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Paris Sightseeing in February!
Eurostar Train - 300km/hr (190mph)

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Russ, Becky & I took one day to do the chunnel high speed train under the English Channel. We took the Metro to the Gare Du Nord Station ... you can get to this from anywhere in the city near an underground Metro Station and be there in 20 minutes. You must have your tickets to the train purchased at least 20 minutes before departure. This is a one in a life time must! But, if you can, buy your tickets ahead of time on the internet, it is much cheaper ... be sure to get exchangeable ones so you can change the dates and times to leave and come back to fit in with the rest of your European trip once you get there. I would say to go first class for at least your first time .. It includes a table, deluxe car, huge seats with tons of leg room and a full meal, snacks, drinks ... and all this at 190mph smooth as glass and only $100 more on the round trip ticket per person. In in contrast to the Premium Class Ticket ... (Major Rip off!) in which the cost is double and you get no more except there is a cab waiting to drive you around when you get there because you are too drunk to walk from the extra champaign ... (just pay for the cab!) and drink what they give you in first class .... it is plenty!
The sightseeing .... The quaint French villages, all with a Catholic Church and it's high steeple the most visible and prominent thing on the landscape is wonderful .... There is much more open land in France and England than we thought. The Locals on the train were very happy to engage in conversation and answer all our questions ... Yes ... it is Very Expensive! ... but like most singular experiences in life it is worth every penny! I just wish the USA had the brains and leadership to be able to do something similar over here across our country! .. We really are a bunch of spoiled wimps!! (Except for myself and all my fellow Harley Davidson Riders of course! ... grin)

Our digital camera was so Nevue (new) that no store in Paris had extra disks ... somehow the back got opened while the access light was on and then the disk is finished you can't access it anymore for photos but can still read and see your photos on a DVD player only at this point (something to remember .. bring extra disks). Under normal conditions when you finish a disk you finalize it and then you can view it on any CD Rom or a DVD or in the camera hooked up to the T.V., etc.
So ... we got a throwaway camera to finish up our last 2 days and as you can see we didn't get much in the way of photography ... here are a few pics though ... will post a few pics off post cards from the Palace of Versailes which I couldn't get too ... on the Paris page 2 in a few days

snacks at 190 MPH!

Becky on Strand St in London near the Waterloo Station in West minister during our 4 hrs in England. A block away are some of the finest plays in London Showing on Charing Cross St. ... Nest time I would take the train over for a continued holiday. We only had time for Afternoon Tea, fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash and a little shopping.

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