tue, February 16, 2010 18:27
To "dochemp2"

Hi Dave,

We will be coming to the big fifty reunion. I am sending some pictures of me and our family taken in the side yard of our house. We have twin daughters and a son, and eight grandchildren. We live on a big farm about thirty miles north of Richmond, Virginia. The house was built in 1738 and we have restored it, lots of hard work, but we love it. The farm is known as Hickory Grove. I am sending a picture of the house. This year we have had lots of snow, so am sending a picture taken from our front porch.

Looking forward to seeing all our classmates, just hope I will recognize a lot of them. I keep in touch with Joyce Hicks Ellington and Rita Fauber Dawson. I have enjoyed your web site and seeing pictures of a lot of our classmates.

Mary Mace Collins



Subject Reunion

Date Mon, February 15, 2010 18:57

To "Hemp, dochemp2"

Attached is the latest picture of myself and my wife Karen. I retired at the end of April 2006 and have been having a great time.



Subject New E-mail

Date Sun, February 14, 2010 9:34


Enjoying great website. Looking forward to seeing you. We have a new net carrier. E-mail:

Thanks for all you are doing.

Jim @ Martha (Sanderson)


From "Hooker, William (LLU)"

Subject RE: Making progress SVA 1960

Date Mon, January 11, 2010 8:54

To "dochemp2"

Hi Dave,

Thanks for all your hard work. The photos are terrific and I had flashes of memory and nostalgia from them all. We just made our reservations for the weekend so we are looking forward to that. Sorry to hear that some aren't going to be able to make it. Have you heard from Dale and Carolyn? I haven't yet. Glad Ann is making progress - tell her to forget the missing leg - we will carry her if necessary.

Bill Hooker


From "ellingtonjd"

Subject Re: Making progress SVA 1960

Date Wed, January 27, 2010 13:54

To "dochemp2"

Hi (Peppy & Dave)

We have gotten a few pictures of SVA and even before that at Junior Camp Lake Sherando, with Ann Lewis, Brenda Rhodes, Nancy Mondics, and me, which Pep said would be fun to include, And about 15 pictures of early SVA our Freshman and Sophomore years. So we can send them in a folder, or would you prefer a CD? And think I even have a couple of our early reunion.

All is well here. Hi to Becky. Keep in touch. Hugs, Joyce (Joycee)


From "WILLIAM Barney"
Subject 50th
Date Tue, March 2, 2010 1:19

Hi David,

Here is a short bio and 3 pictures. If you need them on disk let me know. Thanks for all you are doing.


After barely graduating SVA in ‘60 Bill convinced Andrews University to give him a chance. Between enrolling and graduating he married the incomparable Carol Kelchner in ‘63. Eventually he was able to convince the powers that be at Andrews that he deserved to receive a degree in ‘65. So they gave him a BS. After which he became a member of the faculty and was the first teacher in the aviation program at Andrews. He also earned a masters degree from Western Michigan University in ‘68.

After 5 years at Andrews teaching students to fly from point A to point B and return safely he decided to change directions in his career. So Bill and Carol loaded their children and possessions into a U Haul truck and headed back to WV. There Bill became a contractor and started developing land and building houses. After 4 major subdivisions and several hundred houses Bill and Carol decided it was time to call it quits to that part of the working world. ‘01 marked the year of the last house and the beginning of partial retirement. We say partial because Bill still keeps his hands somewhat busy maintaining rental properties and helping the local builders by drawing plans for additions and new houses.

Bill has also been occupied with doing some things he has wanted to do but lacked the time. In ‘05 he and Roger, a friend, began the construction of a Vans RV-10 kit plane. The project was completed and flew in June of ‘07. Within a few months of the completion Bill lost his airman’s medical (nothing life threatening} and was no longer able to fly as pilot in command. So they endured the heartbreaking experience of selling their pride and joy and watching it takeoff to Arizona. Bill has a pretty well equipped wood shop in his basement and is currently working on a cedar strip canoe. This past Christmas Reggie Woodruff and Jim Sanderson helped with creating several hundred wood toys for the Toys for Tots program.

