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Sept 11, 2001 Email
Reading Room

Only a Little Sampling of Our Email
And More of My Thoughts On This Subject

Also see Patriotic Emails at our Air WWII email reading room.

Subject: Teaching about Veterans
To: dochemp@shasta.com

Dear Folks,
I teach 5th grade at an Elementary school. My dad was a WWII vet who fought in the South Pacific. He was in the navy aboard the USS Dark - a cook and a gunman. I grew up with such stories of brotherhood and respect for the military. I am passing that on my students every Veteran's Day and Pearl Harbor Day. I teach social studies (history) and language arts so we can study and write about what we learn. One of the girls is making a card for the VA hospital in Indianapolis and wanted to know what some of the WWII planes looked like up close. That is how we came upon your web site. What a terrific page! Those of us who had parents in the War, need to keep their memories alive by passing on their legacy and using it to encourage and teach patriotism to the young people who will one day fight to keep the freedom we hold so dear. It will all be gone forever if we don't keep passing it on with pride and honor to those who served.

Thanks for your site, we have all appreciated it. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Cindy and her 5th grade class

Here below is another great email .. I have received other great letters but lost most of my emails before I could post them here .... if you are one of those please resend it so I can post a few more ... thanks. .... Doc Hemp .... German American.
>>>>>>>>> Subject:
your website
Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:46:13 +0100
"320027673107-0001@t-online.de" info@phm-personalservice.com

Hi Doc,

I found your website while surfing the Net for dental picture material. May I send you my highest respect for the organization and publication of your website.

I am German and I read your whole articles and presentations with respect and high interest. Since 1968 I have a real good friend in the US and we still are friends today. He came to Germany that year and was very alone in the Frankfurt-Giessen area. I was a student at that time and we met one evening in a student bar while he was a 2nd Lt. in an artillery batallion. I invited him to my parents' home that Christmas Eve of 68. For him and my family it was a really wonderful meeting. A couple of years later he married a German Girlsfriend of mine. When he and his wife left Germany their first son was born (who serves as a Cpt. at Ft. Bragg right now). Then my friend had to go to Nam. Then he returned to Germany as a Captain of a Lance Batl. at Aschaffenburg (Bavaria). His second son was born and I'm proud to be his godfather (he is a US Navy Officer and served on a sub at Norfolk/VA; now he moved to San Diego/CA). My friend was one of those who were able to get out of the Indochina Hell. Today he's a LTC ret. and lives in Georgia.

In 1996 his Dad passed away who was a Col. ret. and looking thru the private papers we found a book of his Btl. which moved from Northern Africa to Sicily/Italy, marching on to the Battle of Monte Cassino and moved forward into Southern France at Marseille turning into Southern Germany in 1945. And here we are: What we could find out was the fact that my friends Dad as an American Colonel served in the unit of the Armed Forces which made my Dad a POW in the Stuttgart area.

For our families the circle of life had been closed: The two sons of former enemies have become closest friends, at the end. Today we feel like brothers and we are very proud of this story!

For America and his people I feel the best sympathies, I honor the Flag and I have been to 35 States in your country, I visited the Twin Towers half a year before these cowards brought 'em down. I honor the deads of your family in WW II and those fellows being murdered in September. Since that year I always drive my car on 09-11 showing the sign:

Together We Stand - Remember 09-11!

I wrote you this mail because I can feel, too which emotions are coming up in you while talking about your Dad, family and friends. It's The Spirit of America which brings me to fascination. Moreover I hope not to lay claim to your time, too much.

So have a nice day and God bless!

Friedhelm Reimer

Subject: your I-site Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 12:59:20 +0100 From: "Henk Postma" hendrik.postma@wanadoo.nl To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear friends from over the ocean! Highly impressed and emotionally involved I'm sending you this short notice to let you know that most people here in The Netherlands will never forget what you folks did, particuly in W.W. II and more in general for peace in this world.

Keep up the good work, God bless you - and in you America!

Subject: Re: Our Private Music Site Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 12:51:27 EDT From: EdGilberts@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave and Becky,

Thank you for the update. You are right; times have definitely changed. We made it a point to go to New York after the attack. We wanted to see for ourselves what our enemies did to this country and remember it.

