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Ask Doc Hemp about ANY car made in the USA up to 1942. I get my info from the American Catalog of American Cars 3rd edition = cars from 1805 - 1942. By Beverly Rae Kimes & Henry Austin Clark Jr. and or I will forward it to another auto buff like John Meyers III editor extraordinare of the Horseless Carriage Gazette

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Dave and becky,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your web site and all the photos. I am listening to your background music as I hunt and peck at this dad blamed keyboard.

If anyone is interested, I do leatherwork and have been doing so for nearly so for nearly 30 yrs. as I am a harnessmaker by profession. I am building several 1910 Buick crank holders for customer in Wasington State. They will be built just like the original holders.If you know anyone that might be interested in this item or need any leather items made for there restoration project, I may be able to built what you need.

Thanks again for the wonderful web site!
Steve Henricks harness@meadowcrk.com

Subject: 1910 Simplex Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:43:43 +0400 From: "Agora" agoraspb@mail.ru To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hello and thank you for your fine web site about HCCA members and their cars. I discovered it when browsing the Internet looking for info about Simplex automobiles. Thus I found your site with pictures of the Brunemeirs" 1910 Simplex.

In 1957-1963, my family owned an unrestored 1910 Simplex. The car's serial number was 351. (Full number 5010351). We lived in Massachusetts at the time, and in 1963 sold the car to a man in Connecticut who had it restored. In the mid-1970's his heirs sold it through the Vintage Car Store in Nyack, NY to , I think, someone in Florida. After that I lost track of its whereabouts, but have fond memories of this marvelous car and would like to know who has it now.

Apologies for long letter! But am wondering if you could ask the Brunemeirs if their car is indeed #351, and if not, whether they know of a list of Simplex owners which includes serial numbers. I'd be glad to correspond directly with the Brunemeirs should they wish to.

Kind thanks for your time! By the way, I now live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Sincerely yours, George Gentsch.
Subject: Antique car website Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 02:58:04 -0400 From: "Tiger_fan" jwilson820@carolina.rr.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave & Becky,

Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed my quick visit to your HCCA photo pages this evening. Unfortunately, it was very late (actually EARLY) and I've got an all day road trip in the morning, so I had to peruse the photos quickly. I will return soon and spend some more time with you. I was brought up around classic and antique autos, as my Grandfather began collecting and restoring in the late 40's or early 50's. He "happened by" the first Hershey show while returning from purchasing a car in New York. He never missed a show until my Grandmother was hospitalized with cancer in the early 80's. My friend and I took over his standing hotel reservations at that time. After my Grandmother's passing, we talked him in to going back with us after he had missed 3 years. He didn't think he would be able to walk the entire show, but always did. He didn't miss another one up to his death in 1992. I wouldn't take anything for the memories I have from those trips. I kept a nice variety of his cars and others have been sold by my Mother and sister. If you'd like some photos, I'd be happy to send you some. I still enjoy polishing brass(kinda)!
Type to you later,
Subject: 1908 Chevrolet Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:08:45 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: editor, Horseless Carriage Gazette To: rom:@horseless.com, Bernadette Hawkins bdhawk@nb.sympatico.ca CC: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hello Bernadette,

W.C. Durant purchased the Little automobile company in 1913 and promptly re-named it for Louis Chevrolet, a speed-equipment manufacturer for early Model T Fords. There was no 1908 Chevrolet.

Likewise, there was no 1909 Studebaker either.

The Studebaker brothers started building wagons just after the Civil War and while they did toy with electric vehicles at the turn of the century, they did not build gasoline automobiles until 1914.

Please note that I did not say "sell" automobiles. Studebaker had a large dealer network which they made available to various automobile companies. When the industry

"settled down" Studebaker purchased the company that was selling best in their dealerships. They then slapped a Studebaker badge on the EMF and never looked back.

Hope this helps, JOHN
Subject: early 1900 clothing & such Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 19:03:45 EDT From: CATHALEEN@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net


My grandparents were members of the Horseless Carriage Club in Southern California, they have since passed and my brother and I have all of their clothig and some other items. We've had them in storage for a period of time, and unfortunately neither of us has a true appreciation or rather use for these items.

Would you happen to know where we might be able to advertise or have any suggestions?

We're in Southern Oregon, and both of us will be moving again sometime (hopefully) in the near future.

I would truly appreciate any information that you might be able to pass on.

By the way, you have a great web site, my grandfather would have really appreciated it. He had a Model T, Pope Toledo, and various parts of numerous other cars (they're now all gone, one is in a museum) and they were truly his life. We grew up going on local tours, and the Easter parade at Disney.

Thank you

Cathleen Doran
Subject: Great Show Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 11:57:40 EDT From: JACQUESHAR@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

El Hempo

You done it again Bravo Bravo.

Looks like you guy's had lots of fun. The Little Bubba is not that Little anymore. Nice bunch of cars And looks like great people. And what a setting, Your place is Perfect for a car show, we don't appreciate what you done for all the car nuts like me. I know it takes lots of time AND money to put something like that together. Again Bravo

Becky looks great as usual No picture of you, Naturally you have to be behind the camera.

Was at Blackhawk last Saturday for the Norcall ccca get together And your name came out lot about the web site you Donated to The car nuts that where In San Jose 50th anniversary show. And everybody really appreciated what you done.

Going to Fresno the 18 and 19th of this month. I will also be Mare Island next Month.

That is all as far as shows are concerned This year

Will probably take 2 or 3 cars to Cristies Auction at Pebble.

Got to clean up some of this mess

A bientot: El Jackob

2002 Shasta 1 & 2 Cylinder Brass Tour
Subject: Your site Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 21:18:24 -0400 From: Randy Sauder rsauder@smyrnacable.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi guys:

I enjoyed looking at your site. Attached is a picture of my 1910 Maxwell AA Runabout. Good luck.

Randy Sauder

Subject: Responce to Question on 1901 Oldsmobile Replica w/ broken rim Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 10:36:26 -0500 From: "Dave Brock" dbrock@cadillaccoffee.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net CC: mojou2@aol.com

I was searching the web for info that you may have on 1901,02,and 03 Oldsmobiles, since they were basically all the same car during that era. I also have a 1903 Olds replicar and was curious if you could give me any kind of estimated value. It is original size of the Original Oldsmobile and I have restored it. There were several of these replicars made in the 1950ís by Bliss Manufacturing Co., of Canton, Oh. They are no longer in business as far as my research has turned up. Mine has a 1956 Cushman Electric start 8 HP engine which was what the Bliss manufacturing co. used in all the cars they made. From talking to some old timers that were familiar with Bliss. They said they ran the cars on a regular type auto assembly line during the manufacturing of the replicars. As per the question MOJO asked you about repairing the broken wheel. I assume it is the wood spoke and the only folks I know who may be able to repair that or make a duplicate would be amish buggy shops here in the Ft. Wayne, In area. There are several around this area and they could possibly help MOJO. Any info you could share with me on the original question I had on the Estimated value of My 1903 Replicar and of any other folks who may own them, that were made by the Bliss Company, I would appreciate.

I thought it would be neat to form a Club of owners of this unique replicar, which is an antique now, since it was made in the 1950ís.

Thanks Doc
Subject: 1901 olds replica- help for shriners, please... Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:53:39 EDT From: MojoU2@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

hello, doc.

we have a 1901 olds replica that we use in Shrine parades to raise $ for our childrens hospitals. we wrecked one of the wheels, and need a repair or replacement, but we cannot locate the manufacturer of these replica cars..

any suggestions that may help us?

thank you.

Medinah Shrine Temple, Chicago
22 Shriners Hospitals for Children
No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help a Child!!!!!!!

Subject: Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 21:06:16 -0400 From: Stu Sutherland greatplains@sk.sympatico.ca To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hello: I am seeking assistance in finding out any info at all on a truck made by Acme. it looks like a 1920 or 21. I bought it out of a farmers field, been sitting there for 50 yrs. but its all there except the wooden parts have rotted off. I have been looking for any info but to date have found none. Any help would be wonderful..
Thank you kindly..Stu
Subject: Crow-Elkhart or 1913 Oakland Radiator Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 14:46:21 +1200 From: "Sandie Cooper" dovevalley@xtra.co.nz To: dochemp@c-zone.net

We have unearthed a v shaped nickel radiator which we think belongs to a Crow-Elkhart vehicle. It square honey comb core, made by Mayo Radiator Company 1911. The radiator has two lower water outlets and one top outlet. As far as we know the square holed honey comb core was deleted in 1912 and replaced by hexangled core. We would like information and pictures of possible vehicle which it might belong to please. We are still digging for the rest of the car. The car radiator turned up in Tauranga New Zealand, in a bank on the side of a hill. We are puzzled how it got to New Zealand in the first place. It may also be of an 1913 Oakland.
Please confirm upon receiving this E-mail.
Thank you very much
Dave Perry and Sandie Cooper.

Subject: yr site Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 19:24:15 +1000 From: "paul curteis" paulcurteis@bigpond.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

g'day from Australia ... what an easy enjoyable site to find .. I am trying to trace the history of a 1929 Reo my mate has just completed restoring (after 28 years work) and I stumbled over this site ... brilliant ... will put this on my favourites list when I return to my home (about 1200 miles from here) am visiting friends in Queensland at present ... my usual email address is ausbeastie@hotmail.com ... many many thanks for something light and pleasant after the headaches of my - so far - fruitless search ...

Subject: Hi! Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 22:01:00 EDT From: D2C2S@cs.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net


We all watched the photo show and your web site was great. Thank you very much, I will past the email address on to our club.