Since Bill and Carol are unable to fly around the country they decided to buy an RV and travel that way. They enjoy going to the William Miller farm and spend a week or so as caretakers. They also did a week in the CO Rockies last summer. Their travel plans are quite extensive for this summer. Oh yes one must mention their cats Goldie and Felix. Even though they are just two years old they have already been in 14 states and plan to add more this year. One must admit they are rather reluctant travelers. Carol tells them it is the only way they can be with her.

Their son, Brent, lives in Frederick, MD and works for Geico insurance. He and Kim have provided them with 3 super grandchildren, Forrest 17, Paige 13 and Caleb 11. Bill’s mother, Thelma, is 94 and resides at the Williamsport Assisted living facility. Bill considers himself to be very fortunate to still have his mother who still is of sound mind. On her 90th she said she would parachute out of an airplane on her 95th. We’ll see.

As Bill looks back on his years at SVA he is reminded that he had a lot in common with Radar O’Riley of Mash. Radar was an Iowa farm boy while Bill was a West Virginia farm boy. Radar had to be reminded to take baths and Bill was accustomed to a bath on Friday night whether he needed it or not. Bill has quite a story about his first ever shower at SVA. Radar was tongue tied around women. By the generosity of Mr. Strickland and possibly Jo Ann Dean Bill was permitted to graduate. As marching partner Bill was assigned to Reva Sheffey. Now Bill thought Reva was one of the prettiest and most desirable young ladies in the class. But when he got in line with her to march he was so tongue tied he could not think of a thing to say to her. Bill can normally keep time with music but with Reva by his side he could not even count to four. Reva likely thought he was the worlds biggest jerk but in reality he was completely intimidated and tongue tied. Sorry Reva. Bill sure would like to be able to do that one over.

Bill is in pretty good health at least for 68. But he has to admit the years are catching up with him. Do you remember how old people of 68 used to look when we were at SVA? Bill admits that they are looking better all the time. He has finally admitted to having aids--seeing aids, chewing aids and hearing aids. Fortunately he does not need walking aids--yet. Upon retirement he thought he would have time to do the things he wants to do, but by the time he gets up, gets dressed, eats breakfast and goes through the mail and remembers what he planned to do too much of the day is gone already. He does manage occasionally to get in a few hours on one of his projects.

At this time Bill and Carol are not sure they will be able to make the reunion. It seems as though Carol’s sister Betty who resides in Hawaii, Bonnie who resides in Florida, and Carol have planned a family reunion in Nevada too soon after the SVA reunion. Surely the older we get the more complicated our lives become. In case he is not able to make Bill wishes all of you good health, happiness and many more years. If he does not make the 50th he says he will do his best to make the 100th.


From ""
Subject Hello Hello
Date Thu, March 4, 2010 17:07
To "Dave Hemp"

Got a note from a friend asking about Pete Esveld, and stating they heard he was very ill. Do you know anything?

I have that CD, but was not satisfied with what I have, not what others are sending. So still working on it.
Hugs Joyce

Subject Re: 50th reunion
From: Doris Snider -
Sent: Sat, March 6, 2010 10:55:48 AM

Hi David,
I am hoping to attend but not positive as yet. Shenandoah years were the fondest memories of my childhood and more than most I appreciated the sheltered environment. Made many good friends which have remained close through the years. LeRoy and I will celebrate our 48th anniversary this coming August and We have spent most of these years with him teaching for our denomination while I have worked in several areas of nursing. LeRoy has recently retired and we are currently living in Zanesville, Ohio where both of our grown daughters also live. Our 5 grandchildren keep LeRoy busy while I continue to find pleasure and satisfaction working with mental health patients.

Have enjoyed seeing the posted pictures and reading the comments posted by others. Would love to have list of names and emails for future reference. Thanks again for all the work you have put into these sites. Looking forward to renewing acquaintances. Perhaps we should wear our old pictures so we can recognize each other. The face in the mirror does not resemble the one of 50 years ago. If you were responsible for Elizabeth getting in touch with me, I send a special thank you.

