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Page 4 - 8/2000
Restoring a 1937 Figoni et Falaschi # 676
Jacques & Betty Harguindeguy

8/20/2000 HEADLINE NEWS!
Regards from your friends
Doc & Becky Hemp

Above is Dolores Tryon, Jacques, Jules Heumann & Claude Figoni

At the top of each of Jacques 4 pages see a couple more photos .. more later on a seperate page

Mon, 21 Aug 2000 20:26:43 +0200
"Olivier FIGONI"

Dear Mr. Harguindeguy,

I have just learned that your Delahaye 1937 won the "Best of Show" prize in Pebble Beach. My father told me that by phone.

I am sure that you are very happy and proud, and be sure that it's also an honour for our family to see my grand-father's work still distinguished today in such a prestigious Concours d'Elégance.

I congratulate you for the prize you have won and all the work that was involved to restore this car.

Sincerely yours,

Olivier FIGONI

Subject: Re: Thanks for everything Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 08:36:44 EDT From: To:

Yes, my dear friend. Thank you for all the hours you spent making all these changes you made on my web site you have donated. You have been with me since the beginning and nobody knows better than you what I went through. You started this whole thing out of the goodness of your love for cars. And we became the best of friends.
You saw the transformation of the Figoni et Falaschi #676 1937 Delahaye . We are doing lots of last minute critical adjustments before it will be shown at Pebble Beach the first time in August 20TH. This will be the last total project I will be involved with. I don't believe I'll ever find one like the 676.
I am going to Meadow Brook Concourse tomorrow But it will be a sad affair as My Dear friend Dave Holls passed away, also He saw the 676 when it arrived here from the Czech Republic as did Lorin Tryon, I think they would have been proud the way this project turned out. Here are some photos with the top up etc. It looks fabulous with it up.
Again and Again Thanks Doc, Jacques

Subject: RE: Voila It is FINI Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:22:27 EDT From:

Done at last
After 15 months of frustrations. Thanks to you all That helped me. Also To Betty My dear Wife and friend for 47 Years. For all her patience Jacques
Ps: All of This Thanks to (Doc) Dave and Becky Hemp

Subject: RE: Last minute details Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:49:12 EDT From: To:

Well, Doc This is about it.
Everything is falling unto place. Got everything working 100%. By the way, I love the music you chose for the background on Page 4 very soothing.

Thinking back since the car arrived here in December 1997. I got consumed with this last project of mine, it has been both frustrating and rewarding. Made some great friends, and got to know people like you and your lovely wife Becky.
And naturally my dear wife of 47 years that had to share her life with a mistress called Fi-Fa 676. But if you talk to her, She will tell you, I get comsumed with anything I do. She is use to it. So sorry Toots But, this is it for a complete restoration. I only which some of the people who saw this ladies transformation where here to see it. Especially guys that saw it on its arrival to my house. Lorin Tryon, Frank Hershey, Dave Hools. I believe they are all checking this OUT From above. IT's sad that we can restore old things as new but we mortals pass away. But then we have souls don't We. Getting little melancholy this morning but then I do lots of reminiscing. It has been a great ride for an emigrant Basques Sheepherder, ONLY in AMERICA.
So long dear friends

PS: I ramble on to much sometimes. Sorry

Subject: RE: THE greatest day of my life Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:50:43 EDT From: To:

Thank you for all your support over the last year. You and some others saw the process of making a best of show car as it turned out. What a day, the biggest surprise of my life. Also the fact that Claude Figoni was present and that he approved the restoration I did. When I showed him the car Saturday morning inside the trailer he was so taken by it. He gave me the greatest compliment I could receive! It is done so well it looks like we just built it! When he told me That I felt As if nothing else, I done a Good job. And next day Sunday, what ever happened would be Icing on the cake.
As it turned out everything clicked all the way down the line.
Naturally I get very emotional and I really don't know what I did or talked about. So many people to thank Past and Present and with my stupid broken English some people probably had a hard time understanding. I know I am not a sophisticated man and I don't have the so call (Savoir faire). But what the hell, I don't expect people to vote for me or my appearance My cars do the talking. After I had some photos developed I asked myself why did I not come my hair combed, and my shirt tucked in? .... But I guess you cannot take the farmers life style from an old Basque. Personal appearance has never been one of my big concerns, and I don't loose any sleep over it. What you see is what you get As they say.
Thank you for sharing my greatest day in many years And for all your support. I left right after the show with all the hardware to be by the side of my partner in life of 47 years Betty My dear wife. And recount The days Happenings. Sorry I did not go to the after glow party, I had enough accolades for one day.
Again thank you all very very much For been there

Subject: RE: just saw it Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 08:27:41 EDT From: To:

Thanks Dear friends
The letters that you put in my web site. It was especially nice To have Olivier send me Congratulations
Saw Claude and Elianne Figoni off yesterday at SFO I gave him lots of Photos of the big day.
Mailing you some to you today. I am sending you an old photo from 1978 when I got first place with another Figoni Type 165 V12 Delahaye 1939 @ Pebble. Great car. Please check out the windshield it cranks all the down if you want from under the dash It is half way down in the Photo. That windshield mechanism was patented by Figoni et Falaschi
Adieu mes amis

These 4 pages are donated to our friends Jacques and Betty Harguindeguy. Jacques has been the best person I have ever worked with on the internet ... his thanks and help has been really appreciated. He and Betty have become very dear friends now too!

Jacques in my opinion has, like Lorin Tryon and the other departed friends of his mentioned in his emails above, dedicated their lives to the Authenic restoration and preservation of our world wide automotive heritage for all the coming generations to enjoy.

This is why I feel so humbled and appreciate the opportunity to just document a little of this through my few donated hours compared to their life times of Judging, Organizing, and preparing these great and wonderful cars for all the rest of us to enjoy at all the shows. Especially the Show of all Shows .... the greatest on earth .... Pebble Beach, at which Jacques has won many many first places over the years!
Thank you ... All of you!
Kindest Regards,
Dave & Becky Hemp

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