See Ya Soon

Cindy, Dave, DJ & Christine Parris
Subject: HOWDY,YOU'LL. Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 22:00:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Allen5975@webtv.net (Allen Adams) To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Just got home , collected my e-mail, good to hear from you. we were over to susanville friday for my sons birthday.& again saturday for mine .we were in redding both evenings for dinner engagements. spent saturday night in lake calif.just out of cottenwood. thought of you guys & knew i was close, but as usual no time for straying off course.love your poetryDoc. thanks for the happy b-day card & the pics. if you ever need to reach me i'm here pal.707-445-0266. give my best to peeble beach, & you take care of my ROLEX. later ,Oh yeah i'm 56. Allen

a smile cost nothing wear one.
Subject: model t speedster Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 06:27:56 -0400 From: "tom butterworth" tom1@hardrockers.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

How cool you want a speedster like that. I am the fellow that designed and built that one.I was quite surprised that its now a model. I could build another body, if interested in one let me know.I am really busy until the end of Sept. but could fit one in after that.
Tom Butterworth 248-542-4184

Check out www.hardrock.com for all that rocks! Rock Fans get free E-mail @ www.hardrock.com! Rock on. . .

Subject: HCCA Eureka Tour Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 00:52:34 EDT From: TraversiDuo@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net


We were on the Eureka Tour. Your coverage of it was absolutely great! What a super job! Keep up the good work! We love your off the wall humor!

Best Regards,
Al & Myrna Traversi
Santa Rosa HCCA

Subject: Thank You Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:46:56 -0800 From: Edwin Btown edwinbb@uswest.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Thank you so much folks. I have just looked at your site this evening and I think you did a wonderful job. I really don't have much time to spend at the computer but for some reason I sent some E-Mails and just decided to see what was on the HCCA and I found you. I have seen many of these cars on tours about the country. I have toured many times over the years with my little Model 35 Buick it has always been a good performer even climbed Pikes Peak in high gear all the way. This was the day before the HCCA silver anniversary tour (25th) at Colorado Springs. I drove it to the National at Lake Tahoe about 30 years ago in one day from Eugene, Oregon that was a good days drive. As you can see it does quite well. But the last couple of years I have toured with a 1912 Ford. But I still have the Model 35. Any way Thanks again for the show. They are a great bunch of pictures.

Edwin Brown
Subject: thank you Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 14:22:36 -0800 From: " Rolly and Marie" willic@telusplanet.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi and thanks for the wonderful site Dave and Becky....I was just brosing the net to try and find an old vehicle or possibly it's just a manufacturer's name for a lug. It is on the little lug that holds the tire rim to the spokes... the name is "Hayes". Could you possibly know of an answer to this or a web site I mite check? Thanks again Rolly Willick

Subject: Kelsey Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 08:14:36 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: Rolly and Marie willic@telusplanet.net CC: Dave Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Rolly,

Kelsey-Hayes was one of the largest manufacturer of wheels prior to World War II. Several styles used large nuts to attach the rim to the wheel.

Most competitors stamped these nuts with their name. I don't know about Kelsey-Hayes but I'd guess they did too.

If you want to make darn sure, contact the Horseless Carriage Foundation Research Library in La Mesa, California: http://www.hcfi.org

Subject: Re: Thank You! Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 18:27:59 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" dochemp@c-zone.net CC: Andy Blake andycarole.brina@gateway.net References: 1 , 2


Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, please forward any brass-era questions to me. I don't always send you a copy of my reply, but I always try to help as best I can.


"C. David Hemp DDS INC" wrote:


You pioneered the web site and brought the club into cyberspace .... remember when I called you on the phone in 1994 I think it was and you swore you would never own a computer .. and that only one board member even had one and that was an old 25 MHZ I think it was ... and that you barely had time for the Gazette let alone computers ... I told you I was putting up a page for our local group ... http://www.dochemp.com/hcca1.html .... and that the internet was the wave of the future and to not be afraid of it ... at least give it a try.

Well, you did my friend and you have done such a good job .... You are so knowledgeable and have been so helpful in pointing the many newcomers, that asked questions of us on my web page & yours, that the club and the brass era cars are gaining in popularity every day!

I will still forward the early brass questions to you if that's okay...

Kindest of Regards

Doc Hemp
Subject: 1921 Oldsmobile 4-Door Touring Car Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 20:14:40 -0800 From: "Diane and Paul " dinpaul@thegrid.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I just happened on your Horseless Carriage Club of America website. We have a friend whose husband passed away recently and she has a 1921 Oldsmobile 4-Door Touring Car that she would like to sell. She has no idea where to get it appraised or where to sell the vehicle. I thought maybe you might have an idea of where we can get some help for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Turner, Cambria, CA
Subject: great site Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 18:35:08 -0500 From: "Axford, Dale" daxford@accuridecorp.com To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'" dochemp@c-zone.net

This is one great site my name is Dale Axford I am from London Ontario Canada I have been looking relentlessly for help, my father in law passed away and left 2-1911 McLachlins in great condition but not put together also many car parts of all kinds,he restored cars for a living and was also at one time president of the north American antique car club, our big problem is my wife and I are trying to help her mom sell off some of the parts and would love to see the McLachlins get sold to some one who would appreciate them but not have the mother in law take a bath on the sale if you could help it would be appritiated,the father in laws name was Ross Saunders from Watford Ontario Canada.

Dale Axford
Ext. 496


Subject: selling parts Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 06:47:21 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: DAXFORD@accuridecorp.com, dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Dale,

If you concentrate on the value of each part hobbyists will come and pick out what they cannot live without. In time (one or two lifetimes) all will be gone.

If you pack everything up and haul it from one swap meet after another you will eventually find a home for everything. Of course, you will have a great deal of time and expenses evolved making your net "profit" far less than what you might wish for.

In the long run, it might be easier to locate someone (or two or three) who will bid on the entire setup.

If you wish, I could put an ad for you in the Horseless Carriage Gazette and perhaps someone wishing a 1911 McLachlin project would step forward.



Thankyou again ... for your help with our mailbag here at our local HCCA site.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Peerless Auto Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 20:10:20 -0700 From: "Joe" nexus3@uniserve.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi I recently found the following Peerless car in a barn and need to find out a little more about it. I'm not having much luck searching the internet and thought you may help. Here is the model number I found on the data plate.
Model 69
I don't know he year or anything else other than it is about 90% complete with 7600 miles on the odometer.
Thanks Joe......


Subject: Peerless Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 06:33:26 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: nexus3@uniserve.com CC: dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Joe!

The Model 69 Peerless V-8 was built from 1926 to 1928 . It was (at the time) the biggest and best Peerless built for those years. In 1926 it came in seven different body styles (you didn't say which one you have located).

The serial numbers started at B690001 in 1928 and went up to B690694 which means that it (#B690210) is a rare and early 1928 model Peerless.

Hope that helps some, JOHN


Thank you for helping us with this

Doc Hemp
Subject: (1901 Oldsmobile) Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 12:05:42 EDT From: Rednagleii@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

This is a replicca of a 1901 Oldsmobile. My husband built it up from the frame up. I will send you 2 pictures, as one, that he got at first, then the finished product. It won first prize at the Florida State Fair. I thought some of the people on your web would get a kick out of it, seeing how it came out.
Thankyou for your time.
Leo & Phyl Nagle.

Subject: 1901 Oldsmobile Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 16:39:51 EDT From: Rednagleii@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

We just love your web site, and want to thankyou for your extra time in putting the pictures in. They really are clear!
Leo & Phyl Nagle

Subject: Loved your site Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 18:48:34 -0800 From: "Wade & Sheri Kahn" ws.kahn@worldnet.att.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

the tour was great! I just purchased a 1923 studebaker and was looking for inf. and happened on your site. and what a pleasure.

I may have to do some more research, my dad owns a 25 Chrysler rumble seat roadster that went on your clubs tour of Australia I think in 62 or so we affectionately call the car Sydney it is horsless carriage plate # 392 if you have any pics or inf. on that tour pls. let me know. as the car will be in the family for a long time ( me and my wife were married with the car in some shots ) your site reminds me of the fun we used to have in that car. I still remember my sisters and I all in the rumble seat and it started raining and we were able to close the lid. how many children have those kind of experiences these days? not enough!

thanks for the excellent job you have done with your site and showing not just the cars but the fun that goes hand in hand.

Wade Kahn
v.p. Everett stratocruisers
W.P.C. member

Subject: Horseless Carriage Mailbag Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 03:33:47 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette

Mailbag Contents:

* Voting Members
* Non-Vital Statistics

Less than two weeks ago I was given a complete up-to-date membership list for the 2000 Roster. While sorting the data, several interesting statistics popped out at me.

I'm not willing to draw any conclusions from these and you probably shouldn't either. Think of them as entertainment for trivia buffs.

On second thought, you might say it hints that brass-era car owners are a part of an exclusive fraternity.

We'll start with a rundown (state by state) of "voting members" of the club and, while I've left out some foreign countries, it isn't because I think they are less important:

813 California
124 Pennsylvania
121 Michigan
118 Oregon
116 Washington
103 Texas
101 New York
97 Canada
93 New Jersey
90 Ohio
76 Illinois
74 Florida
72 Minnesota
81 Massachusetts
62 Arizona
60 New Zealan
d 59 Australia
58 Georgia
58 Connecticut
53 Colorado
50 Kansas
49 Wisconsin
48 Indiana
48 Oklahoma
47 Iowa
41 Idaho
33 Nebraska
33 Utah
32 Missouri
30 North Carolina
30 Nevada
29 United Kingdom
28 Virginia
25 North Dakota
25 New Hampshire
25 Tennessee
25 Vermont
21 South Carolina
19 Maryland
16 South Dakota
14 Kentucky
14 Montana
14 Rhode Island
13 Maine
12 Alabama
7 Wyoming
6 Louisiana
3 Alaska
3 Delaware
3 Mississippi
3 New Mexico
2 Washington DC
1 Hawaii

* * * * *

This section can't be taken too seriously either but I think you'll be surprised at the number of brass-era cars owned by our members:

726 1915
758 1914
668 1913
740 1911
819 1910
511 1909
317 1908
265 1907
250 1906
173 1905
227 1904
210 1903
106 1902
65 1901
45 1900
38 1899
12 1898
5 1897
3 1896
5 1895
4 1894

* * * * *

One section that I thought interesting was the various body styles.

Do you know we have twice as many roadsters as runabouts but only 45 Stanhopes? Ö that 55 cars were labeled as electric while 315 are steam-powered? Ö and that there are only 175 early motorcycles in the club?

