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Class of 1960
Our 50th High School Reunion
Shenandoah Valley Academy, April 16 & 17, 2010


UPDATED 4/11/2010

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From Carolyn Williams Burns

Good Morning,

I woke up this morning thinking that when I sent that tooo long update, bio to Dave yesterday to include on our website I left out some of the most important information. I have been fortunate enough to actually get together with some of our classmates over the past year and a half as we have traveled. It has been such fun. At times, I was a bit shy to call since most of our plans are last minute; but, my persistence was rewarded with some very pleasant experiences. Although we didn't have the opportunity to spend time with Bob and Carlene Baugher, we have talked by e-mail mail sharing RV experiences. They love RVing also and we have really enjoyed hearing the details of some of their adventures. Those we've spent time with are:

Wayne Jenkins - Indio, CA - It was a treat to see the auto repair business Wayne had build. It is a hugh operation and his son is running it now that he is semi-retired. Many very high end cars in the lot. Very impressed with his son, a personable young man. Met Wayne for lunch. He was getting ready to go back east for a family reunion organized by his cousin, Joyce Hicks Ellington.

Lynn Hoag and Elizabeth Miller Hoag - Placerville, CA - I guess I didn't know Elizabeth well enough to realize she has such a wonderful sense of humor. They live in a beautiful area and we enjoyed hearing about their life since SVA. We were especially enthralled to hear details of their new organic gardening business. They are a great team and the business certainly sounds fascinating and timely - and yum! We swapped pictures of the grandkids and kids. They both look great - no matter what Elizabeth says!!!!

Elmer Armstrong - Brush Parrie, WA - Elmer and his wife, Karen, are so much fun! We first met them for dinner at their favorite Indian restaurant and they showed us the ropes and provided us with a delicious meal. Three days later, we met them for church and then went on a picnic while they took us sightseeing in the Portland, OR area. Since we had food left over, we stopped for a picnic dinner also. It was, for us, a very enjoyable day. We especially enjoyed hearing about the beautiful house they renovated. It sounds like Elmer is really lovin retirement while Karen, a nurse, is working a bit longer. Guys - please don't ask him how he managed that!!

David Hemp - Redding, CA - Both Dave and Becky were so welcoming. Loved Becky - she is very warm and easy to get to know. Met at Dave's dental office which is quite an impressive operation. Since I'm having a problem with some of my teeth cracking, I found myself wishing I lived closer. In addition to building his practice, he has developed some dental tools which were interesting to see and hear about. They took us to their very beautiful country club - with views to die for - for dinner. It was a most enjoyable and comfortable evening.

Walter Hamann - Bothell, WA - We met walter and his wife for lunch at Claim Jumpers Restaurant-one of our favorites. Walter is still working and really enjoys his teckie job. His wife was very easy to get to know and we enjoyed swapping stories with them about "life after SVA." At the time, they hoped to come to the reunion; so, we are looking forward to seeing them again in May.

Sandra Sublett Rose - Oklahoma City, OK - What can one say about Sandra!!! She is still the same cheerful, bubbly and enthusiastic person I remember from SVA. We felt royally welcomed when she arrived at the coach with a dozen goodies from Panera Bread. Our diets were "out the window" for several days. She took us to her favorite restaurant. There was a lot of laughter as we enjoyed sharing pictures and memories. She is retired from teaching and lovin it. We hope to met her husband Foy at the reunion.

Sandra Moore Juarez (class of '59) - Visalia, CA - Sandra was the Maid of Honor at our wedding and I've kept in touch with her and visited her off and on through the years. It was very special to have dinner at her home and see her once again. She is still working as a school nurse, neither of her twin boys has married yet; but her daughter has given her 3 grandchildren who she adores. As always, we laughed alot and just enjoyed being together. After we saw her, she attended her own '50 year" reunion last year and was very glad she did.

George & Imogene Akers - Collegedale, TN - For me, this was the "icing on the cake." George Akers was the most influential person in my life, ever. Many times through the years I have remembered the values about God, family, duty and loving and appreciating ourselves that he tried to instill in us when we were students at SVA. When we called, their granddaughter, her husband and great grandchild were visiting them for a week. When I heard that, I had little hope of seeing them; but, was pleasantly surprised that they would have time for us to take them to lunch and spend an entire afternoon visiting with them. It was a fantastic visit - lots of laughter, memories and catching up to do. Being with them is like being wrapped in a warm blanket or having God put his arms around you. Comfortable, caring and inspiring. They have a lovely house in a retirement community.

