Route #66

Grand Canyon Train Trip
During the Flood of 2004
By Way of Route #66
Visit the Grand Canyon by Railroad!
Leaving from Williams, Arizona

I am leaving many of the photos large but still small file sizes ... usually not much more than 100K on the largest ... but this allows us to show a high degree of detail on the train engines, etc.

The first 3 photos below of this old false front ghost town was taken at the Road Kill Cafe along Route #66 on the way to Williams Arizona from Las Vegas (where we flew into to start our trip). The 3 photos of the Western false fronts below those were taken in Williams where one gets on the train ... they stage their cowboy gun fights there

Becky and I are planning on building a very similar ghost town of Tombstone on our railroad too for shootouts along with the OK Corral in the middle between everything .. We hope to have it done by the end of next summer.

They only run the steam engines from Memorial day to Labor day and then the diesels only before and after that. So .. If you want a steam train ride book it accordingly. We still had a great time though and the train is the only way to see the Grand Canyon ... No parking problems or long waits to get into the park ... Also be sure to get your annual National Park pass ahead of time ... there are many Nat. Parks in this area and an annual pass is the cheapest way by far to do this.

We almost didn't get to go today as this flash flood storm really laid the rain down ... The year before they had to delay a train because of a washed out section of track ... We all sat onboard waiting the word from Irv the head of the whole shebang! ... Well ... Irv came thu and we headed out ... we went very slowly most of the way and I was the only on board that I know if that was able to get these photos. It made our trip much more enjoyable to get to see the track crews in action shoring up the ties and soft areas.

Our quiet and subdued Parlor Car Goup ..

Eric Hadder ... Engineer for the G.C. Railroad

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