* * * * *

If you are not totally bummed out on dubious statistics by now, this last section may do it. Even if ALL members listed ALL of their brass-era vehicles (and believe me, they haven't) it is unlikely that you could draw many valid conclusions from THIS list:

1431 Model T Ford
498 Buick
418 Cadillac
263 Maxwell
255 Reo
170 Overland
163 Stanley
147 White
140 Curved Dash Oldsmobile
129 Ford (not Model T)
103 Hupmobile
102 Locomobile
99 Pierce
90 Packard
90 Brush
89 Franklin
83 EMF
80 IHC
79 Ramble
r 74 Hudson
63 Studebaker
58 Oakland
54 Mitchell
53 Stevens-Du
ryea 50 Sears
42 Baker
39 DeDion
37 Renault
37 Rolls-Royce
35 Metz
32 Winton
31 Mercer
29 Pope-Hartford
24 Stoddard-Dayton
24 Velie
21 Chalmers-Detroit
20 National
20 Peerless
20 Cole
18 Lozier
17 Marmon
17 Case
16 Darracq
15 Abbott-Detroit
15 Stutz

Subject: 1902 Knox Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 00:20:14 -0400 From: Mccommon Scott scott.mccommon@terumomedical.com To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'"

My name is Scott and I came across your sight while beginning research on a 1902 Knox we have. This car was purchased new by my great great grandfather in San Francisco almost 100 years ago. It is in original condition and has been garaged and covered for many of those years. The last time it was running was close to ten years ago, fifteen years since it was driven. If you know of anyone who could direct me to where I can learn more I would appreciate it. scott.mccommon@terumomedical.com

Good Morning Scott.

I always recommend starting at the Horseless Carriage Gazette index: http://www.horseless.com/cgi-bin/webdata_zone.pl?cgifunction=user

After that I would recommend the Knox Car Club Affiliated Roster: John Y. Jack Hess

Then I would contact a long-time owner of another 1902 Knox:

Fred Schumacher

Another place you can check is the Horseless Carriage Foundation Research Library: http://www.hcfi.org

I find this exciting! If you send me your address I can get you a membership application to the Horseless Carriage Club. I think you will find many members who may be of help.

Subject: wheee! Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 22:49:17 EST From: Bjlphd@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Best damned web sit I've hit. Me & my 1913 model 25 are members tho we seem to have missed last several mags. One just came.

Ben Luberoff in NC
Subject: Your web site/s Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 10:12:24 -0800 (PST) From: Robert Sorensen rrsorensen_98@yahoo.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Doc,
While searching for a picture of an Oakland auto, I ran across your web site/s and lost track of time exploring the many avenues to follow. It was really very enjoyable and I will stop back again and recommend it to my friends. The Midi music contributes a lot to the charm.
Thanks for your hobby.
Bob Sorensen
Rock Island, IL
Subject: steam train video Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 15:50:16 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: Dave Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net


You amaze me.

What a wonderful video.

Subject: 1914 White horseless carriage Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 15:26:48 -0600 From: Edward L Claycamp eclaycamp@ft.newyorklife.com To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'" dochemp@c-zone.net

I need to learn all I can about this car as it must be sold. All parts are there. They had started to restore it when he had a stroke . It has been in storage for 40 years. It was bought from the original owner. Any info would be helpful.
thanks Ed Claycamp
Subject: 1914 White Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 15:19:45 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: "Edward L. Claycamp" eclaycamp@ft.newyorklife.com CC: Dave Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net

Hello Ed,

There are two recognized White experts:

Joe Ersland
PO Box 562
Chickasha OK 73023-0562

Henry Merkel
PO Box 220
Gates Mills OH 44040

The 1914 White was a very high-quality automobile. What body style is yours?

In 1914 they made three models: Thirty ("GAF" 4-cyl 110" wheelbase), Forty ("GEB" 4-cyl 120" wheelbase) and Sixty ("GF" 6-cyl 132" wheelbase).

Hope this helps.


John thankyou for helping me with these emails as you so unselfishly have ...
Doc Hemp
Subject: Your Web Site Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 16:38:29 -0700 From: "MaryShegogue" maryshegogue@prodigy.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I just saw your web site on the horseless carriages. Your web site is the best I have seen.

My friend and I enjoyed it very much!
Subject: web page Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 23:12:40 -0400 From: "jstrock" jstrock@valkyrie.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Subject: 1913 Studebaker Tourer Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 11:18:23 +0100 From: "Macfarlane, Gordon" gordon.macfarlane@macfarlanetransport.co.uk To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave and Becky

Some years ago I bought Art Beach's 1913 Studebaker. Unfortunately it was in a garage fire and since that I have been in the process of restoring it. I would like to get hold of a workshop manual and certainly the address of the Studebaker Club in order to help to source parts if possible. I am seeing the members of the Stutz Club of GB on Sunday and they are a great help.

I look forward hearing from you soon.

Many thanks in anticipation and a great Web Page .

Gordon Macfarlane.

PS keep your eyes open on the Clan Macfarlane Web Page for my Harley-D. Painted in the Macfarlane Hunting Tartan.
Subject: really enjoyed your web site.... Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 20:33:01 -0700 From: "Phelps" phelps@crcwnet.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

perhaps you can help me, my last name is Phelps and i found an old newspaper ad in an antique shop that was dated 1900 from New Brunswick, New Jersey, the ad was about 'The Phelps Car' ....a car that was powered by a steam engine and driven with reins, like a horse...my query is....have you ever heard of this car and do you know where i could get more info on it? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You!
Teri Leigh Phelps
Subject: Your Web Site Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 16:18:41 -0400 (EDT) From: lesw8wlq@webtv.net (Les) To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi Dave and Becky,
What a wonderful contribution to old cars. Just wanted to thank you for all the work you and your wife have done. I guess I am like a old car. I'm 74 years old and worked for Oldsmobile and the REO Motor Car and truck company as a engineer. But more important my Father worked for the REO Motor Car And Truck Company for 43 years. More that any other employee on record. I made up a small tribute to him and my Mother who also worked for REO and Fisher Body here in Lansing, Michigan. I had met Ransom Eli Olds once here In Lansing where his home was. I went to school with a woman who married R.E. Old's grandson and I see her at class reunions. I am not a old car buff, I guess because I have lived around cars all my life. When I worked at REO there was a quarter scale working model of a, i think 1907 or 1908 car. The company used to hire a midget to drive it. Some how it got lost, I think the last owner of REO sold it to a dealer. Shame that it could not have gone into the R.E. Olds museum here in Lansing. Sorry about the rambling on. I do have a lot of memories of a great car and truck company. But I saved you site and will continue to look it. Thanks again for being the brain child. Have a nice summer and keep up the wonderful work.

Best regards,

Subject: re: Baby Grand Chevrolet Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 06:28:38 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: Jerry Willis jwillis@alltel.net CC: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Jerry!

The name "baby grand" was used on Chevrolet tourings from 1914 through 1922 with (in my opinion) the 1914 & 1915 models worth twice (all other things considered equal) the latter years.

For more information, I usually turn to Ken Kaufmann, 735 W Lemon Ave, Monrovia CA 91016 (626/385-7327).

Sorry folks .... I had deleted or lost Jerry's original email .... but found John's answer which pretty much tells the content .... again Thankyou John for your help in helping me answer these HCCA type questions ... you haven't failed me yet.
Doc Hemp
Subject: interstate Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 19:08:37 -0500 From: "mike hawkins" susan_rock@email.msn.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

My dad has a 1910 Interstate and we think it is the only running 1910 in existance. I was wondering if you had any information on any Interstates or know any websites that have any information because I've never found anything about them on the internet before (anything about the history, production, etc.)


Subject: Re: [Fwd: interstate] Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 19:01:39 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: mike hawkins susan_rock@email.msn.com CC: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net References: 1

Hello Mike!

There are two 1910 Inter-State automobiles in the Horseless Carriage Club at the present time.

I don't know of any web site you can go to that will have any information on Inter-State vehicles. There's some in our club magazine, of course.

The Horseless Carriage Foundation Research Library will look up anything you wish (www.hcfi.org) but they do charge for their labor.
Subject: Chalfant Automobile Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 23:32:08 -0400 From: Ray Flowers 4flowers@bellsouth.net Organization: Scitex Digital Printing To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I am looking for information on a car that my stepfather's great grand- father built in Chester County, Pennsylvania between 1902 and 1918. His name was John N. Chalfant and established his company in 1852. We believe that the car was named "Chalfant" after him. After the failure of "Chalfant" automobile, he went on the manufacture "Farmall" Farm equipment. Any information that you could forward to me would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at rflowers@scitexdpi.com. Thank you in advance for any effort that you may afford my quest.


Subject: Re: [Fwd: Chalfant Automobile] Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 05:01:24 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: dochemp , rflowers@scitexdpi.com References: 1

Good Morning Ray!

According the The Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942, the Chalfant of Lenover, Pennsylvania was built from 1905 to 1912 by Millard F. Chalfant, Harry Chalfant and W. Howard Chalfant with Horace S. Boyd and William Michener assisting.

In the beginning they made a great looking 2-cyl vehicle before switching to a 4-cyl engine.

I sure would like an article on Chalfant for the Horseless Carriage Gazette if you learn anything I can use. A photograph (especially) would be great as in seven years, there were probably only 50 Chalfants built.


I (Doc Hemp) want to take this time again to personally thank John C Meyer III for his wonderful help in answering most of these Horseless Carriage questions that come up off our HCCA Site ... this is what the hobby is all about .... John is the Editor of the HCCA Gazette is among the best in the world at what he does along with Richard Quinn of the ASC & Bev Kimes of the CCCA Bulletin. I will try to post more of these type of things that come up ... have been just too swamped and have had good intentions ..... but with a few thousand emails on our desk top any one time even my good intentions get muddled in trying to go back & even find these great questions & answers later. A good point ... in all your email make the subject very clear ... it is all I have to when I go back later after reading everything ... if not clear it just gets deleted or dumped without even opening if it looks like a spam advertisement.
Doc Hemp
Subject: 1920 Minerva Roadster Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 05:50:33 +1200 From: NDH & ML MURRAY nathmichmurray@xtra.co.nz To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave and Becky,

Enjoyed your site very much. Nice to meet some like minded souls while surfing the old net.