Doris Snider

From "Peppy Lord Clark"
Subject Bio for 50th reunion web site
Date Sun, March 7, 2010 10:25
To "dave hemp"

Hi Dave,
Sorry I'm late in sending my bio for your web site. Between 28 inches of snow, babysitting, and vacation I must now get back to the task at hand. In my next letter I will again remind classmates to e-mail their bio's with pictures to you, so here is mine. Appreciate all your work.

After SVA I attended CUC and graduated in 1964 with a degree is teaching. I finally got Don Clark, class of 1959, to notice me in college and we were married in Pa. the day after graduation. We lived in Takoma Park for 4 years and when Don was hired by IBM we moved to Manassas, Va. where we still reside today. I enjoyed being a stay-at-home Mom until Troy & Traci attended SVA - graduating in 1987 & 1988. When tuition statements arrived at our doorstep, Don suggested that I might want to find a job. About that time our local church school asked if I would teach and I politely said I didn't think so, but ended up working there for 16 years! I decided to retire in 2000 to take care of my parents. My dad died shortly after and my mom lived with us for 5 years and passed away at age 90 in 2006. Don retired in 2005 and we have been enjoying every day. Our son, Troy is a computer network engineer and lives in Clarksville, Md. with his wife Heidi and their 2 girls -Emma & Jaiden. Traci, our daughter and her husband, Ryan, live in Richmond, Va. They have identical twin girls - Taylor & Rachel and our only grandson - Drew. Don has built a summer home in Tappahannock, Va. as a getaway for all of us. You can find us there almost every summer weekend, boating, skiing and enjoying family. One day we woke up and realized that we were getting older(everyone else knew it) and decided that we better travel and have done several cruises and land tours. Family has always been important and I am thankful for my SVA friends that have become like family.


From "Facebook"
Subject Winnie Reedy sent you a message on Facebook...
Date Sun, March 7, 2010 13:06
To "C David Hemp"

Subject: Hello

"Hi David, Hope to see you at SVA in a few weeks. Can't wait to see everyone again. Thanks for helping do all the hard work getting things organized for us. See you soon, Winnie

P.S. I'm with you on your "Political Views".... (Made me laugh -- you sound the same as ever.)"

A note from Davey Boy the Hempster .. 3/07/10 .. Winnie ...Great to hear from you ... But, I am not doing any of the organizing .. just this web site ... Peppy is the main one for this .. We still hope to come, but will have to wait till the last minute to decide .. Becky is having some heart arrhythmia issues right now .. not too serious when at home, but could be on a trip .. she will be wearing a heart monitor starting this Tuesday to try and figure it out .. she had been doing just fine for the past 2 years till about a month ago.
Regardless I will be posting all the reunion photos up here on the website though ... So .. We need someone with a good digital camera to get photos. Plus .. In Photoshop I will just add myself into some of the photos .. (grin)...Like I did for the 40th reunion photos.

From "mcpjr"
Subject SVA Reunion of 1960
Date Sun, March 7, 2010 16:13

Hi Dave and All,
I am planning to come for the reunion with my wife Sue. We live in my parents house in Greenville, SC. Many of you that went on the class trip to Cuba in 1960 will remember it as we stopped there for a meal. I work for the Greenville County School district as a Student Transportation Specialists, AKA Bus driver. Have been doing this for 4 years. Sue is a Hospice Nurse and loves it.
We have no children but have two new kittens from the Humane Society the week before Christmas.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Merrill Patten, Jr.

Greetings to classmates of 1960
From: Carlene Jones Baugher

I am really sorry that I won’t be attending the big 50th Reunion. Over a year ago I reserved a two-week vacation in Hawaii and in a “senior moment” forgot about the reunion.

My husband Bob and I are retired and in 2001 we moved to the small town of Chico, California. We have two daughters, Tina and Teri; both took physical therapy at Loma Linda University. Tina has a son and daughter and lives in Hayden, Idaho. Teri has three daughters and lives in Chico. We love being grandparents!