If our 50th is anywhere nearly as pleasant as what we've experienced meeting folks individually on the road, it will be a memory for each of us to treasure. Please make an effort to come (forget the wrinkles and the extra pounds - we all have it) and tell others it will be worth the time and money. It's a once in a lifetime deal!

Hope to see you there,

Carolyn Williams Burns


While these guys were practicing all the time I (Dandy Dave) had the responsibility as the "Head Atheletic Supporter" of keeping all the girls happy ... Oh well ... It was a tough job but somebody had to do it! ... My lips are still chapped ..


I don't remember how Pete broke his leg, but it was at this field while playing 1st base that I got spiked in my left knee when an idiot slide into first and then my fist! (really)

Subject Jim Sanderson Bio
Date Tue, March 16, 2010 7:59
To "David Hempe"

After graduation in 1960, I returned home to NJ and worked with my father. August 1961, I married Martha Pickens, class of '59. We lived in the Takoma Park Area for 7 years. We had two children, daughter Janet, a nurse, son James, Electrical engineer.

Around 1970 we moved to Hagerstown, MDF. I had obtained my Masters Electrical Licence, Martha was teaching in our church school. I worked for a Electrical Firm, but most of my working years I worked for my self as a Electrical contractor. I am almost totally retired. Love building model planes and flying them.

Our grandchildren are the greatest joy of our life. Three boys and a girl. I am currently teaching one of my grandsons how to fly model airplanes. Each one is different and all very special to us.

Martha and I will celebrate our 49th anniversary this August. God has been very good to us. Looking forward to seeing you at our 50th!

Jim Sanderson

And Jim .. love your grandson's H.O. Railroad

Invite to ride our steam train (click Here)
Photos on this page taken 2 months ago at Christmas.


SVA Bio for Joyce Hicks Ellington

Joyce and Doug are celebrating 45 years of marriage in June, and counting. We have a daughter, Aimee and a son Eric, and both attended SVA all 4 years as I did and I consider it a great blessing. The friendships are so special, and the faculty so dedicated. SVA has a warm spot in my heart and I still have good memories.

Aimee received her PhD in Mathematics (Mrs. Liers her mentor) and is an Assoc. Professor of Math at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Our son Eric is a Physical Therapist, and is married to Sandy, who is a CRNA and practices where they live in Panama City, FL.

Joyce worked as an office nurse and a Public Health Nurse for a number of years. Doug retired in 2006 after a 37 year career with IBM. It was an exciting career and we lived in Manassas, VA, Newport, RI, Austin, TX, and Cary, NC. We are currently enjoying retirement in Midlothian, VA. Joyce is active in the New Virginians Club and quilts. Doug enjoys golf, and we both are taking classes through Osher Institute at the University of Richmond. It is a wonderful way to keep the gray matter active and a stimulating way to meet new people and learn. We attend the Patterson SDA Church.

Travel is an important highlight of our retirement. We have enjoyed several cruises including Alaska (with Carlene and Bob Baugher and Joy 62 and Frank Faehner), Nova Scotia (with Pep and Don Clark and Joyce and Joe Burnette), and Panama Canal (with Pep and Don Clark). We have done land tours of Nassau, New Mexico, Greece, and last year Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. We are currently planning our next adventure for our anniversary.

We have no grand children, but do have lots of Grand pets.

We are blessed and life is good.

"Joycie Girl"
Our Prototypical Southern Belle
And to think she wasted her time on
Those Seniors when Dandy Dave was around!


From "John Read"
Subject Fw: Bio on John and Aquila Read after Leaving SVA in the Summer of 1961
Date Thu, March 18, 2010 13:06

On leaving SVA, I took a job as music teacher (band, choir and private lessons) at Collegedale Academy. We had a great year there and made a lot of friends. Then we were hired to come here to Southwestern Junior College. I was professor of choir and voice and we were very involved in helping SWJC become a senior college. During those early years I completed requirements for a doctorate in Music Education at North Texas State University (Now the University of North Texas). North Texas has one of the largest music departments in the nation.

We had Clay and Campion when we arrived here and before long added two more to our family--Melissa and David. We taught here for 18 years and then an additional five or six years on a part time basis. Aquila also taught in the music department. She completed her degree requirements after arriving here. We usually directed music programs in Sunday churches to supplement our income.