I own a 1920 Belgian Minerva roadster, Model 'NN'.

I plan to sell this car in the U.S. this year but have struck a few dead ends. Firstly due to the rarity of my car I can't find anyone to accurately give it a current market value and I'm trying to find someone who specializes in the sale of vintage autos.

Lastly the car and I are both in New Zealand so distance is another issue. Put on your thinking caps as any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Nathan D.H. Murray.

Subject: fiat 509a- in Bulgaria Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 20:02:32 -0700 From: Delian Kolev Organization: Demiko To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Sir,
I possess FIAT509A. The precise year of production is 1926, but the model is 1925, mamily car. The motor number is 143738 and concerning coupe number, I donít know where it is placed. The car is repainted and with renewed upholstery, all the rest is original, in function and in good condition. The car is not restored and the guenine wooden coupe construction is in good shape. I possess spare motor and gear-box. I would like to sell it as soon as it is possible. But I received ambiguous information about the price I have to ask for. I will be thankful if you give me any information about the price and the possibility to sell the car. Dear Sir, I beg your assistance in selling the automobile. Please, tell me the commision you want and the conditions necessary to be my dealer, if you'd like to. Because I would like to sell the car as soon as possible at a reasonable price. Pictures also available if you are interested. For more detailed information and pictures feel free to contact me.
Mr. Anastas Eftimov Popov
e-mail: demiko@netplusdb.bg
Subject: Zimmerman Automobile Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:36:18 -0500 From: "Rick Mitchell" mitchells@locl.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I ran across your address on a classic car web page. My wife and I are looking for a Zimmerman Automobile that would have been manufactured in Auburn, IN. Is there any way you can help? We currently own the home of John Zimmerman who built the Zimmerman Automobile. I would appreciate any leads you could give me. Thank you for your time.


Rick Mitchell
Subject: Zimmerman Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 06:53:57 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: Rick Mitchell mitchells@locl.net CC: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net, Roberta Watkins hcfi@aol.com

Dear Rick!

Perhaps the Horseless Carriage Foundation Research Library can fill in the details about Zimmerman.

Another place to start would be with Donald L. Welch, 270 N Van Buren in Monroe, Indiana. He has a 1910 Zimmerman. There is also a Zimmerman in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn and another in California owned by a couple named Zimmerman.

Hope this helps,
Subject: Question and praise Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 13:59:12 -0500 From: "Phil Kircher" phil@outtech.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave & Becky:
First the praise, I loved your tour of the century and the rest of your site. Although I don't restore or collect cars I thought your site was great with a capital g.

The Question I have is regarding the attached. I have a post card made by a relation of mine that includes a photograph of a car. I'm pretty sure it is a Studebaker but I don't know anything more. Any information that you could provide me would be appreciated I.e..: model and year?, original cost?

I'm sorry I don't know the location of this car but it would be interesting to find out what it might be worth today.

Thanks for your help. And again your site is filled with beautiful pictures, is easy to navigate and loads quickly considering the amount of graphic material.

Thanks again,
Phil Kircher

Subject: 1910 Studebaker Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:21:39 -0800 (PST) From: Tony Ruzak i_use_it@yahoo.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky,

I am looking for information on a 1910 Studebaker. My next project may include this car. I have heard that there may only be one existing today. I certainly appreciate any assistance you could give.

Thank You,

Subject: Can you identify this automobile??? Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:03:55 -0400 From: "Robert J. Mattson" mscsinc@ids.com Organization: MSCS inc To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky,

I have this old postcard that I inherited a few years back. Ever since I have been trying to identify the automobile in the attached picture. >From what I have learned about postcards, I know that this picture was taken between 1898 and 1905. My father is an automechanic, and collects vintage farm engines. We have looked through all the material he has and still come up blank. Please help me.

Bob Mattson
Smithfield, RI

Subject: Linking to The Eastwood Company Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 14:27:45 -0500 From: Curt Strohacker strohacker@chesco.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I found your Studebaker site and was quite impressed. Would you consider linking our site to yours? We supply a lot of unique tools used in maintaining, restoring and customizing cars. Eastwood has been in business since 1978 helping hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts solve their automotive problems. You can check out our site at

Our site has experienced a great deal of traffic from our catalog promotion magazine ads and especially television advertising. We are looking to increase that with reciprocal links with non competitive companies such as yourselves. If this is agreeable to you please let me know how you would like your site described.

We have on line e commerce and our complete catalog is on-line for customer ordering.

Suggested link description: "Source of unique hard-to-find tools and supplies for restoring or customizing. Really neat stuff for the home mechanic. Free catalog and secure on line ordering"

If you would like to add a graphic link to our site please choose any of the banners on this page:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via e mail or the below numbers.

Curt Strohacker
Easthill Group Inc.
The Eastwood Company ‚ "Unique Automotive Tools And Supplies

580 Lancaster Ave
Malvern, PA. 19355
610 640 1450 x2001 fax 610 644 1028


Subject: 1930 Chrysler Model "77" Pick Up Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 16:06:18 PST From: "ED DUBIL" edubil@hotmail.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hello. I own a very rare vehicle that I found in Ethiopia in 1970 while in the US Army. It is a 1930 Chrysler Model "77" pick up. It was a special order vehicle that was ordered by Walter P. Chrysler himself in 1929 for a German Brewmaster. It went from Germany to Italy then to Ethiopia in 1942. I have the complete history on its travels around the globe, but I have had a hard time placing a value on it for insurance purposes. I have been told from $100,000 to $500,000 and that has been from actual appraisers for antique vehicles. I was wondering what you thought and what you know about the 1930 Chrysler Model "77" cars. This was from the Royale coupe. My other e-mail address is dubil@epix.net Thank you Ed Dubil. The truck has been completely restored and is in concourse condition. Also a rarity on the truck is that because it was shipped to Europe, all the gauges in the interior are in metric.
Subject: 1918 Big Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:46:04 -0800 From: AL_JOHNSEN@HP-Roseville-om1.om.hp.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

My neighbor recently called and asked if I could help him start his car. Little did I know it was a 1918 Studebaker. He had bought the car six years ago. He moved it home and then tore out his left knee. He was unable to drive it and, because of his knee, will never be able to realize the joy of tooling around in his pride and joy. That is why he decided to sell it. The person he bought it from had it in a parade in 1972. That is the last time it was up and running. It took about six hours for us to get it started. We have now put over five miles on it and got it up to a resounding 45 mph! Something did get into the gas and it started back-firing. We blew the end right off the front of the muffler. Certainly adds something to the sound as it goes down the street.

It is a beautiful car. He advertised it in Hemmings last December and got an offer. The offer would be substantially better if it was running. He is now getting that better price.

I wish I had known of the Studebaker show at the Towe Museum in Sacramento. It would have been a great addition.

I understand the buyer is the President of Turkey. Before the car is picked up we are going to put some more miles on it. We have videos now but we want some with the top down.

Allen Johnsen
Subject: Whippet Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 16:47:13 -0600 From: Bruce Stewart bruce@mo-net.com Organization: O.U.R. Co-op To: dochemp@c-zone.net

My brother-in-law has come across frame, rear end, motor, tranny, wooden spoked wheels, radiator and shrowd for a Whippet 1920 something. Do you know where we might get some info or obtain a picture of what it looked like new. Have serial numbers. Is there any way to find out what year it is?? And is this stuff worth anything? Would appreaciate any info you could send my way...
Subject: senate-news(johannessen,press-releases): mojo introduces smog check bill Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Senate-News-Reply@SEN.CA.GOV To: Recipients, of, johannessen, press-releases, messages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: DEAN A. MCEWEN February 26, 1999 (916) 445-3353

SACRAMENTO: Senator Maurice Johannessen introduced legislation Friday which would eliminate some of the unnecessary smog testing of vehicles with after-market parts.

Currently, California requires vehicles to pass two types of smog check tests: functional as well as the tailpipe test. The bill, SB 1058, streamlines the "visual portion" of the smog inspection by limiting the equipment required to be inspected, thereby eliminating unnecessary inspection. Less time would be spent by motorists and inspectors, fewer burdens would be placed on referees, and less costs would be imposed on the state and consumers by the program.

A car enthusiast himself, Johannessen stated, "Motorists who upgrade their vehicles with after-market parts are often forced to see a referee even though their car may run more efficiently and cleanly. This is a complete waste of time, only benefiting those bureaucracies which this process creates."

Added Johannessen, "If tail-pipe emissions are coming out clean, it shouldn't matter at all what motor parts you have under the hood. This is a good consumer bill that does nothing to harm our air."

For a copy of Senate Bill 1058, contact either Cathy Evans (Legislative Aide) or Dean A. McEwen (Press Secretary) at (916) 445-3353.
Subject: Excellent tour photos. Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:03:06 -0800 From: First Last first.last@lmco.com Organization: LMMS To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I just reviewed the tour photos and they are great. Looks like everyone was having the time of thier life.
My compliments to you for an excellent job done.
I an just finishing restoring a KROTZ AUTOBUGGY and am looking forward to being a participant in one of these tours.
Best regards
Karl Chulick.
Subject: Re: oops Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 21:58:15 +0000 From: Chuck Conrad conradc@ix.netcom.com To: dochemp dochemp@c-zone.net References: 1 , 2 , 3

Hi Dave,

The CCCA Board is painfully aware of the situation in HCCA. You have hit the nail square on the head about John...He really is HCCA. Without their terrific publication, the club really will lose members. Unfortunately I know that lots of people who have already given up in disgust. That's too bad.

You may know that the Rolls-Royce Owners Club did a similar mass suicide a couple of years ago. They have survived (so far) but I understand they are getting ready to re-stage the battle. It's a pity.
This is a hobby...it's supposed to be fun. I hope CCCA never has to go through this kind of thing.

