Ken Zetterquist's Custom Harleys
1st Place Harley at the
Grand National Roadster Show
San Francisco 1/30/98


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Mild Modified Class - Grand National Roadster Show
First Place!

My friend Ken Zetterquist "Z Man"
The Fabricator! (He'll Lie about anything! Hee-hee!)
Holding the Trophy

The Proud Owner! Allen Otto.
Please Fax Z Man to get all the parts
And people involved in building
This show winning Bike!
Allen doesn't have enough money left
to get a computer & get on line - Hee-hee!

Z man's Fax = 530 891-6208
Aslo note the area code is
530 instead of 916.

As I mentioned on the Magna Charger Page = Super Chargers for Harley Davidsons, Z Man is a MASTER Machinist, Mechanic & Fabricator! You can send him any speedo, tach, or maybe you want a one off coil cover. Tell him the model & year - he can make the most beautiful solid billet aluminum accessories you have ever seen & his custom work on this bike (& the work of many others too!) fabrication & assembly & Allen walking knee deep in cash - Hee-hee (allowing Ken to do it right) has proved my point & their honor of winning one of the biggest shows in the world!!! Fax him any of your questions etc.

I receive nothing for these pages or what ever you might order as on all the rest of my pages, but on the other hand I am free to speak honestly & do & say what ever I damn well please on all of them!!! Becky & I owe no one anything! If the fugging politicians & office of the President of the USA had 1/10 of the honesty of the majority of the regular citizens of the USA we could all hold our heads up high! Doc Hemp

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