God Bless America....
Subject: Too sad for words Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:12:01 +0200 From: "W.R.Filet" w.r.filet@freeler.nl Organization: Freeler To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Mrs. and Dr. Hemp, Oct. 11, 2001.
We read your message on your latest website, and we can't begin to tell you how terribly shocked and sad we are about what happened to the people of the USA in general and those who were hit directly in particular. Having survived the Japanese concentration camps in W.W.2, thanks mainly to the USA and its gallant military, in which I include the American people as a whole (please interpret the word "military"as a "pars pro toto" here), I consider myself to be a friend of the USA (always have, always will), quite apart from the wonderful times that have been my privilege to experience during my frequent layovers as a pilot for KLM, especially, I might add, in New York's fabulous Manhattan,which I love, warts and all. Your website continues to be so very enjoyable,(as I mentioned in an earlier E-mail I sent you some time ago, shortly after which the unspeakable outrage occurred that is the subject of this message.) Allow me to join you in your feelings of rage and sadness, and in your hopes for something better to emerge from all this for mankind. God bless America. Let's get those Stars and Stripes back up where they belong, flying at the mast-head not half-masted.

Friendly greetings and good wishes

Tineke and Ron Filet.
Dr W.Ronald Filet,MD
The Netherlands.

Subject: get in touch Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 18:44:03 +0200 From: heino.merten@t-online.de (Heino Merten) To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi there,
congratulations to your website. We all, freinds, family and relatives are with the US in this times. Our thoughts are with the victims and their familys.
I have a Dental-Lab in the City of Lübeck, northern Germany.

Dental- Center Lübeck ( Zahnzentrum Lübeck )

Greetings from Germany

Heino Merten

This is from our very good friends in Germany

Subject: solidarity Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 21:48:08 +0200 From: To: "trust" trust@chw.edu, "dochemp" dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear friends,

please let me translate today´s editorial article of the "Rheinische Post", the leading newspaper in the Düsseldorf/Germany area:

Headline: "America and us"

"In 1785, His majesty Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia needed hundreds of lines to express the fact that a "tight, unbreakable and common peace as well as true friendship" had been estabished between the King of Prussia, his descendands and followers on the one side and the people of the United States of America on the other side.

Yesterday, Peter Struck, chief of the SPD parliament fracton, needed only five words to say the same: "Today, we are all Americans!"

This is solidarity, brought to its essence. The German way of saying "thank you" for American´s solidarity in Germany´s darkest hours. The answer to JFK´s famous 1961 words "I am a Berliner", when the wall suddenly devided Berlin.

Struck´s words are also an appropriate expression for the quality of German-American relationship. It has always been something very special, with lots of feelings involved. The feelings that those early German revolutionaries of the 19th century had, believing that their vision of a federal state would work. The feelings that monarchy-believing German authorities had that this funny strange thing called "democracy" would NOT lead to chaos - even when they did not yet believe that it would work with European mentality. The feelings of hundreds of thousands of German emigrants who ran away from poverty, disease and lack of freedom of mind - attracted from the fascination of a new nation, always on the move, always on the pursuit for big and small happiness. "The pursuit of happiness" - such a constitution´s article will touch every man´s soul, just as the phenomenal rise of the American Way of Life as the leading culture of the world.

Generations of left-winged and conservative German politicians have had their problems with America: fascination and disapproval going hand in hand. Lots of prejudices have been focused on this relation. Chanzler Gerhard Schröder´s early words that "with him, there would be no Americanization of Germany" is just one example of this argumentation, based on a socialistic point of view.

Fact is, emotional relations between Germans and Americans did not even severly suffer in Germany´s darkest age, when Nazi terror overwhelmed Europe. This is due to the many emigrants that showed "the other Germany" to American citizens, becoming Americans themselves and even winning the Noble price in their new Heimatland.

Even today, the New York Steuben parade still reminds people of military help from Prussia to the winners of the independance war in 1778.

National socialism´s defeat has become America´s big historical achievement BECAUSE of re-building Western Germany and the establishment of a young democracy, shining it´s light beyond the wall into the Eastern European countries. Care-packages for the former enemy while your own workers did not have too much - this leaves traces in people´s hearts.