Best regards,

Chuck Conrad
Subject: (no subject) Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 21:55:10 EST From: Alrohr616@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I folks, as a fairly new HCCA member and a brand new on-liner, I don't know just what I can expect as far as results when I send an email. What I am doing is this: in the 1915 indy 500, Louis Cheverlot drove the smallest car ever to run the great speedway. It was called the Cornelian. It was a modified cycle car built by the Blood Brothers in Kalamazoo and Allegan< michigan. only about 100 of these cars were built. my request is that if you or any hcca members have any information or parts---or heaven help me--- know where one of these cars survive please get in touch with me. my name is al and my e-mail address is alrohr616@aol.com i've got my fingers crossed. thanks

I forwarded this to John Meyer as I do very often for his help & we really appreciate that he does! Below is what his response was to the above email. ... If any of our readers knows anything about this, please email the person involved & us here so we can post it too.
Subject: 1915 Chevrolet Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 05:17:37 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: Alrohr616@aol.com CC: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Al!

Ken Kaufmann is the early Chevrolet expert, but I've never heard him mention the 1915 racecar.

You can write Ken at 735 W Lemon Ave, Monrovia CA 91016



Subject: Can you Help ?? Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:21:10 EST From: OFELDT3@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Doc Hemp

I found your name in a e-mail article that indicated you were very very knowledgeable about old steam powered automobiles. I hope you can help me. My name is Bob Ofeldt and I am the great grandson of August Ofeldt. August from what I understand built the Ofeldt Steamer. I know the car was built because many many years ago I saw a picture of it in a magazine my aunt once had. It was also rumored it was in a museum in Florida. I have had no success in locating it or finding articles on it. Would you be able to point me in the right direction on finding information on it? If you have any pictures or literature on it I would be interested.

Hope you can help.
Bob Ofeldt ofeldt3@aol.com
Subject: Important Notice!!! Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:02:00 -0800 From: Harry Biggins hlbcoyote@snowcrest.net To: "Dave \"DOC\" & Becky Hemp" dochemp@c-zone.net

This notice is for all bad ass Bikers, ASC, CCCA & Packard Club members that frequent the Rocky Mountains,

Montana Grizzly Bear warning!!!...........Be Aware, this is important!!!

In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts theMontana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, Hunters, and fisherman to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field.

We advise that outdoorsman wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle bears that aren't expecting them. We also advise outdoorsman to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.

It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorsman should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear shit. Black bear shit is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear shit is larger and has little bells, early brass parts in it and smells like pepper.

Have a nice hike!!!!!!

This notice, complements of Smoky Bear.
Subject: 1915 Maxwell Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 00:25:21 -0500 From: "Linda Lane" gllane@mcsi.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi Dave@ Becky,
Would you have any information on a 1915 Maxwell . How many are left and what they are worth ? My dad has one . It needs restored . Has original seats even the horse hair stuffing is there. Would like to know if you know where to get a magnito plate?
Am really enjoying your web site.
L.J. Lane
E.Mail adress ....... gllane@mcsi.net
This is Paul Anthony from the National Office of the Horseless Carriage Club of America.
This email is a test. I am hoping to speed up the process of getting information out of the office and to the members of the club.
I hope to include:

Past Presidents
Regional Group Contacts
Interested Members
I am planning to send out an email message from the office about once a week, if we have information to pass on.
I would like a response from you.I have a some questions to pose:

1. Do you want to be on this email list?
2. If not, please let me know.
3. Do you know of any other members that would like to be included?
4. If yes, please let me know.
The quickest way to get in touch with me, is to use my email address (adpablo@aol.com) rather than the HCCA club address.
Paul Anthony
HCCA Executive Secretary

Subject: tour of the century Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:32:39 -0600 From: "Bill Powell" leftybp@swbell.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

A big thank you for your great photos.
pass along thanks to your folks who can afford owning these fine autos, for doing so, and not just keeping the money in the bank. So many are selfish these days.
Again I say THANK YOU ALL.
Subject: coil springs Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 19:50:06 +0000 From: Tommy Love tomatl@infoave.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

hello i'm trying to help my landlord find some coil springs for a 1911 t . the springs are two springs, one in side the other. if you can help me with some type of information i would be thankful. i also really liked the photos they were great. i don't know why my landlord doesn't have a photo club like yours,he has 5 restored model t's they look great.
if you can help me please respond.
tks tom,
Subject: Type 48 Locomobile Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:48:03 -0000 From: "mark buckley" mark.buckley@btinternet.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi, just seen your super pages. I wonder if you can help me? I am researching some information for a friend.

He is interested to find all he can about the type 48 locomobile (that won the 1908 vanderbuilt cup?)

Do they still exist? Are there any for sale? Where can i find further information? Are there any owners clubs?

I do hope you can help me. I am writing from the UK.

kind regards

Mark Buckley
Email: mark.buckley@btinternet.com
I forwarded your email to John Meyer III of the Horseless Carriage Club of America ..... he will be happy to help you .... we also posted it here in our HCCA Reading Room for our viewers too .... maybe some of them will be willing to contact you on this subject.
Becky & Dave (doc) Hemp
Subject: Compliments Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:44:44 -0600 From: "Larry Campbell" lcampbel@texoma.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky,

Compliments for such a varied website with the music, humor, dental info, and especially the cars! I am also a D.D.S. and I also have some cars, although on a much more humble scale. I have a 1939 Packard coupe that went over Independence Pass in Colorado this past summer on the Americruise. I also have a 1939 Oldsmobile sedan that we took to other Americruises to Peoria, Ill. and Lincoln, Neb. Finally, I have a 1946 Mercury coupe that hasn't been anywhere except to a couple of local (north Texas) car shows. These old cars sure are fun. My wife has always wanted us to get a really old and nice car like the early era ones on your website.
Thanks for the effort to make the site available.
Larry Campbell
Sherman, Texas
Subject: We are new to the Net and "Kids of the Fabulous Fifties also. we enjoy Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 01:25:28 -0600 (CST) From: hudmel@webtv.net (Hudson Williams) To: dochemp@c-zone.net

We are new to the Net and "Kids of the Fabulous Fifties also. we enjoyed your web site. any advice on the best place on the net to see some nice pictures of Antique Cars would be welcome. Your photos are jewels!
Melba and Hudson Williams from Clinton,Ms.
Dear Hudsons,
Thanks for the kind words,
Have you been & seen all of our car sites? antiques, Studebakers, classics, sportcars, etc.? All have photos .... sorry to say ... you will find very few sites like ours that are not financially motivated.
Dave & Becky
Subject: Re: Letter Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 08:43:37 -0500 (EST) From: Stephen Kriss sck1@is2.nyu.edu To: dochemp dochemp@c-zone.net

Folks, this following email is from the fellow that saw we were looking for this Nov 20, 1943 Saturday Evening Post in which there was an article about my Uncle Herb (a B 25 Mitchell Bomber Pilot in the China theater during world war 2 - done just before he & crew were shot down & killed) as posted on our airplane pages out of BAD Chariots .... Steve saw our request for that magazine & contacted us ... he only wanted $10.00 including shipping for it ...... now that may be the going price for these ..... but not that one special date for us!!
We sent him more for finding our wants from the internet for this special magazine!! We do not collect magazines ...... only this special one! Uncle Herb was awarded 4 Purple Hearts, the Air Medal & the Flying Cross. I feel it is my responsibility to live his life for him too .... which he & other Veterans gave up to protect all of us. To enjoy the freedom of this wonderful country & what it has to offer.
Thank you again Stephen Kriss.
Dave Hemp

At 05:02 PM 1/14/99 -0800, you wrote: >Steve, >we really appreciated your contacting us on the magazine .... we felt >you didn't charge enough .... wanted to wait & see if you were for real >with your offer first though and that we actually got the magazine before we sent you some more money .... we are glad you are. We only had >copies of the front & the article before.
Do you have a website we can >link to? Do you do this commercially? If so we will give you a plug >with your address & phone # ... just email it to me again to post. >kindest regards, >Dave & Becky

> Hi Dave and Becky.

I have been selling vintage magazines and paper collectibles part time since 1980. I will be retiring in two years and then will probably have the time to "fool around" with a web site and update it on a routine and timely basis.

I am aware what dealers charge for various vintage magazines and the higher prices for searching and individual covers, etc., and that I can easily receive those prices for my inventory. However, I am not in a full time business with overhead to worry about, and enjoy attempting to find or sell an item at a price that makes one happy and gives me a small profit (which is at present being used to complete a set of Saturday Evening Posts from 1900-1949).

I can be contacted through the above email address or at 30 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003, should you wish to recommend me.

Once again, thanks for your generosity, concern and good thoughts.

All the best,
Subject: Carlisle Collector Car Events Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 06:43:54 -0800 (PST) From: list@ifounditatcarlisle.com To: Doc Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net


Please allow us just a few seconds to introduce the Carlisle Collector Car events to you. Our facilities located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Bloomington-Normal, Illinois offer car enthusiasts a place to shop, sell, buy and show their vehicles. We provide a wide range of events. Some shows are dedicated to a specific market such as trucks, Corvettes and custom compacts, while others cover everything from antique and muscle cars to late model performance vehicles. Our 1999 schedule of events is listed below. For those looking for immediate automotive action we offer an on-line automotive event at: http://www.carsatcarlisle.com Visit our web site to find interesting articles, a detailed listing and description of events and activities plus a virtual swap meet on-line. Thank you for you time and we hope you will visit us often.

ATLANTIC CITY CONVENTION CENTER Atlantic City, New Jersey Atlantic City Collector Car Event Plus Antiques & Collectibles February 12-14, 1999

INTERSTATE CENTER Bloomington-Normal, Illinois Carlisle Mid-West Collector Car Swap Meet, Show & Corral Spring Mid-West May 21-23, 1999 Fall Mid-West September 10-12, 1999

CARLISLE PA FAIRGROUNDS Carlisle, Pennsylvania - near the intersection of I-81 and the PA Turnpike. Easy drive from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and all Mid-Atlantic Regions. Come help us celebrate our Silver 25th Anniversary!