Our three sons all have degrees from the college here. Clay's degree is in Business Administration and he has been very active as a Nursing Home Administrator and as a builder. He can do about anything with his hands. Clay's daughter, Kelly, is 32 and a Montessori teacher. She has a 13 yr. old daughter, Zoe, who, of course is quite precocious! Cam finished medicine at the Medical School in San Antonio and specializes in Anesthesia. He practiced in New York City until 9/11 then moved to New Zealand where he continues to work as an anesthesiologist. He's never been married.

Melissa is a literary agent in Hollywood. She is very talented in music and writing. Is currently single. David is an attorney. He lives in Glendale and practices in L.A. He's the author of DINOSAURS: AN ADVENTIST VIEW. David, too, is a confirmed bachelor, so we feel a bit deprived in the area of grand children. Since retiring, I have been running a real estate office quite successfully. We opened in 2000. Current clients include Margie Trumper Evans and her husband, Chris. Their purchasing a beautiful home through our office in Burleson. We'll enjoy having them as neighbors.

Aquila is organist/choirmaster at United Presbyterian in Cleburne where she has been for the past 17 years. She also continues to teach privately. On Sabbaths, I'm busy teaching SS and directing song services, singing occasionally.

God has been very good to us! Wish we cold be there with you all! John and Aquila Read, et al.
P.S. Space doesn't permit our telling you about Braddie, our Welsh Corgi.

Bill Hooker just sent these photos ... Bill and Marie, and Bill with Medical Students in Monrovia Liberia March 2009
Also .. Below that I have added the Bio they just sent me ...

Bill Hooker (Class of 1960) luckily married Marie Erickson (from Minnesota) in June 1964 so this year will be our 46th anniversary. That's an accomplishment that isn't about just luck - but probably mostly. Yes, you can't know all you need to know when you choose a life partner at 21 so there is some luck. We had mostly fun raising three sons (now aged 36, 39 and 41) in California and they all live relatively close to us so we get together often. All three boys are wonderful people and that's terrific because through the years we had a few stories (don't we all). Tal, our youngest, and Sonya have our two grandbabies (Lexi is almost 3 and Ty is one year old). Marie cares for them two days a week and I get to add some reading and play time to that also.

After Marie finished nursing (at CUC) in 1965 (and after I taught science one year in Prince Georges County) we headed to Loma Linda, CA where we have been ever since. I was lucky enough to get hired after I finished my PhD in 1969 and did a post-doctoral year at University of Iowa. I have had a great time at this wonderful institution called LLU. Somehow I got matched up in jobs that fit with my quirks so retiring in 2008 was more sensible since I still teach/do counseling about half time at LLU. I've taught Neuroscience all these years and, with some administrative jobs, added a degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy. It was fortuitous that my counseling career could dove-tail with my neuroscience interests and I’ve had a great time doing them both. (I mostly teach and help Medical and Dental students)

Marie has worked part-time as Emergency Room, Med-Surg, Drs.' Office, or Community College nurse and full-time in her last 15 years as a child development nurse specialist. She retired in 2004. She is a very competent grandmother, I can tell you, and her daughter-in-law loves her as much as her sons love her. We have a lot of fun camping and motorcycling/quading together with our kids (with RVs really so it's not camping, I know, I know). We are really enjoying these flexible years with travel and RVing all over the US. One highlight was a 3-month RV trip to New England and the eastern seaboard in 2008 and we are dying to do it again. This time we will have all your addresses so who knows what will drive up into your driveway.

I have really had fun calling some of you who I could catch in the last few weeks and renewing old connections. My email is so please find me and we can continue. My years at Takoma Academy and Shenandoah were great beginnings and you all were part of that. Reading your writings in my annual is a hoot and I love each of you (see how the years soften us) and wish you all the very best.

Scott Peck's most famous three words started his first book so accurately: "Life is Difficult". So, please accept my congratulations to all who can still read this - and "goodbye" to the others. It has been a great ride and maybe there is more.

Our address is 12925 Elm Crest Court, Yucaipa, CA 92399 and my cell phone is 951-805-4343. We are both on Facebook (Bill Hooker and Marie Erickson Hooker).