America has also grown and gained because of Germany. But Germany has found it´s way back on it´s feet ONLY because of America. As any demoscope will tell you, German people have a fine nose for this. Their politicians may play their games, but as soon as German people think that one of these games might collide with America, they will keep their distance from this.

We may sometimes struggle about details. But there will never be any doubt about basic solidarity. In everyday terms, this is called friendship."

Today, the German parliament has decided that whatever the United States will decide to do, Germany will fight on their side.

Best regards



Dear Doc Mike ....

This was the greatest present you could have sent .... The editorial is wonderful! .. Especially being 3rd Generation Germans ourselves as so many Americans are ... It is so overwhelming and wonderful to have our Heimatland Support our Special Land of freedom, made up from those adventurous freedom seeking people from all the other lands and cultures of the world only a few centuries ago .. America is a true amalgamation of all of us. Indeed Germany is a huge part of our being and identity too ... We must all stand together to stamp out all terrorists world wide and everyone that protects them who are EQUALLY GUILTY! ... or .... every and any country could be the next target of every Hateful, insane, cowardly group of misfits that wants attention.

Maybe you could send this to your editor for us and thank him for his public support from one civilian to another ... from two like cultures that love and respect each other.

Again, Thank You Doc Mike, Bridgett, Mandy, Mike Jr. and thankyou our extended German family ...
And Thank You all of our other friends that are supporting us world wide.
Dave & Becky Hemp

Subject: WTC crash Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 06:46:18 +0200 From: doc.mike@t-online.de (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "dochemp"

Dear Becky and Dave,

we just could not believe what we saw in television. Hopefully you are allright and nothing similar happened in the Western part of your country. Our condolences to the people in the USA who may have lost friends, colleagues or beloved ones...

The worst thing may be not knowing who the enemy is. Sixty years ago, at Pearl Harbor, the planes had red circles painted on their wings so everybody knew where they came from. This time, civil airliners with hundreds of innocent people on board have been turned into living bombs... how terrible!

I am sure, however, that the United states will find and punish those who are responsible for this desaster. If we can do anything to help, we will do.

God bless America

Mike & family

This is from our very good friends in New Zealand

Subject: Shock and disbelief Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:20:59 +1200 From: David Lane davesall@ihug.co.nz To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" dochemp@c-zone.net

David & Becky,

just to let you know that we are thinking of you and all our friends after the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon. It has been non stop news and coverage on two of our TV channels since 2am this morning. Security in our world and yours has just changed forever. Love to you all.

David & Sally

Here is an article that really sums it for us ... Sent to us by Mike Dunn

"We'll go forward from this moment."

by Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald -

"It's my job to have something to say. They pay me to

provide words that help make sense of that which troubles the American soul. But in this moment of airless shock when hot tears sting disbelieving eyes, the only thing I can find to say, the only words that seem to fit, must be addressed to the unknown author of this suffering.

"You monster. You beast. You unspeakable bastard.

"What lesson did you hope to teach us by your coward's attack on our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, us? What was it you hoped we would learn? Whatever it was, please know that you failed.

"Did you want us to respect your cause? You just damned your cause. "Did you want to make us fear? You just steeled our resolve. "Did you want to tear us apart? You just brought us together.

"Let me tell you about my people. We are a vast and quarrelsome family, a family rent by racial, social, political and class division, but a family nonetheless. We're frivolous, yes, capable of expending tremendous emotional energy on pop cultural minutiae -- a singer's revealing dress, a ball team's misfortune, a cartoon mouse. We're wealthy, too, spoiled by the ready availability of trinkets and material goods, and maybe because of that, we walk through life with a certain sense of blithe entitlement. We are fundamentally decent, though -- peace-loving and compassionate. We struggle to know the right thing and to do it. And we are, the overwhelming majority of us, people of faith, believers in a just and loving God.

"Some people -- you, perhaps -- think that any or all of this makes us weak. You're mistaken. We are not weak. Indeed, we are strong in ways that cannot be measured by arsenals.