I worked part time as receptionist and office manager in a dental practice in Silver Spring, Maryland for 14 years. Then I was an administrative secretary in the Department of Family Ministries at the General Conference of SDA and retired from that position in 2000. Bob retired from Realty Investment Co. Inc., a company that owned and operated large commercial properties.

Since our retirement we have helped with some renovation projects at two academies and a youth camp. We have traveled in our motorcoach from Florida to Nova Scotia and across the states to California and up the West Coast into Canada. When we retired my husband bought me golf clubs and a few lessons so that we could play golf together when we travel. I can still water ski, but haven’t snow skied for years. We still enjoy riding bikes.

We have had a healthy, active life and enjoy most sports and travel. Our life has been enriched with family, friends and church. We thank God for His guidance in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful time as you “get connected” again at the Reunion. Looking forward to the Grand Reunion in Heaven.


Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:01:51 -0500
Subject: Re: SVA Reunion
From Larry Strickler's Sister Linda

After he graduated from SVA, Larry went on to Southern Missionary College in Collegedale, Tennessee. He became a teacher at the Adventist elementary school in Gainesville, Florida, where he met his wife, Shirley Strickland. They were married in 1967 and eventually moved to Collegedale. They had two sons, Chuck and Greg Strickler. Larry and Shirley were divorced in the late 1980's. Larry stayed in Collegedale and worked as a truck driver for McKee Bakery. He moved to Florida for a brief time, but when his mother became ill, he moved back to take care of her until her death in 2003. Larry died of a heart attack while mowing the grass in May of 2004.

I hope this is OK.

From "carolyn burns"
Subject FW: Pics2
Date Thu, March 11, 2010 13:33
To "Hemp, DDS"

Hi Dave,

SVA and; particularly, George Akers and Roland John, had a particularly importance influence on my life. I'm looking forward to seeing classmates from the wonderful class of '60 again. Although, it may be our 50th and my hair is silver and my body isn't what it used to be I still feel young inside.

Bill and I have been married for 47 years. We have three sons, Bill Jr, who was killed in an automobile crash in 1987 in Hawaii while serving in the US Navy. That, without a doubt, was the most difficult experience of my life. We will always miss him; but we are so very grateful for the 23 years we had with him. David, our second born, is 44 and lives with his wife Lisa and our grandson Russell, 7, in Cary, NC. He has an MBA from American University and worked as the General Manager for the Public sector for SAP for many years until recently starting his own SAP consulting company. Mark, our youngest is 39 and lives with his wife, Rebecca, and grandchildren Charlotte, 7, and Wyatt, 4 in Snohomish, WA (near Seattle). He received his BA from U. of Arizona and is in management for AT&T Wireless. Both Lisa (Masters in Communication) and Rebecca (Masters in Special Education) are stay-at -home Moms and we have a wonderful relationship with them for which we are grateful.

I was a stay-at-home Mom for many years. When the children were young I did the usual volunteer activities in children's division's at church, Cub Scouts Den Mother, PTA, etc. I even drove a school bus for a year. Most satisfying was being a foster parent to a little boy we named Johnny. A long story as he was only supposed to be with us for 6 weeks; but, due to health issues, he did not get adopted until he was a few days over 1 year old. Also, coaching David's softball team for the Boy's Club and winning the Division Championship was another wonderful experience for me.

Later, when it was time to get a real job I worked as a Vice President for the National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth for 6 years. Our National Honorary Chairman was Nancy Reagan. I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Inaugural Ball for the Reagan's, many official formal affairs, White House receptions, the Country Music Awards and a host of things (including an appearance on the Today Show) that in retrospect I wish I had savored more. Truly, I was much more focused on the mission of the organization of adolescent drug use prevention. I developed a Legislative grassroots network of parents from every State and did extensive lobbying on Capitol Hill. Next, I worked as a Corporate Executive for Macro International in Beltsville, Maryland, for 10 years. Most of my work with them was focused on community alcohol and drug prevention strategies for youth. I was fortunate to work with several Native American Tribes and indigenous peoples of Alaska, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. Both positions required extensive travel and I loved my work. I retired in 1997 when we were transferred to Louisville, KY so that Bill could develop a Student Loan Consolidation Bank there for the US Department of Education. Just prior to that I went back to college and received my BS in Business Administration - a long-term dream of mine. In Louisville I was the Community Outreach Chair for Newcomers Club and organized fund raising activities for several local organizations. I also worked as a Hospice Volunteer. Bill hosted a radio show on the Columbia Union College Radio Station, WGTS, for 8 � years called "Straight Talk." He also worked on President Reagan's staff for 2 � years. He retired from the Feds in 2004.

