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These are the electric motored planes,

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Many, Many photos of Planes from Germany with Doc Mike DDS ... a very good friend of ours and also Thorne and James Stalling's R.C. planes ... some of these planes on this page are 1/3rd scale.

My old friend Mel Nethery & New Friend Doc Moe Moe
Doc Momoo is a master stunt pilot with electric airplanes

Now this flying wing dare devil flys his plane
mach .5 between these two pine trees

These pics all taken on 11/12/00 - 75 degrees, wind 1-2 mph

Momoo and club members at the burial of his Xmas present

Bob Hartz with his Bi-wing
These last 2 pics taken last week in Jan, 2001

Movie -- Kadet Senior .. (Click Here)
Bruce Taylor - high quality - long download - great sound

Art acting Tough!

One more big one for the bone yard!

Let's fly more carefully guys.... Boo Hoo

PTB&A is a hobby shop off Airport Blvd just south of Rancho Rd. ... stop by and give Thad the manager a hard time ... tell em Doc Hemp sentcha ... The owner Phil Smith is a great guy too ..... and a car nut like I am.

There is also a new airplane oriented hobby shop on Hwy 273 in south Redding ... will post their address & number here when I get it.

I ... Doc Hemp am getting back into this sport again after wrecking 7 air craft with a total flying time of only 5 minutes in the previous 35 years ... now with the new extremely strong electric motors and Almost Ready Built planes I am going to do it the right way ... with Doc Momoo to show me the way .... And using that fantastic R.C. Flight Simulator - Real Flight G2 ... It really works folks!

doc hemp

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