Spring Carlisle April 22-25, 1999

Spring Antiques & Collectibles at Carlisle May 7-9, 1999

Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals & Custom Compact Power Jam May 14-16, 1999

Carlisle All-Ford Nationals June 4-6, 1999

Carlisle All-Truck Nationals June 25-27, 1999

Chryslers at Carlisle July 9-11, 1999

Summer Carlisle July 30 - August 1, 1999

Corvettes at Carlisle August 27-29, 1999

Autumn Antiques & Collectibles at Carlisle September 10-12, 1999

Fall Carlisle September 30-October 3, 1999

For more info on all of our events, phone 717-243-7855 or point your browser to http://www.carsatcarlisle.com
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being nominated with the ICA - Antiques Site of the Year Award.
Good Luck in the 1999 Internet Antiques Awards!

With Friendship,

Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame

Subject: Graham Page (approx 1920-1929) Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 09:20:30 -0700 From: "packfans" packfans@bigskytel.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky,
Interested in any information regarding the Graham Page automobile, manufactured in the 1920's. Father-in-law last saw one in 1951. Your help greatly appreciated......packfans@bigskytel.com
The Graham - Paige - Dearborn MI - 1928 to 1930 only, Graham then went on by himself with the Graham from 1930 - 1941. ... in 1947 all assets were transferred into the new venture of the Kiaser/Fraser car Co.
Subject: Technical Forum Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:43:14 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning!

I am pleased to announce that the Horseless Carriage Club's web page now includes a technical forum.

Hobbyists may now post a question and (hopefully) it will be answered by one of our members.

This page is located in the "members only" section of "horseless.com"

A word of caution: While everything looks fine now, until a few "posts" come in, I cannot be sure. Please give it a try before we inform the rest of our members.

John C. Meyer III
editor, Horseless Carriage Gazette and Webmaster
24244 Hamlin St
West Hills CA 91307-2825

818/703-7421 or fax: 818/703-8421
Subject: Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 11:46:33 -0500 From: Harold Schlemmer harjoy1@usfamily.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I,m looking for plans to build a rep. 1902 Olds , horseless carriage. saw the plans publiched 30 to 35yrs. ago, now that I,m retired I would like to try. All I know about it was they used bike wheels, tiller bar steering, a 31/2 to 4 hsp motor , and it was chain drive. Also there were plans to build a childs car called the Tin Lizze. eather one would be fun to build. Thank You so much for your help or if you know someone who could help. Sincerly,
Harold Schlemmer
Subject: McFall's Delivery Truck Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 13:16:00 -0800 From: "John Griffin" ten-seven@worldnet.att.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I've identified this as a Buick, but was hoping someone would be able to see enough to identify the year. It's an obvoius conversion. The photo was taken about 1912, the young man with his hands on his hips is my grandfather, William T. Griffin, the man with one foot on the truck is his brother-in-law, my uncle, Art Petersen. If you would like to add this phot to your archive, you may.
Sincerely, John Griffin

Subject: steam cars Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 12:57:35 -0500 From: "Dauna Meeks" docda@bconnex.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi folks...have been previewing your web pages...thanks so much for the tour....you could do me a great service if you are able to help. The gentleman that lives next door is terminally ill with a brain tumor....(no word of a lie)....he has asked me to find information on a Brooks Steamer...says it was a car that was built in the 1910's. I have only been able to find the Stanley Steam car. Can you tell me please...is he confused..and was there only one steam car built...the Stanley....any information about sites to visit and how to find them would be greatly appreciated...He seems to be very taken with the subject and talks endlessly about old cars. I would really like to find information for him....Thanks so much..
..my email...is docda@bconnex.net Appreciate your time.........
Subject: Brooks Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 10:54:21 -0800 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: docda@bconnex.net CC: "C. David Hemp DDS" dochemp@c-zone.net

Good Morning Dauna!

There were many steamers at the beginning of this century. Stanley was only the best known and best selling.

Two brands were known as "Brook", four known as "Brooks" and one as "Brookes".

Of these, only the Brooks made from 1923 through 1927 made steam cars. Indeed, it was the best selling (after Stanley) steam car in Canada as they were made in Stratford, Ontario.

I have never seen one.

Hope this helps,

John C. Meyer III
editor, Horseless Carriage Gazette

Subject: Model T Ford Tools Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 11:55:39 -0800 From: "David & Tammy" davtam@detnet.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

How do I find out about Ford Model T Tools.Do not know which cars they go to.Will be getting them in the next couple weeks from a friend. Would like to sell. Any info would be appreciated. tammydavtam@detnet.com David and Tammy's Music Page http://www.detnet.com/davtam Tammy's Antique Bottle's &More http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/4538/index.html
Subject: touring Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 10:57:14 -0600 From: "William F. Maddin" wmaddin@bellsouth.net Organization: Retired To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky
I wrote the other day about the ninth page on the touring section, and was happy to get such a quick response.
I also noticed that you have some Harleys (HOGS THAT IS) I have rode Harleys for years more than I care to recall those were the good old days.
I rode with the ALMenah Shrine Temple drill team for eighteen years. Started with Cushman Scooters, Harley Sportsters and Dune Buggys. The team won ten straight International Championships with the Harley 74s.
The Dune Buggys won the International Championship and High point Trophy competing aginst motorcycles, and all other types of motors.
Just blowing a little smoke.
Billy Boy

Hey Billy Boy!

That's not blowing smoke when you win ten straight championships!!! Please send me some photos - if you can scan them or have them scanned & saved as small file jpegs on a floppy, you can then email them to me off that floppy from your computer.

If you look on one of our Harley pages - the Western Regional HOG Rally I think, you will see pics of the Indianapolis police drill team I took for Hog Tales as the offical photographer for the event - National champions - we also saw them a 2nd time a couple years later at another Western Regional when Becky & I were invited to lead the parade in Reno just ahead of the drill team, with Joe Dowd (Rally coordinator) & Rich & Ann Teerlink, the then CEO of Harley Davidson.

Again, I want to thank you for reporting the dead files on Tour of the Century pages 9 & 10. They had been that way for at least 3 months - thousands of visitors - you are the first that even bothered to mention it. If I discontinue all my pages it will be because 99% that visit don't really care if it stays or not. Works or not. I get bored with projects & this computer thing has lasted longer than most.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Smith Form-a-Truck Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 20:11:15 -0800 From: Steven Rowe Munts srmunts@ior.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I am restoring a Smith Form-a-Truck. It is an after market attachment designed to make a Model T Ford into a 1 ton truck. Is any one in your group or do you know of any one which is restoring one or has parts for one. In particular, I am in need of a wheel and rim for the form-a-truck. Thanks for the help.

Subject: HCCA Tour Pictures Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 08:48:00 -0600 From: Delbert Marquardt delmarq@kciserv.kci.net To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'"

I am a new member of the HCCA and was looking through the pictures you have posted. Great job! Someday I hope to be on one of the tours, but currently, my cars are too 'new' to use on the tour. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the pictures.
Delbert Marquardt
Subject: antique car parts Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 21:02:56 EDT From: Ewbrossman@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

A friend of mind ask me to contact someone on the net to see if anyone would be interested in a few antique cars parts he has.

Brand new Lester tires: 2-38x4 1/2 6ply; 2-38x4 4ply white walls. 2-brass carbide headlamps-1900 vintage-mint condition.

If anyone would be interested they can connect me at ewbrossman@aol.com
Subject: ofeldt steamer Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 16:24:37 -0400 From: jane & ron Ofeldt jon3@frontiernet.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net CC: jon3@frontiernet.net
iam trying to find out if there are any ofeldt steamers or trucks that were built around 1900 in nyack n.y. the last information on one car was a story in a local paper about 30 years ago. it said one was in florida at a place called the autorama in hypolxy fla. i have made several calls to the area with no luck.the reason i have been looking is that my great great grandfather built these cars along with trucks,steam launchs and boilers. my father is now 85 years old and in a nursing home in new jersey, his birthday was 9/9/98.when my grandfather died my father raised his sister and 3 brothers, because the family turned there backs on them. i would just like to get a picture or something to show him or let him know they still exist. i hope you can help me. from what i see you look like my best bet. thanks ron e ofeldt
Hope he enjoys the picture & info I sent you.
Doc Hemp
Subject: 1920's Durant made by Star Motor Company Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 07:07:42 -0500 From: "Ed Wells" ewell@hiwaay.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net
To: Dave and Becky
Your Cars of the Century are very interesting and enjoyable. However, I am looking for information on a Durant probably made in the 1910's to 1930's time frame. At this time I have not viewed anything later than about 1913. I need help in finding the later cars and especially the Durant made by the Star Motor Co.

>You need to purchase or drop by your library & check out >"3rd edition Standard Catalog of Amercian Cars 1805-1942" by Beverly Rae >Kimes & Henry Austin Clark Jr. The Durant was made from 1921 - 1932. >Durant's flagship car was the Locomobile he bought out when it was on >the verge of bankruptsy & his car to compete with the model T was the >Star.
>dave hemp

Thanks very much for the information you provided. I am sure it will be very helpful.
Subject: Can you help? Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:53:50 EDT From: Clothingop@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Twenty five years or so ago, I was given a tool box by a friend of our family. The tool box had belonged to his grandfather. He told me at the time, his grandfather had been a mechanic for "Oakland" cars. I've been browsing the internet, but have had no luck in finding out anything about the car.
I'm not sure what kind of wood it is made of, but it is extremely heavy (empty). The dimensions are approximately 3'x2'; leather handles; brass edges-the front one engraved "Oakland"; the top of the box, in gold gild are the initials of his grandfather "CBM". Inside the box is a curved shelf. Except for a husband who new nothing of antiques and thought he would try to spiff it up...it is in excellent condition...some of the wood on the sides (it appears veneer-like) has been peeled.
Have you heard of Oakland cars? Do you know who I might contact to determine the value of the toolbox?
Any assistance you can give would be terrific! I enjoyed your web pages (I've been all over them!). I grew up in the Portland and Eugene, Oregon areas and now live in Issaquah, Washington...Becky and I have a little in common!
Thank you...
Pam Heide (Clothingop@aol.com)...don't ask - it isn't what it seems!
Subject: maxwell cars Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 00:09:14 -0000 From: "PCAD2 Bus. Consult., Inc." pcad2@pro-ns.net
Dave & Becky
My grandmother has suddenly developed the need to find a car from her past. The car is a maxwell from around 1910. She said she remembers sitting in the back seat with her cousin while dad tried to get the car up a hill and couldn't. After some time had passed and many attempts were made, he turned the car around and went home. I guess what this means is that the car wasn't always running well. The back seat comment also doesn't describe a coupe or roadster, but a sedan style car.