From: "Dennis Norris"
Date: Apr 1, 2010 7:24 PM
Subject: Bio


June 1960, worked for the architect for Dulles Int'l Airport to November 1960. Nov. 1950 worked for Savages Supermarket in Takoma Park Md. until Sept. 1961. From then until August !963, I worked differewnt jobs. In August 1963, I enlisted in the U.S.A.F. After basic training, I was assigned to trhe 363rd Aerial Recon. squadron. Our group was a casf unit. It stood for composite air strike force. We were on a constant 8 hr. alert; we had to be ready to deploy anywhere in the world. Of course we had to be immunized against all known disease. That was good for 3-5 shots each month. In Dec. 196, I was sent to Vietnam till Mar. 1965. April, 1965 I married a local girl. In Feb., 1966 our baby girl, Sonya dawn was born. I was sent back to Vietnam Nov. 1965 until Oct. 1996. I was assinged to Langley A.F.B.. I was discharged in Aug,1967.��������������������������� �

Sept. 1967, I started work for the D.I.A. Denfense Intelligence Agency. I kept files on all world leaders. Also, mil.�commanders. It was, at times , very stressful. Could not talk about my work. In 1969, My marriage ended in divorce. I met my second wife, Linda. We were married in Mar. 1971. Linda had a two yr. old daughter, lisa anne. I adopted her in June,1971. �After leaving D.I.A. I worked fo 3M Co. until Mar., 1973. In November in Nov. 1972, our second daughter, Ellen Denise was born. In May, 1973, we started our own business in Richmond, VA. It was a microfilm service co. We did very well. Lisa developed chronic asthma; Which led to my selling the business in Dec. 1974. I stayed on until they could find a replacement for me in sales. In Nov. 1975, we moved to Denver, Colo. �I worked several sales positionsIn march, 1977, our last child was born. We Named her Heather lynn.�That year, I went to work for a Ford dealership as a salesman. I specialized in light trucks & S.U.V.s. I won several sales contests; the first was a trip for my wife & I to spain; all expense paid for a week. The second was a trip to the� Super Bowl in Miami, fl. I stayed in the business until 1992. I had a bad fall at work and ended with my third lumbar surgery in sis years. Since then, I've had 8 major surgeries.� So, I've been unable to work. I recieve S.S., and have been rated 100% disabled. I lost my hearing in Vietnam, Type two diabetes, and prostate cancer �

In August, thru my best friend, Sammy Copeland, I found his sister, Shelva, lived only about 20 miles from me, in Charleston,S.C.. Her husband had died from cancer the year before. When I returned, I called her and invited her And asked her out to dinner and a movie. It was hilarous. In June 2005, we were married. She had bought a home here in New Market, VA. Our property backs up to the Shenandoah north fork river. We have been very happy here.

(Doc Hemp Note .. Dennis sent this is a wierd CIA format .. thus all the giberish I couldn't take out)


Subject Linda Strong (White)
Date Sat, March 20, 2010 8:33

I have had A busy life, not as grand as you all, but a good one. I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a beautiful girl, Brian, 42, Billy 38, Samantha 34. I also have 6 grandchildren, Alyssa 17 graduates from High school this year, Zachary 11, Brady 6, Brook 5, Jordan 4 on April 15th, MacKenize 1 1/2. Three girls and three boys.

I was married in 1966 and divorced in 1978. That same year I started to work for the state of Maryland. I was a toll collector on the HMB for 11 years then promted to Shift Supervisor for the next 19 years. Worked both Toll Plazas JFK and HMB. That was fun seeing all the different types of people that goes up and down the highways. Some nice and some really rude and nasty people, (also ignorant ones). I have retired as of August 2008, and loving it, but I don't know if I'm going to make the reuion I really wanted to, but It's Joran's Bday and he lives with me and his Mother and he is very vocal about me being at his party.

I am going to try to send some pictures and hope they come thru.

From "George Akers"
Subject RE: SVA Alumni Weekend
Date Fri, March 19, 2010 8:23

Dear Bonnie,
Regrettably, Imogene & I will NOT be able to join you and your class this year; I neglected to study my schedule closely when I last wrote you.

We will be attending our grandson's college graduation in Denver. Our hearts and spirits will be with you all. Know that we are especially complimented that you would include us in your invitation!

With fond memories of yesteryear...

George A.

Richard and Liz Harris: Life After SVA

Several years before coming to SVA, I was converted from someone trying to earn salvation by good deeds and feeling perfectly miserable to a person rejoicing in what Christ has done for me and offered as a gift. Liz had already accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.

