Nellie winning at recent Kool April Nites

What was your high school graduation present? Do you even remember what it was? ... Well, Jay Finlay does! She has owned this 1953 Mercury Monterey since Memorial Day, 1959 when her parents gave it to her to celebrate her graduation from Miramonte High School in Moraga, Calif. It was purchased by them for $750.00 (It sold new for $2,609.50)

Jay drives this to all the shows! Some a thousand miles away! She even won a first place at Silverado Concours with it after d riving it all the way down there in 1996! We have known Jay as a patient & through our mutual interest in cars for more years than any of us wants to remember!! Jay has a wonderful display showing many more pics & info than we placed here for her! It is with distinct pleasure that Becky & I (Doc Hemp) feature Jay & Nellie in a special spot all her own off our BAD Chariot pages!

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Nellie has been in many magazines!

Jay & Nellie at high school graduation in 1959

Nellie & Jay at recent Kool April Nites

Nellie visits Black Hawk

Nellie in Redding Ca parade

Nellie's Measurements, weight, etc. (Jay won't give me her's - Hee-hee!)

Nellie winning at Silverado Concours! Cleaned up well there after driving all the way!!

If you are looking for a really great article & pics for your magazine - email Doc & Becky Hemp & we will see Jay gets it & gives you a call about putting Nellie in yet another feature. Nellie especially likes COVER PICTURES - She's a little vain I guess after all these years of struttin her stuff - Hee-hee!! Bring your car up to meet Nellie at the next Kool April Nites Car Show - over 1800 cars last year! If you & your car are single you might be able to take Nellie & Jay out to Gene's or Pop's 50's Place Drive in - hee-hee again.

Subject: Mercury Mercury... Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 22:15:39 -0000 From: "cherry" To:

My name is Rhonda, my uncles has a 1953 Mercury that looks just like yours, almost, not as good as yours and his is not a convertable.. He was wondering what the going rate on it was these days. I have been looking all around the internet trying to find prices for him, but I have not had any luck, if you would let me know of somewhere (free) to go and look it up for him or have any place that I could get literature for him please email me.
I like your car and I think it looks wonderful..
oh and I loved the poodles skirt too...wish i could have been around when they were in style, I love em..

Subject: RE: Jay Finlay's Car Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 22:41:33 -0400 From: "Hyde" To: "dave"

My mother has just been given a 1953 Mercury. It has been stored in a shed for years and needs a lot of restoration work. From looking at Ms. Finlay's car, she would hopefully be able to give some suggestions about where we could find parts. This the car my mother drove as a teen-ager so it has a lot of sentimental vale and she really wants to have it restored. However, price is an issue and we need help finding parts for "reasonable" prices.

Thank you for your time and any help you might be able to provide.

Mark Rowland
Knoxville, TN

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