Gulf War #1
Kevin David Hemp(e)

Our son Kevin David Hemp was a Marine in the Gulf War #1 .... He was trained in special forces desert warfare and was in General Boomers contingent as a tank and humvee driver. General Boomer, Kevin and about 35 other marines were the first American soldiers leading a contingent back into Kuwait City. Kevin was driving the lead Hum Vee with colonel Bushari of the Kuwaiti army. Kevin received the solid gold liberation of Kuwait metal along with 35 of his other marines in their group. He also received 2 commendations from the U.S. Marines. We were and are very proud of him as we also are of our troops and President Bush now in Gulf war #2.

This page is in honor of all our Veterans from all our wars and especially those that died protecting the freedoms we now have that many take for granted .... These fallen soldiers are the REAL HEROS! We honor you and your families! "It is our OBLIGATION to live their lives for them and take full advantage of the freedoms they died for!" ... An original Doc Hemp quote.

Below are photos of one of Kevin's commendations, his Kuwaiti Medal and a newspaper article printed on March 16, 1991. Kevin is now a very successful graphic artist, publicist, teacher, etc. for a large water district. .... It is his very proud parents that are doing this and especially to help keep the memory alive for all our fallen veterans and families too!

March 16, 1991

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