Ernest and Diane Crutcher from Maple Valley WA

Ernie told me how to clean out a needle seat if tapping on the carb doesn't do it first. You unhook the gas line into the mechanical fuel pump .... turn off your electric fuel pump ... start the car and run the carb dry .. this drops the float and opens the needle valve. You then hook the gas line back up to the mechanical fuel pump, turn the electric fuel pump back on and the rush of gas over the open needle seat will usually clean any dirt out.

Ernie also mentioned that cool water being forced out of the radiator was due to the graphite packing being too loose and it sucks in air there and forces it out around the radiator cap or out the overflow. I had just placed all new packing in before the tour and had not retighted it after it settled in. Ernie is the Premier Packard engine builder in the norhtwest. We also have a very good mutual friend in Stan Swayne we found out.

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