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July 25-31, 2009
B.A.D. (Becky And Dave) Do The
World Wide Country Tours
Colorado's Vintage Railways
(And New Mexico)

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We are not affiliated with W.W.C. Tours - all opinions are our own

(I, Doc Hemp, took all the photos on this trip with our Nikon D200)

8/29/09 - Below are some emails that Becky and I have started receiving since the new Colorado Vintage Railways site I made finally, as of yesterday, started to appear on the search engines .. In the next few weeks this will escalate dramatically as all 11 pages make it too. We shoot to the top of the charts because of our hundreds of sites that get well over a million visits per year.

Please feel free to send us your email below if you enjoyed this site.


From "Jim & Marilyn Wenberg"
Subject Colorado Vintage Railways
Date Sat, August 29, 2009 6:01 A.M.
To "Dave & Becky Hemp"

Hi Dave & Becky,
We want to thank you for the photos and synopsis that you put on the web about your Country Wide Tour. We are leaving for the same trip on Monday. My husband has been a train buff forever and especially steam. You did a wonderful job with the photos and the music was such fun as well. It was very helpful. We are also going a day early and staying a post day as well. This is our first tour. We usually only do the RV stuff. We are taking Amtrak to Denver. We will see how that goes.
Many thanks,
Jim & Marilyn Wenberg


From "Alvin L Gibson"
Subject Bob Green's address & our tour.
Date Sat, August 29, 2009 5:38 A.M.

Thank you for the pictures on your site. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife on the tour. The pictures are gloriest.

Al Gibson


From "Glenn Mounger"
Subject Colorado Vintage Railways
Date 8/25/09

Hey Doc,

This looks like a lot of fun to me! Every September Mary Lynn and I do a car tour throughout the Rockies and love that part of the country.
By the way nice choice of music.


A note from Doc Hemp ... Glenn is a good friend of ours and was the Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours where we have shown our 1933 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton Packard "Blackie"


From Russ & Ruth Duclos
Subject Colorado Vintage Railways
Date 8/24/09 5:35 PM

Dave and Becky..

love all the beautiful photos and the script that goes along with each adventure..! we appreciate all the time you spend taking the photos and love the finished product ...hope everyone else apprciates all your hard work...we just got back from the kids..babysat for two days..took Zac down to the steam train in Felton and we took the hour and half ride throgh the redwoods..when we pulled into the parking lot, Zac said "are we going on a train ride! and we said "yes' and he said 'I'm so exciting! " I said," I'm so exciting too! " ha ha... great little time we'll take the 3 hour ride along the beach..take care..ruth


From Bob Belongie
Subject More Trains
Date 8/30/09 7:59 PM

Hi Doc!

GREAT STUFF! I've had family emergency things happening this past couple weeks, what a delight to come home to find your message. I'm motivated to get back into the recorder archives and see what other audio nuggets I can dig up to share.

Dinner calling

A note .. Bob is the sound recording guru that has furnished the steam sound for our Cumbres/Toltec and Durango Sites on our Colorado Vintage Railway tour sites. He was on the McCloud #25's last run with me and is putting a documentary together on it.


SUBJECT: Colorado Vintage Railways
FROM: George Akers (my high school principle)
DATE: 9/07/09 1:51 PM TO:

Magnificent! Makes me start planning my next vacation! What an accomplished photographer! And a CHOICE tour! Many, many thanks! Geo.


SUBJECT: World Wide Country Tours
FROM: St. Marie Boelkow
DATE: 9/8/09 7:59 AM

Hi Doc Hempe,

Thanks for sending us the information on the wonderful website you put together about your trip on the Colorado Vintage Railways tour this past July. The photos are fun to look at. The Tour Coordinator is sharing the website with the fellow travelers. We also want to share the site with others interested in the tour so we wanted to let you know we placed a link to your site on our World Wide Country Tours Facebook page and would also like to place a link on the Colorado tour page on our website. Adding links to site is new for us. We have done it with articles from our sister magazines but not with other sites. Our Facebook page is also new and still in the testing stage so it has not been launched to our customers.

Glad you and Becky enjoyed the tour. Thanks again for your continued business and support of our “Delightfully Different Vacations”.

Take Care

Michele St. Marie-Boelkow
U.S. Operations Manager – WWCT
RDA – Milwaukee

A follow up note that I replied to Marie, Staff and C.E.O. of WWCT.

Becky and I are really into promoting things that are and are from heartland America .. That is why we love Country Wide Tours plus you do do a great job .... Class act tour directors, Coach operators like Nathan Black are second to none and the new coaches are really great to travel in .. and the price is just right ... Also .. from your country magazines you get a high percentage of heartland folks .. Farmers, Ranchers, etc .. Hard working people that finally have the time and resources to travel to all the great places you provide.
Also ..Thanks for the phone call .. is great to be appreciated since that is all we ever get! (grin)

Kindest of Regards,

Dave & Becky Hempe

P.S. .... Placing the links are great ... I have been doing this for 15 years now and like I said all our many sites get millions of hits per year in total as per search engines ... and those that link back to us will see their own official site visits go way up too.



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