"Yes, we're in pain now. We are in mourning and we are in shock. We're still grappling with the unreality of the awful thing you did, still working to make ourselves understand that this isn't a special effect from some Hollywood blockbuster, isn't the plot development from a Tom Clancy novel. Both in terms of the awful scope of their ambition and the probable final death toll, your attacks are likely to go down as the worst acts of terrorism in the history of the United States and, probably, the history of the world. You've bloodied us as we have never been bloodied before. "But there's a gulf of difference between making us bloody and making us fall. This is the lesson Japan was taught to its bitter sorrow the last time anyone hit us this hard, the last time anyone brought us such abrupt and monumental pain. When roused, we are righteous in our outrage, terrible in our force. When provoked by this level of barbarism, we will bear any suffering, pay any cost, go to any length, in the pursuit of justice.

"I tell you this without fear of contradiction. I know my people, as you, I think, do not. What I know reassures me. It also causes me to tremble with dread of the future.

"In the days to come, there will be recrimination and accusation, fingers pointing to determine whose failure allowed this to happen and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. There will be heightened security, misguided talk of revoking basic freedoms. We'll go forward from this moment sobered, chastened, sad. But determined, too. Unimaginably determined.

"You see, the steel in us is not always readily apparent. That aspect of our character is seldom understood by people who don't know us well. On this day, the family's bickering is put on hold.

"As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will mourn, and as Americans, we will rise in defense of all that we cherish.

"So I ask again: What was it you hoped to teach us? It occurs to me that maybe you just wanted us to know the depths of your hatred. If that's the case, consider the message received. And take this message in exchange: You don't know my people. You don't know what we're capable of. You don't know what you just started.

"But you're about to learn."
It's WAR...
Why can't they ever learn??!!

Subject: What a GREAT site THANKS!!!!!!! Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:09:44 -0500 From: "mark schatz" longshot@olemac.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave & Becky,

What a great site you have . I was watching TV all day the 11th and had to get away from it. I dont know how I came across your site ,but thank you for all the laughs and your touching words about AMERICA. My husband and I enjoyed your humor and are in that common bond of Harley owners. One thing I keep trying to get back to Grand Ma Hemp and can't find her. I wanted to copy that for some Friends.

Keep up the good work and good humor...... Gay & Mark Schatz
Noel Missouri

Subject: today Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 12:44:50 -0800 From: "Dan Leathers" fishnpc@ktn.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net Doc,
Thanks for your very generous link to my site. It's great to have such friends as yourself. I believe this is one of the signs of sucess in life-- having good conservative friends.

Your observation on our current tragedy is right on the money.

Susan has a landscaper coming in to hydroseed the lawn next week so I won't have to walk across dirt to get to my benchrest for very long. My plan is to put up life sized photos of the head of Bin Laden and practice shooting it from various ranges to 500yds. When I can successfully do this from several positions at 500 yds I should be ready if ever given the oportunity.

I am leaving Ketchikan for Walla Walla on the 25th and will be at my winter phone at 509-525-4998 until May 5th 2002. If you do decide to try and come up fishing in June get ahold of me at that number over the Winter.

Thanks again for the link, God bless you and yours,

Capt. Dan, esq. Republican

PS I think the idea to give back our rebate is right on.

Subject: (no subject) Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 23:52:53 -0400 From: "John O. Kling" jokling@iximd.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Greetings Folks-----I do not think I will ever get enough of your site

. Have had computer problems, so this note is probably a little late. Just read your page about the WTC etc. That editorial was magnificently stated, and I could not agree more.

God Bless America !!

John O. Kling


Subject: Loyalty to my American Brothers and Sisters Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 19:50:03 +1000 From: "Simon W Cooper" koopers@bigpond.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Though far away, I feel crushed by your recent loss. I'm sure that justice will prevail! I was born in PNG in 1965 in the mission fields of the US Lutheran Church. We grew up befriending citizens of the USA. Your loss is our loss! We stand by you now and always. I was 4 years in the Australian Army and now work as a school Chaplain at a college in South Australia. Your site instills in me the desire to crush our common enemy. May God help us now in our common plight to restore freedom and justice and peace to this world.

Simon Cooper

As you can see here below .. not every American? is supportive of our war against terrorism, etc.
Is everyone in the Boston area really like this guy??????????

Subject: Political tyrade Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 17:57:29 -0400 From: Thomas Healy tomhealy39@attbi.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Remember here in the Boston area..most if not all peple and Studebakers don't like George Bush and his tim whistle war..please spare us the tyrades on how wonderful that idiot is..keep it to the right wing fachists.
Thanks T. Healy, Newburyport Ma.

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