With the exuberance that resulted from my true conversion, we spent ten happy years teaching religion at SVA (1958-1968).

Believing I should share what I had learned in teaching, for nine years (1968-1977) at Andrews University, I led a team of four writers revising academy Bible textbooks. The sedentary work, however, eventually began to affect my health, so I resigned.

Liz and I then formed a team visiting homes as associate pastor for family ministry at the Pioneer Memorial Church on the Andrews University campus. Within three years, our phone was ringing day and night with calls for help from the sick, the dying, those with family problems, and people interested in a deeper faith. We experienced burn out.

So we took a call as pastor of the small, isolated Yale, VA church located in the pines and peanut fields of south east Virginia. To finish our 39 years of service for the church I became associate pastor at New Market until retirement in 1986, 24 years ago.

Liz and I praise the Lord for sixty-six years of ministry together for Jesus.

I emailed Dr. Akers and asked him if I could place his Bio on our class of 60 page here as he was such a big part in many of our lives at SVA.

From "George Akers"
Subject RE: Your Bio for our webpage
Date Sun, March 28, 2010 19:21
To "'dochemp'"

Biographical Data

Dr. George H. Akers has taught and administered for over half a century in various levels of the Seventh-day Adventist school system, his most recent assignment with the Church being that of Director of Education for the world system of Adventist schools, head-quartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. Prior to this, he completed twenty-nine years as teacher, superintendent of the laboratory schools, graduate professor of education, Director of Doctoral programs in education. and first dean of the School of Education at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Akers earned his doctor of education degree from the University of Southern California in 1966, his masters degree from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1956, and his bachelor of arts degree from Columbia Union College in 1947.

Serving for twelve years in five academies **as dean of boys, teacher, and principal, Akers then transferred to La Sierra College in Riverside, California, where he was dean of student affairs. After five years there he answered the call of Andrews University, followed by his appointment as academic vice-president of Walla Walla College in Washington; and later as president of his alma mater, Columbia Union College, in Takoma Park, Maryland.

An ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dr. Akers has lectured widely before religious and professional groups around the world, and has authored many articles for professional journals and other publications.

Akers is married to Imogene Allen Akers. They have two sons, Douglas (now deceased) and Daniel, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Now in retirement, the Akers live in Collegedale, Tennessee.

** At the top of the list of those five academies, Dr. Dave, was good ole' S.V.A.. How good God was to permit me to return to my Alma Mater. Imogene and I will never forget the "kids." Your class of '60 is especially dear to us!

Fondly, George & Imogene

From "George Akers" Subject RE: Our Graduation Video on Youtube
Date Sat, April 3, 2010 8:34

Thanx, Dave. For the trip-down-memory's-lane video - what a treat for imogene and me!

We re-lived for eight minutes those precious moments with the class of World-Classers.
It was so nice of you to remember us, and how nostalgically do we remember all of you!
We are so sorry that we cannot join you in your celebration; please give our warmest greetings to the class.

(We recognized the candid shot of your wonderful mom Peg; now there goes a great lady!
And thanks, too, Dave, for your generous remarks in the last email. You are so gracious

Hope someday to get to ride on the famous Doc Hempe Railroad!

Fondly, George

From Astrid Herger
Subject Re: Youtube
Date Fri, April 2, 2010 22:52

Since we are in youtube-----by the by loved the video---I thought you might like to see my middle son in the promo for his starring role as Macbeth at the Guthrie in Minneapolis----hard to see what was once a wee infant this over the top----wept when I saw him on stage---just that good----wish I could see you all at the reunion. I will try and send an update---and oh my God all those vintage clothes gone to waste.

See Erik - Astrid's son in short youtube promo for his starring role (Click Here)


Don Cornforth:
As I have read the e-mails in preparation for our class reunion I realize how lucky we were! A fabulous, loving principal George Akers, a great location, and a unique group of students! Those were truly great years! After graduation, I briefly dropped out of school to work with my brother, Jerry in Philadelphia. Then I became an itinerant student, attending Union College (Lincoln, NE), La Sierra (California), then CSU in Ft Collins, Colorado. I started medical school at University of Colorado in Denver, then transferred to Loma Linda, where I joined Dale Adams and Les Chafen!

