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  1. Mel Nethery
  2. Momoo Kurosaka
  3. Russ Duclos
  4. Rob Delker
  5. Doc Hemp
  6. Doc Mikey Birkhoff
    (honorary member from Germany)

    Club Motto: ...... None ... or Fly it Like You Stole It!"
    Club Meetings:...None ... or ... Millville Bar & Grill with Mr. Bud Wiser.
    Club Purpose: ... None ... or A small group = less crashes!
    Club Officers: ... None ... or Benevolent Dictator - Doc Hemp
    Club Newletter:..None ... or a roll of toilet paper (clean one)
    Club Dues: .........None ... or an occasional pizza and root beer float!
    Club Rules: ........None ... or "Fly Sober!"

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    Many, Many photos of Planes from Germany with Doc Mike DDS ... a very good friend of ours and also Thorne and James Stalling's (good friends also) R.C. planes ... some of these planes on this page are 1/3rd scale. Jim & James fly the real ones too .... Send Becky & I photos of your planes to put up here.

    Here below are some pics of our "Electric Posse" and guest flyers

    Well me lads .... here be a fine broth of an Irishman, a lad whose family that weren't hung were banished from their Shamrock homeland to the hills of Northern CA. Mel is now a Law abiding Charter Posse Member! He says ... It's much better to be in the posse than chased by the posse! Click here to see Mel's LGB Garden Railroad too! ,,, I am dedicating this "Electric Posse" Site to Mel ... who has taken far too much ribbing from me in good humor.

    Mel again with Doc Momoo who is our
    (Master Stunt Pilot extraordinair & mentor)

    Mo Momoo & Mo Mel! ,... Mo is the brains of the outfit - he is an M.D. (faints at the sight of blood though .. so he flys airplanes) ... I'm gunna tell ya .... Mo is so dang nice and considerate he makes the Pope look bad! How nice is he? ... sometimes he sits for hours at 4 way stop sign rather than take his turn.

    In reality He really (oh no! a double realism) is the reason all of us are flying electric airplanes or any at all really (make that a triple) .... he is so positive about the hobby and helps everyone.

    Here is Mo Momoo (top)
    Russ Duclos - RBC Bank President
    And guest Don L Lafferty.

    Below is a couple pics of my first plane that I have built in the modern electric era ... a Zaggi 400 with the carbon fiber spar ... I flew it yesterday .... it was a blast ..... I managed to do a few rolls and loops ... a great flying plane.

    After a couple months I hafta tellya .... this plane has hit fence posts head on at 50mph and once I found the battery pack just plugged it in and finished flying it ... last weekend flew it between 2 strands of barbed wire and landed it on the other side ....

    This is our soninlaw Rob Delker - On the heart team at our local hospital as a perfusionist - Certified CCP and also a (Charter Posse Member) - holding my Zagi ... He flew very well today! Rob learned to fly initially on the Real Flight G2 R.C. Flight Simulator ... and then learned a lot more from Momoo our instructor ... see his cool "Black Bird" Twin Star pictured below here.

    Here is Russ again .. he is doing very well!

    The Pilot Mickey Mouse

    Above is my very close friend Russ Duclos holding his Wingo he just finished building, with a little help from Doc Momoo our instructor .... Momoo is selfless in his promotion of the electric flying sport .... He says he only flys with gas when he has had chili for lunch (grin). Russ has now flown and landed this plane ... he kindly let me fly it a couple days ago at our home field ... I immediately flew it into the tightest loop you ever saw ... (on purpose even) ... this new one you can fly straight down and recover up into a very tight loop ... just like the simulator ... lands like a dream ... will fly at about 4 mph if you want it to. Great for us beginners

    Here is my first full sized model I (doc Hemp) have built .. an LT 40 Kadet changed over from gas to electric, now ready to have Momoo help me put the electric gear in place. As you can see I have put my own design on the plane. 3/25/01 Maiden flight .... I lost the instructions some time ago .... so we had to figure out the balance point ... buddy boxed with Mo .... he took it off the first time ... I did the next 2 ..... had a lot trim to take care of ... only got 8 minutes with 16 pack of 2400 batteries & an Astro 625 G motor, 12x8 wooden prop.

    3/17/01 - Here is Rob on the first day to fly his wonderful Black Bird (Twin Star) After finishing it. It looks fantastic and flys even better than it looks! Turns out the only problem is he added an extra servo and the 35 amp speed control won't stand up under heavy use. Also below you can see how early Rob took an interest in Planes .. one his Dad Ted built.

    Here is Rob's newest .... meet Ace the Red Bi-Wing

    These are our very good friends from Germany .... Mike Sr, Mike Jr., Mandy, and Bridgette. Mike Sr. is also a dentist ... and a Harley rider .... R.C. nut too ... a master stunt and from scratch builder of 1/3 and 1/2 giant sized military planes ... Go to our email reading room to see more of his planes. He has also authored many magazine articles on R.C. flying. He is an honorary "Electric Posse" member and will fly with us when he is over visiting. Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. are also members of our motorcycle club ... "The Hell's Hempsters"!

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