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Get ready! Here is more text ... it is 2 AM. ... the spirit has awakened me and moved me! ... There may not be any more for months!

Most of the very fine entertainment for the weekend was by Country Western Singers and Song Writers ... Allan Adams & John Sager. Becky & I bought a couple of John's tapes ... all songs he performs and wrote. You can order yours by calling (707) 476-9320. John sounds a lot like Roy Orbeson and Allan sounds like .... well ... Allan Adams (grin - but Very Good!) Both are local favorites and Allan wrote the Humbolt County's Official Theme Song ... "Is that a Redwood sticking out of your ...... Ear?" (Grin) Allan is also a great comedian. His Birthday is on Becky's and my Anniversary date ... June 30. Allan found this out from our web site and brought us a nice card during their Redwood Park Performance. Allan is the one wearing the hat. (In fact I wish I had 2 hats like his!) He also collects guitars if he wasn't just stringing us along. John is the formal one of the 2 .... as you can see ..He has no wrinkles even though he is 80 yrs old ... because he never moves his face. (grin again)

We also want to take this time to recognize Tour director David Parris who did a very fine job along with the the rest of the local HCCA Club and other volunteers. A wonderful time was had by all! There were a lot of very fine cars and a perfect balance of driving and kicking tires! The route and roads were great this time ... very enjoyable and stress free as all tours should be. A local machinist drilled out a spare wheel at 9pm for one of the guys we found a cracked rim on .... All the local folks were great and the local Ford Dealer Harvey Harper opened up his collection of very fine cars for all of us to peruse at our leisure. I was also very pleased to met Carl Schneider at Harvey's collection whose Packard Station Wagon is pictured here below. Carl has raced his Packards on every Continent in the world! He has the only 1952 Packard Parisian ever built. It was designed by Pina Farina. ... This car is very fast and Carl has won with it on some of the most grueling endurance races in the world! If I could afford it I would be doing exactly as he is doing with his world wide racing of antique cars.

From Lft - Rt ... Christine, Cindy, DJ & Dave Parris (Tour Director)
DJ is a very fine Baseball player! Has a better arm than Barry Bonds!

This is the famous Carson House in Eureka .... The most photographed house in the world ... Part of the tour package was a photo of each of our cars here. Thank you HCCA Eureka Regional Group for such a wonderful tour!!!!!!!!!!!

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