We love being retired. We both love the water - inherited from our Dad's - and have had small boats and two large boats - a '42 Jefferson while in KY and a '45 Hans Christian for 5 years on the Chesapeake Bay. We sold our home and moved aboard the '45 Hans Christian in 2007. We had planned to do some extensive cruising; but, we put her on the market when the economy started sinking in late 2007 thinking it would take a couple of years to sell. As luck would have it, she sold in 3 weeks and we were "homeless." That lead us to purchasing a '43 Tiffin Allegro Bus and we have been on the road since November 24, 2007. We are planning a 3-4 month trip to Alaska this summer.

Love & hugs to all, Carolyn Williams Burns.



If Carolyn Wms/Burns didn't send this in, here's one of us when she was in Oklahoma last fall. We tried to get Jim to make us look much younger, but not sure he was listening.

Sandra (Sublett) Rose

Also ... Here are a few recent pics that include my son, Mike Elias, and husband, Foy. Hope you can use. Tried to resize before I'm sending them.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.


Subject Finally a bio from me
Date Fri, April 9, 2010 7:40
To ""

How fun to sit back, remembering "our big day" 50 years ago!! Thanks for going to the trouble of posting our graduation video on UTube so we could remember. All the dreams with which we left there!! We were going to change the world. Well, we each have done that in our own circles.

During the last 50, I taught 38 years in VA, MD and FL, K-8 and a little undergrad. In addition, I worked for an insurance company in MA, mental health clinic in VA, and several years as a VA textbook rep. Each position added another wrinkle to my brain as well as my face. My only child, Mike, is now a director for Alcatel-Lucent in media technology located in Ottawa, Ontario. My retirement life now in Oklahoma with a great husband allows me to be as domestic as I wish while pursuing some of the items on my bucket list. Took a while to adjust to not being scheduled, but after I got over the guilts (I don't know why!!), loving each day.

Can't wait to see everyone once more. Thanks for all the hours you've spent getting all of this on the web.


George Silver emailed us these GREAT PHOTOS!
... Hey .. get up out of that wheel chair and send me some more of these guys!
George just sent in his Bio too 4/9/10 and I just posted it below these photos.

From "George Silver"
Subject Short Bio
Date Fri, April 9, 2010 11:23

Bio: George Silver

After graduation I attended CUC for about 2 years. While at CUC I met Ruth Went, Mt. Vernon class of 58. We were married in September of 1963. I attended Capital Institute of Technology studding electronics. In 1966 our first son, George II was born, now practicing Podiatric medicine in Orange Texas has 2 daughters. In 1968 I started working at Gallaudet College, now University, supporting the technology used in Deaf education. In 1971 our second son, Howard was born, now practicing Dentistry in Pitsford NY. He has 3 children. In 1974 I took a position as electronic technician at the National Technical Institute of Technology which is one of the 9 colleges of the Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester NY . I have not retired yet, but it seems like a good thing sometimes.

In 1992 I was ask to be the Pathfinder director for the New York Conference and continue in that capacity. Prof. Litten would be proud he taught me how to march in MCC days.

I have been the Head Elder of the Bay knoll Church for about 20 years - probably time for a break.

For fun I do downhill skiing in the winter and wave running on Lake Ontario in the summer.