She knows of a Maxwell in a museum in Warren Minnesota but hasn't seen it yet. She says her dad sold the Maxwell to someone in Warren years ago and that it could be the same car. Maybe it is or maybe it's not, either way I will look into that.

I guess the whole point is that I would like to learn more about the Maxwells of the past so that I may share that with her. I have the who, what, when, where, why and how thing in mind. Where would you go to begin learning about Maxwells?

Any ideas?
Dave Lunde
Minneapolis, MN
Subject: 1916 Packard Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 19:59:05 -0700 From: "Candice C. Johns" packardtwinsix@worldnet.att.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Dave and Becky: The last time I visited your site, it was just started. I see you have been very busy since then. We are still looking for people interested in a Brass Tour in September in the Mt. Vernon WA area, and a Pre 16 Swap Meet the 18 and 19 of September. They may contact me at packardtwinsix@worldnet.att.net. Speaking of Packards, I am enclosing a picture of our newest restored car. This is a 1916 Packard Twin Six 7 Passenger Limo, with a custom body manufactured by the C.P. Kimball Co. this car has a production date of 12-06-15. It is a twin six. We started work on it in Sept 97, and it just received two awards at the Concourse in Everett Wa. It placed in it's catagory with a 2nd, and best of all it took Peoples Choice, so I thought I would share the picture with you. This was a burnt out hulk when we started, it was taken down to the last nut and bolt. It was completely restored by my husband and myself.
Candy Musolf Skagit/Snohomish Regional Group HCCA Bothell Wa.

Subject: antique cars for parade Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:29:59 -0500 From: Charlotte Mayer cmayer@vrml.k12.la.us Organization: Vermilion Parish School Board To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Dear Dave and Becky
Your cars and web site are the most beautiful I have seen in all my searching. I am on the parade planning committee for the Gueydan Duck festival and we would like to have some of the antique cars in our festival. We are located in Gueydan, Louisiana so if anyone in our area would be interested please have them email me or call Charlotte at 318-536-6901. Email me at cmayer@vrml.k12.la.us. Keep up the wonderful page I really enjoyed it.
Subject: 1998 Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:28:02 -0700 From: "Torrey Pines Concours" torreypines1@fda.net
I was hoping that you could extend the attached information to your club members or include it in your newsletter or on your website. The Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance will take place October 18th, 1998, in La Jolla, CA. We would love for your members to attend this great event, with the beneficiary being the Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases at The Scripps Research Institute.
If I can provide you with any more information regarding group attendance, sponsorship, advertising, or any other information, please do not hesitate to call, email or fax.
Betsy B. Adams, Executive Director Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance (619) 642 - 7469 Fax (619) 642-7505
Subject: Antique & Collectible Faire Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 22:32:51 EDT From: Nflamion@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hello Dave & Becky,
My name is Natalie Flamion. I have been browsing your website checking out the Antique studebakers. My grandfather owned a Studebaker dealership in Jasper, Indiana back in the 40's-50's. He died in '75 and left my grandmother with a garage full of studebaker parts. I guess that some day we will get around to selling these parts. After 2-3 decades it is about time to do something. But this is not the reason that I am writing you today...

The reason that I am writing you is to request some advice or information if you are willing to give. I am a show promoter for a monthly Antique & Collectible Faire in San Jose, Ca. We are beginning our 2nd successfull year and I am interested in adding an Antique car show in conjunction with our Faire. As I mentioned, our Faire is held monthly on the second Saturday at the Princeton Plaza Mall in San Jose, Ca. Our next faire is August 8th. Unfortunately this brainstorm comes to me with little time to spare. There is only 3 short weeks left until my Anniversary show and I want to put this together in time for that. I am beefing up the advertising in hopes that this will attract some more people to the show as well as foster an interest in people who ordinarily wouldn't come to a show like this. Do you think it can be done? If so, what do you suggest? I called the 800# listed on your site and found out that your are located in Dallas....Is there anyone in your club from the San Jose area? I GREATLY APPRECIATE any suggestions you might have for pulling this off:) Bye the way, the website was great. I liked the pictures of all the cars and the members in vintage dress. Good work!

Natalie Flamion,
Nostalgic Productions
Subject: Web site Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 06:44:23 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" john@horseless.com Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Good Morning!
I love the excitement you bring to the Internet. Thanks.

Concerning your page of links...the Horseless Carriage Club is now at horseless.com

I can't comment too much on Darrel Dye but he did live a couple miles from me and we visited often at the local shopping center or on car tours. Boy! Did he go quick.

By the way, I have a good friend (who just had bypass surgery) that I doubt if he'll ever do anything with the '31 Studebaker roadster (and extra parts) he got from Lionel Stone several years ago. Looks like a lot of work to me... I wanted to part-trade it on a brass-era car but nobody even called on my ad...
Subject: know anything about Ruggles Motor Truck Company? Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:14:08 -0400 From: "Teryl Mabee" mewing@loon.norlink.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Teryl Mabee wrote:
Hi! I am trying desperately to find any information, etc on Ruggles trucks. Restoring a 1911 Ruggles truck. Can you help direct me to sites pertaining to this truck? Thankyou so much! mewing@norlink.net

Ruggles trucks - Ware, Massachusetts - Frank W Ruggles - a friction drive gasoline light truck (1905 - 1920) all hand made at home, but 1921 - 1928 Frank opened a factory in Saginaw Michigan where he built the full sized Ruggles trucks. That's all I know - go to Hemmings on line ask them - tell em Doc Hemp sentcha - they will help you out.
Good luck,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Antique automobiles Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 11:45:29 EDT From: EveLar@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
My Dad drove a Graham Page for many years. He had to trade it because he couldn't get parts for repairs. Can you give me some information about the Graham Page? Thanks Evelyn Larson
Subject: ICA SITE AWARD - AUTOMOBILES Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:10:11 +0000 From: "ica@collectiblenet.com" ica@collectiblenet.com Organization: Collectiblenet To: "(ica@collectiblenet.com)"< (ica@collectiblenet.com)>


As Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards (ICA), I want to congratulate your website on being selected as an ICA - Site of the Year for the category of auction. We have created the prestigious ICA - Automobile Site of the Year logo for display on your site. Details of adding the logo to your home page are contained later in this Email letter.
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being selected as an ICA - Automobile Site of the Year Award winner. Good Luck in the 1998 Internet Automobile Awards!
With Friendship,
Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame
Subject: Case cars Date: 6/15/98 - this is one I had missed. Fri, 24 Apr 1998 07:30:23 -0500 From: Dave Mayfield davemay@ballistic.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave & Becky.
I enjoyed your tours. I had no idea there were so many different "brands" of cars in the past. However, I didn't see the one I'm looking for. The only name I have is a "Case" I think it was made @ 1921. My wifes great-grandfather owned one and i'm trying to find info on them. If you have any info or a web site that would. I would appreciate what you might share. Thanks, Dave Mayfield Again- Great Pictures, Thanks for sharing
Thanks for the kind words! The Case cars were made from 1911 - 1927. They continued then to this day with farm implements & tractors.
The below drawing is the only photo I could find of a 1921 Case.

Subject: 1918 Douglas open touring car Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:10:29 -0500 From: Ron & Becky Herms rherms@binary.net Organization: RE/MAX Professionals To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave and Becky,
My wife(whose name is also Becky) and I own a 1918 Douglas open touring car with a Hirscell-Spillman V-8 engine. This car was manufactured in Omaha Nebraska, where the Worlds Auto Show was held in 1918. It has one of the earliest V-8 engines ever manufactured. The engine was mfd in North Tona Wanda NY. The Hirschell-Spillman Museum sent me some info about the engine, including the fact that it first debuted at the Trade Show in New Yor in Jan of 1915. I would be very interested in finding any information relative to any other Douglas cars in existence, any other cars which used the Hirscell-Spillman engine, availavillity of H-S engines or parts. This car was a member of the HCCA and has a placard on the dash: Horseless Carriage Club of America, Los Angeles Chapter 1937. I would like to know any history available about this car as well as other Douglas Automobiles. Any help will be appreciated Ron Herms, Lincoln, Ne, Remax Professionals, 1-800-877-8793 or e-mail

Dear Ron & Becky,
Thanks for your interesting email about this extremely rare car - we posted it in our HCCA Reading Room.
Here is all I know about your car.

The Douglas was only in production 1918 213 units & 1919 121 units. They produced 4 body styles - Touring 5P, Touring 7P, Roadster 3P, and a Speedster Spc. (126" wb)
The current value restored for your touring in my book is $21,000.
Douglas continued producing commercial trucks till the mid 30's

Maybe one of our readers will be able to contact you with more information.

Also, go to our Cool Links Room & go to the official HCCA site & ask them to check the archives for more info. You should join the HCCA if you haven't already

Dave & Becky (Doc Hemp)
Subject: 1924 Maxwell touring sedan Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 23:42:46 -0400 From: karen paro "laceyp@cybertours.com"@cybertours.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

am trying to locate engine parts for this car and have been all over the web. yahoo gave me your page as my only hope in this search. hope you can help or at least point me somewhere. thanks laceyp@cybertours.com

yes there is a place - go to www.hemmings.com - or go to your book store & look in one - you will see parts or club listed for Maxwell cars there. At Hemmings Motor News site you could ask the editor for someone to contact for the Maxwell club too.

thanks for the info i've sent them an e-mail asking for a little help getting on the right track thru them. I appreciated the help locating a source.
just wanted to let you know i did locate the needed parts in massachusetts.