I met my wife Edna at Union College. Following her graduation from nursing school, we were married, and the rest of our lives have been filled with the joy of raising our family and our career in medicine. 5 years in the Army, 3 years in Radiology residency, then private practices in Wisconsin and Colorado. In 1986 we spent a year's Sabbatical teaching interventional radiology in Saudi Arabia. And finally, the last 19 years we have lived in Bakersfield, California, where my partner and I developed an outpatient imaging center. We are currently in the process of selling the center, so we can join the rest of you into retirement - with more freedom and the opportunity to pursue other interests - as long as the body holds out!

It is said that "Into each life comes a generous share of both joy and pain". We have certainly had our share of both. However, I have been most fortunate to have a rewarding profession, a loving wife to share the joys and sorrows, and children with happy lives. Our son Mike is the Chief accountant for Nascar/International Speedway in Daytona, Florida (loves his job!), with two children and his wife Jennifer, who is the head pharmacist at the Daytona Hospital. Our daughter Sheley is a dental hygienist, married to Scot Matheny, an airline pilot. They just had twins 8 months ago! It was a little late (they are both over 40) - but grandma & grandpa are delighted that they live here in town, so we can see them every day!

I can wait to see you all !
Corny sent photos but they were imbedded in a document which I couldn't open .. I will post them some day when he resends them as a regular jpeg email attachmetnt

From "Hooker, William (LLU)"
Subject Sad News from Glenn Culpepper
Date Mon, April 5, 2010 17:01

Glenn just sent me this (from TA Class of 60)

From: Glenn E. Culpepper []
Sent: Mon 4/5/2010 3:03 PM
To: Anita Wilson Whitney; Astrid Heppenstall Heger; Bill Lippard; Carol Anderson; Carol Peterson ; Carole Wood Xander; Carolee Carter Eubanks ; Carroll Beachley; Christine Hatt Richardson; Dale Adams ; David Besenyei; Dolly Thomas Record; Doug Mowry;; Gilbert Weller Bohannon ; Janet Schroeder Williams ; John Hillegas ; Johnny Johnson; June McIntyre; Karen Schneider-Regan; Leonard Bailey ; Marc Beaven; Marion Mattingly; Nathan Reiber, Jr.; Rhonda Meyer Visser ; Robert Hayes; Robert Thurber; Roland Smith; Salley Eastman Walthar ; Sharon Dorn Brunnabend ; Sharon Martin Dickson ; Thomas Phelps; W. Clarence Schilt; William Bryan; Hooker, William (LLU); William Taylor; William Woods Subject:

Dear Classmates,

It is with great regret that I report the passing of Ronald Vandeman this afternoon at 1:06 pm. This sister, Connie, emailed me within the hour of his death. She and I had corresponded and she had provided me with some current pictures of Ron which you will see at the reunion. I had sent her pictures of Ron during high school days. She said that he kept his 1960 annual at his bedside and looked at the pictures and notes classmates and teacher had written in it. I assured her that he has been on our minds at every reunion gathering. I will ask her permission to share her email address with all if any want to send condolences. She and George Jr. were at his bedside in Glendale Hospital when he died.


Glenn E. Culpepper, Esquire
Gingerich and Culpepper, LLC
10801 Lockwood Drive, Suite 330
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
(301)681-7400 (301)681-0879 facsmile

4/5/10 ... A note from Dave Hempe .. I have thought about Ronnie often ... very often in fact .. I went to grade school with him from the 3-6th grades at Sligo School in Takoma Park MD & our junior year at SVA .. I rembember no one in the school could match him in wrestling and at SVA he was involved in everything our Junior year .. He went to Takoma Academy and was Vice President of his class there for his senior year. At SVA He was on the student faculty councel, band, choir, the SVA Echoes quartet, MCC, Temperance orator, and ... My good friend.

It was Ronnie that changed my life! He came into my room one day and said he would bet me $10 that he could name off 10 nouns in a row and he could hear them once and repeat them back forwards and backwards without missing one. It was the best$10 I have ever spent in my life as he introduced me to Harry Loraine's book .. How to Develop a Super Power Memory. .. It was a book on memory by association .. I developed 1000 numbers with corresponding word associations that I used from then on thru college and Dental school at LLU. ..I could take a 100 page magazine and spend about 10 seconds on each page and hand it back and could be asked what was on any page number in any order or be given the subject matter on any page and could give the page number it was on and never miss a single page.

As most know ... At age 21 Ron developed chronic paranoid schizophrenia. Ronnie's sister Connie wrote a wonderful article in the Adventist Review in 2002 - A Mind One Day Made New (Click Here to View)


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