George Silver
Technology and Information Services
National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
52 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester NY, 14623

Becky just found this one for me to post


From "Winnie Reedy"
Subject Emailing: Winnie
Date Sat, March 13, 2010 14:41

Hi again, Dave,

The past 50 years have gone by so fast I can hardly remember what has happened. I'm now living in Herndon, VA, about 10-15 min. away from the place where I grew up (which happens to be where my eldest sister, Connie lives).

My first job after SVA was with Fairfax Co. Govt. where I worked until I married Doyle Reedy, in July 1964. Doyle was in the US Army, so I moved with him to Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA. Not long afterward, he got orders for Viet Nam, and left for that tour of duty in May 1965. I was 7 mos. pregnant, so moved to Lynchburg, VA, to stay with his parents until our daughter, Dorothy, was born (July 16, 1965). When Doyle was discharged from the Army, we moved back to Fairfax, VA, and I began working for Fairfax Co. Govt., once again. Unfortunately, Doyle lost interest in maintaining and nurturing our marriage or establishing a nurturing home for Dorothy. After two years of separation, unable to reconcile the marriage, we were divorced in 1969. I hated losing my marriage -- divorce is so very distructive; however, I've come to understand its necessity.

In the early 70's, Dorothy and I moved to Takoma Park, MD, where I worked for the Gen. Conf./ESDA. About two years later, Eldr. Haas asked me to move to New England, to be his secretary (he was then, director of Education for So. New England Conf.). That turned out to be a very devastating experience, and I soon found my way back to the Wash./Metro area, to pick up the pieces. I immediately found employment at The Review & Herald. From there I went to Washington Adventist Hosp., and since then, most all my employment has been serving as administrative support in medical settings. I worked at Shady Grove Hosp. (as exec. secy. to Dr. Gary Langston -- another devastating experience, I might add). After that, for the next 10 yrs., I worked for Children's National Medical Center, and served as office manager and adm. asst. to the Chairman of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, Dr. Lawrence D'Angelo.

In 1991, I moved back (home) to Fairfax, VA, and eventually found a shorter commute to work at Fair Oaks Hospital where I worked a few years.

Over the past 10 years, I've served in managerial or supervisory roles in several private Dr's offices, but having reached that "full retirement age", for the past year and 1/2, I've been working full time for two urologists in Fairfax, VA, in a totally non-managerial or supervisory role.

I have never re-married and have only the one daughter, Dorothy (SVA Class of '83), from my marriage to Doyle. To my knowledge, Dorothy has not married, nor deos she have children. Dorothy left home and this area in 1996, without letting me know where she was going. I eventually learned that she had gone to Tulsa, OK, but she has remained estranged from me except for a brief 3-month period in the spring/summer of 2006. This is the very saddest and most painful thing that I could have ever imagined. Fortunately, by God's grace, I have made it through these 15 long years, but not a day goes by that my heart doesn't ache for her and long to have that relationship back. I miss her so much.

Through all the disappointment over the years, I still feel very blessed. I am in good health; I still sing regularly in our chancel choir at my church, National Presbyterian Church, Wash., DC, where I just returned from a 3-hour rehearsal of the Easter portion of Handel's Messiah, for a concert we're doing on Palm Sunday; I draw and do watercolor painting whenever I have the time; and, I'm a very happy person. Most of all I am especially blessed to be part of the greatest class SVA has ever graduated -- the Class of 1960!

Thanks again for the great job on the website. I'm enjoying reading about everyone. And, by the way, someone mentioned, wrinkles -- I've found smiling a lot makes them a lot less noticeable (especially, those smooch lines...).

Love to all,

(A Doc Hemp Note) ... Winnie was our Class artist .. It had slipped my mind .. and as you can see at the start of these pages I have scanned and uploaded her annual sketches.

(Another Doc Hemp Note) Speaking of art ..our oldest son Kevin got his Masters degree in Management,Graphic Art & Design and works for the Conchilla Water District in Palms Springs Ca area. He is the editor of their paper and designs and makes all their logos and coloring books for the kids. His work is also on many billboards along the highways down there too - he also designed & published a book of cartoons called Hogweed.

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