Thankyou for letting me know ... I'm glad I was able to point you in the right direction. Send me a photo when you are done of you & the car so we can put it up in the reading room.
Subject: Re: HCCA Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 20:46:55 -0700 From: "T. Horlick" horlick@mail.telis.org To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc." dochemp@c-zone.net

David, I couldn't have made it this weekend, Auburn swap meet you know. If you'll be there, let me know. In case you have thrown away your last GAZETTE, I photographed the covers and did the article on the Gold Country Fall Tour. The cover and full page photo were taken with a 90 year old 8"x10" camera I repaired. On the little photo in the article you can just see the camera on the tripod in the center. If you look closely you will see that the camera in that photo is set up to take the photo which was used on the cover. No big deal, but this is the first time I have attempted to submit photos for a national magazine. If you are aware of some of the politics, scoring the cover is unusual. The editor usually uses one of his own photos there. To celebrate, I went out and got a medium format camera so I will be shooting the format most editors prefer. Terry
Congratulations! IT IS A BIG DEAL! Was the pic of your car you sent one of them? I couldn't find it - Beck thinks she may have thrown it away by mistake with the TONS of junk catalogs we get. = I would really like to put it up on the site with your credits = I think I can borrow one, but if you would please send them as a medium jpeg. Plus, send me a paragraph explaining what camera you used, info about it to put up in the reading room too.
Thanks a ton,
Subject: Hi Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:19:36 -0700 From: "T. Horlick" horlick@mail.telis.org To: dochemp@c-zone.net

C. David,
Just surfed onto your page. I'm a pediatric dentist in Grass Valley. I love your Stude. Would like to visit if I get out your way this summer in one of my cars (1929 Buick, 1927 Ford, 1913 Ford). I like to tinker. My first car the '29 took me 6 years to restore. The '13 then took 1 year, I drive it daily to my office. The '27 just came in off of the desert in Nevada and will stay in present "original" condition. Terry

Thanks for the great pics = have put them up in the dental & HCCA Reading Room too.
(Drill, Fill & Bill Too)
(Doc) Dave Hemp
Subject: Daddy's baby Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:34:35 EDT From: DRMRBOBDC drmrbobdc@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi Dave and Becky!
I was purusing the antique car webs and ran across yours. Seems to encompass a lot of knowledge and fun. My reason for writing is this: My father had a 1929 Locomobile Brougham rebuilt some years ago, and it is an exquisite money pit if I do say so myself. Anyway, he is always looking for information on the car such as value, number still around and where, etc. I think he ought to show it somewhere and get a little exposure, or something. Can you give me any direction on this. I would welcome any information. We are in Southern California.
Thanks Kelley Heron e-mail - drmrbobdc@aol.com
Subject: 1912 Buick Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:13:22 -0700 From: "Warren Roberts" calcolor@earthlink.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I am looking for info, parts, and a book called "Buick the golden era" Can you help?
Subject: 1906 maxwell Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 13:52:25 -0500 From: vanisa vhughes@preferred.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
We just bought a 1906 maxwell car.We need any type of information that you have.
You must join the HCCA = Horseless Carriage Club of America - you can get to their home page from our Cool Links Room.
You will have fun! It is a great car! I will post your message in the reading room too so others that have knowledge of this year & model will get in touch with you - it may take a while as few HCCA members are on line - but with web T.V. there will be more shortly (I HOPE!)
Doc Hemp
P.S. Don't be so laconic next time.
Subject: HCCA Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 01:01:35 -0900 From: "Charles W. Hughes" To:

Wow !!!
Love what your doin. The old cars are my cup-o-tea. I hope to own a 1923 Maxwell soon . I know, it`s not old enough to go on tour but it will the oldest car I`ve owned yet. I`ve got a `49 Studebaker p/u, and a `50 Ford Crestliner. currently but am hopping to sell and get older cars . I`ve owned a `55 Ford town sedan , a `48 Ford coupe, a `46 Ford coupe., And a `66 Ford galixy ( big deal a `66 ) wish me luck in selling the cars I got and buying the Maxwell. I`m always open to Old cars and love to Restore them. The last reso I did was a `63 Beardmore Taxi, they look like a `30`s car ( Britsh) wasn`t mine but I liked doing it . I live in Alaska were there`s not a lot of resto work. The folks here are real do it your selfers. OH well I`ll let you go now Keep the page alive I`ll bee back
Subject: Newby Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 11:25:24 -0700 From: Duke and Shelly Jones To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave and Becky,
We just bought two 1950 Studebaker Campions (4 door). I know this is not old enough to be in your league, but we wanted to start with a bit more simple project. Our next car will be very old. Do you have any resources or suggestions for our current restoration? How would you suggest we turn this restoration into the first step towards a very old car?
Taking all suggestions, Duke and Shelly Jones (Generation X - some youngsters care) Redding,CA
Subject: HCC visits v. ASC visits Date: Sun, 25 Jan 98 20:32:01 Pacific Daylight Time From: Mary Kruetzfeldt To: dochemp

Thank you for replying to my comments after visiting the HCCA site. I just visited the Antique Studebaker site to compare. It was very interesting for me as my brother once restored a 1931 Studebaker President Roadster when he was in high school and sold it when he graduated from college, about in 1961, for enough to buy a new Dodge. I rode in it in the rumble seat from San Gabriel to Palo Alto, quite a trip. Our youngest son restored a 1950 Studebaker Champion, a project he began when he was 13. He has his own son now and has sold the car because planes are now his avocation. In fact, today he was flying a Stearman over the Super Bowl stadium, towing a banner, one of about nine planes doing the same.
Subject: Horseless Carriage Club Guys Rule Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 15:13:22 -0800 From: "Alan" petroleum_accounting@email.msn.com To:
Greeting from Carl Leonard & Al Krusnik from Colorado. Liked your web page very much..... See you on tour!


WOW!!! Carl & Al! If this doesn't get the old farts on line to the internet NOTHING WILL!! Hee-hee! - Thanks for this photo!
Subject: Re: Horseless Carriage Club Guys Rule Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:18:28 -0800 From: "Alan" petroleum_accounting@email.msn.com To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"

Doc -
We thought we sent a picture of my 1906 Peerless, but the Harley Davidson was a nice touch anyway...... Al

Al ........ What Harley? Hee-hee!

Subject: Enjoyed your site! Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:37:45 -0600 From: "John A. Owens" appro@sprynet.com To:
Becky and Dave,
I found your site by searching 'car photo' on my favorite search engine at http://www.inference.com/infind/. If you have not used Inference Find, it uses the major search engines in parallel with inferences about what you want based on your history of searches.
What a treat! Not sure which was better the cars, music or sense of humor. Your efforts are definitely appreciated. : )
Thanks! John
Subject: A hello from JBar1702@aol.com Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 10:31:19 EST From: JBar1702@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi All:

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put together your Webpage. I loved all of the folks in period costumes. It looks like all of you have a good time in the pursuit of your Hobby. I wish you continued success!

Best Regards
Subject: to doc Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 22:23:28 -0500 From: Sharon sahlitud@neca.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
We just got on the web about two weeks ago and I am just learning my way around. Your web site looks great and the music is very enjoyable. We have a 1911 Knox 7 pass. touring which we have had for about 15 years. We have toured about 25,000 miles, maybe a little less, the car has been a great touring machine. Do you belong to the Knox Club? Jack Hess of Ma. runs this club and they have a great news letter. I work on the web page for the HCCA board . The web master is Ed Rowan. If possible I would like to receive your club newsletter @ P.O. Box 460 Litchfield Ct. 06759. I will be in Ca. for the tour at Bakersfield in April with my 1909 2 cyl. Buick. After that I have signed up for the Western Gaslight 1&2 tour in Sutter Creek. My e mail address is sahlitud@neca.com Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. Robert Sahl
Subject: 1911 Overland Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 13:31:02 -0600 From: Marilyn Swearingin mswear@gtec.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hi! My name is Marilyn Swearingin. I am writing a book about my grandmother who was the oldest person in Illinois. In researching her past I found that her father was the first one in the area with a car, it was a 1911 Overland, (that's all I know). I would like to get a picture of it so I could include it in the book. Do you know where I could find one? Thanks, you can reach me at mswear@gtec.com
Subject: HCCA Tour Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 19:32:47 -0800 From: Jack Elliott jelliot@ix.netcom.com Organization: Hunter Training West To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dave & Becky,
What a beautiful site and collection of HCC's. I enjoyed the tour very much. I am looking at what different clubs have posted, and am inviting those who wish to enter one of their cars in my "Car Show on the Web". It is a commercial site, but I think some members might find it enjoyable.

I am sponsoring the "Car Show on the Web" on my website


The show will begin the first part of May and will continue for six months. The cars will change every month, being voted on before they change. The winning cars for each of the six months will all compete for places first through sixth at the seventh month. Jackets and trophies will be given to the top winning car owners. My web site targets automotive repair shops, so all entries must be sponsored by a shop. No entry fee is required. Check out my website and let me know what you think. Thanks Jack Elliott jacke@huntertw.com
Subject: Skagit/Snohomish Regional Group HCCA Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:01:48 -0800 From: "Candice C. Johns" packardtwinsix@worldnet.att.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Doc and Becky:
I was thumbing through web sites on Antique Cars, I am always searching for new things, I visit the Horseless Carraige Club Site often, as we are members and have a regional group in The Skagit/Snohomish County area of Washington. We are located just 75 north of Seattle, and appx. 75 miles south of Vancouver BC. We will be hosting a Pre 16 Regional tour and a National Co-Sponsored Pre 16 Brass Only Swap Meet, all this is happening the week of Sept. 14-18th 1998. We are looking for people from all over with the love for the Brass Cars to participate. You may reach me at email address packardtwinsix@worldnet.att.net or write to me at Candy Johns 23708 Locust Way 11-A Bothell WA. 98021 or call me at (425) 806-9843. I loved the site and the music, and will be glad to send you photos for the site if you are intrested.